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Sex Story: Ben and Ally take a vacation to the beach. Tired of his body hair snagging all that sand, Ben asks her to shave his body. A visit to a nude beach the day after shaving brings Ben his first gay sex experience.

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"Two weeks on the beach!" Ben thought to himself. It was going to be worth all the money it was going to cost. It was also going to be worth all the time he had spent researching the perfect beach, the time spent trying to outguess the hurricane season and the effort of beating down the travel agents for the best prices and the nicest place to stay. To say that Ben and Ally were looking forward to it, after working their butts off at their jobs without a proper break for the last several months leading up to this time off, was gross understatement. They were more than ready. Their busy lives had just about killed their sex lives and Ben felt ready to get that part of the relationship back on track. They also planned to visit the nude beach they had discovered was near the resort, which made the sexual tension between them rise even more.

They arrived late the night before, so exhausted from working so hard and taking the long flight to the island that they didn't make love before they fell asleep. They slept in, both of them still too tired to stir until late in the morning. Then, after a leisurely breakfast on their patio, they slipped into their bathing suits and walked over the dunes to the beach. That was everything they had hoped for, too. The sun was bright and hot. The sea rolled just enough to make playing in the water a lot of fun. There weren't too many people there either, which made it even more enjoyable. Ben and Ally lay on the sand, played in the ocean and spent a lot of time kissing and telling each other what hot plans they had for each other once they reached the bedroom.

Ben discovered again, however, that the one disadvantage of the beach had always been sand. Being a very hairy man, Ben felt he was carrying away half his body weight in sand when he left the beach. As he tried to rinse the sand off himself in the beach house's outdoor shower, he muttered, "I'm so sick of all this hair,"

"Really?" Ally said with a strange gleam in her eye.

"Yeah," he said in disgust. "It's hell walking around covered in carpet."

"I bet," she said. "Well, try to get the worst of it off you and I'll help you with the rest when we go inside.

Inside, she ushered him straight into the shower. "Time get all that sand out of your fur," she ordered. Ben did his best to comply. Finally grit free, he turned off the shower. Almost instantly his wife's hand appeared with a towel. He dried off, and then opened the curtain. Ally stood there, naked, with a can of shave cream in one hand and a razor in the other. "Are you serious about being sick of all that hair?" she said seriously.

Ben gulped. "What do you mean?" He knew it was a dumb response, but it was a bit of a shock.

"I mean," she explained, "that if you're serious about being tired of all that fur, that I have a solution in mind."

"Are you sure?"

"Sure, I'm sure," she grinned. "I'm kind of tired of it too. You have a great body, Ben. You're almost as buff as those guys screwing those women in the porn mags we both like so much. The only difference is they're not furry like you, and I've spent a lot of time imagining how hot you'd look if you were smooth." She raised the cream and the razor and shot him a grin. "So ... Are you ready?"

Ben could only nod in amazement as Ally set the razor aside and filled her hand with shaving cream, which she started to spread across his chest. The cool gel made his nipples harden. Ally set the can of gel on the showers ledge and began to shave around his right nipple. She had to stop frequently to rinse away the long hairs that clogged the razor. They both watched as the hair began to disappear down the drain and a pink pert nipple came into view. Ally's mouth was watering by the time the hair was gone and the soap rinsed from it. She wanted to suckle it, needed to taste it. She lowered her lips to it and placed a light kiss on the pink nub. Ben's gasp told her he liked what she was doing and soon she hand engulfed the pink nipple in his mouth and suckled on it like a baby.

Ben's hands moved to caress her back. He leaned against the back shower wall for support. Ally drew her tongue around its edge and than over the sensitive little bud before drawing it into her mouth and sucking even harder. The sensations he was feeling caused his cock to harden very quickly. Ally moved a hand down between his legs and slowly stroked him a couple of times. She felt her own body tingling with want and need as she fed upon his sensitive flesh. A shudder ran along her spine as Ben softly pleaded for her to keep sucking his nipple. As much as she wanted to, she knew if she didn't stop she would forget about the rest of his hairy body.

Slowly she raised her head. The small nipple had grown to it full erect size. Ben's face was flush and it was all Ally could do to pick the can of shaving gel up and begin on the other side.

"Easy baby, I want to feel you completely hairless when you make love to me." she said as she smeared the thick lather over his left nipple. Ben watched as Ally quickly rid his chest of the thick coating of hair that had been there moments before. She watched as he ran his open palms over his own bare chest.

"Do you like it?" she whispered.

"Yes very much so," Ben said in a throaty whisper. "It feels much better than I ever would have dreamed."

Ally dropped to her knees and, starting at his ankle, began to lather his calves. She felt his hardened muscles as hands moved up to his upper thigh. Their eyes locked for a brief moment as she moved the razor over his firm flesh. Ben stood there watching Ally as she shaved him. The hair came off quickly. She moved to the other leg and looked up to see Ben admiring the smoothness of his freshly shaven leg.

"Man Ben, you have sexy legs ... I never noticed before how sexy they were..." Ally breathed as she moved the razor over his other leg, her hands lingering at his calf. She ran her hands up the inside of his thigh and lightly brushed his cock. It twitched and she took it in her hand before easing it into her hungry mouth. Ben's body trembled as Ally licked and bathed his manhood with her tongue.

She wanted him. She needed him. But she forced herself to let it go. As she pulled her mouth from his throbbing cock, she looked up to see his hands tweaking his own nipples. His eyes closed in pleasure. Ally thought she had never seen her husband look so damn sexy.

"Ben? What do you want me to do about this hair?" She half whispered as her hands moved over his cock and balls, her body quivering with the thought of removing his pubic hair as well...

He came back to reality enough to realize that she had asked him a question.

"Ben?" Ally repeated. "What about this hair?"

Ben could barely speak because of his lust. All he could manage to do was croak, "Make me smooth," and she coated his manhood with the cream and carefully began to shave away the long hairs. Long moments passed as Ally worked through the thick jungle of curls until there was only bare skin on Ben's pubes, then she had him get on his hands and knees so she could shave the area behind his balls and removed all the hair along his butt crack.

She had him rinse off under the shower, then he got out and dried himself off. Ally's eyes were taking in "the new Ben" and he could see the lust in them as she looked him over. "This is so amazing, Ben," she whispered. "Your cock looks absolutely huge sticking out of your body like that ... with no hair to hide a single bit of it ... like a porn star ... I'm so hot, I almost can't wait, but there's one more thing I want to do before we make love."

Popping open a tube of moisturizer, Ally began to massage the soothing liquid into Ben's skin as he stood there feeling as though he was being worshiped. Everything she was doing was only serving to make them both hotter by the second. The feeling of her soft hands gliding across his now-smooth skin with the cool lotion was something Ben decided right then and there that he wanted to feel again and again forever. It was as if he'd never actually felt his skin being touched before.

Ally quickly lay on the bed and spread herself in invitation. She was so wet that he could see it from across the room. Her left hand slipped down over her mound and she parted her nether lips with the middle and ring fingers, rolling her clit around in the wetness. Then she slid her hand up along her slit and over her mound where she toyed with the little "landing strip" of short hair she always leaves there. She giggled, "Look Ben! Now I have more body hair than you do!"

"We'll deal with that later," he said in a hoarse whisper as I approached her. Right now, he was intent on getting a taste of the nectar that was pouring from her pussy.

She watched her husband as he moved toward her. The look in his eyes caused her body to tremble with pent up need and desire. She held her arms open to him and felt the bed shift as he moved up towards her from the foot of the bed. "I've got to taste you." Ben whispered as he moved her legs to rest on his shoulders. Ally's hands moved to the back of his head as I pulled him into her crotch. His hot tongue drew a deep moan from her when it entered her creamy center.

"Yes Ben, do me ... mmmmm eat me out baby." Ally moaned as his tongue licked and pushed in and out of her tight opening. She felt the sensations start at the bottom of her feet and move along her spine. Ally arched her body into him grinding her pelvic bone against his face as Ben's mouth brought her closer and closer to the edge.

"Cum in my mouth baby..." Ben grunted. He wrapped his arms around her hips as he alternately teased her clit with his lips and plunged his tongue deep into her tunnel.

"Ohhhh tongue fuck me baby ... make love to my pussy..." Ally felt his tongue plunge deep into her snatch as she pressed upwards into his mouth causing his tongue to go deeper still. She clutched at the sheets with both hands as her body quivered. Soon she was filling her husband's mouth with a flood of hot juices. Ben held her to him, drinking his fill as her body shuddered beneath him. Then he raised his head and looked up at Ally with her nectar covering his lips and chin.

Despite her orgasm, Ally was lost in passion. She wanted to taste herself on his lips and pulled him up for a kiss. Their mouths locked in a hot passionate kiss that told one another that they were far from through. She felt his hardness rubbing against her wet opening.

"God, Ally, it has been too long." He whispered as he rubbed his cock against her mound. She whimpered as I tried to capture the head of his throbbing manhood with her inner lips. Her hands moved away from his shoulders to his chest and she took his little male nipples between her fingers and began to tease them. Ally watched his face as he closed his eyes and threw his head back. Her fingers began to pinch his nipples harder, than allow them slip between her thumbs and forefingers.

"Pinch them baby!" He whispered between gritted teeth. When she did, he thrust his hardness deep inside her tight confines. Ally gasped as his cock-head hit her cervix and pushed into it. She pinched Ben's nipples again and was rewarded with another long hard thrust deep within her. She wrapped her legs around his buttocks and pulled him deeper as she continued to tease his sensitive nipples. Their coupling was hard and fierce, each needing to release their pent-up passions. It had been too long for them both. Their mouths locked again in a kiss born of hunger and need as Ben set the hard pace that they both longed for and needed.

Ally felt her inner muscles lock onto Ben's cock as she felt herself going over the edge. Ben pulled almost all the way out of her and pushed himself all the way to the hilt. His body shuddered as his hot cum bathed his wife's walls. She gasped into his mouth when her own juices poured around his engorged cock-head. She dug her fingernails nails into his shoulders as the aftershocks of her climax wracked her body. Ben held her tight; his cock still throbbing deep inside her.

Ben's hands were soft and gentle as he pushed Ally's dampened hair from her face as he rolled them to their sides. They lay there in each other's arms, still joined together, kissing and whispering words of affection. His hands were moving slowly up and down Ally's back as he held her. The erotic sensations of his hairless body moving against hers had heightened their arousal.

Ally smiled at him playfully. "Baby wants to nurse on your nipples."

Ben moaned and watched as she took his left nipple into her mouth and began sucking on it. Every nerve ending in his body seemed to be switched to high gain reception. The feel of Ally's hands on his chest, the way she had pinched and pulled on his nipples, the way her smooth legs raked up and down his own smooth legs as they fucked, it was all so arousing that Ben was on overload, and not she barely let him catch his breath before she began round two by sucking his nipples again. With the increases sensation caused by his hairlessness he couldn't help but moan. Ally continued to kiss her way down his chest and stomach, running her tongue over every inch of him that she could reach. She moved down under Ben, positioning herself so that he was on top of her in a 69 position. As she took Ben's re-hardening cock, covered with their mixed juices, into her mouth she planted her oozing sex onto his face. He eagerly began to lap up the cream that was pouring from her, thinking in the back of his mind that this was the first time he'd ever tasted his own cum. He didn't think it was so bad. In fact, he liked being so nasty with Ally.

While he licked her clean, Ben could feel her tongue washing his cock, his balls, licking his entire groin free of all their spend. Then she pulled his legs back and hooked them behind her arms, spreading his ass wide. Ally's hot tongue slurped all around the area between her husband's balls and asshole and then she began to lick his rosebud. That was a first for them both. Ben found his cock was nestled in the valley between Ally's breasts and getting harder with every stroke of her tongue.

He decided to get brave and play with her ass as well. Dipping a finger in her pussy to moisten it, he began to probe into Ally's ass. She had always claimed the area was "exit only" but tonight she simply moaned and let her sphincter relax. Soon Ben had his finger as deep as it would go in her anus. It was hot and very tight, and Ben noticed right away that when he licked her clit just right that she would clamp down on his finger.

Then he felt Ally's finger pushing against his own asshole – another first. Ben did his best to relax as this new sensation made his cock jump and twitch. Ally moved back up and took his cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the head. Suddenly she crooked her finger and pushed hard against his prostate. His erection swelled in her mouth. She kept probing him until he moaned. "Oh God baby ... that feels so good."

"It must," she chuckled. "You're pouring out pre-cum like crazy."

"I can't help it ... it feels so good, baby"

"Hang on a second," she panted, pulling away from him. She reached under a pillow and pulled out a butt plug and a bottle of lube. "Grease this up and slip it in my ass, honey," she cooed.

"Damn!" Ben thought to himself. "She's really full of surprises tonight."

He began to work the lubricated butt-plug into Ally's anus. At first he feared that it wouldn't fit, but then he heard her sigh and suddenly her sphincter opened up and the plug slid in, the widest part disappeared, and then the narrower neck was clamped tight inside her. The flat base was nestled in her crack. Ben moved back slightly and began to tongue her hard clit. Ally moaned deeply and he could see the butt-plug quiver as her internal muscles clamped down on it rhythmically.

"Mmmmmm, yes!" she moaned. Then Ben felt something cool, hard and very slippery pushing against his anus. Ally whispered, "Just relax, Ben. You're gonna love this..." She had pulled a slender 7" vibrator from under her pillow and lubed it up. Slowly Ally began to slip it into Ben's virgin asshole. She could see the muscles contract, trying to push it out. She rubbed it around his opening as she whispered to him to relax.

Finally, he was able to relax his sphincter and Ally slowly I pushed the tip of the vibrator inside. He groaned and drove his tongue deeper inside her hungry pussy. "Mmmm yes baby, that's it, relax." she coaxed as a little more of the slender pink vibe stretched him. She could feel his breath quickening with each inch that disappeared in his dark depths. His tongue was ravaging her clit and she lifted her hips to him in response. Ally was lost in the new sensations of having the butt plug in her ass as Ben's fingers and tongue worked in the wetness of her pussy.

"That's it, Ben. Feel it filling you? ... mmmm baby you are soooo tight." Ally crooned as she began to twist the vibrator slowly in his ass, stretching the tight ring so he would be used to having something inside it.

"Imagine it were a real cock, how you would feel it pulse inside you..." Ally continued. "I think it would be so hot seeing a real cock moving in and out of your ass! Does that excite you sweetheart?"

Ben didn't answer, but Ally felt his body tremble and his cock throb between her breasts as she slid the final inches of the slender vibe deep into his bowels. Then, her own body quivered when he pushed the butt plug deeper into her ass.

Ally slowly turned the knob on the end of the vibrator and felt the vibrations begin deep inside Ben's tight ass. "Oh yes, baby, fuck my ass." he cried out as she began a slow rhythmic movement in and out of his now hungry ass.

"Oh yes, Ben. Show me how much you want a real cock inside you. Fuck it Ben, take it baby." He slowly began to rock back and forth into it meeting Ally thrust for thrust, in and out of his hole. She turned the knob at the base again and felt his cock seep even more of it's pre-cum onto her hot flesh as the vibrations against his prostate milked the fluid from him.

"Damn, I wish I had a cock to fuck you with." Ally said as she closed her eyes imagining her husband being fucked by another guy. Her body tensed with arousal, she pressed the vibrator deep into his ass. She heard Ben groan and felt his hot cum shoot out between them to cover her breasts with his hot seed. She ground her pussy harder into his face and held on as he lapped up the flow of her juices as her own breathing quickened. Soon she was cumming all over his face in a torrent. Ally turned the vibrator off and slipped it out of Ben's well-fucked hole as he eased the butt plug from her ass. She kissed him on the back of the thigh as he moved around to gather her into his arms.

"Are you going to let that go to waste?" Ally whispered huskily pointing to the puddles of cum on and between her breasts. Wordlessly, Ben moved to clean up the mess he had made and Ally moaned when his tongue touched her heated flesh as he licked up the cum from the valley between her breasts. She watched, fascinated, as he gathered the pearly juices. When he had a mouthful, he leaned forward and kissed her, offering to share this wonderful treat. Ally drank eagerly from his mouth.

Ben slowly broke the kiss, and with a smile on his face, told Ally how much he had enjoyed having her fuck his ass, and then his whole expression changed. Serious now, he admitted to her exactly how much the thought of taking a real cock excited him. He watched her closely, trying to see if she was revolted by this revelation of his curiosity about gay sex. Ally took both his hands in hers and pushed them down between her legs to show him just how hot that idea was to her. He lightly stroked her clit as they kissed, their tongues dueling with one another's, and soon Ben was bringing his wife over the edge of passion again.

They slowly disentangled themselves and a smile began to play across Ally's lips. "How about we get a shower and grab some dinner," she suggested, "and then maybe we'll figure out how we can get to that nude beach so I can show you off." Ben laughed and swatted her bottom as she rolled out from under him and headed to the bathroom. As Ben watched Ally's ass as she headed for the bathroom, he felt really lucky at that moment to have a wife as hot and sexy as her who was so full of surprises. He was also a bit surprised at himself as he lay there, shaved bare, with his ass well-fucked by a dildo and the taste of his own cum on his lips.

Then the reality of what Ally had said about the nude beach started to sink in on him. When they had been researching this vacation, Ben had noticed information about it in the hotel's home page on line and jokingly told Ally they should go. ("She has the body for it," he thought to himself) Now, however, he was more than a little concerned. How strange would a totally hairless male body be on a nude beach? He figured it wouldn't a problem since he thought Ally would probably chicken out about the nude beach once they got close to going, anyway. He rolled out of bed and joined her in the shower.

Ally and Ben gently soaped each other in the shower, and Ben really liked the feeling of her slick sudsy hands running over his now-smooth skin. It seemed Ally did too. She kept washing him over and over again.

When they finally rinsed and stepped out of the shower to dry off, Ben was a little slower than Ally at getting out of the bathroom and found she'd already laid out clothes for them to wear to the restaurant. She'd chosen a sundress for herself – one of Ben's favorites – silk, with a halter-style top that enhanced the way her pointy tits jiggled and a wrap-around skirt that tended to let a lot of leg show. What she'd chosen for him had Ben a bit nervous, though. "I thought you should wear these shorts, Ben. I want everyone to see your sexy legs ... and this tank top will let everyone see how smooth the rest of you is..."

He wasn't sure, but could see by her hard nipples that Ally was excited by the thought of showing off her husband downstairs. "Besides," he rationalized. "We're on vacation and nobody knows us here."

After they had dressed, they went downstairs. The restaurant was dark and cool, and Ben was so busy paying attention to Ally (and her erect nipples, which were obvious beneath her sundress) that he soon got over being self-conscious about his hairlessness. Ally playfully ran a bare foot up and down his leg under the table as they talked. "I like it," Ben whispered. "Smooth against smooth."

"So, about this nude beach. Is it close?"

He told her what he knew. "It's supposedly pretty close to the hotel but I can't really tell from the map. The blurb I saw about it said it was secluded, backed up against the cliffs on the southwestern side of the island, and open year-round." Then he hesitated. "Are you sure about wanting to go?" he asked.

"It's our vacation, Ben," she said with a surprisingly determined tone to her voice. "Let's live a little."

"I'm game if you are," he shrugged, secretly still hoping that she'd get nervous about appearing nude in public and he'd be off the hook.

"Good. Because I feel like breaking loose, and I want you to break loose too."

Their dinners came about then and, after the waiter left hearing range, Ben said to Ally, "I think we already broke loose, didn't we?"

She shook her head. "We've barely started, baby. I have big plans for this vacation."

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