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by BIC

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DOM Babysitter Sex Story: Army brat,14 year-old Billy has had his head messed up as his Officer dad and his sleep-around slut of a mother are having marital problems. Barracks Bitch Barbie, 17 year old daughter of a general and camp commanding officer, becomes Billy's babysitter. She teaches him discipline and puts 'buck naked' and 'privates' into his regimen.

Caution: This DOM Babysitter Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   BiSexual   Slut Wife   Cuckold   FemaleDom   Spanking   Humiliation   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Foot Fetish   Babysitter   .

It's never easy for a child when his parents split up. Circumstances affect circumstances and usually for the worse. In Billy Bonds' case, his parents' impending divorce was all the harder because he knew deep down that, despite what they always say, he was the cause of it all. He wasn't, of course. But what's a 14 year-old boy on the edge of puberty and teenage defiance, painfully self-aware and utterly confused about everything supposed to know about life?

You could say Billy was a civilian casualty in the war between the sexes. His dad, Major Bradford Bonds, was stationed at CFB Trenton and the family of three was housed in a nice neighbourhood near the base. Brad was proud that he'd robbed the cradle, as they say, and wed a young lass fresh out of high school. But the age difference was too much for his wife.

Elizabeth was 23 years her husband's junior and, at first, was reasonably happy to be help-meet, housewife and mother to young Billy who was born just seven months after their hurried wedding. Life as an officer's wife was not bad and for many years Liz did her duty by her man as he did his to his country. That is, until Brad left for his second tour in Afghanistan when Liz was 28 years old and in the prime of her sexual needs.

Billy was just eleven years old when his mother started dropping him off at friends' houses for five or six hour stints while she supposedly had other officers' wives over for bridge. In fact, foursome get-togethers were taking place, but Liz was no dummy; she preferred the male officers' company to that of their wives.

Billy's mom was the barrack's bitch and it wasn't long after Brad returned from Afghanistan that he found out. At first he forgave her and blamed himself. He was fit for his age, but a man in his fifties can't compete with young Turks in basic training. It was just another casualty of war service men and officers had to endure. Family Life and duty to country did not always mix well. So for three years he worked hard to keep his marriage together.

But when their son turned 14 and could legally be left on his own, Liz started sneaking out at night to meet up with men. When Brad found out his wife was cheating on him again, he gave up and looked into filing divorce papers. That's where it got complicated.

His wife's infidelity was the worst kept secret on the base and it was known the top brass were 'deeply' involved. Brad's colleagues and superior officers made it clear any legal divorce would affect both his career and his generous housing allowance which might be jeopardized should he officially separate or divorce.

The legal implications were confounded by military protocol which complicated things no end. But all paperwork had to go through channels and all along the chain of command lurked his wife's lovers who would make sure documents went astray. The army top brass was screwing Brad figuratively because they were screwing his wife was literally. They had been for years and wanted to keep the status quo.

At last, Brad worked out a compromise that suited everyone. He would stay on base and his wife would keep the house and 'entertain guests' at will. But Brad was concerned about young Billy, now a teenager and all that implies. His being shipped from house to house while his mother fucked half the officer corps was just not on. Brad loved and was protective of his son, even though Billy was a total disappointment to the Major.

All his life, Billy had been exposed to army life, with its discipline, rigorous physical regimens and unwavering sense of duty. Billy was twelve years old by the time he figured out his mum was a total slut and he was 14 when his parents split up and, in the eyes of Major Bradford Bonds, the lad should have been able to take it like a man. Instead, Billy was sullen, uncooperative and inwardly angry. He did as he was told but not with a spirit of belonging; his submission was steeped in uncaring alienation. He was a confused teenage boy with a dangerously delicate psyche.

Unbeknownst to either mom or dad, Billy had seen what was going on, not only the arguments between his parents, but also the cause for those fights. What he had discovered, and one time actually witnessed, left him numb and crying inside. But he wanted to be like his brave soldier dad, so he internalized everything. That just led to acting out which neither he nor his parents could understand.

So both Liz and Brad were convinced their son's attitude and self-esteem would improve if he had a reliable and strict babysitter while his father was attending to his army duty and his mother was attending all the other officers. The right babysitter would have to be strong-willed, preferably someone who was used to dealing with army brats.

That's where 17 year-old Barbara comes into the picture. If Billy was an army brat, Barbie was an barracks bitch. The blonde bombshell was the daughter of post's commanding officer, Major General Daniel Dahl. His sweet little Barbie, as he loved to call her, was jail bait even at the age of 14 when her flirting ways and deftly styled attire brought many a new recruit 'to attention' under his fatigues. She was a cock teaser but got away with it because her daddy was the boss.

Blonde, beautiful Barbie lost her virginity at the age of 15 to three of her father's subordinates one night in the Officers' Mess. When her dad found out, Barbie got a severe spanking and the offending officers found themselves reassigned to CFS Alert, in Nunavut. General Dahl had wanted to cut their balls off, but decided to freeze them off instead. After all, vengeance is best served cold.

Barbie took after her dad in many ways. And both ended up screwing with the Bonds family. The general had been screwing Liz Bonds for years and, through manipulation of administration and by his orders, Brad was unable to get a separation or divorce and so had to continue being the camp cuckold. Now it was Barbie's turn to have fun with the Bonds bunch as she would be Billy's babysitter.

Billy was used to squads of 'uniforms' marching, especially those who marched into his mom's bedroom on night exercises. What this did to the young lad's mind is anyone's guess. But a shrink might call his attitude 'aggressive-submissive', an internalized need to strike out in self-punishment via denying reality while enforcing a soldier-like strict self-discipline.

Barbie recognized Billy's symptoms immediately and, on her first night of babysitting duty, tested her suspicions. Liz had left cash and instructions with Barbie before taking off for 'a late night in town'. Barbie was to be in total charge and she should feel free to enforce her will with whatever discipline she felt warranted.

"I don't expect to be back until noon tomorrow, ' she told the babysitter. " Have fun, you kids. I know I will." Elizabeth Bonds was not only horny, she was more than a little drunk already. No sooner had his mother crawled into a cab, then Billy started acting up and acting out as he tried to establish who was boss. Sadly, he soon found out it wasn't he.

Billy tried to show a brave front in this embarrassing situation; he was 14, after all, and Barbie was only three years older than he was. He didn't need a sitter. He'd show her! He was a man.

"Just to let you know, Miss Dahl, I don't take orders from girls. I'm a major's son and that means I outrank you because, although you're dad is a general, you're only a girl and daughters are always subordinate to sons." Billy had prepared that speech three days ago when he first found out who was to be his babysitter. He stood inches away from Barbie, face to face and ... And ... uh, and ... he could smell her perfume ... and feel something inside him ... OMG! His pants were tenting!

Barbie was way ahead of him. As a clever girl, foxy in more ways than one, she had already sussed out her ward. Billy had a crush on her. It was painfully obvious. And if he were a few years older and if they were attending the same school, Barbie would have delighted in stringing him along only to dump and humiliate him in public. But he was too young for that. But not so much a small fry that she should toss him back in the lake. No, Billy had fallen for her charms, hook, line and sinker. She would reel him in and make him dangle. Yes, Billy could be fun right now.

Billy put up a good front, but Barbie showed a better one. That is, in a bold manoeuvre to establish control and make things absolutely clear, Barbie pushed Billy down on to the living room couch with so much force he was winded. Then, to his utter surprise, amazement and delight, Barbie slowly unbuttoned her blouse until it was fully open. She was not wearing a bra.

Billy was gazing at her gorgeous boobs when it hit him. Not her boobs, the realization hit him: Barbie Dahl was the essence of womanhood and he needed to serve her; she was his Mistress. It didn't come to him in those words, exactly. But he knew. Then it hit him again. Actually, then she hit him again. Barbie slapped his face so hard it turned red immediately. It was red with pain and redder yet with shame.

"What are you looking at, boy?" Barbie's tone was not as harsh as her words; in fact, they were nearly seductive. " Aren't you man enough to appreciate a real woman when you see one?"

Billy reached out with hopeful hands only to have them smacked away from Barbie's breasts as she leaned towards him, tantalizing, teasing and tempting the boy with implied promise of taboo touching. She pulled away just as the tips of her tits touched his lips. She laughed as she pinned him between her thighs and sat frontward on his lap with her hands pushing his shoulders back.

"Who did you say was on top, Billie-boy?" she murmured as her chest heaved.

The internalized submission and acceptance that had been Billy's psyche for two years surrendered to his lust, his babysitter, his Mistress. In one second, Billy was hers to do with as she pleased. The boy nodded slightly and mouthed the words 'you are'. He was entranced and, more to the point, he was in thrall.

Barbie rose majestically from atop her ward and quickly buttoned up her blouse. She then spelled out the rules of their relationship. She had snared him with his own lust. Now she would play with his mind and cage him within a delusion of ever-hopeful obedience and bonds of lovelorn devotion. Like most women who use sex to control a man, she had him by the balls.

"I'm not your mother, Billy. But I'm just as much a slut as she is. Difference is, you're not supposed to even think of having sex with her ( you do in secret though, don't you? Like when you play with your cock at night? ) Yes, you're blushing. I thought so. That's a big no-no, Billy. But if you please me and do all I say, I just might let you fuck me."

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