Katie Learns the Hard Way About Frat Boys

by Miss Katie

Copyright© 2014 by Miss Katie

Sex Story: Katie goes to a frat party and finds out the hard way why frat boys love drunk high school girls.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Mult   Drunk/Drugged   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   .

This was going to be so much fun. My best friend Liz had just gotten her drivers license. She invited me to come spend the night with her and we were going to go out and do something fun. I was 15, and I didn't have my drivers license yet. Liz had this crazy idea to sneak into a party over at the local college. It was a Delta Sigma phi frat party. I told her I didn't think they would let us in, but she said sure they would. She would know she said she had done it before.

When we got there there was a guy who was taking money at the door. He took one look at Liz and I and waved us past, no money needed. He had a huge grin on his face. I guess you could say we were pretty girls. I had long red hair and green eyes. I had small tits but a nice round ass. I was wearing a backless sequined shirt and tight jeans. Liz was a brunette with big brown eyes and tan skin and a great body with B cup tits and a firm ass. I was really nervous about being there. Liz had taken off with some guy that she met there and I was standing in the room completely alone.

"Excuse me sweetness, what's your name?"

I turned to see who was talking to me. It was a nice looking black guy. He was wearing a tee shirt that showed off his muscular build and a pair of jeans. He smiled at me.

"Uh, My name is Katie."

"Hi Katie I'm Shawn. You are the prettiest girl in the room. Can I get you a drink?" I smiled and nodded and he took me by the hand and led me over to the drink table. He winked at the guy who was standing over by the table dishing out drinks.

Shawn handed me my drink. It tasted like fruit punch. He sat next to me and talk to me for most of the night. He kept getting me more drinks. We danced a little and he kissed me. It was really nice I thought he was very sexy. I was feeling pretty laid back and buzzed.

"Want to go see my room miss Katie?"

I knew I probably shouldn't but I felt like going anyway so I said yes. He led me up the stairs and when we got to his room he closed the door behind him. He immediately began kissing me hard thrusting his tongue in my mouth. He kept kissing me hard and slowly walking me backwards towards the bed. He had his hands gripping my ass. The bed hit the back of my legs as I stumbled backwards and I fell backwards onto the bed. I giggled and said that I thought I was a little tipsy.

He smiled at me. "Do you have any idea how much me and my frat brothers love it when little high school girls come to our frat parties?"

I laughed a little. "I'm not in high school." I lied.

"Don't even try to lie to me baby. How old are you?"

"15" I whispered.

"Are you a virgin?"


"Good. I hate schooling virgins."

He pulled my shirt up and immediately started sucking my tits. One hand squeezed the left one hard and his mouth sucked on my right nipple. His hand was squeezing my left one so hard it hurt and he pinched my nipple. I struggled a little bit and tried to push him away.

"None of that false modesty sweetheart. I ain't going to judge you. I ain't gonna tell your mama. I am gonna get me a piece of that 15 year old redheaded pussy. You've had dick before. It ain't gonna hurt you."

My head was swirling from all the drinks. I tried to say no but he was sucking on my tits and his hand was down my pants and in my panties. I closed my eyes and let the sensations wash over me. I felt him slide my jeans off. Then he pulled my panties down. I kept my pussy shaved except for a little strip at the top.

He got up and left the room. When he came back he had a bunch other guys with him.

"Look at this fresh meat. Looks like the carpet matches the drapes. Let's show Little Miss Katie how we break in little high school girls that come to our parties."

Shawn pushed me on the bed till my head was hanging off the bed. I was so dizzy and drunk the room was spinning.

"Imma taste that pretty pussy."

Sean started licking my pussy he really got into it and made nasty slurping noises and got his tongue inside my cunt. I couldn't deny it. He was really good at eating pussy. Suddenly there was a thick black dick in front of my mouth. The guy just shoved it in my mouth and started fucking my mouth. I could hear a bunch of guys in the room and they were all laughing and talking.

"I think this is the hottest one we've had."

"Miss Katie gonna fuck a lot of dicks tonight."

"Is someone recording? This is fucking hot."

I was confused and tried to look around. But the guy fucking my mouth held my head still and kept jamming his cock down my throat. They moved me around and I was too fucked up to protest. I was on all fours sucking a guys dick. I felt someone slide his cock into me from behind and start pumping in and out of me.

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