A Hard Time

by Dave177793

Copyright© 2014 by Dave177793

Fan Fiction Story: This is a fanfic of the Hard Times by Amanda Serve. It tells the tale of what could have happened if things had went differently while Savannah Danville was in the Teen Detention Center.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Slavery   BiSexual   Fan Fiction   Grand Parent   DomSub   Spanking   Light Bond   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   .

Jamie Taylor had just gotten home from Cheer practice and she rushed into the kitchen to speak with her mom. She was kind of surprised to find out that her mom had beaten her home, but she was glad she did. She had a very juicy bit of gossip that she wanted to share.

"Hey mom! You will never believe what I found out today!"

"What was that? How was cheer today? Wendy Taylor always made it a point to keep up with how her daughter was doing. If only Chris would do something she could keep up on.

"Cathy Griffin and I were talking today and she told me that her brother had found out that Mr. and Mrs. Dahlmeyer that live over by her have "bought" a girl from the Buckman detention center. I know you have always told me to stay away from them, but do you think that this is true?"

"Jamie I will tell you what I know, but it can go no further than you and I. I learned through a good friend a long time ago that the Dahlmeyer's have been known to have an appetite for young girls. There have been some whispered stories of a couple girls that were very close to the two of them over the years. After they get past the age they are looking for the rumor is that the girls are set up with a first class education and they move on with their lives. It appears no permanent harm is done. That is why it has been overlooked by the powers that be in Cherry Lawn."

"This would definitely be taking things to a much higher level. Any idea about why or who this girl is." Wendy was looking for all the info she could get.

"Not really anything on the why, but Cathy told me that the girls name is Savannah. And that she is supposed to be around 16 or so."

"Well, everyone hears crazy tales from time to time coming from over that way. Can't say as I ever heard any about buying teenagers though."

"Well girl, I guess you aren't in the Buckman anymore." Savannah muttered to herself. This had been quite a day for young Savannah Danville. The day had started like any other that she had had in the last couple of weeks. Placed on display in the detention center Savannah really didn't think that her mom would allow her to be sold. She felt that this was all a ploy to get her to 'straighten up and fly right' as Joleen had been telling her for days now.

All that changed when Mr. and Mrs. Carl Dahlmeyer walked into the virgin display area of the detention center. Before Savannah had any inkling of what was going on she found herself hogtied and blindfolded on the back seat of the Dahlmeyer's SUV. A blanket was thrown over her as she lay on the seat and she couldn't see where she was being taken. She guessed, correctly, that the blanket was placed over her to keep anyone from seeing her lying on the backseat.

Savannah came to realize that they had really done it. Her virginity had been sold too this yuppy looking couple. She was one very unhappy girl for the car ride as she had long ago promised herself that she would be unlike her mom and would be a virgin on her wedding night. "Looks like that is a promise I will not be able to keep" she thought to herself as she felt the car drive along to wherever she was going.

They drove along for a good while and Savannah realized that she was being taken to a place a fair distance from her mom's trailer in the Buckman. The car drove and made several turns and even a couple stops. She heard the couple talking, but they had the radio on and with the blanket further muffling things she was unable to make out what was being said. When they made the stops she heard one of the doors open and close. She knew that meant that one of them was still in the car with her at all times.

Finally, it appeared that they had arrived at their destination. When the car stopped this time she could tell that both of the doors opened and closed and then another door opened and she knew it was the back door near her head. Savannah wondered how the couple was planning on getting her out of the car without being noticed and how they were gonna carry her in by themselves. At the Detention center a couple of the guards had carried her out a door that appeared to be in some kind of loading dock and none to graciously dumped her onto the Dahlmeyer's back seat.

The blanket was pulled off and she saw the man standing in the open door. She couldn't see very much looking from her position, but it was obvious that she was in a garage. She caught a glimpse of some shelving along a wall behind the man and they contained some of the typical things that you would find in a garage.

He started tugging her towards the door and she felt someone pushing her from behind and guessed that the woman had gotten in the other side and was helping get her out. Once her head was about to clear the door the man kind of scooped up her head and upper torso and began to lift her. It was then that Savannah figured out their plan. The man had placed a cart of some sort outside the car door and was lifting her onto it while the girl provided forward movement that helped get her onto the makeshift gurney.

Once she was loaded on the cart, they wheeled the still helpless girl into the house. Savannah did not get a grand tour or anything like a normal guest would receive. The cart was wheeled into an area where Savannah guessed that the couple who purchased her never would allow anyone to see. Savannah was in what appeared to be a well appointed BDSM play room.

The Dahlmeyer's then very efficiently hooked a pulley system onto the ropes that held Savannah. She was hoisted off the cart and moved into the corner onto a wide platform. After unhooking the wires from the ropes they then quickly attached sides and a top to the platform and now Savannah found herself hogtied on the floor of a large cage. Savannah would come to spend a very large amount of time in the cage. The main thoughts running through her mind were how obvious that these people new exactly what they were doing, and that she wondered if she would ever see her family again.

Cathy Griffin was on a mission. She had spent the last several days mining all her sources and contacts in and around Cherry Lawn for information on what was going on in the Dahlmeyer's home. Cathy prided herself on knowing everything that was worth knowing about her hometown. Much of that information she found worth knowing was centered around the various sexual kinks of the residents of Cherry Lawn. Knowledge was power in the Griffin family and the leverage that the family had in the town made the Griffin's one of the most powerful families in the region.

It had taken a lot of doing, but she finally felt she had some solid information to share with her grandfather. Cathy's grandpa was the unquestioned head of the Griffin family. He wanted to know what the Dahlmeyer's were up to. Partly out of curiosity and the opportunity to use the info to put another couple in Cherry Lawn under his influence. Another reason was the threat that if this blew up, it could shed light into certain areas of Cherry Lawn that might be troublesome for many interests that the Griffin's profited from.

As was there usual custom, Cathy was picked up by her grandfather's driver in the Lincoln Towncar that everyone knew was the elder Griffin's. They were going to have a lengthy talk so the two were driven as they sat in the back talking. The privacy screen would ensure the driver wouldn't overhear what was discussed. As soon as she was inside and their privacy was assured, Cathy reached under her cheer skirt and dropped her panties and flipped the skirt up as she dropped over her Grandfather's lap with her bare ass displayed. It was their traditional way of having Cathy display her submission to the head of the family. The windows of the car were blacked out far more than was legal and there was no way that anyone could see anything going on inside the car from the outside.

Mr Griffin was anxious to get to the info his granddaughter had for him so there was no spanking or other discipline today. He acknowledged her submission with a couple loving swats and then he told Cathy to rise so that they could discuss what the girl had learned. Once seated beside him Cathy briefed him in on what she knew.

"Well, it wasn't easy, but Heath was able to get some pictures of the girl through a lucky break when a window blind was left a bit open." Heath was one of Cathy's brothers and ran the Private Detective business the family owned. Cathy handed a copy of the best picture to him then continued. "She really is very sexy. I can see why the Dahlmeyer's picked her. After we got the pics Heath was easily able to verify that the girl is named Savannah Danville and she was placed in the juvenile detention by her mother Crystal Danville. Apparently, the mom thought this would be a good scare her straight type of thing."

"The mom is involved with the chick that runs the detention center for our good buddy Gaylord." Cathy was not being truthful in calling old man Gaylord a good friend. The Gaylord family was a rival from the adjacent area and both sides occasionally irritated the other by intruding in matters of the other. Cathy didn't know it, but her grandpa did, that the Gaylord's and the Griffin's were distant relatives. "A source tells me that the mom Crystal is raising hell with Gaylord to get her back. She was going to pick her up the same day as Savannah was sold. She was put in there without any court order because of the mom doing the chick who runs the place. Crystal had a fit when Savannah wasn't there when she got there to pick her up."

"She has kicked this Joleen woman, that is the chick running the detention center, out and has been raising hell around the Buckman. If the Dahlmeyer's keep the girl, this Crystal will need to be quieted or she could cause some real troubles for all of us."

"Cathy, you know that we can't allow the Dahlmeyer's to keep her. The last thing we need is a scene like the one in Cleveland in a few years if this girl manages to get loose." He was of course referring to the girls in Cleveland who had recently escaped from sexual slavery. "I ignored the talk of their finding young playthings when it was discreet and consensual, but I can't allow human trafficking in Cherry Lawn that isn't under our tight control. You and I both know we would be assumed to be behind it if they are caught."

"Absolutely, I agree one hundred percent. Jared has already moved on the legal front and Heath and Nick have a plan in place. At your go ahead they will move to put the Heat on Carl Dahlmeyer. The only decision we need from you is to decide what we do with Savannah when she is removed from the Dahlmeyer's." Cathy and her grandfather spent a great deal of time discussing what they would do with the girl.

Savannah was now pretty used to how things worked in her new world. She spent a lot of time locked in her cage or bound in some way as the Dahlmeyers amused themselves by playing with each other and the gorgeous young girl that they had "bought". Despite all the BDSM overtones to her situation and surroundings it turned out that the Dahlmeyer's weren't really the sadistic type and didn't beat or torture their new slave. She did spend a lot of time restrained and helpless while the couple performed all sorts of sex acts on her and forced her to perform on them.

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