Imperial Trouble Shooter

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: Raised and trained to be an Angel Maker for the emperor was not easy or for everyone. We were the emperor's trouble shooter's sent in when normal channels were not working. We restored the balance and kept the bad guys from taking over. It did not matter if it was a corrupt system government or criminals, we eliminated the problem.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Science Fiction   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

I have never been in the military or in any of the other imperial services. I was an orphan and from a very young age I was selected to go to a private and extremely secret school. Those of us that lived to graduate became secret operators for the emperor. He was the only one we took our orders from. We were listed as couriers but that is not what we did.

I walked through the baggage area of the huge starport and collected my large bag with a thick metal case chained to my wrist. I ignored the hundreds of other people moving towards the entry check points and the customs officers. I went to the far right and the single automated booth. A customs agent moved towards me, "that is for..."

I touched my hand to the scanner and the booth security rings turned green. I walked through as he stared after me in surprise. I walked to one of the vehicle rental booths and slipped my ID and comp in. A moment later I was walking out and following guides to the rental. I lifted and followed the traffic out of the port and into the city.

I went to one of the more expensive hotels and checked into a room close to the top. I unlocked the chain and opened the case before removing the twin grav pulse pistols and the wand. The pistols were designed to fire the large fourteen millimeter rounds at subsonic speed. I opened my bag after stripping and laid out a sealed skin suit and the weapons harness.

I laid back and closed my eyes. I had faced military leaders who had gone rogue, system governments that were corrupted or getting ready to rebel. Missions like this one were my favorite, criminal gangs that thought they were untouchable. They played the system or used violent threats of retribution.

It was dark when I opened my eyes and stood to undress. I put the skin gloves on before I opened the skin suit and began dressing. I put the twin thigh holsters on and then the weapon belt and shoulder harness for the ammo pouches. I pulled the grav shroud out of my bag and went out onto the balcony.

I opened the shroud after putting the harness on and twisted a control. The shroud lifted and I went with it before making adjustments that sent me gliding through the city buildings. I had watched the imperial sats and knew where I was going and where I would land. Once out of the city I descended and turned to head for the larger estates.

I rode the wind as if I were part of it and dropped down when I saw the target. I slowed at a balcony in the north wing and dropped lightly before shutting the shroud down. I slipped out of the harness before silently opening the balcony door. I moved through the huge house and down into the kitchen.

I shot a man in the head that turned when I walked in. I crossed to one of the other doors and opened it before stepping in. Three men were asleep on narrow bunks and a fourth was watching a game instead of monitors. I shot the man at the monitors and then the three men in the bunks. I moved to the monitors and stopped the vids and shredded the recordings before leaving.

I left the front door open and waited for the roving guards to walk in before shooting both. I closed the door and went to the master bedroom and used a med inducer on the woman asleep on one side of the bed. I moved to the other side of the bed and put the pistols away. I pulled a wand and touched the man asleep in the bed.

He spasmed and screamed and I pulled him out of bed and put him in restraints before shoving him in front of me. I pushed him through the house and down into the fancy office. I shoved him into a desk chair, "you are going to tell me what I want to know."

He glared and tried to spit but I was already moving. He screamed until he did not have anymore breath and then just spasmed. I pulled the neural disrupter back from touching his testicles. I waited as he continued to shudder and jerk. It was a half hour before I had everything, including the dozen credit accounts which I had already drained.

The two open safes had filled the collapsible pack so that it was completely full. I pulled a pistol and shot the man between the eyes before walking quietly back through the house to the balcony I had come in on. I used the grav shroud again and lifted before heading back into the city and the hotel.

When I landed on the balcony I shut the shroud down and carefully folded it. In the room I pulled out the charger and plugged the shroud in. I dumped the pack to look at everything before sending a long encrypted comm. I stripped out of the weapon belt and shoulder harness before removing the thigh holsters.

I went into the fresher and stripped before dumping the skin suit. I watched as it was dissolved before flushing it. I showered and returned to the other room before laying back. I woke to the morning sun as it began to rise and got up. I dressed in a nice suit before packing the weapons away in the case.

I secured it to my wrist and closed up the large bag with everything I had taken. I went down to a nice restaurant and then went shopping. I listened to my ear bud as I looked at families together and remembered my last words to the emperor. He was walking through the halls in his palace.

I walked up beside him and he waved his guards back and away, "Hello Nick."

I smiled, "sir."

He glanced at me, "you look pensive."

I shrugged, "I have been thinking."

He sighed, "you met a girl."

I shook my head, "no but that is what I have been thinking about."

The emperor chuckled, "most men do."

I nodded, "but for us it is dangerous and those that manage it die."

He looked at me, "what are you saying?"

I snorted, "you are a wily old man. I am sure you know what I said."

He looked at me for a minute as he stopped walking, "Angel Maker you are one of the best we have ever had. I think you know why I have done what I did."

I looked at him, "yes and that is why I have come to you."

He nodded and turned to look down the hall, "you want me to find a woman for you."

I smiled, "a girl and not an Angel Maker."

The emperor grinned as he turned to start walking, "I will think on your request."

The peace officers had found the bodies but only after the gang so it was seriously contaminated. Not that it mattered, I had left nothing behind that could point to me. What I was listening for was the gang lieutenants and where they were going to gather. They would accuse each other while trying to find a way to take over.

I went to the imperial consul to look at any new data and leave the credit pads. I glanced at the encrypted message left for me and frowned before sealing the room. I opened it and read the text before blinking and entering a set of commands that shredded and deleted it beyond recovery.

I walked out and went back into the residence and found a girl sitting with a travel case. She stood when I stepped into the room and looked around, "Star?"

She nodded and I gestured, "come."

She reached for the leash of the travel case and crossed to me. I turned and she walked beside me as we left the consul. I loaded her case in my rental and we returned to my hotel. In my room I removed the case from my wrist and searched her and then opened her travel case and searched it.

She did not say anything until I was finished, "the mistress said you are my master."

I smiled as I stripped her and then undressed, "you can call me Nick."

She blushed as I took her hand and pulled her into the fresher and then the shower. I felt and caressed her body and she finally grinned and began feeling me. After we got out and dried off I led her into the other room and the bed. She sat and then moved into the center of the bed before laying back.

I followed her and moved over her and gave her a kiss. I looked into her eyes before moving down her body. I sucked on her nipples as she shuddered and held my head. I kept moving as she spread her legs and opened her bald slit before I started licking. She humped and sighed as I kept licking her and then I captured her clit.

She gasped and shuddered as I sucked while wiggling my tongue on her clit. She continued to lift her hips and sigh as I licked her and kept teasing her clit before sucking. She shuddered and moaned as she spread her legs more and tilted her hips, "mmmm!"

It was several minutes before she spasmed and jerked as she tried to close her legs. I moved up and over her and gave her a soft kiss. I lifted and slowly forced my cock into her tight pussy. She groaned as she put her arms around me and lifted her hips. I pushed all the way into her and started to hump and rub and grind.

She shuddered a minute later as her pussy tightened and squeezed, "ooohhhh!"

I pulled back as I kissed her and began to fuck her with long deep strokes. She jerked and her hips lifted as her pussy tightened, "aaahhhh!"

I continued to fuck her with long thrusts and began to rub and hump each time I shoved into her. It was not long before she began to breath heavy and shudder. Her warm pussy constantly tightened around my cock as I fucked her. Several minutes and she wailed and thrashed and bucked as she clutched me, "aaaahhhh!"

I used long deep grinding strokes. She kept lifting her hips and thrusting up as I fucked her. It was a little while before I groaned as I buried my cock and pushed while pumping a thick stream of cum. Star jerked and spasmed when she felt the warm sperm gushing into her and hugged me, "mmmm!"

I kept pressing and pushing as I spurted and spewed. She continued to cling to me while her pussy clenched and constantly squeezed. When I stopped cumming I sighed and waited until Star took a deep breath and began to fuck her again. She grinned and lifted her hips, "yummy."

It was awhile before we were finished and lay holding each other. I finally moved off the bed and helped her out. We washed and dressed before going down to eat. I kept the small case with me and continued to listen to the net and heard what I wanted. The lieutenants were meeting at a sky building and taking the top floor.

After lunch I took Star window shopping and even bought a few things. We went to watch a new vid release and then had dinner in a nice restaurant on the way back to the room. When we returned I sent Star to the fresher and made a check of my bag as well as the room. I went to the fresher after removing the case and stripping.

Star was in the bath and smiled as I climbed in behind her. I held her between my legs and caressed her as we let the hot water relax us. When I laid Star back on the bed she sighed and I kissed her before reaching for the med inducer. She fell asleep as I watched her and finally got up. I pulled a new sealed skin suit out and put it on before opening the case.

I put the belt on and holstered the pistols. I pulled the grav shroud out of the bag and walked out onto the balcony. I slipped the thermal glasses on and opened the shroud. I was lifted up and off the balcony before I turned and headed east and began ascending. I was a block away and a hundred meters above the building the lieutenants were meeting in when I saw it.

It was very dark out but with the glasses I could see the five men on the roof. I descended slowly and drifted over them and pulled one of the pistols. Even from a dozen meters the shots were easy. I shot each man in the head as I circled the roof and saved the one in the center for last. I landed on one corner and folded the shroud before heading for one set of stairs.

I stopped halfway to the next floor and used my comp to remotely access the building energy grid. I shut the power off and smiled as I heard yells and emergency lights came on. When I stepped into the hallway four guards turned and I shot them. I used both pistols and it barely took a couple of seconds.

I moved to the door they were guarding and opened it before walking in. I shot a man in the head as he turned and looked around the entryway. I walked to the other door and checked before opening it and stepping into the huge penthouse suite. I shot the two guards that turned as I started walking.

I could hear voices from the large front room and walked into a scene. A man was tied up and bloody while a dozen men stood around him. The men were the gang lieutenants and the man was the planetary constable commander. I began moving as I started shooting them with both weapons.

Six were killed before they even realized something was wrong. By the time those left began reacting only two were still alive and I shot both in the chest twice as they pulled weapons. I moved to them and put another round between their eyes before looking around. I ignored the bloody man still tied up and started searching the penthouse.

When I returned I looked at commander before pulling a sonic cutter. I turned him away to cut the rope. I walked away as he turned back and climbed back to the roof pads. I went to my grav shroud and put the harness on before lifting and turning as it began to ascend into darkness. I settled onto my balcony silently and stood listening before removing the harness.

I folded the shroud carefully and went into the room. I looked at the girl on the bed and she was in the same place and position I had left her. I began another very through search and checked for trackers and listening devises. I went to dissolve the skin suit and came back to start packing. I sent another encrypted comm before moving to the bed.

I woke quickly as the bed shifted and my eyes snapped open. Star turned and looked at me before caressing down my body. By the time she reached my cock I was hard and she smiled and pushed me onto my back as she straddled me. She wiggled as she pushed down onto my cock and I reached up to feel her breasts.

Her pussy was warm and tight as it began to grasp and squeeze my cock. She started slowly thrusting back and forth as she rubbed her pussy on me. It was not long before she was twisting and rolling her hips as she rocked. She shuddered and began to breath harder while I kneaded her breasts and played with the nipples.

It was several minutes before she jerked and spasmed as she wailed. She wiggled and twisted while her pussy constantly tightened, "oooohhhh!"

Several minutes later she began to bounce while rocking and her shudders became convulsions. I pulled her down and rolled until she was under me. I pulled back and started to fuck her with long deep thrusts. Star lifted her hips each time I buried my cock and clung to me as she shook. I fucked her firmly and kept pressing to get deeper.

It was a few more minutes before I fucked her hard and then buried my cock. I kissed her as I gushed cum into her and she clutched me while her pussy tightened and gripped my cock. When I was done I smiled and pulled back before I started to fuck her again. She grinned and humped up as my cock pushed into her slimy hole.

I fucked her for over an hour before we got up and went to the fresher. We dressed and packed when we got out and went down to my rental vehicle. At the starport I bought two first class tickets and we stopped in a port restaurant to eat. I held her papers when we went through the security check point and we used the automated booth.

I had the case chained to my wrist again as we went to the shuttle lounge to wait. Three hours later we were sitting in a suite aboard the liner. Star fidgeted as I relaxed and removed the chained case from my wrist, "bored?"

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