On the Rocks

by falcon29

Copyright© 2014 by falcon29

Drama Sex Story: A family at the crossroads.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   .

It's not news, and certainly no surprise to me, that statistics show that half of all marriages end in divorce these days. I think that probably another 25% should end that way but don't. Maybe the idea of marriage is obsolete anyway. My own divorce ratio is 66.66% and my current one should be in that second group to make it 100%. Why don't I divorce my wife? Well, to answer that I need to explain how I got to this point in the first place.

Shelley and I met through a mutual friend five years ago. I was just recovering from my second divorce and she was looking for a husband. She had been divorced for two years and was tired of dating "unsuitable men", as she put it. I'm still not sure what made her think I was suitable (nor why I thought her to be suitable for me — except that she was horny, attractive and available), but apparently both our estimations were seriously off. Anyway, I began to care for her and we were soon married and had a nice honeymoon. Her daughters stayed with their father for the two weeks we were in Mexico fucking our brains out.

Shelley's girls were nine and thirteen when we married. Allie, the younger one was unhappy with our union. She had still held the hope that her parents would get back together. Thirteen year old Billie had no such illusions. Being the older one, she was more painfully aware of the grievances her parents had toward each other. She and I hit it off, if not from the first, then from very soon after her mom and I got together. In those first months, when things were still good between Shelley and me, we had a lot of fun. The good times the four of us had, picnicking, camping and such, helped to bring even Allie around to acceptance of the situation — and of me.

Then problems began to crop up. While I've always been a believer in the "united front" approach to parenting, it didn't take long for the girls to notice the influence my presence had on their mother. I urged her (out of the hearing of the children, of course) to temper her discipline with more love. I urged more positive feedback. Billie has told me that before I came along Shelley was a worse harridan. ("Do it because I say so, dammit!" etc.) Don't misunderstand me, there are definitely times when that is the tack one has to take, but not every time.

We had two good years. Then Shelley's old habits (and probably mine as well — my divorces weren't all the faults of my ex-wives) began to assert themselves. She became irresponsible about a lot of things. She spent too much money on things we didn't need. She got "great" ideas, invested money in them, and then dropped them when another brainstorm came along. It isn't that a lot of her ideas weren't intrinsically good. Most of them were. The problem was that she hadn't thought them through before jumping in with both feet. She would miss business meetings about her ideas. She would fail to be where she was supposed to be at certain times. She'd be late without calling. All this overlapped onto the girls, both in disciplinary form and in Shelley's disappointing failures to show up for school events and other things.

We began to argue. I tried to keep things private, addressing Shelley's failures when the girls weren't around. She, however, didn't understand the damage it does when parents argue — especially the way Shelley does — in front of children. Shelley develops a foul mouth when she is angry too. She doesn't care what she calls me (or their father, or sometimes even her daughters) or who hears it. Increasingly, both girls began to turn to me for solace and support. That is the root of why I don't divorce the bitch. We didn't adopt the girls when we married, so I have no legal rights where they're concerned but I love them. Still, I won't abandon them to her tender mercies, even though they are now fourteen and nearly eighteen. Billie will soon be out of the house but Allie has four more years. After that, Shelley can kiss my ass.

So it's really the closeness that developed between myself and the girls that makes me reluctant to leave. I feel good about the fact that I have had no little part in helping Billie develop into a wonderful, confident young woman. At fourteen she was a gawky, shy bookworm. She could count the friends in her class on one hand with fingers left over. By the time she was seventeen she ran for class vice president and won hands down. Her mother hadn't paid any attention to the whole thing, so I took the girls out to dinner to celebrate when their mom didn't come home from work.

Shelley's unexplained absences might lead a man to wonder about infidelity. I wondered, but couldn't, by then, find it in myself to be angry or resentful. I just had stopped caring. To me it was a plus that we didn't have to put up with so many of Shelley's free-ranging temper tantrums. The girls and I had barbecues and picnics, played games and went to the park near the house.

Last summer Allie went to camp for a week in July. I had suggested to Shelley that she and Billie and I take the week off and go somewhere. There is a nice lake about a two hour drive up into the mountains. It is on an acreage owned entirely by one family. They built a few rental cabins around the shoreline. It isn't primitive, since they have electricity and running water. Still it was a nice rustic (i.e. no phone and no TV) getaway from the city. Shelley and I took both girls there a few times when we first became a family. By last summer however, Shelley wanted no part of it. "I never really liked all the dirt and grime of a camping trip," she said. "I only did it to 'bond' with you. You and Billie can go knock yourselves out. I don't care."

And that was just it. She didn't care any more than I did, if she ever had. Maybe she had given birth to the girls to 'bond' with their father. It hadn't worked, for too much longer then either I guess. At any rate, Billie was eager to get away for a while. I arranged to take part of my vacation from work and the same Friday afternoon we put Allie on the bus to camp, Billie and I set off for the lake.

We reached the cabin just before dusk. We sat on the swing on the covered porch of our little two room cabin watching the sky change colors. All we had to do that first night was relax. We had stopped for burgers on the road, so dinner wasn't an issue. Billie leaned into me and my arm went automatically around her shoulders. Many nights she and Allie and I sat and watched TV that way, one girl on either side of me.

I was drinking a beer. Billie asked for a sip. I sometimes gave her a taste of my beer, but not often. We got to discussing her coming freshman year of college. "You know, Dad, I am probably going to be going to parties at school. I should learn how to drink."

"You aren't going to school to party, B.," I admonished. I knew that there would be parties, that there would be drinking — as well as drugs, and sex. I had gone to college myself. "I suppose that you will go to some, though. That doesn't mean you have to drink. It isn't a sin to be a teetotaler, you know."

"Yeah, but what kind of friends will that leave me? Bible bangers, nerds and overachievers? No thanks!" I knew she had a point.

"A lot of people never drink, but they don't fit into those categories. Still, if you want a beer, this seems like the perfect place to allow you one — just one, remember!" She left me bouncing on the swing and slammed into the house to get her very first (I hoped!) whole beer. A few minutes later she returned. She had brought a fresh one for me, as well. We sat and talked about what classes she should take and sipped our beers. At least I sipped. Billie was finished with her beer before I had drunk half of mine. She pleaded for another one.

I knew that I should probably let her drink herself sick while we were at the lake. Nothing like some aversion therapy. So that's what I decided to do. I told her to go ahead. I had brought enough for myself for the week. If she drank me out, I would either do without or drive to the little store a mile back down the road. When she came back with her second can I explained to her.

"I'll tell you what. I know the temptations you'll encounter at school. You are strong enough to resist them if you choose to do so. But I know how seductive it is to want to fit in with your friends. I also know why college guys like girls who get drunk." She was watching me with a little frown, wondering where I was going with this lecture. "So while we're here this week, I've decided to let you have as much to drink as you want. I'm sure you'll get drunk, maybe even puke. You'll wake up with a hangover and swear to never drink again. That's a promise you probably won't keep. But maybe the experience will give you some idea of your limits and teach you not to go overboard at school. So knock yourself out, Kiddo." She raised up and planted a wet, beery kiss on my cheek.

"Thanks, Daddy. I'll bet you I don't get sick, though." Two hours and several beers later, those words echoed in my mind while I held her hair back as she deposited her five beers into the damp grass at the edge of the clearing where the cabin stood. She held her stomach and answered the frogs in the lake with her own croaks. Finally she was empty, but still drunk. Having been there, I knew what would make her feel the best she could under the circumstances.

I helped her inside and into the bathroom. I started the water and ran a warm bath for her. She sat on the toilet and groaned. I went out and got one of the long, XXXL tee-shirts that she slept in from her backpack. I took it back in and hung it on the empty hook on the wall. Billie hadn't moved. "Can you get yourself in and not drown?" I asked her. She nodded. I walked out and pulled the door to, but not latched. I wanted to make sure I could hear her if she needed me.

I was sitting on the couch reading a few minutes later. "Daddy..." Billie's voice sounded so pitiful, but I knew she wasn't dying — just wishing she could. "Can you come here ... please?" I set my book aside and went to the door of the bathroom.

"What do you need, Honey?" I felt the warm steamy air drifting out.

"No, come in here," she said. It had been a couple of years since I'd seen her naked. I was perfectly aware of the developing breasts and womanly curves that had replaced the angles of adolescence, but I hadn't seen them. Still, when I walked in I was impressed. Her breasts bobbed at the water line, their nipples a beautiful deep pink. I was surprised when I glanced down to her crotch. Where I had expected to see a dark patch of pubic hair, there was just bare skin, just the way she'd looked at fourteen. My eyes went back to her face. "Can you wash me, please?" she asked me.

"Sure, Honey," I said as I knelt down beside the tub. There had been obscure hints of fantasy about my stepdaughter in the depths of my mind. They were a foreshadowing of the shocking thoughts that began to drift into my consciousness that night. They were shocking to me, since I had watched this girl grow up, helping her through some rough times — times her mother properly should have taken on, but wouldn't or couldn't. Like when she got her first period. Like when she had her first date and second and third with the same nice-seeming boy — that third date when she had to fight the boy off to keep him out of her pants. My discussion with the boy's parents the next day. I eased her through those times with all the love of a natural parent. Why was I now feeling the insidious edge of lust rubbing against my love for her? The easy answer is that she was young and beautiful and I was horny. The more complex answer is simple now. That night I didn't realize that Billie and I had become more of a loving couple — except for the lack of a sexual dimension — than her mother and I were by then.

I soaped up her back and rinsed her off, kneading her shoulders while she leaned her spinning head against my arm. She leaned back and closed her eyes. I took a deep breath and used the cloth to wash her face and neck. Then I moved down to her firm breasts and belly. My cock was stiff in my jeans and my own mind was spinning every bit as much as Billie's must have been, but my problem wasn't from too much beer. I resisted the urge to plunge down and run my hand over her soft mound. Instead I lifted her foot and scrubbed it roughly. She giggled and tried to jerk away, telling me it tickled too much. I played with her the same way I had at other times, tickling her feet and ribs. Her attempts to shield herself splashed us both, my shirt and jeans becoming drenched in the process. My lust retreated, but never disappeared. It brought our play into a new arena, though I didn't think she was aware of it then.

I dropped the cloth into the water and stood up. She seemed to be feeling better. "You can do the rest." I added, "So now you know how much beer is too much for you, don't you?" I said using my best parental voice.

"Oh, God!" she groaned, holding her head between her hands. "My head is pounding! I thought this wasn't supposed to happen until tomorrow?"

"Throwing up sometimes accelerates things," I told her as I turned to leave. "Maybe you won't feel too bad in the morning to go fishing." I had my doubts about a morning on a bobbing boat after that night of vomiting, but kids heal more quickly than adults. She already seemed more herself.

"Oh, yay!" she cheered. "I bet I catch a bigger trout than you do!" I laughed and made my escape. It stopped me when I realized the way I was thinking of what had just happened. It felt like I had simultaneously passed and flunked a test. Passed because I had beaten the lust away, but flunked because it had occurred at all. I was also still very horny.

There were three beds in the cabin. One was full size, the other two were twins. By the time Billie came out of the bathroom in her long tee-shirt, I had stripped to my boxers and gotten into the larger bed. She rummaged in her pack and retrieved a pair of panties. She turned away and stepped into them. I indulged the impulse to watch her perfect heart-shaped ass disappear into the little bikinis. My dick twitched again and I adjusted my position so it didn't show. Billie came to my side and bent to kiss me goodnight. I presented my cheek to her, but she took my chin in hand and kissed my lips. It wasn't the first time she'd done that. It always had happened when she really wanted to let me know how much she loved and appreciated me. My heart ached, knowing I only partly deserved her bottomless trust. She got into her twin bed and I turned out the light.

The next day I was disgruntled to see that she seemed to have no trace of a hangover whatsoever. We went fishing in the morning and swam out to the float in the afternoon. The lake wasn't wide, but it was about a half mile long. While we fished I looked around the shore. The only activity I noticed was at the far end of the lake. A man and a boy chopped wood and a plume of smoke floated above the roof. None of the nearer cabins seemed to be in use.

We had fresh trout for lunch, rolled in egg and cornmeal then fried over the wood stove. When she asked, I allowed Billie to drink a beer with her food. I was glad to see that she stopped at one. We got into our suits to go swimming. After we got tired of the water Billie took a nap on my bed ("It's a lot more comfortable!") while I sat outside and read. Later we played cards and backgammon while we talked.

After dinner I was sitting on the porch swing. Billie was on the top step of the porch, leaning against the support post. "Dad, there's something I have wanted to talk to you about," Billie sounded very serious. I told her to go ahead. "Well, remember when Thomas almost raped me?" That had been the first boy she'd gone out with. She had dated others since. I felt a little uneasy because we'd never talked about the extent of her sexual activities since — if any. I had been curious in the past. My feelings from the night before had reminded me that I didn't even know if she was still a virgin.

"Of course I remember."

"Well ... it made me think — a lot. I liked making out with boys, but I just wasn't ready to go any farther. But at the same time, I didn't want to get a reputation of being a tease. So when I was going out with Dave last year I decided to take the next step." I felt my muscles tense up. I wasn't sure I wanted to hear about this. I reminded myself that, while she certainly had probably shared all this with her friends, she needed a mature perspective. Her mother obviously wouldn't have taken the time to listen to her. I urged her to go on.

"It was our third date — must be a magic number, eh? That was when Thomas decided I should put out for him. Anyway, I let Dave feel my tits." She had used the word before in my hearing. Language restrictions weren't high on my list of discipline requirements. I'd even overheard her say 'fuck' on the phone to her friends a couple of times. That was one she had yet to use in my presence though. "Then he wanted me to play with his ... penis." I wondered what term she and her friends preferred: a cock? A prick? A dick? The list goes on and on. She was, so far, unwilling to use any of those euphemisms with me, however.

"So what did you do?" I asked.

"I did it. I was curious, okay? It was stiff and felt funny in my hand. He told me to rub it up and down. A couple of minutes later he squirted cu ... uh ... sperm all over us both. He wiped it all up with a towel he took out of the console. I remember thinking he must keep it there for that." The fact that he was prepared for something like that was what put her off of things. She went on to explain that it made her feel like he had set her up. I thought so too.

"He probably had some condoms in there, too," I told her with a smile. She glanced at me and smiled back.

"I didn't think about that! Are all of you like that? I mean all you guys?"

"No. I know it seems like it, especially with boys your age. But there really are nice guys out there. On the other hand, you could look at it from another perspective. It is a good thing a boy is prepared if he is going to be sexually active. Towels and condoms are good. Better than getting a girl pregnant or passing on a disease." She agreed.

The conversation continued the next day. She already knew I'd had a vasectomy several years before her mother came into my life. That point had been brought out when the girls had asked if they could expect a new sibling. I finally worked up the courage to ask her. "So, Honey, you haven't said. Are you still a virgin?" Her eyes darted to mine then quickly away. She gazed at the lake, struggling with her need to talk and her reluctance to admit to me that she wasn't "as pure as the driven snow". She gulped and turned back to me.

"No," she said, dropping her gaze from mine. I knew she was afraid she'd see disapproval there. She'd have been disappointed in that. I reached over and took her hand. She raised her eyes again.

"It's okay, B.," I said. "Really. I don't think any less of you. Want to tell me?"

She took a deep breath. The previous summer she had slept over at a girlfriend's house. They had sneaked out and met some boys. One of them was Dave, the guy she'd jerked off before. They went to a deserted park — in fact the one where I'd taken the girls to play on the swings and slide once upon a time. The boys fucked the girls, the girls sneaked back in. End of story. I pulled her to her feet and pulled her to sit beside me on the swing. I draped my arm over her shoulder. We sat and talked a lot. After she confirmed that condoms had been used, I told her the only part of the tale that bothered me was the sneaking out. I finally convinced her that I didn't share the conservative view that a girl should be a virgin on her wedding night. I also let her know that, conversely, I didn't approve of her sharing her treasures with every guy she dated. "I have always cared about — or loved — the girls and women I've had sex with," I told her. "Simply fucking somebody because they're there and willing was never enough for me. In fact the two times I tried a 'one night stand', I couldn't get an erection." She giggled, but it felt good to open up to her. Almost as good as it felt to have her open up to me.

We discussed a number of other things about sex that day. She had all the questions everybody has. I was as honest as I could be, even though some of the topics were difficult for me to talk to her about. Oral sex, for instance. She had never given it or received it. Hell, she'd only given one hand job and been fucked once — probably poorly. Fortunately, it sounded as if the boy had taken care to prepare her for it sufficiently. It hadn't hurt much she said. She said he'd wanted her to blow him, but she wouldn't. Her girlfriend hadn't been so shy with his friend. Billie said it had kind of turned her on to watch Sheila suck on her boyfriend's cock (she finally used the word), but not enough for her to work up the nerve. She asked me about blowjobs — how, what, etc. I laughed. "You're asking the wrong guy, Honey. It feels good to me, but it really doesn't work for me. I have rarely come from oral sex. Ask your mother — or on second thought, don't. Ask the doctor about blow jobs the next time you go see her." The girls had been going to the same doctor all their lives that had brought them into the world. I was fairly sure she would give her straight answers. "Or you could look it up in a sex manual. Still, I'm sure nothing beats experience. That's the way it is with other aspects of sex."

It was a hot afternoon. And the humidity made both of us sweaty. Instead of fishing or really doing anything, we just hung around. We didn't even have the energy to swim. Billie drank some instant lemonade but I stuck to beer. We still talked a lot. Eventually the conversation returned to sex.

"So you think I just have to suck some guys off to learn about blow jobs," she said. Her words and the subject made me twitch in my shorts. "So tell me about when a guy goes down on a girl. What's that like?" This was where I got really uncomfortable. I felt my face heat up and was only able to give her the bare bones of an explanation. Again, I fell back on experience being the best teacher. I did confess that it is my favorite part of sex, even more than intercourse. She sat silent then for a while. I sat on the swing with a book opened over my hard cock. Then she rose and said she wanted to take a shower. She went inside and I remained in the swing, thinking and swinging as I watched the lake. I tried not to imagine her in the shower. It didn't work. Last night's bath, my own sexual deprivation (Shelley and I hadn't had sex in almost a year), and our discussion had revved up my libido. I went to make sure she was safely in the shower. She hadn't closed the door. It stood wide open and I could see her through the blur of the glass door. No dark shadow at her crotch of course. I rubbed my erection through my pants.

Things got worse as I saw her hand drop to her own crotch. Her motions left no doubt but that she was masturbating. I undid my shorts and stroked myself as she diddled her little pussy. The idea that only a pane of glass and a cloud of steam separated us made me even hotter. It didn't take long for me to cum. I cleaned myself up and buttoned my shorts. I went back outside and down to the dock. I was dangling my feet in the water and feeling guilty when Billie came down. She had put her bikini back on and carried a towel, which she spread out to lay on. There was maybe another hour of good sun left to the day.

"Can you rub some lotion on my back, Daddy?" I was glad to do it, but only partly because I didn't want to see her sunburned. She untied the strap of her top and lay on her belly. I massaged her back as I spread the lotion. "We probably could just go naked here if we wanted to," she said. "There isn't anybody else except that family down the lake." The idea had occurred to me already, but I had been reluctant to suggest it. The way things had developed now, I knew that my new interest in my stepdaughter would be all too plain as soon as we got naked.

"You can if you want to, Honey." I said. I purposely said "you", rather than "we". It wasn't lost on her.

"Well, I don't want to be the only one. Come on, I've seen you naked before. And you gave me a bath last night. That felt really good, Daddy. I'll show you mine ... again ... if you show me yours." She lifted her head and looked at me with a grin. It was a challenge. A very knowing challenge. I knew then that she must have known what I was doing while she showered. Later she told me that she could see my silhouette in the living room. I had forgotten about the outside brightness. My face heated up and I felt really silly.

She rolled over and pulled her top off and wriggled out of the bottoms. On her knees, she lifted my shirt off over my head and began to unbutton my shorts. I pushed her hands away and sat back. "Come on, chicken!" she challenged. I sighed and pulled off my shorts. I hadn't bothered with underwear that day. My cock was still hard. Her eyes widened and remained glued to my erection. My own eyes widened as I saw her lick her lips. Then she turned away and lay back down. I got the feeling she was beginning to doubt the wisdom of all this. I had already been doubting it.

This was my stepdaughter, for Christ's sake! What the hell was I thinking? I stood and walked naked up to the cabin with our clothes. It did feel good to be nude. I went into the coolness of the cabin and took a deep breath. My cock began to subside. I got a beer from the refrigerator and drank it down in several big swallows. I burped. I looked down to the dock. Billie basked, golden in the sunshine. The devil on one shoulder reminded me that she was no virgin, and had a strong curiosity about sex. The angel on the other side screamed that she was my stepdaughter. The two imps argued back and forth.

-- She wants it!

-- She's not quite eighteen!

-- She's beautiful! Look at that ass!

-- She trusts you. Won't this be a breach of trust?

-- Trust, shmust! She trusts you not to hurt her. Making love to her would be a good thing! If you don't fuck her, she'll feel rejected! That would hurt her!

-- You are married! To her mother!

-- That bitch? She's probably getting laid somewhere right now!

-- Even if she is, it isn't the same. And it doesn't make this right!

-- It's just an expression of your love for her. Show her how much you love her.

-- If you love her you will turn away from this kind of thinking.

-- Bullshit! You can teach her so much more than she'll learn on her own with BOYS — at least for years.

-- Teach her, but not by demonstration.

-- Why not? It isn't incest! Not incest! Not incest!

-- "..."

The angel had no reply for that. She was a woman and I was a man. She isn't my daughter, I'm only married to her mother. We do love each other. Finally the angel spoke up again, but only in a whisper as he faded out:

-- Talk to her first then. Tell her you are doing this out of love, and for her own good.

I got out two more beers and slipped them into beer cozies. Naked as a newborn, and with my own towel in hand, I returned to the dock. At least my dick had subsided — for now. We sunbathed for a while. She handed me the lotion and I rubbed some more on her back. I deliberately continued down and lotioned her delicious ass cheeks. She groaned and moved her legs a little apart. I was careful when I got to the junction of her thighs and ass. I slipped my hand down between her thighs, but made sure I didn't touch her cunt lips. I smiled to myself, knowing that I was probably teasing her. Of course my cock was standing tall again.

I lay down and told her it was her turn to do my back. She rose to her knees at my head and began a little teasing of her own. Her crotch was right in front of my eyes. It was hot and she was sweating. She emanated the coconut aroma of the lotion. Beneath that, however, I could smell her musky, natural scent, telling me she was turned on. My hard dick pressed against the boards of the dock. She massaged the lotion into my shoulders. She moved then to my side and covered my back and my ass, then down my legs. She was as careful as I had been.

"Why did you shave your pubic hair?" I asked her. I'd been staring at her beautiful flower while she rubbed me and she knew it.

"Most of the girls do these days, Daddy. Sheila says it makes sex better. I don't know about that. I hadn't shaved when Dave fucked me. Some girls just do it because it seems more attractive. Do you like it better shaved or hairy?"

"Definitely shaved," I replied. "It does make sex better. Especially oral sex for the guys. I always hated getting a hair stuck in the back of my throat." She laughed at that. "It's even better when both partners are shaved," I added. She glanced at me and saw I was serious.

"Is that from experience, or did you just read that somewhere?"

"I've shaved before. I stayed hairless for almost a year once. I was ... between lovers and just got tired of the hassle and let it grow back." We launched into a discussion of shaving versus waxing or something called sugaring (I've never done either of those), how to do it best, how to avoid the bumps and rash.

"It's always hard for me to get it all," she complained. "There's always some stubble down there, around my ass."

"You could ask Sheila or somebody to help you," I suggested, knowing where I was going. She took the bait — or maybe it was me on the hook.

"Could you help me?" she asked in a feigned innocent voice. "If you want to shave too, I can help do you, too."

"We'll see," I said. "But not here. Your mom would think ... something weird happened." She turned over to sun her tits and belly. She handed me the tube of lotion again. I hesitated before I took it. She grinned at me, took my hand and slapped the lotion into it. "You can reach everything in front yourself, you know," I said sarcastically.

"It will be more fun if you do it, though," she said with a devilish grin. She sat up and took a drink of her beer, burped a very unladylike belch and lay back down. I took a deep breath and began to play with my stepdaughter's tits. She spread her legs, wanting me to rub some on her cunt. I just said I thought it might not be good to get it inside herself. What I knew was that it wouldn't taste good. My dick stood at full mast but by then I didn't care. Our cards were really almost all on the table by then.

We lay in the sun a while longer. I know she was disappointed that I didn't let her rub my front. But I insisted that she not do it. All the lotion did was to serve as a device to fondle each other, after all. As I said, the sun was almost down. When we finished our beers, I stood up and told her we should go in. She was ready, too. We walked hand in hand off the dock and up the path to the cabin naked as babes. I opened the door and held it for her. She slid her hand across my belly as she walked inside. I watched her ass and shook my head. The wooden screen door slammed behind me. Billie crossed to the bathroom. She left the door open and in a second I heard the unmistakable sound of her peeing. Somehow it was sexy to me. By then, almost everything held a sexual meaning for me where she was concerned. When she peeped out a fart I couldn't help laughing out loud. She gave me a dirty look but blushed prettily.

I was nervous. Somewhere between rising from the dock and the tiny fart, however, the sexual momentum had been lost. It felt like a reprieve to me. I grabbed another beer for myself and a pair of steaks from the fridge. Billie came out of the bathroom and I asked her to season the meat while I went out to light the barbecue. When I came back she was building a salad so I set about scrubbing the potatoes. It was slightly bizarre, doing all these everyday things with her while we were both nude. We occasionally bumped hips or arms — the kitchen corner of the large room wasn't itself very roomy. When she needed to rinse the cutting board, I was using the sink. She casually slapped me on my ass, telling me, "Move it, Old Man!"

"Hey!" I exclaimed. "Knock that shit off or you'll get a spanking of your own!"

"Yeah? From who?"

"Whom! From this 'Old Man', that's who! Or is that 'whom', too?"

"Whom cares? You can't spank me these days, I'm too old for it and too strong for you." She wasn't looking at me when she said that. I reached down and smacked her cute little ass sharply with the spatula. A 'CRACK!' echoed in the air followed by a shriek from Billie. She dropped the board in the sink and came at me.

It was really no contest, and the only reason she had challenged me in the first place was to get us into physical contact again. We both knew it and by then I welcomed it. Nevertheless, I grabbed her hands and twisted her into a bear hug, her back pressed up against me, her ass cheeks sandwiching my standing erection. When I felt the heat and sweat between her cheeks I pressed harder and all the struggling stopped. I released her arms but she didn't move. I ran my hands down her sides and back up to cup her breasts, the nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. I dipped my head to kiss her neck and was rewarded with a sigh and her hands caressing the sides of my thighs. "B," I began quietly, "We both know we're crossing a line here. We also both know that if things were still good between your mom and me it wouldn't happen." She nodded. "We haven't done anything too far out of bounds so far, but..." She turned to me and pressed herself against me but my finger crossed her lips. "I need to say a couple more things, honey. First, no matter what the situation is in my marriage to your mom, I wouldn't do this unless I loved you; but I do. 'Fucking' is sex but it isn't making love. Society doesn't agree with me but I think the best way for young people to learn about physical love is to learn from someone older and one who cares about them and loves them." We kissed like adults for the first time then. She accepted my tongue, sucking and licking it hungrily. Of course my dick was then pressing against her flat belly. Her hands squeezed and caressed my ass and I happily returned that favor. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I cupped her ass, lifting her from her feet. Her legs wrapped around my waist and my dick felt the delicious slickness of her crotch. As I carried her to my bed and lowered her to the floor and her feet once more, I told her, "Whatever we do from now on, any time you want to stop tell me. I promise I will." As she descended, my cock, which had been released on the upward trip, caught in the embrace of her crotch. "I know, Daddy, but I don't want to stop — not now or ever." She grinned at me and squeezed her thighs together. Then she fell backward onto the bed, leaving her legs spread wide. My cock sprang free and plopped up against my belly. Her giggle reminded me so much of when she was the young girl I met in the first place I felt a short pang of guilt.

I bent down and kissed her. I moved to her breasts and finally wound up with my lips in the center of her crotch. Then I let her feel my tongue gently lapping around and finally inside her sweet opening. She sighed a ragged sigh. "That feels so good! Oh ... my ... God!" (She was startled when I slipped a finger back and rubbed her asshole, but she liked that, too.). She didn't seem to mind the taste of her juices when I rose up for a kiss. She didn't reach orgasm from my mouth, but she would another time.

For her part, she wanted to feel a cock in her mouth and I was more than happy to provide mine as a study device. I told her what I liked and how to do it. She really didn't need much instruction. When my orgasm approached I warned her. She did what I suggested and lifted her head and stroked me until I shot my load. Her eyes never left off watching. The throbbing subsided and my cum just oozed down over her hand. "Most guys like it if you swallow their cum, or at least take it in your mouth," I told her. "But I suppose it's an acquired taste. I don't care for the taste of mine, unless it's mixed with pussy juice."

She looked surprised at first, but she was nothing if not game. She reached out and licked some of the milky goo from the tip of my dick. I was so sensitive right then that it felt like electricity to me. After she savored that first drop, she began to lick both my cock and her hand until we were both cleaned off. I pulled her up to kiss me and she sighed. Then I rolled her over on her belly. "What are you... ?" she began, but she soon realized what I was doing. I pressed my hand to the small of her back and held her legs down with one of mine. I began to swat her.

"Ow! Ow! Dammit! Daddy! Come on! I was just kidding!" But I continued to swat her ass. While I spanked her I told her that she was never to forget that I was still the boss. After twenty or so strokes, she was getting into it and moving past the sting. She laughed and wiggled her butt, telling me to swat harder. I did. My cock had recovered and I knew she wanted to get fucked. There was just one other thing I wanted to play around the edges of first.

I released her but didn't let her roll over yet. I moved around and lowered my head to her ass. Pressing her legs apart, I kissed her tiny anus. She gasped and tensed, then relaxed. Her hand drifted to her lips, a fingertip nibbled in a gesture I'd seen before — usually when she was considering something deeply. She raised her hips up until she was on her shoulders and her knees. She spread her knees as far as she could then reached back to pry those luscious cheeks apart. There she was, totally exposed to me. I made love to her ass with my mouth and tongue. I built gradually until I was tongue fucking her ass. Her breathing speed increased and she began to gasp. After a few more minutes, her whole body tensed in orgasm. Her sphincter clutched my tongue painfully, but I kept wiggling it as she came. When she calmed down I pulled my tongue out and she collapsed to her side.

She looked at me with wonder. "I never thought ... I mean ... my ass, for Christ's sake! I didn't cum when you licked my pussy. How come your tongue in my ass made me cum?" It turned out that, while she had heard of anal sex, she just thought it was something gay guys indulged in. She had never thought a man would put his tongue in her there. Or his cock.

"Did you like it?" I asked in an innocent voice.

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