The Violence Escalates

by Alyssa

Copyright© 2014 by Alyssa

Sex Story: Despite behaving well at school, the evil headmaster finds reasons to hurt Alyssa again.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Rape   Spanking   Rough   Anal Sex   .

I walked around on cloud 9 for days after I got back to the detention center. Jeff had done as he promised and had come for breakfast the next morning. I had been a little afraid that he wouldn't. I mean, in my past experience once you let them fuck you, they kind of disappeared. 9:00 am though he was knocking at my door. He had breakfast and we spent the morning and part of the afternoon together. When we said our goodbyes he kissed my cheek softly and squeezed my hand.

"Ill see you at school Alyssa."

My parents dropped me off at the school and the week sped by. I ate lunch with Jeff every day. We passed each other notes in the hallway. He blew me kisses across the gym. I was a girl in love. I realized I hadn't been happy in a while. It felt nice. My two best friends at the school said they were so jealous. Jeff was cute.

I knew things were going too well. 10:00 pm I was summoned to Mr. James office. I was shaking in terror. I knew he was going to hurt me. I had no idea what transgression I had committed. I sat in front of his desk trying not to piss myself in terror.

"Is Jeff Stevens your boyfriend Alyssa?"

I looked at him and nodded slowly. There was no rule about having a boyfriend. Only about immoral conduct. The only time Jeff and I had had sex was off school campus.

"I intercepted this note Alyssa. Why don't you read the highlighted part for me." I took the note, and read the lines silently.

"Out loud please Alyssa."

"Alyssa, I love you so much and I think about you all the time. I count the minutes till I can taste your body and be inside you again my love." I read with tears starting to slide down my face.

"You let Jeff Stevens fuck you at my school"

I denied it and tried to explain, but when you are looking for an excuse to punish and abuse, the truth doesn't matter.

"Bend over and grip the desk. I am going to punish you Alyssa."

My knees went weak with terror and I collapsed in fear when I tried to stand. He grabbed me by the hair and drug me over to his desk. He ripped my pants and panties down and took off his belt.

"You get the belt this time Alyssa."

I felt the first sting of the belt whip across my buttocks. I gasped in pain. This was worse than the paddle. Over and over he landed his belt on my ass. I screamed until I had no more screams left in my body and all I could do was cry and beg. I felt the blows stop. He was sweating and aroused. I was shaking all over. He walked around to the front of the desk and stuck his hard dick in my face.

"Do you like what you've done to me you fucking cunt?"

I shook my head no. I was crying to hard to speak. My bottom burned like someone was torturing me.

"I'm gonna stick my cock in your mouth and you will suck it so nice for me. If you puke or bite me, I will whip you till the blood runs down your legs and pools in the floor."

I was terrified of the belt again and opened my mouth. He shoved his cock in hard. No mercy for a slut like me. I choked on the girth of him and he fucked my throat relentlessly.

"Mmmm that's it slut. Take it all, like you do with everyone else. Suck it slut."

I obeyed. I sucked him as best I could as he choked me with his cock. I fought down the gags because I feared I would vomit. Tears streamed down my face as he went on fucking my throat for what seemed like ages.

"Oooh yeah, I'm cumming cunt." He jerked his cock out and shot cum all over my face. I started to wipe it away, but he snapped at me, "Leave it bitch."

I saw his dick was softening. I figured it was over. I waited for him to tell me to get the fuck out.

"Turn over and spread yourself you fucking whore." I instantly obeyed. I was terrified. I didn't dare disobey. I turned over and my ass painfully rubbed on the desk. He reached in his drawer and pulled out the huge black dildo.

"Fuck your cunt with it while I watch"

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