Allie's Demise

by ashoop

Copyright© 2014 by ashoop

Horror Sex Story: A newly released prisoner has a little to much fun with his teenage catch, killing her in the process

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   True Story   Horror   Tear Jerker   Rough   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Snuff   First   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Caution   Violent   .

This is the story of a girl named Allie who happened to have the misfortune of being out at the public pool in a bikini on the day I was released from prison. I decided right then what I was going to do to her and followed her home. She was probably around 15 and very cute, and I watched her every day for a week getting to know her schedule. When I felt that I had watched her enough I decided to act on my urges.

I became more excited as Allie ran from me. She bolted from the kitchen when I broke the door down and headed for the garage. I caught up with her however just as she was about to go through the garage door and shoved her up against the wall. She tried kicking me to try and get away, so that's when I decided the best thing to do would be to smash her head against the door frame several times until she stopped. Eventually she lost consciousness, so while dragging her back through the house to her bedroom, I took my time, and knocking her against everything to make sure she felt the pain later.

When we got to her room I dumped her on the ground while I took my clothes off and started going through all of her things, sniffing her underwear, licking her bras the normal stuff.

Then I turned my attention back to her as she started to move around a bit. I kicked her in her stomach, and while she was doubled over I ripped open the dress she was wearing and tore it off, revealing a very conservative bra and underwear, I then tore that off of her as well, leaving her battered and naked on her bedroom floor.

I decided that I was going to pop her cherry on her bed, so I grabbed her and threw her on the bed face up and got in my bag to find my knife. She was starting to try to roll off her bed when I decided to get in her, putting my knee into her stomach and putting all my weight on it. I particularly liked doing this to petite little girls, as my hefty weight made it look like I was going to crush her. I could see every rib on her, and her eyes bulging out while she gasped for breath.

When I had enough of that I straddled her and lined up my cock with her virgin cunt, leaned back, and threw my 9 inches into her with all my strength. It felt amazing to rip her open, cut through her hymen, and make it deep into her all in one thrust, and the shocked look on her face made it even better. She started to hyperventilate as I started pumping my cock into her. She was very shallow, and every time my cock head would smash up against her cervix she would yelp a little.

As I continued pumping into her faster and harder, she started to shake and sweat. It got more and more prevalent as my cock got larger in her. If I listened closely enough I could hear her whimpering in between sobs for me to let her go, and that she was scared. This really got me hard, so I repaid her with a punch right to her face. The sight of her punched look and bleeding lip finally made me cum in her. I've always cummed a large amount, but this was different as it felt like I was squirting gallons into her.

That took up a lot of energy so I decided to lay down for a bit, on her. I highly recommend this because you get to keep your cock in her, but at the same time lay on every part of her front side, keeping your ear to her mouth so you can hear the pained cries and calls for help.

After I had recuperated I pulled my limp and bloody cock out of her and it landed with a splat on her stomach. While she was staring at it with watery eyes I got in my bag I had brought and got out a tool the dentists use to hold patients mouths open and stuck it in her. I had improved this one so that it had a hole in the center of it big enough for my cock, which was good because I was starting to get hard again.

I sat up on the bed and turned around so my balls were right over her head. It took the stupid bitch that long to figure out what was happening, and she tried to move around to avoid my cock that was getting closer to her mouth. To fix this I put my legs around her head to hold it steady, and lowered my slimy cock that was still dripping with her blood into her mouth. I could feel her struggling against me as I shoved it all the way down into her throat, and almost came when I heard the sound of her gagging on it. But since I didn't want her to die yet, I decided to start brutally throat fucking her.

I was fucking her mouth so hard the bed was creaking, and I looked down a few times to watch my cock destroying her throat and at the same time my ball sack right in her eyes, making a smacking sound every time I pummeled her. This went on for a while until I could feel it building in me. She had the pleasure of feeling my balls contract right on her face, and sent it down my shaft and shot out right down her throat. I stayed in that position for a long time, waiting for her to stop choking so she would be humiliated. A man over her with his balls in her face, violating her in every way imaginable.

After a while I looked back to see her. I was surprised to find her either sleeping or passed out, so I got up from her and went looking for my next tool I would use on her. When I found it I went back to her bad and grabbed one of her legs, throwing her back on the floor face down. As usual she was trying to get up and crawl away, so I stomped her back to the ground while I aligned the oversized dildo up with her ass hole. Then I took the rubber mallet in my other hand and swung it as hard as I could, sending that dildo so hard and so fast up her ass that I just knew I had to of torn something.

I waited until she stopped convulsing to rip it out of her again, only to jam it right back into the bleeding hole that it came from. I did this for a while, every time I would rip it out I would hear a popping sound, and during it she just covered her face with her hands and cried. After a while of this, I switched it to pummeling her already battered pussy, making her cry even more from the pain. This went on for probably twenty minutes when she started sweating and shaking, she cried out half pleasure, half pain when she experience her first and only orgasm of her short life.

I gave her one last jab, resulting in a yelp from her before I went into the living room to get ready for the final act. I was gone for maybe half an hour making sure everything was perfect when I went back into her room to get her. She was still in the same position I had left her in, apparently having giving up and in a shocked state. This changed though as I hauled her into the living room and she saw the spear that was standing straight up that had a wooden base.

She started crawling on the ground, making one last attempt to get away from her death. It made it a lot more fun with her struggling against me as she came closer to the spear. Every time I do this, this part is by far my favorite. She was shaking and whimpering as I picked her up with her front facing me. She weighed hardly nothing, at the most 80 pounds, and after years after weight training I could hold her forever.

I looped my hands around her ass, and her legs were around me with her arms around my neck as I entered her pussy. Her vagina must have been on fire after all I did to it, because she screamed in pain. I could also tell I had ripped something because I immediately hit her cervix, causing the little bitch more pain. I threw her up and down on my cock for about 5 minutes before I went over the rod. I had filed down the tip into a point, and while I was lining her up over it, her body clutched onto mine with a death like grip. She was blubbering so much I couldn't even understand what she was saying, something about please, I won't tell anyone, you know the usual stuff.

I briefly popped my cock out of her pussy in order to lift her up over the rod and line her ass hole over it.

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