Summer Seductions - Jasmine

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2017 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Jasmine is a South American beauty who visits to provide Scott's father with his weekly massage and "happy ending". Scott take his place, and Jasmine provides him with much more than planned.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Hispanic Female   Size   .

Scott was enjoying a quiet morning in the main house watching a movie on the large screen tv when he was interrupted by the door bell.

At the door he found a petite young woman wearing a backpack and carrying a large carry case.

“Hello ... I’m Jasmine ... I’m here for Mr Gordon’s weekly massage service” she explained. Mr Gordon was Scotts father. He wasn’t aware that his father got a weekly massage, and he suspected that his mother didn’t either. It was a Tuesday and his mother had her regular lunch date with her girl friends at this time of day.

Knowing that his father occasionally fucked Beth (his attractive business partner), Scott had suspicions that this young lady might be providing more than a straight massage service. He decided to invite her inside, and just see how far this service went.

“Come on in ... my father told me that you were coming. He suggested that I avail myself of your services to help relax me after my exams”. Total bullshit line that he spun but it worked.

“That’s an excellent suggestion” she responded whilst he showed her inside.

She suggested that he have a shower whilst she setup her massage table and oils.

Returning to the covered patio near the pool with a towel wrapped around his waist, Scott found her waiting for him. She had changed into a white coat - he noted that her feet were bare having removed her joggers. She directed him up onto the table, laying face down with his towel laid across his ass.

His excited cock loved the feel of the crisp white sheet that he was laying on.

He was really surprised when she completely removed his towel, dropping it on the adjacent chair leaving him totally nude on the table.

She then proceeded to apply the oils to his back, rubbing them in and doing a really good massage job. He laid with his head facing the house windows, watching her reflection in the glass. He especially liked when she massaged his ass.

His cock hardened under him, hidden from her view, but she would have been getting a fine view of his bloated balls. He felt her finger tips graze his balls when she massaged his inner thighs. She worked down his thighs and legs until she had massaged all of his legs down to his feet.

He had close his eyes during the pleasurable massage, and when he heard a slight rustle of clothing he opened them again. Looking at the reflection afforded him by the windows, he was stunned to see that she had shed her white coat - she was naked.

She climbed up onto the table, straddling his thighs. He watched her intently. With the oil bottle in hand she squirted a liberal amount on his back and ass, and an equal amount on her breasts and tummy. She dropped the bottle to the side and leant forward, bringing her firm oily breasts into contact with his back.

She then proceeded to give him a body slide massage, rubbing her trim body against his.

“I love it ... I love it” he groaned.

She body slid against him for the next few minutes before climbing off the table.

“Turn over please” she asked him.

Scott hesitated a moment. Turning over in his current state of arousal would give her a front row view of his massive erection.

“Come on ... I see men naked on my table every day. It’s nothing new for me” she reassured him.

“Ok ... if you’re sure” he replied. Carefully he rolled over. His long fat cock popped free, and stood tall and proud as he settled back onto his back.

“Oh” she gasped when catching sight of his manhood.

“That’s a little bigger than I expected ... no ... make that a lot bigger” she added staring at his erection.

Picking up the oil bottle again, she started to massage his chest and tummy. He caught her continually glancing at his cock which had stayed fully erect. She stopped for a moment - Scott realized that she had massaged all his body (except for his cock).

Cheekily he suggested to her “You have missed some of me”.

She was silent for a short time, still staring at his cock. Then she picked up the oil bottle, and squirted his shaft with a liberal coating. She discarded the bottle then wrapped her hand around his shaft, spreading the oil along its full length with her up and down hand movements.

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