Noble's Bastard

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Incest Sex Story: Being a noble's bastard was not easy. Standing up for yourself can have consequences. Showing the entire court my father is a liar gets me exiled to the border. I took my brothers and sister who was a lot like our mother and a consort. That was when the marauders struck the fortress and then an army from the neighboring kingdom.

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Like the other noble bastards I was sent to learn the sword at the young age of six. We only saw our mothers during the seventh day which was a day of feasting. My mother was beautiful and desired by many of the nobles. They gave her rich gifts and dressed her in the finest clothing. What they would not do was marry her, she was a registered consort.

I had other half brothers and a sister. If the girl was illegitimate they went to a convent or became a maid for nobles. I saw my father rarely over the years. By the time I was sixteen I was being groomed for an officer position in the army. It was spring when I received a letter from my mother.

She was leaving the city and marrying a foreign merchant. In fact she told me she was with child and it was his. I slipped out after it got dark and left the castle. I wore dark clothing and carried my sword. The tavern I walked into was one of the better ones. I glanced across the room as the tavern guard started towards me.

I looked at him and touched the badge on my upper chest and he stopped. I crossed the room and grinned as my mother stood. I swept her up and into a hug before setting her down. She touched my cheek before turning to the man standing beside her, "Michael this is Gilbert."

I nodded to the man and looked at my mother, "when are you leaving?"

She smiled, "in the morning."

I had never missed a seventh day with her and hesitated, "are you sure?"

She sighed, "your brothers and sister care not. It is past time I lived my life."

I had two brothers and a sister who was to go to a convent. I hesitated before hugging her and giving her a kiss, "I will miss you."

She smiled, "I know."

I walked back to the castle slowly and nodded to the guard that let me in. I hesitated before heading into the Keep through the servant entrance. I used the back halls and climbed to the third floor before going around to a outer room by the wall. The rooms here were small and meant for servants.

I reached my sister's door and hesitated when I heard moaning. I opened the door to see two naked girls on the bed kissing each other by the light from the hall. They were fingering each other and squirming around while humping. It was a minute before Mera turned and saw me and gasped as she tried to cover herself.

The other girl rolled onto her stomach and closed her legs and I stepped in and closed the door. I turned to light a candle before looking at Mera, "so you do not want to go to the convent."

She looked down and I moved to the narrow bed and sat and reached out to move the hand and arm covering her breasts, "you want to be a whore like our mother."

She looked up from my hand as I caressed her breast and rubbed a nipple, "mother is a consort."

I gave the nipple a tug, "a fancy name that means the same."

I looked at the girl beside her and reached out to rub her bare butt, "you would be duke Christopher's daughter."

She nodded, "Gwendolyn."

I looked at Mera before standing, "pack your things and Gwen can go get hers."

Mera looked at me, "what are you going to do?"

I turned to the door, "put both of you in my room and put you to work."

I turned at the door and looked at them, "unless you want to go to the convent?"

Mera looked at Gwen before they grinned and moved off the bed. Gwen put her dress on and slipped out while my sister packed. It was barely a half candle mark before I led the two down and out and then across to the officer barracks and my room on the top floor. I lit a candle and closed the door and gestured to the door to the right, "the water closet."

I began undressing, "the other door is the bed chamber."

Normally the beds were short and narrow but since my last growth spurt I had built one longer and wider. The girls stared at me as I gathered my clothes, "you are not going to get fucked if you do not strip."

I walked into the other room and set my clothes on the long chest against the wall. I turned to the bed and pulled the sheet back before laying down. A moment later Mera and Gwen both walked in naked with the candle. They set their clothes with mine and put the candle in the plate on a shelf.

Gwen hesitated before climbing onto the bed and straddling me. She sat up and grinned, "we broke our maidenhead."

I reached up to cup her breasts before pulling her down and rolling. I ended between her legs as my sister laid beside us. I kissed Gwen before lifting and pushing into her slick pussy. She groaned and wiggled as I pushed deeper and stretched her pussy. I buried my cock and kissed her and began to hump and rub against her.

She shuddered and groaned as she hugged me and then smiled. I pulled back and began to fuck her with long strokes and she lifted her hips to meet each one. I kept fucking her with deep thrusts and began to rub and grind each time I pushed into her. It was not long before she began to cling to me and wail as she writhed around.

I kissed her while my sister giggled and I fucked her hard. She spasmed and lifted her legs as her pussy began to tighten and grasp my cock, "yyyyeeeessss!"

I buried my cock and started humping and jabbing and grinding. Gwen howled as she bucked and began thrashing around, "oooohhhh!"

I pulled back and fucked her with long deep thrusts and tried to cum. She shook and shuddered while her tight pussy rippled and massaged my cock. I shoved into her and kissed her as I began to spew and pump cum. She screamed and hugged me tight when she felt the warm sperm spurting into her, "aaaahhhh!"

When I was done I caught my breath while she panted and pulled out. I turned to move over Mera as she laid back and spread her legs with a grin. I pushed into her slowly like I had her friend and she grunted and groaned as I buried my cock. I settled and gave her a kiss before I began to hump and jab and grind.

She shuddered and lifted her hips a few moments later, "mmmm!"

It was a minute before I pulled back and began to fuck her with long strokes. Her pussy became slick and she humped up and shuddered as it squeezed, "aaahhh!"

I kissed her and continued to fuck her and rub each time I pushed in. It was a few minutes before she wiggled and squirmed and lifted her legs into the air. She wailed and started bucking as I fucked her hard and deep for a couple of minutes. Her pussy was constantly grasping and clenching as she hugged me and wiggled, "oooohhhh!"

I kept kissing her as I fucked her and began to grind and try to push deeper into her. She began to spasm and shake several minutes later and I finally shoved into her and buried my cock. I pushed and pressed as I began to gush and spew cum. She gasped and thrust her hips up, "YES!"

When I was done I pulled out and rolled Gwen onto her stomach before I pushed back into her slimy hole. An hour later I stopped and held them as they fell asleep. I moved off the bed and covered them before dressing and leaving. I went down and out and crossed to the younger children's barracks.

I found David my six year old half brother with Henry who was ten and my other half brother. The other boys were teasing them when I walked in. I growled as I started across the room, "you are supposed to be in bed!"

The boys spun and one sneered, "another bastard."

By then I reached him and absently back handed him and sent him sprawling, "get in bed before I have all of you on whipping posts!"

They scrambled as I pointed to the boy I had hit, "you will report to the discipline master and tell him you disrespected Cadet Lieutenant James. Tell him I said you need the whip since you think you are to old for the paddle."

He swallowed as he came to his feet, "yes sir."

I gestured, "go!"

He spun and ran from the room and I turned to my brothers, "as for you two. Our mother is leaving and you did not go see her."

Henry glared, "she is a who..."

I slapped him and grabbed his shirt, "she is the one that gave you life. If you wish to be angry at someone pick your coward father."

I looked at a frightened David as I let Henry go, "it is to late now so you will have to live with it."

I looked at the faces of the other children peeking out of the blankets before looking at my brothers, "go to bed."

I turned and walked out and opened the barracks night watch door, "you are on report."

The sergeant turned to look at me and smiled drunkenly, "what can I help you with cadet?"

I snorted, "you can explain why your charges were not in bed and why you are once more drinking while her majesty has forbidden it."

He swayed, "it is none of your business cadet."

I slapped him and spun him before twisting my fist in his filthy shirt. I yanked him back and turned to push him out. I continued to push and shove him as he yelled and threatened. Once out of the barracks several guards moved away from the castle main gate. I shoved him towards them, "call the officer of the watch."

I think I was angry at the world right then and did not care. It was moments before another sergeant appeared and then the lieutenant of the guard. I nodded to the sergeant, "the children were left unattended and unwatched. He has been ordered by her majesty not to drink while on duty with the children."

The lieutenant sighed, "you are not an officer yet Michael."

I looked at him, he was only a year older than me, "but I am a cadet lieutenant and according to the commander able to make inspections and reports."

I nodded to the drunken sergeant, "it is your responsibility to confirm or deny the report and bring the sergeant before the commander in the morning."

He nodded and looked at the man before shaking his head, "very well."

He looked at me, "you are scheduled off tomorrow while your brother is confirmed?"

I nodded and he grinned, "enjoy."

It was another stab which I ignored. My father had acknowledged me as his bastard while claiming his fourteen year old son was his oldest son. I turned and walked away and returned to my room. I undressed and slipped into bed beside Mera. I slowly relaxed but did not really sleep. I was up early and dressed in black as I woke the girls, "wash and come eat."

It took longer than I expected and I got a lot of looks. I sent the girls back to my room after checking the time. I headed into the Keep and the throne room where the confirmation of my half brother was taking place. I stood in back and watched as first the king spoke and then the bishop. When the bishop asked my father to swear my brother was his oldest son he did.

I pushed away from the wall, "that is a lie."

It was said loud enough to carry and everyone turned. My father reddened and his eyes narrowed while his wife's face turned white. I smiled, "tell the truth father. You have several bastards and one is older."

The king was looking anywhere but at me and the queen sniffed and turned to walk out. I nodded, "live your lies."

I turned and pushed the doors open before walking out. I headed to the pells and picked up a hand and a half sword. I nodded to the armsmaster before moving to the side while he continued to teach the younger boys. I took a breath to calm myself before starting and ignored the nobles several minutes later as they headed for me.

When my father started to pull his sword I shifted and swung. I stopped the blade at the last moment. It was against his neck and his face was white as he dropped his sword. I pulled the sword back, "leave father before I decide to kill you."

He turned and stumbled away as the other nobles murmured and looked at me and I smiled, "challenge me."

They looked at each other before turning and leaving. I growled as I headed for the weapons rack and slammed the sword into its place. I turned to walk away and saw the commander crossing to me. I straightened and waited, knowing he had orders for me that I would not like.

He was scowling as he stopped, "you had to shove their face in it."

I shrugged, "I am a bastard and gave him what he deserved."

He shook his head, "now you live with what you have done. As of this moment you are promoted. You will go with the supply wagons headed to the eastern pass. You will take over the company and stay there until relieved."

I nodded, "may I take my brothers and two whores?"

He chuckled, "that would be a good idea since you may be there a very long time."

I saluted and turned to head for the barracks, "Training Master!"

I had several hours to get my brothers equipped and packed. I also had to find traveling chests for Mera and Gwen and large packets of woman's remedy which would prevent pregnancy. I had a couple of dozen men walking behind the wagons. They were going to the pass to relieve some of the soldiers there.

I rode at the front of the wagons when we left and ignored the looks I got. When we stopped for the evening it was in one of the large country taverns. The men would sleep in the stables while I and the girls had a room. After making sure everyone was fed I went to find Mera and Gwen.

They were just back from a bath and blushed as I closed the door. I moved to unwrap the towels and caress them. I gave one of Mera's nipples a tug, "would you like to service the men?"

Her eyes widened and she looked at Gwen who grinned and nodded. My sister looked at me and nodded and I kissed her before moving to her friend to give her a kiss. I stripped everything but one sheet off the bed and went to find the single sergeant in charge of the wagons. When I told him about the girls servicing the men he grinned and turned to call the men.

I had them go in two at a time and when they returned two more could enter. I spent the time working with my brothers to teach them the sword. After the last men came out I sent my brothers to bed and went in. I pulled the girls back to the bath and washed both who had pleasant smiles on their face.

After I closed the door I blew out the candle and moved onto the bed and over Mera. I kissed her as I pushed into her and began to fuck her slowly. She sighed and hugged me as her almost hot pussy squeezed, "we had fun Michael."

She wiggled and humped as I gave her another kiss. I continued to fuck her and began to rub and press against her. She sighed and began to moan and hump a couple of minutes later. Her pussy clenched and she kissed me hard to cover her wail. She started writhing around and thrusting up as I began to fuck her hard and deep.

I kept it up for a couple of minutes as she spasmed and jerked. I shoved into her and kissed her as I pressed and pushed and began to pump and gush cum. She wiggled and her pussy pulsed as it massage my cock to work all the sperm out and into her. I spewed and spurted until I was done and slowly relaxed before pulling out and moving towards Gwen.

She was rubbing her pussy and grinned as she laid back with her legs spread. I pushed into her and started to fuck her as I kissed her and she put her arms around me. She humped and her pussy constantly grasped my cock each time I tried to pull back. It was not long before she began the shake and moan louder.

I kissed her and fucked her long, hard and deep and she lifted her legs. Her pussy was very slippery and kept squeezing as I fucked her firmly. I planted my cock with each long plunging stroke and she started to convulse and clutch me. It was a little while before I buried my cock and kissed her while pumping sperm into her.

She wiggled and tilted her hips as her pussy clenched, "YES!"

When I was done I pulled out and looked at Mera and rolled her onto her stomach and lifted her hips. I fucked them both three time before we slept. It took a week to reach the pass and each night my sister and Gwen serviced the men while I worked with my brothers. After they went to bed I would bathe with the girls and clean them.

When we finished I would take them to bed and fuck them. The large fortress was supposed to hold a regiment but only had a single company. I found the lieutenant in charge more than eager for me to relieve him. He took me around to show me where everything was and introduce me to the sergeants.

The wagons were emptied and those leaving would go out in the morning. That night I had the girls to myself. After the men left in the morning I called a meeting of my sergeants. I went over the changes I wanted to make and asked for and listened to their suggestions, some I used. One was to send out daily scouts a day's march through the pass.

I also mentioned the girls to the senior sergeant in a private meeting and he grinned, "we have six whores already."

I nodded, "are they paid?"

He blinked and shrugged, "the men pay them."

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