When in Rome or a Greek Toga Party

by BIC

Copyright© 2014 by BIC

Funny Sex Story: 16 year-old college freshman co-ed, Ashley, insults some girls from a sorority in her first week at college. She shouldn't have messed with Sigma Epsilon Chi.

Caution: This Funny Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Humor   Humiliation   Group Sex   Orgy   Oral Sex   School   Nudism   .

In a university town far, far away and in a time long, long ago, a 15 year old freshman co-ed named Ashley was away from home and all on her own for the first time in her life. But the young girl was as brave and daring as she was smart, so she was not afraid. She had managed to enroll in college at such an early age because she had skipped two grades, grade one in elementary school and again a year in high school which she managed by scoring so high on her PSAT exam (239 points) and by taking extra courses in summer school two years running.

Ashley was in a hurry to get into college for she found her high school peers too immature, especially the boys, and she longed to socialize and confer in philosophical discourse with older and wiser young men and women. She was book-brainy but not street-savvy. She was also totally unaware of how arrogant and snobbish she appeared to others.

So full of herself was Ashley, that she did not heed her parents' advice when they warned her against frat toga parties and cautioned her against the wicked ways of some college girls who tend to dominate campus sororities. In fact, Ashley did attend a toga party the first week on campus.

She was somewhat surprised at the invitation from the most notorious sorority on campus, Sigma Epsilon Chi. Just a few days before she had had a run in with a few Sigma Sisters who clearly did not know their Greek, despite being in 'the Greek community', so to speak. Ashley had greeted them with one of the only ancient Greek phrases she knew, one from Lord Byron's poem, Maid of Athens, ere we part. In Greek it read " ZO AMO, SA SA GAPPO " and the sorority girls looked at her like she was more geek than Greek.

Ashley did not hesitate to tell them they were a disgrace to the university and their own sorority for not knowing such an easy line to remember, yet famous and memorable saying. In fact, Ashley relished lording it over these obviously stupid girls and she let them know exactly what she thought of them and any sorority dumb enough to accept them into its bosom.

Therefore, she thought it odd that just two days later she should get an invite to that very sorority's toga party. But she did think it neat that the sorority, like she, was interested in ancient history. She was will to forgive and forget their obvious inferiority and rather ungraciously accepted the e-mailed invite.

She came dressed for the part and, in an effort to be historically accurate, she wore no undergarments beneath her toga tunic and had removed all her body hair, as was the custom for ladies under the reign of Tiberius Caesar. Not only did Ashley shave her armpits, arms and legs, she also got a full bikini wax hours before the party so her pussy mound was as smooth as silk.

Ashley had spent one summer working as a tourist guide at Williamsburg as an 18th century living history character. She was a stickler for historically correct reenactments. So, when one of the sorority sisters told her it was to be a Toga cum Saturnalia Party, Ashley knew nudity and debauchery would be called for. She could tell that many of the guys were 'up for it', so she was determined to play whatever part was demanded of her too.

The party hostess, President of Sigma Epsilon Chi, suggested she meet one of the frat guys at the party who happened to be playing the role of Emperor Tiberius, Ashley was honoured and immediately attended on him in his 'Throne Room', the upstairs bathroom.

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