The Coven and the 'Virgin'

by Invid Fan

Copyright© 2014 by Invid Fan

Funny Sex Story: It's never good to wake up on an altar about to be sacrificed, even if you're surrounded by nude cheerleaders.

Caution: This Funny Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Coercion   Magic   Horror   Incest   Oral Sex   .

David groggily opened his eyes.

Two things caught the attention of his still confused mind. The first, naturally, was that he seemed to be outside, lying on his back. The sky above was dark, clouds hiding the stars which most likely shone down on him. What the hell was he doing there? The teen blinked, registering the second important matter requiring his attention.

A nude girl was holding a knife over his chest.

Well. That wasn't good!

"Oh Lord of all that is Dark, please accept this virgin sacrifice! Let his blood bless us in your unholy name!"

Fuck! David tried to move. He didn't think he was tied down, but whatever drug they had used on him obviously still paralyzed his body. Could he speak? Focusing his will, he opened his mouth, forcing air through his vocal chords.

"I'm not a virgin!"

The girl looked down at him, surprise clear on her face. He recognized her, he thought. One of the many cute girls in his school. Surprise turned into a frown, which in turn confirmed her identify in his mind. Kaylee. Head cheerleader. Senior. Someone who thought he was some worthless virgin. Cocking her head to the side, long blond hair gaining new highlights as the torchlight which obviously lit the scene hit at new angles, she lowered the knife.

"Excuse me?"

"I'm not a virgin." Strength was flowing through him. Risking it, he forced himself into a sitting position. He was nude, not a surprising fact given everything around him, on what felt like two folding card tables placed side by side covered by a white sheet. A dozen or more nude girls, all beautiful, stood around them holding torches. All, including Kaylee, took a half step back as he rotated his shoulders, trying to force more life into his chilly body. He looked into his almost killer's eyes. "Why did you think I was a virgin?"

Her eyes shifted to the left. David looked. His sister Sophia looked back in horror.

"You are! He is, Mistress! The Sacrifice is lying! Complete the ceremony!"

"Maria," he told her. "Fourth of July vacation. She broke up with some jerk and jumped me while we were at the cabin."

Sophia's face became one of "Oh Fuck", an expression he often saw (and enjoyed) on his sister. Sophia was not all that smart. Not dumb, no, certainly not the stereotypical cheerleader. Neither was Kaylee. He had not expected the team to be some sort of witch coven, though. He turned his frown on the athletic blonde.

"What the hell did you think you were doing? You can't perform this ceremony casually. It's too easy to get wrong. What book did you get it from?"

"What do YOU know about it, dweeb?" She crossed her arms across her bare chest. A shame, as those breasts were rather nice, and now that his body was regaining its proper function his cock was expanding in appreciation despite the cool fall air. Her eyes dropped down below the level of the table. Leaning over, he saw a large soft-cover book propped open. He recognized what little of the cover he could see. He could not help looking back at her in shock.

"THAT? You were going to kill a person using THAT?" He shook his head as her eyes widened. "You're not going to find real spells in a mass market book aimed at clueless teens!"

"It mentioned human sacrifice!" a dark skinned girl said. She, too, he recognized as being one of the cheerleaders. Were they all cheerleaders? "Why would a fake book mention human sacrifice? It has to be real!"

"And again," Kaylee said, more confident now that she had backup, "what do YOU know about it?" She picked up the book. "You telling us you know more about magic than this book?"

"Yes." David slid his legs so he was sitting on the side of the table facing Kaylee, legs hanging off. He stiff cock pointed upward towards her face. "Yes, I apparently do." Both Kaylee and the other girls near her looked down at his maleness. He was not impressive physically, a barely five feet ten inch scrawny figure with unruly sandy blond hair. His cock, though, while not excessive, at least looked so compared to what it was attached to. Reaching out, he took the book from Kaylee's hand. She did not contest it. Angling the open book so torchlight lit the pages, he slid his gaze over them as the rest of the girls began to edge closer.

"OK. First, this isn't about human sacrifice. You're only supposed to prick the 'virgin', and they have to be willing."

"We thought that's where they had edited it," his sister said, torch held in both hands before her. "Teri thought that if we actually killed them, there was a better chance it would work."

"And you volunteered me?"

"You were the only virgin we knew of," she shrugged. "I'd just tell Mom and Dad you ran away."

A rather good plan, he had to admit. Neither of their parents would miss him. Or her. He flipped through more of the pages. God, this thing was silly.

"What the hell were you planning to do with the power of my blood?"

"Have the Dark Lord impregnate us."

David could not help it. He looked at Kaylee in disbelief. Had they not actually UNDERSTOOD anything they had read? Or, maybe, it was just that what they had read severely under-emphasized the seriousness of all this. They thought it was a game. His murder was just a game.


"So." He tossed the book onto the 'altar' beside him. "You all want to be impregnated by a demon."

"Yes," Kaylee said. The others, his sister included, nodded. He thought about asking why, but what would be the point? He reached into his mind, trying to recall a certain set of runes. His memory was good in that regard. Having what he thought he wanted, he pointed to his sister.

"Sophia! Stand before me!" His voice was commanding. She was moving around the table before her expression seemed to realize what he had asked. Kaylee stepped aside, head cocked at him questioningly. He seemed to have convinced her, at least, of his knowledge. She'd be more convinced in a moment.

"What?" Sophia spat out at him, standing there. She was sexy, once stripped of that stupid fashion stuff she insisted on covering her body with. A very nice body. All women should be nude. He smiled cruelly at her.

"You want a demon to put a child in you?"

"Um, yeah. Who wouldn't?" The others around him nodded. Well, they'd find out. He pointed down.

"Kneel and suck my cock."

"You can't get pregnant THAT way," she scoffed. The brown girl nodded vigorously.

"Thank god!"

David smiled. His fingers began tracing out shapes on his erect penis.

"Do it. You know you want to."

Her eyes dropped to his cock. He saw them glaze over. Her tongue flicked over lips uncovered by lipstick for possibly the first time in years. Handing her torch to the girl next to her, Sophia dropped to her knees between his legs. Without preamble, she took him in her mouth.

"She's doing it!" someone said. "Eeewww!"

"Good form," another voice added. He had to agree. David had only been sucked twice, both on that wonderful fourth of July vacation, but his sister was obviously an old pro. Not a surprise, given the company she kept. Each time her mouth pulled back, tongue doing intricate movements on him, he drew another rune on his shaft. Reaching down, his finger made one underneath. Her tongue, as she swallowed him, traced it. David felt the power build inside.

"When I come," he said, starting to pant, "swallow it all. Every drop."

"Well, duh," Kaylee said, looking at him with distaste. "She's a cheerleader."

"Yeah," another added. "We have our pride, you know."

Any answer went unheard as David felt himself let go into his sister's throat. Her head stopped moving, letting it flow into her. The feeling of relief at getting rid of what had been building up in him almost overwhelmed the pleasure. Almost, but not quite. He let out a sighing groan.

"I bet that felt good," Kaylee said. "Now, what is supposed to..."

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