The New Apartment

by sonyaesperanto

Copyright© 2014 by sonyaesperanto

Horror Story: About a game of hypnosis that turns out to be sinister in a woman's new apartment in Florida.

Tags: Paranormal  

"Wow you have such a lovely view from here. You are so lucky to have found this place," Sally cried over from the balcony.

Sally was enjoying her night view. She could see the swimming pool down below, within the confinements of the condominium. She could also see everything outside the condominium, including a beach and from what Michelle knew it could have even taken a yacht, from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, all the way to some of the swamps of Florida.

"How high are we again??" cried Sally.

"We're at the ninth floor," Michelle responded.

"Hey thanks for inviting us all over," said Kayla.

"No worries," Michelle said.

Michelle had moved into her new apartment only the night before and had told her friends to come and visit her tonight. Basically she was inviting them for dinner. At the moment, it was 7PM in the evening.

While Sally was enjoying the balcony view outside, Michelle was entertaining Kayla, Maria, Susan and Caroline inside the apartment. It was a very warm evening, given that it was early summer. The balcony was left open.

All the women worked in the same company and were even close friends, the type to go out Friday evenings for drinking and clubbing.

Michelle was an attractive woman in her mid-twenties, with brown hair and brown eyes. Her other friends were also pretty much physically attractive. Sally was a blonde. Kayla was African-American. Maria was a Chicano (Mexican-American). Caroline was a redhead. Susan was an ABC (American-born-and-bred Chinese).

"This living room is quite big," said Maria.

"How many rooms are there?" asked Kayla.

"Well I'd say I have three rooms, a bathroom and of course the kitchen. Speaking of which, I am going to go to the kitchen to check on our dinner!!" said Michelle.

"Let me help you out. God I wish I could live in a place like this," Caroline cried.

"You were lucky to have found such a nice apartment," complimented Susan.

"Tell me about it," smiled Michelle.

Caroline and Susan joined Michelle in the kitchen, to serve out the dishes on the dining table. The kitchen adjoined the living room, with the dining table on between spaces.

By 8PM, they were all dining and drinking. At one point during dinner, they got into a conversation about hypnosis, and that Susan was a professional at hypnotising people.

"You mean you really can hypnotise people!?" Michelle was getting curious.

"If you want proof I can hypnotise you even now. After all, none of us have drunk any alcohol tonight..." Susan spoke until Maria interrupted.

" ... because we all have to drive back home!!" exclaimed Maria.

Susan gave her an annoyed look.

"Whatever. Like I said, since our minds are free from alcohol, anyone of us can be properly hypnotised," Susan said.

"Yeah let's go for it," Kayla started getting excited.

"I don't know" Maria wasn't sure; "You think that really is a good idea."

"It's harmless I assure you," Susan assured.

"Yeah it sounds like a cool idea," Caroline cried with excitement.

"Well any volunteers?" asked Susan.

They all looked at each other. Michelle looked at Sally.

"How about you Sally. Wanna be out guinea pig, just for tonight!!" suggested Michelle.

"You mean to get hypnotised?" asked Sally.

"It is safe I assure you," Susan said.

Sally looked at all her friends.

"Come on girl, it'd be fun," Kayla trying to be encouraging.

"Not sure if I wanna be hypnotised," Sally expressing her discomfort.

"What about you Maria," Susan poking fun at the Chicano woman.

"No way Jose," Maria shaking her head.

"No volunteers. I am shocked at all of you," Michelle said.

"What about you Michelle!" suggested Susan.

"I'm the host here," Michelle said.

"You Kayla," Susan pointed at her.

"Hey I take enough crap at the office already," Kayla defending her "no."

"Caroline?" Susan asking the redhead.

"I get nightmares quite often," Caroline cried.

"You guys bring up hypnosis and none of you want to volunteer," Susan was being sarcastic.

"Sorry I'm just too sensitive," Maria cried.

"Me too!!" nodded Caroline.

"Oh well. If none of you are agreeing, then I will go for it," sighed Sally.

"Great. We have a volunteer." Michelle cried with excitement.

After dinner, they all sat down by the living room. All the lights were turned off except for two of the living room's lamps. It was to create atmosphere.

Sally was sat down by herself on one seat. The other ladies were sat down on the bigger couch, which faced the television. Susan was sat on a stool, right in front of Sally. She was swinging a silver pendulum, right before Sally's blue eyes.

She instructed Sally to concentrate on her voice, that after she counts from one to ten, Sally would allow her mind to come under Susan's control.

Once Susan finished her countdown, she instructed Sally to become completely obedient to her, like a robotic slave. She also said that when she snaps her fingers, Sally would wake and the mind control programming would take effect, with Sally coming under her full power.

After snapping her fingers, Sally woke up.

"Do you know who I am?" tested Susan.

"You are my master," Sally responded in low monotone.

"Good. Now be a good girl and just sit there until I tell you to do something," Susan ordered.

"Yes master," Sally responded in her zombie tone.

"Wow she really is under your power," giggled Caroline.

"Yup," Susan nodded her head.

"So what should we make her do?" Maria asked.

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