Spirit Falls

by Invid Fan

Copyright© 2014 by Invid Fan

Sex Story: A teen boy gazes down into the stormy abyss, contemplating the end. Will the goth girl who appears behind him change his fate?

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Reluctant   Paranormal   First   .

"Are you going to jump?"

Ted almost did. The unexpected voice from behind startled him, his body taking a half step towards the edge of the rock. He caught himself, hands not quite flailing for a safety railing which was not there. The roar of the waterfall filled his ears, the rocks far below suddenly very close. Balance once again regained, he turned.

She stood on the dirt path, hands clasped before her. She was not pretty. To him, at least, not that he was influence much by physical beauty. Ted knew he himself was in no way attractive to most girls. The stranger had short hair obviously dyed black, with red streaks. Her face was heavily made up, black eyeliner and lipstick almost seeming to glow in their gothy-ness. A heavy sweatshirt covered whatever form her body had, a dying Hello Kitty decorating its black fabric. She wore bluejeans, black boots completing the ensemble. Ted frowned, taking in the obvious stereotypes.

"Are you?"

The girl shrugged. She walked forward, eyes staying on him. She stopped beside him, three feet from the edge of the stone outcrop. Leaning forward, she glanced down.


"Yeah." He looked over as well. It was easily a hundred foot drop. Ted wondered what it would be like. How it would feel to just step off. Fall towards death. Leave this world behind. Would he black out before hitting? Would his eyes stay open, until his body hit the rocks below?

"Are you a virgin?"

His eyes whipped around to her. The goth girl's gaze was still at the water, as if his answer meant nothing. Ted looked at her closer. She was around his age, high school. Probably not a freshman, but he doubted a senior. He frowned as her face turned towards him.

"That's ... rather personal. Why?"

She shrugged, eyes on his face yet somehow not meeting his.

"You shouldn't die a virgin."

Well, if his life so far had been such that he had been able to lose his virginity, the whole idea of killing himself wouldn't keep cropping up. Ted folded his arms across his chest.

"Is that what you're doing? Hanging around here to fuck guys before they jump?"

She turned away from him, right foot taking a step forward. Ted shot his hand out, grabbing her arm. He stepped back away from the abyss, pulling her with him.

"I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! I'm..." Her head swiveled toward him again, expression unchanged. He sighed. "I'm not good with people. You know?"

"I know."

He let go of her arm, taking a deep breath.

"I'm Ted."


He raised an eyebrow. Kari let out a snort.

"I know, right?"

"It's a good name." He tried to smile, show he meant it. "I mean, it's better than Ted. It's like they named me after a Teddy Bear."

"You don't look furry." Her eyes seemed to be taking him in. Ted had the crazy desire to suck his gut in a bit, as if that mattered. He wasn't a fit hunk, and never pretended to be. He wasn't fat though. Thank God for that.

"It's covered by the clothing." As soon as he said it, he realized that would have her picturing him naked. Ted felt his face heat up. She just nodded.

"I cover up as well."

Unable to help himself, Ted dropped his eyes again to her body. She was, indeed, covered up. There was no telling what her natural form was. Embarrassed to be checking her out like that, he turned back to the falls, hands going into the pockets of his light fall jacket.

"You skipping school, too?"

"Sort of." He sensed her move beside him, closer now. He tensed as her hand wrapped around his right arm. "Are you going to jump?"

"I ... I don't know."

She was silent. He had almost expected her to try and talk him out of it. That she wasn't was good. Yet...

"You're alone," she said. He nodded. Ted felt Kari's grip on him tighten. "So am I. I ... I don't like being alone."

"Me either." He forced his eyes away from the falls, from the siren's call of its roar. He looked down at her. Kari was a half head shorter than him, the brown roots of her natural hair just starting to be visible along her natural part. Her head suddenly swiveled, eyes rising to meet his. Large, brown eyes, seeming to connect right to his soul.

"Love me." She pulled his arm as she took a step back. His body followed, mind numb. "Fuck me." She moved faster away from the cliff, onto then across the path, brown eyes staying locked with his as she moved backwards through the trees. She stopped in a round patch of dirt, the sound of falling water still in Ted's ears. Kari released his arm. "Make me a woman."

He couldn't think. Didn't know if he wanted to think. His mind and body were held captive as the stranger reached down to the hem of her sweatshirt. Eyes locked with his, she pulled it up, and off.

Her skin was pale, almost white. She was heavier than current standards allowed a girl to be, but in no way unhealthy. Her belly had a slight bulge of fat, no worse than his. Kari's bra-less breasts were small, yet pillowy, sagging slightly. Ted could not help but swallow at his first sight of the real thing. She bent forward, raising her legs one at a time as she removed her boots. Her breasts hung down, exciting him more. As she straightened, her fingers nimbly worked the skull belt on her jeans.

A moment later, her jeans and panties lay in a pile at her feet.

"Fuck me," she said again, stepping forward, sock clad feet freeing themselves from her pants. A thick, brown triangle of fur stood out from the white skin below her belly button. Ted could only stand there, shaking, as she placed her pale hands on his chest, pushing backwards. Not wanting to fall, he found himself squatting then getting onto his back, the naked girl following him. As soon as he was down, her hands went to his fly. She didn't bother undoing his belt or pants. Her hand snaked into the now open slit, finding the gap in his boxers.

He felt her grab his cock.

Her fingers were both scalding hot and icy cold. Ted tried to say something. His mouth was too dry to talk, mind too confused to find words. What consciousness he still had watched her pull his hard cock out. With no words or change in expression, Kari moved herself until her bare body was kneeling over his quivering dick. Her hand positioned it against hot wetness. With a grunt, she lowered herself.

Ted let out a cry of surprise. Sensations overwhelmed him. Nothing his hand had ever done had prepared him for this. It was tight, wet, warm. And she was moving. Not just up and down, but he felt her squeezing him. Tighter as she lifted off, as if trying to hold him as the rest of her body tried to release him, loosening as she brought him back into her wet embrace, trying to draw him in farther.

It was heaven.

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