The Prepper

by betaquartz

Copyright© 2014 by betaquartz

Science Fiction Sex Story: A tale of an alien device, and the change that it caused in an older guy and the women he meets.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Science Fiction   First   Pregnancy   Size   Body Modification   .

She sat in front of him on the floor watching the TV as she scanned through the stations. He was hired by her mother for a very specific purpose based on word of mouth reputation. His hands stroked her neck and her shoulders as he sat behind her on the couch, slight amounts of oil came to the surface of his fingers and hands as he stroked. She was young, she was headstrong and belligerent. However, during the evening unnoticed odors from him caused her to relax. So as he stroked her, she became more relaxed, and found herself enjoying his touch.

He was old, in his latter 60's, but looking more like early 40's. It had done this to him. Exploring in the back hills of his ancestral home he had come upon an uprooted tree that had exposed a cracked passage into the mountain. It was here that he found the ship, buried in the shale cave, part of the shale, and ancient as the ground surrounding it. Further exploration yielded the hatch into the interior, and the device.

At some time in our history so it taught him, man was on a path that would yield great societies and development. The machine had analyzed him and found that the strain had strayed. There were genes that did nothing, and others that forgot what to do. The machine changed that, and at the same time turned him into something else. He became a way of correcting the genetic path, not in his image, but a correction. He left there with a renewed vigor and health, with a new purpose so late in his life. He had become a prepper.

He pulled her up from the floor to sit between his legs on the couch. Her pajamas that her mother had told her to put on as a layer between her and his clothed legs.

"Do you want me to rub your back?"

Her quiet reply of "Please" was almost a beg, but not quite.

Rubbing his hands on her back, the PJ top became rough against her, making her lift her top slightly. He knew what she wanted and let his hands reach under the top to her bare back. "MMMmm" came her moan as he rubbed the muscles sore from her soccer game. His hands seemed to glide over her skin, with a soothing oily feel that made the muscles feel so good. Little did she know. His fingers continued downward to the area above her shapely ass in the small of her back. The hand oil seemed to become more fluid as he rubbed the area on either side of her spine, the oils were concentrated with stimulants and hormones that would bring about the desired effect, an effect that she would not consciously notice, but would bring about what her mother wanted from her. As he rubbed her, these ancient hormones worked their way into her system close to her ovaries, stimulating them to release an egg, making certain she was fertile this night Not unusual, as she was at the right time of her cycle. However, for things to be as needed, her time was now specific and after tonight she would be pregnant.

As his hands worked on the small of her back, she would squirm against him, feeling the hardness of him against her. At her age, it confused her, excited her, and made her wonder. His hands went around her hip to her flat, abdomen rubbing and caressing, the oils from his skin bringing about hormonal shifts that would not allow her to do or say anything about what was meant to happen tonight. His stroking moved upward, and each motion brought him closer to the small, firm breasts until he rubbed the bottom edges; oil mixing with a faint amount of sweat, his hands feeling the beating of her heart as her breathing increased.

"What are you ... what are you doing!" she whined, "You shouldn't be touching me there."

Yet he continued without stopping, and her fidgets calmed under the effect of the oils. He bent close to her neck, and kissed it, with a damp open kiss, that left saliva on her skin. "Hmmmmmm, why did you do that?"

"I don't know, you look so cute there, I thought I would give you a sign of appreciation. Didn't you like it? " he asked her.

The delay of her response was evident, but she said "It just felt different, not at all like mom or dad or even my boyfriend doing it." The pink glow from the kissed area was spreading further, and when he bent to kiss her again, there was no response from her other than to lean into the kiss. He continued to kiss her neck, as his hands moved to her hardening nipples, circling them, exposing them to the oils in his hands, making them harden to small semi precious stones with swollen nerve endings reaching deep into her abdomen.

"Hhhmmm that feels so good, but you shouldn't be touching my boobies like that."

He really didn't care, he knew she wouldn't either, soon. He pulled her head a little to the side and kissed the edge of her lips, leaving a little dampness that soon was soaking into her skin. Her heart was beating faster, and she was feeling warmer as she squirmed against him, while his hands worked her breasts now, covering all of them with the hormones from his body prepping her for more.

The kiss on her lips as he turned her to face him surprised her, and she struggled. "MMMmm, nooo", but he made full contact with her, and his tongue licked over her lips, concentrations of hormone soaking into the flesh, making her pliant. As she started to relax, his tongue found its way into her mouth, searching out her tongue and spreading saliva throughout her mouth. His tongued caressed her own, and moved over her teeth and gums, leaving traces of his own saliva to soak into her system. Her body was building to something, her youth didn't allow her to understand the changes, but they were happening. He pulled the top over her breasts to allow his mouth to find the hardened nipple of her right breast, the licking of his tongue wet with saliva awakened a need from deep inside of her, moaning, she complained.

"You can't do this to me, it is just not right ... hnnnnm. please ... Ohhh, it feels so good."

"You are truly delicious. I will be tasting all of you tonight, and you will end up begging me for more."

He gives the nipple a final hard pulling suck pulling it away from her breast, and fast releasing it. Her moans are becoming louder and more frequent as he moves to the other breast licking over it and then encircling it with his mouth sucking and teasing it to hardness. His left hand reaches to the right nipple and tweeks it while he sucks on the left one bringing her to thrust her chest up arching her back.

"This is so wrong, you shouldn't be doing this, so bad, but so good. I can feel your sucking down deep in my belly, it's like a wire is attached to my nipples running deep into my belly. We should stop this."

He continues to suck on her nipples back and forth, while the hand moves over her flat belly rubbing the oils into it, never ceasing. He gives special attention to the hollow area on her hips, massaging the oils in over her ovaries. As his hands drift lower, sliding under the waist band of her panties. moving, and massaging until he is over her shaven bare mound. She is molten down there, fluids flowing from her soaking her panties and making it so easy to slide his fingers over her lips, back and forth sliding into her slit teasing at her opening, while the oils mix with her juices.

"MMMmm, we have to stop this, it's not right, not mmmm, stop it, I can't I think I'm at the wrong time."

His reply is simple, "Don't worry, nothing will be done that you don't ask for, and when you ask for it, by the end of the night you will be ripening, and so ready for what is to come."

By now her body is straining to raise her hips to force his fingers into her, her moans are constant, as her heart pounds the blood to her secret parts. Everything tingles with anticipation and she can't help the movement of her hips. The movement he takes advantage of, pulling her panties down over her hips, reaching beneath her and pulling them over her ass on their way down her thighs. She is basically naked now, as he starts to move from her breasts down her rib cage, licking and nipping leaving traces of saliva on his way to her woman cave where his fingers have returned to spread the oils in her passage. Her body rises and falls with urgency wanting the fingers deeper, but her mind keeps telling her stop, danger, stop.

"Please, please don't, I can't take any more, I feel so lost, you have to stop!"

All is too late at this point as he has started licking around her shaved bare mound, the saliva arousing the outer lips, seeping into her inner lips doing the same. When his tongue reaches her virginal opening, she has widened her thighs and pushes her dripping flower up to his invading tongue where the saliva again has devastating effects. The changes in her body are nearly complete with only one last step to get her ready for that which is to come.

"Aaaaurghhhh, don't stop, oh please don't stop, I need to ... Oh noooo auuugh, so good."

He is licking her from her little star in her bottom all the way up to her outer edge below her belly button, everything turns to liquid fire as she continues to writhe on the bed not wanting anything to stop. He moves to concentrate his licking and sucking to her clit lavishing all of the saliva and tongue action he can as he sucks it in against his tongue. He knows her climax is near and starts to finger fuck her now with a long middle digit, widening her opening as he massages her g-spot with each hooked motion. Her moans only get louder as she feels she is ready to burst into a thousand starry lights, and suddenly it comes.

"Ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh, don't stop it's happening, it's wonderful, ooooooooh!"

His hooked finger straightens out and joined by a second batters through her hymen at the peak of her climax, unnoticed. As she starts to come down from the great peak of her climax, he moves his mouth to kisses and sucks on her outer lips and down part of her thighs while tremors continue to shake her small body.

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