And Who Is in My Bed

by Uncle Ed

Copyright© 2014 by Uncle Ed

Fiction Story: I get home after a long night at work. I work midnights. An old flame is found in my bed.

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I waved my key fob across the lock and heard the electronics unlock the door. The green light on the lock confirmed it was open. I grabbed the handle, opened the door and went in. I let the door close and then locked it again.

"What a long day.", I sighed as I leaned on the wall so I wouldn't fall over while taking off my shoes. "Damn midnights. Good thing I only have to do them another couple of days."

I work for a large courier company and I got unlucky enough to pull a midnight shunt run that week. But the next two weeks were holidays and then I started an afternoon run. That one I'd be on for a little while though.

I slipped off my shoes and put them on the rack. Then went into the kitchen and put my dirty container into the dishwasher. I dropped my pack on the chair and wandered in the direction of my room. The rest of my stuff could wait. I was tired. I wasn't used to the hours yet.

On the way, an extra pair of shoes caught my eye but it was too tired to process it at that moment. If I hadn't been, I wouldn't have been so shocked, as you'll see in a second.

I rounded the corner into my room and shut the door as my hand flicked on the light. I tossed my phone onto the bed and my eyes followed it to where there was a larger than normal lump on the bed. It took me a second to process this, but I eventually saw the light brown hair, feminine lumps and bleary eyes peeking up at me...

"Shit! Sorry.", I exclaimed and flicked the lights off again just as my brain caught up. I was in my room. My apartment. And someone was in my bed uninvited. WTF? So I turned them back on again to see just who it was.

My unconscious brain must have been hard at work because as the lights came on and blinded me again, I knew who it was.

The last time I'd seen her was "That Night" and the last time we'd talked was not a pleasant memory. She had told me to "Never speak to me again." And I hadn't. After a couple of months, it still hurt too.

I remember getting annoyed then. After telling me to piss off and never have anything to do with her again, she shows up and somehow convinces my room mate that it's a good idea to let her sleep in my bed. He was my main support when she had dumped me. He would have known better.

But that also meant that either she bribed him or had a really good reason. I trusted his judgement and here she was. So I shelved my anger and decided to give her a chance.

"What are you doing here and why are you in my bed?," I demanded.

She took a breath before speaking. "We need to talk and I need do this in person."

"Ok.", I said and started stripping off my clothes.

She watched me a moment before starting.

"I don't know how to say some of this so I'm going to just say it. Please let me finish before you say anything, ok?"

I looked up from removing my pants and nodded, not wanting to speak.

"I spent a lot of time thinking about you, me, us, and what happened, why, how I felt about you, us, that night and how it all fits into my life. I was going to accept it as a learning experience and move on, but then I missed my period. I got worried and got a pregnancy test. It was positive. So I went to the doctor's and his was positive too. I cann't tell my family about this. They would kill me for sure."

She looked down at her hands and I climbed under the covers. She scooted over and snuggled up to me before continuing.

"I intended to get an abortion but you were right. I see it differently now. I needed to speak to you soon and I know we stopped talking on bad terms, but this was the only way I could be sure of you listening to me."

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