A Pirate's Reward

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: Growing up on a pirate station was not easy. With the changes from pirating the station was dying. While doing an examination of a ship a new idea on how to take a ship came. First he needed men with no record and then they needed to leave and go hunting.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Science Fiction   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   .

The huge station had been a mining station when it started its life. Now it was a pirate haven and where I had grown up. With new technology the days of stunning ships was past. Catching a ship and boarding was extremely dangerous now too. I started as an engineer but things just seemed to get worse.

I was in a hard suit and floating down the hull of a ship for a visual inspection. I reached down and caught a grab bar as I stared at an engineering access hatch. It was not one of the normal personal hatches into a ship but it did have an airlock which was large. I grinned as I had an idea and let the grab bar go and finished the inspection.

After I came back into the station I went looking for a friend. Sam was at a bar trying to buy time with a woman. I slapped his shoulder, "we need to talk."

He glanced at me, "fade Snow."

I sighed, "do not make me call in your marker."

He turned and the large man selling time with the girl growled as he reached for me, "dead meat you..."

I touched his reaching hand and he jerked and screamed. I stepped in as he tried to back away and jabbed the stubby wand into his crotch. His screamed silenced the room as he stiffened and kept it up until he did not have anymore breath. I pulled the wand back, "you really should know who you are dealing with."

I looked at Sam, "ready to talk?"

The large man had fallen to the floor as Sam shook his head, "since you put it that way sure."

I slipped the neural wand back into the leg sheath and led the way out. I glanced around before crossing and walking into an eatery. I sat and let Sam pick up a menu, "I need a crew to steal a cargo ship."

He froze and then looked around, "you know what the odds are now?"

I grinned, "they need to be able to keep their mouths shut after."

He sat back as his eyes narrowed, "you have something in mind."

I nodded, "the engineering access hatch."

He blinked, "but there would still..."

He leaned forward, "not from another ship. You said you need crew."

I picked food from the menu, "they will need maintenance hard suits and need to be clean with no federation warrants."

He grinned, "you are planning something sneaky."

I nodded, "Ten men and no more."

He nodded and we looked at the trays of food that were slipped onto the table. The small cargo ship dropped us at the Koa station. While it unloaded we carried our bags off and entered the station. We split up and each of us headed to the hostel I had selected. I paid for a tiny sleeping birth before using a comp scrambler on the room comp.

I began searching for the ships at the station and then the ones departing. I grinned and removed the scrambler before leaving. I found Sam in the small automated bistro watching the females in the wide corridor, "two days."

He glanced at me and grinned, "dock?"

I sat, "maintenance airlock twenty six will be the one we need to use."

He nodded and turned to order, "what are we going to do to kill time?"

I smiled, "it had better not involve the station security or I will space you myself."

He grinned and then laughed. One by one we moved the bags with our hard suits to the maintenance airlock. A couple of hours before the ship was scheduled to leave we met in the airlock. I looked at the huge ship after stepping out the hatch and started floating. I turned to head towards the rear and used the suit grav thrusters.

I dropped lower until I was just above the ship's hull and slowed before reaching the engineering access hatch. I stopped and tilted my body to grab a bar and wait for the others. It was barely ten minutes before the ship shifted and drifted away from the station. I grinned as I pulled the small comp pad and plugged it into the access hatch pad.

I started a program that bypassed the normal ship maintenance and alarm signals. I nodded and opened the hatch before unplugging and pulling myself in as the others followed. I plugged into the pad just inside and waited to close the hatch until everyone was in. I removed the comp and moved to the control panel and plugged the comp in.

I bypassed the ship bridge notification and started pumping air into the airlock. Once it had a green light I switched the control signal and unplugged the comp. I started climbing out of the suit and the others did too. After a couple of hours I felt the ship as it began skipping. I opened the inner hatch the same way I had the outer and slipped out with my stunner ready.

I waited until everyone was ready and opened the engineering room hatch. I stepped through and began walking as I stunned each of the crew that turned to see us. They were not prepared and we moved through the ship silently and stunned the rest of the crew. While Sam slipped into the pilot seat the others began moving bodies.

I checked the captain's log and stood, "we have a merchant aboard."

I headed towards the crew and passenger quarters and stopped beside a passenger hatch and grinned at the two men that had followed. I pressed the admittance chime and a moment later the hatch slid open and I stunned the merchant standing in the hatch. I stepped into the cabin and looked at the young Asian teenager staring at me.

I glanced at the men, "take him to the lifeboat and kick it loose."

I glanced around and then went to look in the fresher. Another young teenager was standing there looking at me and I gestured, "out."

The girls moved together and held hands and I started searching the room. I found bonds and then I found the ornate wooden chest in a locker, "what is in here?"

I looked at the girls and the second girl I had found, a tanned girl cleared her throat, "the master's jewelry."

I looked at the large chest, "where is the key?"

The other girl pointed to the room desk and I crossed to look and found the key in the top drawer. They were right, the chest was full of box after box of rings and necklaces and other sparkling jewelry. I closed and locked the chest before looking at the girls, "what are your names?"

The Asian cleared her throat, "Mia."


I nodded and moved to the hatch before looking at them, "you were his sex slaves?"

They shook their heads, "just servants to show off his jewelry. The master preferred boys."

I grinned, "you look old enough for sex."

They looked at each other and then grinned and Mia nodded, "now?"

I laughed and then gestured, "do you have collars and leashes?"

They nodded and went to put on fancy jeweled collars with a thin gold chain as a leash. I led them out and back to the bridge. I walked to the captain's chair and sat, "how does it look Sam?"

He glanced back and then grinned at the two girls beside me, "better now."

I cleared my throat, "business Sam."

He turned back to what he was doing, "I am preparing for the long jump now."

I nodded and glanced at Mia, "so you have not had sex but want too?"

She smiled and nodded and I glanced at Star who was nodding too. Sam glanced back, "unless you want me to put us in a sun do not talk about sex."

I grinned, "well after I sperm them they might let you fuck them once or twice."

He groaned, "not fair Snow."

I laughed and pulled Mia onto my lap, "what do you think girls? Want me to sperm you?"

I pulled Star against us as she nodded and Mia wiggled. I reached under Mia's skirt to feel her fuzzy pussy, "once you are nice and cummy Sam wants to put even more sperm in."

Mia opened her legs and shivered, "not hard?"

I grinned as I looked at Sam, "not if he wants to sperm you again."

The wormhole opened and we jumped and Sam sighed and relaxed, "nothing to do but wait now."

I stood with the girls against my side, "start the crew shifts."

He glanced back, "the girls..."

I sighed, "give it a break Sam. I am headed to the cargo master's office and then I will bed them and then if they are still willing you can ask them for a turn."

He grinned, "ladies I look forward to begging for your favors."

They grinned as I led them out and to the cargo master's office. I sat the girls in chairs as I moved to his desk. I used his comp and pulled up the ship cargo manifest and began checking it. When I was done I turned to open the ship's safe by using a couple of highly illegal devises. I took the ship credit vouchers and looked at the girls, "dinner?"

They had been fidgeting and stood as I started for the hatch. We ate and then I led them to the captain's cabin. By the time I started closing the hatch they were stripping. I smiled as I looked around before walking across to the desk. I started undressing and watched the two girls holding hands as they walked to the wide bed.

I dimmed the cabin's lights and moved to the bed. I laid beside Mia and caressed her body, "you sure I can do this?"

She twisted and straddled me before rubbing her pussy on my cock, "we have not had sex but we really wanted to."

Star reached out to feel my chest, "please?"

I cupped Mia's breasts before pulling her down and shifting around until she was under me. She wiggled and reached between us to position my cock. I slowly forced it into her and sank deeper as her pussy was stretched. She shivered and hugged me as I gave her a kiss. Her tight pussy was warm and squeezed my cock before I pulled back and began to fuck her.

It was slow at first but with long thrusts. She humped up and hugged me as she sighed and moaned and then began to wail. She lifted her legs into the air as her pussy became slicker, "mmmm!"

I grinned and kissed her as I continued to fuck her and finally pushed all the way in and pressed against her. She grunted and shuddered as she thrust up and I kept fucking her. It was not long before she was clutching me and wailing as her tight pussy clenched around my cock constantly.

She was bucking and thrashing around when I shoved into her a minute later and started gushing cum. She froze and then shoved her pussy up, "yyyeeesssss!"

I tried to push deeper as I spurted and pumped cum into her. When I stopped I gave her another kiss before pulling out. Star giggled as she turned and lifted her butt, "now me."

Mia was panting but grinned as I looked and then moved around behind her friend. I fingered and rubbed her pussy before pushing into her. I held her hips as she wiggled and tried to push back to sink my cock into her deeper. I pulled back and began to fuck her with long thrusts that pushed my cock all the way in.

I kept fucking her as her pussy became slick and started grasping at my cock. She was wailing into the bed and jerking as she continued to thrust back while I fucked her. I knew I was going to pump cum into this girl as she twisted and shook, "oooohhhh!"

I started fucking her hard and deep, with strokes that planted my cock each time. Star howled and tried to slip to the bed but I followed her as I continued to fuck her. She tilted her hips and started kicking the bed and writhing around, "mmmm!"

It was several minutes before I buried my cock and pushed as I pumped another load of cum. Star jerked at first and then her pussy tightened and she moaned, "so warm!"

Mia giggled as I shivered and pulled out when I was done. I fucked them six times before stopping and caressing their bodies, "ready for more cum?"

They grinned and nodded and I moved over Mia and out of bed, "I will have Sam come. He likes to talk but I do not think he has ever had sex. You girls drain him okay?"

They nodded again as I dressed and went to the desk to call Sam and see if he had been relieved. I told him to come to the captain's cabin and waited at the hatch. The girls were giggling and whispering when he arrived. I shook my head, "no rough stuff. They said you can fuck them so be nice."

He nodded and I left and headed towards the merchant's quarters. I packed everything that belonged to the girls and a few things the merchant had. I moved the closest chests out first and set them in the corridor beside the captain's hatch. I came back for the jewelry chest and then leaned against the wall to wait.

It was awhile before the hatch opened and Sam came out. He had a huge smile on his face as he walked away and I went in. I pulled all the chests in and closed and locked the hatch. I stripped on the way to the bed and crawled on beside Star. I laid beside her and held her as I closed my eyes, "thank you girls."

I woke to the ship chime and looked at the two sleeping girls. I caressed them and gently woke them, "time to get up and wash."

I enjoyed showering with and caressing the two naked girls and they seemed to delight in it. After we dried off and dressed I put their leashes on and led them to the dining area. After that I went to the bridge and sat in the captain's seat. I made system checks before checking the ship's constantly updating arrival time.

The girls were a little bored and I grinned, "want to take care of some of the other men?"

They looked at each other and grinned before nodding. I called Sam and a minute later he walked onto the bridge, "yeah?"

I gestured to the two girls, "take the girls to the merchant's cabin. Call any of the off shift crew to see if they would like a turn. Gently and no abuse or anything painful."

He grinned, "sure."

I held out the leashes and he took them before leading the eager girls after him. I looked at the grinning pilot and smiled, "as soon as you are relieved."

He laughed as he turned back to his console and displays. A week later we jumped out and began to skip in towards the pirate station. The girls seem to enjoy being used but were clean and dressed as they stood beside my chair. I had made a call and had a buyer waiting. All our bags with any loot or plunder was waiting beside the starboard airlock.

We drifted closer and a tractor beam docked us, "shut down and meet everyone at the airlock."

Sam nodded as I led the girls out and after me. By the time I reached the airlock it was ready and cycling open. The five men waiting started to enter but I stopped them, "Mr White only."

The four guards shifted but the men with me growled and the buyer held up a hand, "it will be fine."

I nodded, "I will guarantee your safety."

I let him go where he wanted to inspect the ship and look at the cargo before we agreed on a price. When we returned to the airlock he paid me and my crew walked off. I had a small cargo float waiting and loaded the chests and my bags before pulling the girls and the float after me. I put the chest and my bag in my small set of rooms before going to get credit vouchers.

When I walked into the lounge my crew was already drinking. They were not talking and I hoped they would keep their mouths shut about how we had captured the ship. I started handing out vouchers which made them happy. I waited until they quieted, "we are leaving and heading out on a small system runner tomorrow morning. This time we are headed to Kent."

I looked at them, "as long as you do not speak about how we are doing things we will be able to keep getting away with it. Our goal is three ships and by then we will have enough to retire to wherever we want."

They grinned and I looked at the girls, "if the girls wish to continue to ... service all of you they may."

Mia and Star grinned and nodded as everyone chuckled. I laughed, "any pretties like perfume or the like would be appreciated."

I sat the girls down and got flavored water for us before trying to relax. It was a minute before Star turned and opened my pants. She pulled my hard cock out and straddled me as Mia lifted her skirt. Star slowly sat on my cock and wiggled before starting to rub her pussy on me. I glanced at the lounge entrance as a couple of men started to come in and my crew stopped them.

Star shuddered as her pussy tightened and a moan escaped. I held her hips and helped her roll them and she spasmed as she twisted and jerked, "ooohhh!"

She became erratic as her pussy rippled and squeezed. She started to rock and looked at me a moment later, each time she lifted her pussy would tighten. I let her fuck me for another couple of minutes before pulling her down suddenly, I heard the guys laugh as Mia giggled. Star jerked as I began to pump a gushing geyser of cum up into her.

She twisted while her pussy milked the cum out of my cock. When I stopped she settled and sighed, "yummy."

The men laughed as she looked around and grinned before kissing me, "okay if I fuck them now?"

It was a whisper so no one heard. I reached up to her collar and undid the leash, "do not leave the room."

She shook her head before standing, "ready Horny Sam?"

Everyone laughed, since the girls had begun calling him that they had made it his nickname. Mia straddled me and moved her dress as she guided my cummy cock to her pussy. We fucked the girls for several hours before I took them back to my rooms. I grabbed two trunks before leading them through the station on their leashes.

I had them both fitted for their own hard suit before we went to eat and then returned to my quarters. I washed both before packing three trunks with our hard suits and anything we were taking. I was up early and as much as I wanted to fuck the girls I needed to make sure the runner was ready.

I was a little surprised when a sober Sam met us at the airlock into the runner. He grinned, "morning. Did you get the girls fitted for hard suits or are you going to sell them?"

His eyes were looking around but I knew he was listening, "they are coming with us."

He looked at me and I smiled, "all the way until we retire. If you are nice and beg them I am sure they will let you come with us. Of course if you want to get them pregnant that will cost you."

I grinned at the smiling girls, "I am sure they will not set the price to high."

He laughed and hit my shoulder, "I will start begging and begin negotiations."

The crew of the system runner were nervous because we outnumbered them. Mia and Star took care of our men using the narrow bunks. They spent most of the trip in one bunk or another as the guys fucked them to keep from getting bored. Kent's Gamma station was a huge commercial hub.

As soon as I walked into the set of quarters I set the trunks to one side and pulled the two girls into the fresher. They grinned as I stripped them before I started giving them a douche. The water supply on the runner had been very limited. Once they were clean I stripped and pulled them into the shower.

I let the two wash and rub on me before I made sure they were clean. I pulled them out and to the bed and Mia grinned as she went to her knees and put her head down, "sperm me."

I shook my head as Star laughed and reached out to feel and rub her pussy, "I just get your pussy clean and you want cum back in it."

She laughed and wiggled her butt and Star pushed me, "fuck her."

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