Callie Gets Her Ass Kissed

by Daydreamz

Copyright© 2014 by Daydreamz

Coming of Age Sex Story: Callie is fifteen, and hot, but in no rush to start dating. She's also confident, wilful, and keen to belong in popular player Ryan's gang. But when his parents pick on her, she's not taking any freaking crap.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   First   .

Nobody could believe it when Ryan Taylor’s parents said they were going on holiday, leaving him on his own in their house. Ryan was not exactly the most mature and sensible seventeen-year-old, and his parents were always on at him to drink less, do his homework, and get in before two in the morning.

But it seemed the lure of this holiday suddenly proposed by some friends was too much. Or, just possibly, the successful businessman and his young but assertive third wife had decided to try ‘treating him like an adult’ as a desperate last-ditch gamble to improve his behaviour.

If so, it didn’t work. The very first evening, in fact barely half an hour after his parents’ car had disappeared towards the airport, Ryan had his gang round and the house was full and loud. Ryan was a popular guy and his gang was a large one that included pretty much all the fun people in his year and a lot of others too. Ryan’s gang was where things could be counted on to happen, and word had gone round like wildfire that his house was going to be sans parents for a week.

Right now the party included Caroline - known to everyone as Callie - Broad, who was two school years below but had been invited because, far from being broad, she was instead slender and sensationally pretty.

Callie was also wilful, challenging and prone to breaking rules, and had come to Ryan’s attention from their frequent meetings outside the Head Teacher’s office. She smiled a lot, laughed easily, and was, in a word, hot. She had confidence, sex appeal and charisma.

Ryan was all the more attracted to her because Callie had firmly rebuffed his advances. She wasn’t ready yet, and when she said so she meant it. Ryan had to accept that and just concentrate on other girls; of which there were plenty so it was no biggie. But still, he could wait, right? She obviously liked him, and generally that should mean she’d end up in bed with him, sooner or later.

Meanwhile he liked having her around. She was fun and had class. While talking a bit posh and looking completely demure with no piercings or tattoos or even highlights, or wearing much makeup, she was up for pretty much anything in the way of drugs, alcohol or getting into places they weren’t supposed to be, like backstage at a gig.

Callie herself, while refusing to date anybody, had nevertheless been thinking more and more about sex. Since puberty her pussy had become steadily more tingly, more often. She’d started rubbing herself on the edge of her bedroom door, then moved on to using her fingers. Her first orgasm had been amazing and beautiful and she’d quickly followed it up with another one, then another.

These days she got off at least once a day, and often several times. Sometimes she’d get into a mood and spend literally hours playing with herself, drifting from orgasm to orgasm.

She did try to imagine what it would be like with a boy, though she couldn’t see how could it feel any better than DIY. He’d be more concerned with his cock than with her, that was pretty obvious, and he couldn’t possibly be as good at working her pussy as she was herself: after all she could feel it and had had hundreds or even thousands of hours’ practice. Three years was a thousand days wasn’t it, so it could be two or three thousand orgasms, easily.

She didn’t think having a cock inside would make all that much difference either: she’d tried various things in, and not just a hairbrush handle either it was surprising what would go in if you were wet and relaxed, but they hadn’t made all that much difference. Her clit and labia seemed to be the things that mattered; those and her tits, which were getting more sensitive now they’d become a proper B cup finally.

Not that she didn’t plan to find out about boys, in time. Eventually she was going to kiss someone and then she’d see how it made her feel.

Her body was developed at last, anyway. Her five-foot-six frame sported her firm, high tits that were definitely there but not too big, a pronounced waist, and good hips. She’d overheard boys discussing her legs too, and even two girl friends whispering about her ass not having a crease under it.

She knew she was lucky to actually like her tits, unlike most girls; and lucky to be a confident person who was cool with having unusually large areolae, instead of being embarrassed about them. When people looked in the showers she just soaped them and laughed, and her friends laughed with her. The areolae were super sensitive, too, along with her nipples.

Her glossy brown hair was long and straight and swayed about nicely, and modesty aside she could see she’d been lucky with her face with its cheekbones and her eyes that weren’t all that big really but were green-brown and had big pupils and were a shape that people liked, with strong eyebrows over. Men and boys watched her, and more and more it seemed that when she walked into a room people noticed.

So it was that at the party Callie could dance with whomever she liked and not be hassled. The girls in the gang liked her, and so did the boys. There was no competition for her because she wasn’t available, and everyone knew that when she was she’d make her choice and that would be that. She was not only wilful, but also strong-willed.

Guys waited and hoped, while suspecting it would probably be Ryan who’d claim her cherry. All the girls went for Ryan; and the more he had, the more seemed to want him.

Ryan did have a girlfriend, of course, and she was hot, of course, but she knew he was a player didn’t she? Everyone knew. It went with the territory that she didn’t own him.

Anyway right now Ryan’s phone was plugged into his dad’s prized music system, the furniture was pushed up against the walls, and the big living room felt like a rock concert. Callie’s body thrummed with the bass as she danced in the crowd. She was glad she’d dressed cool in her short skirt, bare legs and thin, loose blouse that showed her lacy bra underneath.

On her third Bud already, she was feeling fine, rocking with a bunch of people who knew there was plenty of evening left to get into stuff. There was a strong smell of dope, a lot of grinning at each other, and dancing. Callie liked to dance; the movement and the feeling of her long hair moving around.

Ryan appeared and danced with her, looking at her in that confident, sexy way. He was a fun guy. It was attractive that it wouldn’t be some big deal, and also that he obviously knew what he was doing. Though Callie kept thinking of that song that went ‘I’m sexy and I know it’ when he smiled at her.

But then a change swept through the atmosphere.

A draught from the hall, people making way, and CHRIST Ryan’s dad!!

The music stopped dead and his dad was standing by the music system. Mr Taylor wasn’t that tall but he was heavily built with a big head and a loud voice. He looked incandescent.

“RIGHT!” he was shouting in the sudden quiet, “THIS IS YOUR IDEA OF NOT HAVING A PARTY IS IT?”

Everyone went very quiet, and very meek; even the big lads who were normally so cocky. Ryan’s dad was seriously intimidating.

Callie saw the back door open in the kitchen and quite a few people slipping out and fleeing, until Ryan’s stepmum Louisa went and closed it. Callie thought that was a bit odd: she’d been expecting the parents to be ordering everyone to leave, not keeping them in...


Gasps of alarm rippled through the room. Police? Parents? Most of the gang had visions of allowances cut, curfews imposed, internet cut off, phones confiscated, or even court appearances. In any case Mr Taylor’s sheer ferocity was terrifying all on its own. No wonder he was the boss of his own company and had this big house with all the classy decor.

He’d whipped out his phone and was taking photos of all of them, going into the kitchen and hall and snapping the guilty kids there too. Now, clearly, he could find out who they all were and prove they’d been here. Kids scattered as he erupted back in and took up station in the middle of the living room, glaring round as though deciding who to eat first.

As usual Callie was disinclined to be in the background, and had retreated least. “I am so sorry Mr Taylor,” she said, going up and standing very slightly too close to him (a weapon she had recently discovered) “I’ll help to clear up and do anything I can. I’ll hoover and wipe down and polish all the surfaces and everything.” She looked earnestly into his face. Guys seemed to find that disconcerting.

“I see,” Mr Taylor regarded her with disfavour, albeit with his rage fading somewhat as she’d hoped, “well why don’t you show me the mess upstairs, Miss Belatedly Regretful? Ryan! CLEAR UP! NOBODY LEAVES, UNDERSTOOD? WORK!” and with that he ushered Callie into the hall and up the stairs ahead of him. She was fairly sure he’d be looking at the tops of her legs, and perhaps even getting glimpses of her white panties.

There was nothing to see upstairs anyway, the party hadn’t reached that stage yet, so after a quick look in each room they ended up back on the landing. Mr Taylor looked at Callie.

“Have you been smoking?” he asked. She knew he meant dope.

“No,” she was looking him in the eye.

“You’ve been drinking though. How old are you?”

“Sixteen,” she lied; she’d found that was the oldest she could get away with. “This isn’t a public place though.”

“You don’t have your parents’ permission, however...” he was surprised to find her starting to argue with him.

“I might have.” Callie opened fire with her smile. She was still exploring what she could do with it.

Alan Taylor found himself disarmed. For all his aggressiveness he was a romantic man and girls were not often far from his thoughts. It was no accident that a few months ago he’d appointed a gorgeous young PA, yielded to temptation and ended up splitting with his second wife and marrying the PA - Louisa.

Now this girl was looking directly at him, more appealing than ... well he didn’t know what. That smile...

“Oh, here you are,” Mrs Taylor had come up, her antennae tuned to her husband’s susceptibilities. She looked at Callie with almost as much disapproval as her husband had earlier.

“Hello, we were just checking,” Callie smiled at her too, “for damage; but there isn’t any, and Mr Taylor was checking I haven’t been drinking too much. But I haven’t ... not really.”

“Well, let’s go down then, now we’ve established that,” said Mrs Taylor, standing to one side making it clear she expected the others to go first. She was hardly any taller than Callie and only in her mid-twenties, but she was impressively confident.

Callie felt the woman’s eyes on her as she went past and down the stairs. She could see why Mr Taylor had gone for her: she was sexy. Very good-looking, in perfect shape, with long hair and attitude.

In the kitchen and living-room Ryan and the others were cleaning up. Even in the one hour the party had been going a lot of drink had been spilled. There were wet patches on the carpet and the sofa, and a couple of cigarette burns. The coffee table had scratches, glass rings on it, and a huge cigarette burn where one had been put down on the edge and then forgotten; a little statuette lay in two pieces on the mantelpiece.

Callie could feel Mr Taylor seething right behind her. Everything looked expensive and she suspected he was someone who was very particular.

“Right! Let’s see what your parents have to say shall we? We’ll start with you,” he rasped. “What’s your name and where do you live? In fact, give me your parents’ number.”

Callie turned to see him looking at her! He had his phone in his hand, his finger poised to type in and dial. She didn’t need this - her parents were enough hassle already. And it was so unfair; she hadn’t spilled anything!

“Oh looking for an easy victim?” she snapped, “Great! Just because I haven’t done anything and offered to help! I’m the youngest and a girl so you think you can pick on me!”

Alan Taylor’s face was going red as his fury burned - he could feel it. Well that was okay it intimidated people. People didn’t mess with him. Or at least, only once, was his favourite little joke.

The girl was looking defiant though. It didn’t look like she was going to back down easily and he didn’t want to lose his grip on the others with an argument - he needed a quick capitulation ... he turned on a boy next to her who was looking suitably overawed.

“You! Give me your phone!” He held out his hand and the boy hastily pulled it out of his jeans and handed it over. Mr Taylor moved to menace the next boy, with the same result, then the girl next to him, and like dominoes one by one the gang gave up their precious phones. Mr Taylor’s presence was overwhelming.

He made his way to the kitchen, filling his pockets with the phones, beating down all resistance, shouting terrifyingly at anyone who hesitated. Callie was nervous about him coming back to her, as he surely would.

“Are you going to give us your phone or not?” said Mrs Taylor in her ear.

Callie turned and looked at her. To her surprise Mrs Taylor seemed more amused than anything.

“You can kiss my ass,” Callie said. God. She was a bit pissed! Three Buds.

“Really?” replied Mrs Taylor, “is that what you’re going to give us then?”

While Callie was trying to decipher what that meant she felt a hand on her ass! It was Mrs Taylor’s!

It stroked slowly down, as though savouring it, all the way down onto her bare thigh. It stopped and started to move back up. Callie moved sideways before the sensuous, inappropriate hand could lift her skirt, and looked into Mrs Taylor’s face. She saw a challenging half smile there.

For a moment she was intimidated. Nobody had touched her like that before, never mind a woman. Then she decided it was Mrs Taylor trying to frighten her. Mrs Taylor who had come rushing upstairs to fend her off from her husband...

Anyway she wasn’t taking any crap. She was still cross about being picked on.

“In your dreams.” She returned the challenging smile, she hoped.

Oh, Mr Taylor was back. “Right! Now yours young lady.” He held his hand out expectantly.

Callie shook her head and Mr Taylor stepped right up into her face, forcing her to back away or look almost vertically up at him.

“Come on!” he demanded.

Callie had been thinking. He didn’t seem the type to manhandle her, though she had her knee ready just in case. And he couldn’t put himself in the wrong by ‘stealing’ her phone by force, and then call her parents could he? She could make all kinds of trouble for him if he did that, and she so freaking would. So what could he actually do?

“You can’t make me,” she said, glancing up then looking at the big, square chin in front of her eyes, “it’s mine. You have no right to go round taking people’s phones.”

“Oh really!” Mr Taylor was going red in the face again, “and do you think you have a right to go round smashing people’s houses up?”

“I didn’t...” started Callie, but Mrs Taylor interrupted.

“She says we can kiss her ass,” she grinned at her husband.

“Does she indeed?” Mr Taylor grated.

Callie could see everyone was watching. Ryan looked upset and humiliated, not like his usual cocky self at all, and in fact the whole gang seemed browbeaten and put down. They were looking at her, waiting to see what was going to happen. They all expected her to give up her phone, obviously.

Callie was not averse to being the centre of attention. Actually, she quite liked it, and now all this made her feel like sticking up for the gang as well; impressing them and proving that even if she was a couple of years younger she deserved to be with them.

In fact, this was a whole new level of opportunity.

If she was up to it.


“Yes, I did,” she looked defiantly up into the man’s big, glaring face, “you CAN kiss my ass! In fact you can kiss me anywhere, if you give the phones back and don’t call everyone’s parents!”

A huge gasp went through the room. Mr Taylor took a step back and looked at her in astonishment. Mrs Taylor laughed.

“Oh you don’t have to do that,” said Ryan quickly, “it’s not like forever is it Dad?”

“I haven’t decided,” said Alan Taylor, playing for time, not really believing the offer was serious, yet not quite being able to dismiss it as he knew he should.

“I think we should accept,” said Mrs Taylor still with a grin on, “that is, if Miss Sexyknickers is really genuine about it...”

“Of course it’s genuine,” Callie wasn’t backing down, “but you have to give the phones back and not call. Is it a deal?”

She could see Mr Taylor’s attitude changing by the second as he looked at her, taking in her lacy bra and the tapering shape of her chest through her half-see-through top. His wife’s opinion was making a difference too.

She watched his eyes flicker guiltily down from her little waist to her bare legs. Legs that guys liked - though why she had no idea.

“It’s alright Ryan,” she added, “I know what I’m doing.”

She didn’t really have a clue what she was doing of course, it was uncharted waters, but that was the point. This was beyond exciting now.

She didn’t know Ryan’s dad but she sort of liked him; just because he was angry now didn’t mean he was bad. His aggression was straightforward and not unreasonable in the circumstances. He hadn’t thrown insults around or pushed anyone or been abusive. He’d just dominated. He had picked on her but he wasn’t going to hurt her she could tell now.

And she liked Mrs Taylor who obviously didn’t kowtow to her powerful husband even though he was older and so tough. They were a strong, good-looking couple and she admired them. Whether she could get into this with them, get the phones back and not let them control her was a challenge; the most exciting challenge ever.

Alan Taylor wanted to accept the offer. Kissing this girl all over was a crazy idea but it would be amazing, and if Louisa was included in the deal then on the 1-10 scale of sexiness that would be an easy 11.

It was pretty obvious Louisa fancied this little teen hotness, and not just for her looks - the attitude was not unlike Louisa herself. He hadn’t realised Louisa was bi at all, and now there was the prospect of perhaps watching these two kissing! It was electrifying.

Then if it might end with fucking Louisa while this stunning girl was naked in the room with them, it would be ... completely incredible.

How to arrange it though? He didn’t want to do an obvious volte-face for a teen nymphet in front of his son and all his friends. In any case it was unbecoming for a man of forty-one to be involved with such a young girl. Not that she wasn’t ready, clearly...

“Let’s see then,” Louisa came to his rescue; she didn’t care what the kids thought: “If you’re really up for it ... what’s your name?”

“I’m Callie. What’s yours?” smiled Callie, feeling things going her way, “and don’t say ‘Mrs Taylor’...”

The Taylors’ four eyebrows lifted. “I’m Louisa, you little minx, and this is Alan,” Louisa smiled at the effrontery. She looked at Alan: “We’ll see. I’ll call you. If she lets me kiss her all over you can give the phones back.” She ushered Callie out into the hall.

So without having to agree to it, Alan had the deal he wanted. Well - assuming he was going to get some kissing too. He stared down Ryan and his friends, until all of them were listening to Callie and Louisa going up the stairs.

Alan was thinking he wouldn’t mind getting rid of this audience if Louisa did indeed kiss the teen all over. Or even if she didn’t. Or if he did; or didn’t. He felt more like sex now than punishing the kids. He put some classical music on and sat down in his armchair, gesturing at his son to carry on with the cleanup.

Callie went upstairs at a trot, determined not to seem reluctant. She hadn’t really had lez in mind for the kissing, but it needn’t be a problem need it? It just had to be respectful, after all.

Either way the kisses were not going to be something Louisa and Alan took from her, like making her a victim or being in control. She was going to give them, like a favour or her part of the deal. She wasn’t going to be a little girl being bossed about by Louisa either.

So to Louisa’s surprise as soon as they got into the big main bedroom the teen started stripping. Making a performance of it, even.

She took off her shoes, then stood and looked at Louisa while she undid the buttons of her blouse, one at a time. Teasing, she slid the open blouse off first one shoulder, then the other. She shook her arms and with a rustle the garment slipped onto the floor.

She undid the button on her skirt, and took a good five seconds undoing the zip. She raised her hands high above her head and wiggled her hips to nudge the skirt on its way, until it passed the point of no return and slid down.

Without pausing - in case Louisa should start telling her what to do - Callie reached behind and undid her bra; then she stood still for a moment, looking at Louisa whose mouth had dropped open slightly. Callie held her elbows out and eased the straps off her shoulders, before, with tantalising slowness, lowering her arms and letting the bra cups slide forwards.

She’d never done anything like this before!! She’d watched videos though.

For a few amazing moments she let her bra hang just barely on her tits, then she gave them a little shake so the bra fell off down her arms and off completely. She was thrilled to see Louisa gazing raptly at her pert breasts that stuck out so nicely and were almost half covered in her huge dark-pink nipples. She couldn’t help giving a little giggle. They were, she knew from the web and comments in the showers at school, a bit special.

She made herself keep moving, slowly. She slid her thumbs into the waistband of her little bikini panties and slid them down an inch, then stopped.

Now it was time to look challengingly at Louisa. Louisa who was a woman and so stunning and strong and desirable, gazing at her with that captivated expression...

Louisa dragged her gaze up to the girl’s face: “Go on,” she breathed.

“Go on what?” said Callie.

“Go on, please,” grinned Louisa, “you little madam. Just you wait...”

Callie grinned cheekily back at her and lowered her panties a bit more, revealing the start of her bush. She’d kept it neatly trimmed for just such a time as this, though it had seemed a mere fantasy. She slid the panties down a bit more, then a bit more.

Now there was the last tricky bit to manage. In the couple of minutes since she’d started she’d been thinking about it.

She sat back on the bed, well on it, and lay back. Lifted her legs, right up, keeping them straight, then bent them right back over her head. Louisa had a perfect view of her cameltoe and rosebud and a demonstration of her flexibility. She slid the panties along past her knees, then at the last moment bent her legs slightly and pulled the panties over her feet and off.

She was naked, with someone. With an older woman who was almost a stranger, and fancied her. It was the most thrilling moment of her life. So far.

Callie lowered her legs and opened them. Her last secret place was revealed: Louisa had a perfect view of her pussy.

The first person ever. Like this at least.

Callie closed her legs again and rotated to lie fully on the bed, on her side, and grinned at Louisa. “Which bits do you want to kiss?” she asked. She was astonished how cool she felt about being naked. And being about to be kissed absolutely anywhere. She was so glad she’d done those nude sunbed sessions that made her look a bit like she was naked all the time.

She liked how Louisa was staring, anyway, as she sat down on the edge of the bed.

Louisa lifted Callie’s right hand and kissed the back of it, then kissed her way along the arm. They were slow, deliberate kisses, each one a warm, delicate touch lasting for a second or two; they seemed to mean something.

Callie was electrified; she hadn’t realised it would feel like this.

Louisa reached the girl’s shoulder and put an arm across to balance. She leaned over to start kissing down the lovely delicate ribcage, making her way gradually along the slender girl’s body, over her hip and down the thigh, along the perfect full calf, to her foot.

The skin was young, perfect, superfine, with a delicious light tan all over. It had an irresistible oh-so-feminine aroma. Natural, with no perfume. No makeup either. Louisa guessed that Callie hadn’t come to the party with attracting boys in mind, even though she was sexually so very aware. Taking her time about starting sex then, with a good solid opinion of herself. But now here she was. Feeling ready.

The shape and texture of the body was lean, lithe; with warm, fit muscle in a beautiful shape.

Callie had felt Louisa’s long hair drape onto her body and brush sexily all the way down. It nudged Callie into the next step.

“If you want to touch me you ought to take your clothes off too, don’t you think?” she said, hardly able to keep her hands away from her smouldering pussy but trying to appear cool.

“That wasn’t in the deal,” smiled Louisa, sparring but thrilled.

“Yes but you want to do more than kiss me, don’t you?”

“How far do you want to go?” Louisa couldn’t keep the arousal out of her voice.

“Can I say ‘stop’?” Callie knew that sounded junior, but it would be okay she was fairly sure. And as for going lez - if Louisa was doing it then it had to be alright.

“Of course you can,” Louisa started to feel sure this was Callie’s first time despite the confidence and bravado, “but somehow I don’t think you will.” She smiled at the teen and stood up. “Undress me.”

Callie thought about defying the blatant order, but then started wondering about how she would set about stripping the gorgeous twenty-something. It could be done in different ways, couldn’t it?

Anyway by now it was obvious Louisa wasn’t going to try and push her around. Not seriously anyway. In fact Callie had a great feeling about Louisa now. Callie got off the bed, walked round behind the older woman and started pulling the cardigan off one arm.

The door opened and Alan Taylor came in. He goggled at the scene before him. Callie reflexively hid her nude body behind Louisa.

“I thought you were going to call me,” he said.

“Sorry,” said Louisa.

“Anyway I’ve sent them all away; apart from Ryan and Jen obviously and they’re in his room already.” Jen was Ryan’s girl of the moment.

Alan saw Callie looking enquiringly at him in her impertinent way, over Louisa’s shoulder. “With their phones yes. It was pretty obvious the kissing was happening even if you weren’t calling me.” The two girls’ faces together – both stunning, similar yet different - right next to each other, made it hard to think.

“Sorry,” said Louisa again, “I was just going to.”

Callie watched Louisa smile affectionately at her husband, seeming not too bothered about it even though it was pretty obvious she hadn’t been about to call him at all. It was fascinating how Louisa and this aggressive man acted together. Louisa just wasn’t afraid. It seemed to work simply not to worry too much...

“We decided we should both be undressed to do the kissing,” Callie told him, feeling somehow that Louisa would go along with the fib. She wasn’t sure what he’d think about his wife actually having sex with her.

She finished off the cardigan and crouched down to do the shoes, then the socks; clothes for travelling, of course. Mr Taylor would be able to see her ass and some of her tits.

“Okay well you can come and strip me,” he said.

“I have to do Louisa first,” Callie refused him with a smile. Both came easily to her. “Then we both could?” She stood up.

“I’ll come and help then,” Alan took the initiative away from the girl and was gratified to see her cocky expression change briefly to alarm as he came up so close to her naked body, a mere metre away and just Louisa between them. He swiftly undid Louisa’s trousers and pulled them down, then off as she lifted her right foot followed by her left.

From the other side of Louisa Callie struggled to adjust and not be intimidated by this decisive, confident man. She reached round to undo the buttons on Louisa’s blouse, but found Mr Taylor’s fingers already there.

“You’re not supposed to touch me until you’re naked,” she said. How unreasonable could she be?

“Get on with it then,” replied Mr Taylor, pulling his hands away and taking a step back. Callie chalked that up as a partial victory. Also it meant he wasn’t going to do anything she didn’t want. It occurred to her to start being a bit sexy with Louisa, anyway, while he watched. He obviously wouldn’t mind at all.

Callie finished the buttons and then eased the blouse back off Louisa’s shoulders and down her arms. Thinking of videos she’d seen she undid the bra catch and pressed herself against Louisa’s back, and was rewarded with hearing Louisa gasp sexily. Callie moved the hair aside and kissed the side of Louisa’s neck, then kissed along the perfect straight shoulder and ran her hands up the older woman’s lovely flat tummy.

She could feel Louisa trembling a little, leaning back into her – Louisa loved to be touched. And she was obviously as bi as anything. Callie eased her fingers under the loose bra. The bra fell away and she lost track of it because now she was daring to cup the perfect C-cup breasts in her hands. Jutting. And sensitive: Louisa’s breathing was more of a series of gasps now.

Callie trapped the erect nipples between her fingers and gave them a gentle tug.

“Alright never mind,” Mr Taylor was getting out of his clothes on his own, “just don’t stop! Christ!”

In a few seconds his clothes were on a chair and his big, erect cock was in his hand.

“Not bad is he?” Louisa said to Callie over her shoulder.

“No,” said Callie automatically, registering that Mr Taylor looked like a rugby player with his broad shoulders and a lot of muscle, strong legs and flat tummy. A bit hairy but not too much. He was in much better shape than her dad. No bald bits or flab.

His cock looked like it belonged on him: not especially long, but thick. Well, not short - six inches perhaps. Potent. A strong, confident cock on a strong, confident man. Was it going to end up inside Louisa, in front of her? She had no idea; this whole situation was way beyond anything she could imagine or predict. He still seemed to really fancy his wife, at least.

Callie took hold of Louisa’s panties and slowly crouched as she pulled them down her legs. Louisa stepped out of them and turned round; her pussy was shaved smooth. Or done with cream even, it was so perfect. That made Callie want to touch it, but she oughtn’t. She stood up.

“Ready to be kissed?” Louisa asked, going along with Callie’s pretence for some reason. She didn’t wait for an answer but put her hands under Callie’s jaw and ears and kissed her on the mouth.

Callie’s first instinct was to struggle free – Louisa wasn’t any stronger than her she didn’t think – but then the feeling came through: the soft, warm lips that had kissed her body so amazingly were even more amazing on her own lips. The sensation was incredible. Her lips sensed so much more than her skin. Her nose was inhaling Louisa’s enticing fragrance.

Now the hands were round the back of her head, in her hair, pressing the two of them together, all the way down, all over, and all the time the lips moving, and Louisa’s tongue pushing to be let into her mouth. Callie opened her mouth, and pushed her own tongue into Louisa’s.

The intimacy was unexpected and amazing. Callie had been thinking being kissed everywhere would be a challenge and a laugh, and quite sexy. But here was all this affection; the warm, soft, fragrant skin...

Now Louisa’s sensitive hands were stroking lightly over her back, still urging them together so her tits were squashing onto Louisa’s...

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Mr Taylor take his hand off his cock; she broke the kiss to stare. It was waving around slightly, pointing up. God! Without his hand round it it looked really ... phallic. Right here in front of her! Mr Taylor smiled at her.

“It’s for Louisa, don’t worry,” he said.

“I wasn’t worried.” Still, it was nice to know that’s how he was thinking.

“Good.” He was friendly now. Though it was like he would always have a reply to anything she said.

Louisa looked round at her husband. “It’ll go off if he keeps touching it,” she told Callie, “he’s a complete sex fiend.”

“Sex fiend,” Callie repeated the words, savouring them.

“That’s your sort of fiend, by the feel of it,” Louisa was grinning

It made Callie realise she WAS feeling sexy. She gave Louisa a squeeze, thrilling her senses with another burst from the warm, intimate skin.

“You’re gorgeous,” Louisa was whispering now, “he’s mine though, OK?”

“OK,” Callie was more interested in Louisa right now in any case. It was lez, she supposed, but there couldn’t possibly be anything wrong with this.

Then she was amazed Louisa had said that - of course he was hers. Well ... maybe Louisa was reassuring her that Mr Taylor wouldn’t make a move on her?

Louisa’s hands were on her ass, stroking, cupping and digging in with her fingers, pulling her pelvis on. It felt incredible. Callie became aware of her own gasping.

Louisa nudged her towards the bed and Callie let herself be guided over and then be pushed back onto it. Before Louisa could start telling her what to do she lay back and opened her legs. She stared unfocussed up at the ceiling as she felt first fingertips and then the lips, working their way slowly up the inside of her left leg!

Callie’s right hand slid automatically onto her clit and gave it a press. She slid her fingers over her labia and felt the cool of her juice as she spread it around. Louisa’s fingers touched hers, gripped them gently and lifted them out of the way, The kisses were on the inside of her thigh right at the top ... Aaaahhhh her pussy was being kissed!!!!

She was having her first sex with another person. And it was Ryan’s mother! Well, his stepmother, with his dad watching. She, Callie, was a lesbian. A lesbian sex fiend. Oooohhh what was that? Inside! She had to look ... Louisa had a finger in her, pumping it in and out ... the view disappeared, blocked out by Louisa’s head as she descended on her clit ... Oooohhhh!!

Callie moaned loudly as she was eaten, expertly, by this gorgeous girl. Or woman, She wasn’t a woman like her mum though, she was a woman like a model.

The blood rushed through Callie’s head. Was she going to cum, being lezzed by Ryan’s mum? In front of his dad? She looked – his face was totally intent, staring at her, while his cock stuck out, just waiting to fuck a girl and spurt cum in her; looking so big and masculine and strong.

She ran her fingers into Louisa’s long hair and stroked through it, stroking her head with her fingertips to encourage her ... her pussy was going mental.

Just before her orgasm started Louisa lifted her head and slid up alongside her. Callie bucked in frustration but then Louisa’s deft, sensual hand resumed its work on her pussy - one finger pumping slowly in and out, with the ones on either side squeezing her labia, the heel of the palm rubbing slowly over her clit. Callie was teetering right on the brink, shuddering with sex...

Louisa kissed her on the mouth with her wet face and Callie loved it. God! This was sexxxxx! Louisa kissed her face all over for quite a few seconds, then shifted and started kissing her tits. Her huge, sensitive nipples. The electricity zinged through her body, meeting up with the fire from her incandescent pussy. The sheer cliff of a monster orgasm beckoned...

She felt something and looked ... there was Mr Taylor standing, looming over her, looking crazy, staring intently into her face.

She nodded. Her legs opened wider, all on their own.

“Alan!” Louisa gripped his arm, trying to get through to him, but now he was beyond reach. He dipped and lined up his huge cock with Callie’s virginal but wet and ready pussy...

Callie was sex-crazed too. Her pelvis flexed up to welcome her pussy’s partner, her thighs spread even wider, and in an instant the cock was sliding in. Two inches wide or whatever thickness it was, it didn’t make any difference. It was meant to be. So right.

His big hands spread under her ass, and in two strokes she felt his bone press on her clit and pressure all around her pussy. A massive presence was deep inside her. Deep inside. It had been so easy. So perfect; so elemental and natural.

She hardly had time to register the sensation deep inside her pussy before the cock was being withdrawn; then it pressed back in and stayed there. Now it WAS deep. Her blood surged through her brain. Mr Taylor was making a deep groaning, grunting noise. Callie could feel him forcing himself not to move, because like her he was right on the edge!!

She felt Louisa again, fondling and sucking her tits; her tits with the enormous areolas that could nearly get her off on their own. Louisa! Louisa had told her not to fuck her husband ... but she couldn’t help it...

“Sorry!” Callie managed to gasp, gripping Louisa’s shoulder.

“Go for it,” Louisa said, looking up with a wild grin on her stunning face, “it’s amazing. It’s OK. Go for it. Cum for us.”

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