Sally, Sally, Pumpkin-Eater

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotic Sex Story: The panties were a terrible mistake that led to the pumpkin eating at school and then poor Sally found out her teacher's hidden desire. Life at home is no less stressful with the need to grant solace to the two homeless men her mother brought home from the soup kitchen. An innocent shower leads to some depraved activities with no end in sight.

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Sally Sanderson was not exactly a pretty child growing up and when she reached the ripe old age of eighteen; there was not much noticeable improvement in either her looks or her disposition. Her parents never really noticed that she didn't have very many friends because they were so proud of her straight "A"s in school and the fact that she kept her room exceedingly neat and clean.

She had a little dog called Dodo who had a short curled tail and seemed to be interested in sniffing everything in reach. Everywhere that Sally went, Dodo was sure to follow. Sally had socks for each day of the week that matched her underpants with regard to both color and day. The very worse day of her life was that terrible Monday when she accidently put on her Tuesday panties and socks. She knew it straight away when she went to the bathroom right after the first class and saw green instead of blue.

"What was she thinking?"

Sally knew it was all her fault because she was still half-asleep and groggy from all the homework the previous night. Now she sat on the toilet looking at the green Tuesday panties on her knees and knew she would be terribly embarrassed if there should be some accident and her panties were seen as they carried her to the ambulance. After thinking it over, she decided to just take them off altogether and hid them in her skirt pocket. She reached down and turned her Tuesday socks inside out and made sure the word "Tuesday" was not visible to anyone who happened to look at her feet.

For the remainder of the day, she was extremely nervous about being found out as a silly cow for getting her days mixed up but fortunately there were no accidents and nobody looked at her feet or tried to look up her skirt. Of course, if they looked up her skirt, they would see she was exposed to view and that made her giggle a little because it seemed so funny.

When they had a free reading session, she forgot about her absent panties and put her feet up on the empty chair in front of her. She was deep in "The Count of Monte Cristo" when she noticed Mr. Anderson was craning his neck to see her sitting across from his desk. Suddenly, she blushed realizing he was probably getting a good look at her private parts and her cheeks resting on the edge of her chair. Sally did her best to act nonchalant and without any hint that she knew the good-looking married teacher was peeking at her goodies.

When the bell sounded announcing the end of class, she heard his voice addressed right at her.

"Miss Sanderson, stay after class, I want to talk to you."

Now, Sally was really nervous. She hoped he would not remark on her naked pussy and backside displayed for his private viewing. If he did, she hoped he would believe it was all a big mistake and that she was not the kind of girl that liked to tease the older male teachers with showing their panties and the like.

"Miss Sanderson, I wanted to congratulate you for getting an "A" on the final exam. You were the only student who actually got an "A" and I wanted to reward you with a little gift."

Sally was ecstatic over the news. She opened the package and found a pumpkin all cut out and ready for Halloween. It even had the candle to put inside to light it up at nighttime. There was also a huge pumpkin pie with a can of whipped cream to go with it just for her. Since she was not in a hurry, she put her book bag down and sat down and watched Mister Anderson cut her a nice big slice of pie.

Pumpkin was her favorite and she licked her lips in anticipation of getting into her mouth. The teacher sat down across from her and added a big gob of whipped cream to her pumpkin for her to eat. She crammed a big bite into her mouth and saw that he was still fascinated by the freedom of her pussy under her short skirt.

"Do you want some more, Sally?"

She looked up at her teacher and nodded her head vigorously.

However, this time he took the pumpkin and spread it on his rampant cock which was suddenly almost touching her startled face.

"This time you have to lick it off, Sally. Wait a minute; I will put some whipped cream on it."

Mister Anderson put a big glob of whipped cream on the tip of his cock and pushed her head forward until her lips came in contact with the pumpkin and the cream. She just opened her mouth and sucked it all down because it tasted so good and she was not upset at Mister Anderson's cock in her mouth. She just hoped his wife didn't find out because she was reputed to be a very jealous type who didn't mind using her boots on girls that tried to steal her husband's affections.

In a matter of minutes, Mister Anderson's cream was added to the whipped cream and Sally swallowed it all down to show she was a good sport. He helped her get it all down by holding her head tight against his groin and pushing his cock in as deep as possible. She knew he was not satisfied because he bent her over her own desk and pushed her skirt out of the way of his insistent cock. Her poor pucker hole was defenseless and she felt him rub his big thing right on her little star. It seemed like this was her time to learn all about taking it up the back door and she sighed and leaned lower burying her face in the soft pillow that she like to sit on when the wooden seat got too hard for her buttocks.

When she finally got back outside, her faithful dog Dodo was waiting for her and almost jumped so high he managed to cradle in her arm. She noticed he kept trying to put his nose in her pocket and she remembered her panties were hiding in there to cover her shame of putting on the wrong day of the week.

She tried to calm down the excited dog.

"Down, Dodo, it is only my silly panties. You should not be sniffing them like that. People will get the wrong impression."

Mister Anderson had given her the remainder of the pumpkin pie and she was more than happy to carry the box tied with a little white string all the way home pulling Dodo on his leash right behind her. She was a little angry at the little dog for sniffing her panties because she was not that kind of girl.

Her mother was not at home because this was the "soup kitchen" afternoon where she volunteered at the church to aid the poor unfortunates without a home or a bed to call their own. Sally was not too enthusiastic about that project because the soup eaters were sort of smelly and most of the males looked at her backside like they wanted something other than soup. She didn't find that attractive at all because they tended to be bald or old or have terrible bad breath as well. Before she had a chance to head upstairs to her bedroom to find the correct day of the week panties and socks, her fuss-budget mother came through the front door with two disreputable soup kitchen souls trailing along behind her like moths around a flame. One of them was a typical street person with poor hygiene but the other was quite interesting because he was young and fairly good-looking even with a layer of grime.

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