Unexpected Guests

by Uncle Ed

Copyright© 2014 by Uncle Ed

Fiction Story: Phone rings. It's the gate house. There's someone here to see me. I'm not expecting anyone. Especially not who shows up. 

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Phone rings. It's the gate house. There's someone here to see me. I'm not expecting anyone. Especially not who shows up.

I grabbed the phone and hit Send just as it rang the third time.


"This is security sir. There's someone here to see you.", a voice on the other end said.

"Tell them I'll meet them at the front door. Thank-you.", I replied and shut off the phone.

Glancing at the clock, which read 12:37pm, I pulled on some clothes, shoved my feet into some shoes and headed down to the lobby to see who it was.

The elevator ride seemed to take forever and when I exited the car, I could see them right away. Dark blue uniforms, light blue stripes on the pants, badges all over the shirts, creases razor sharp, utility belts with all kinds of stuff including night sticks and guns ... Yup, cops. What the hell do they want?

"Good afternoon officers, what can I do for you?" I greeted them as I opened the door.

"Mr Edwin Smith?", asked one officer.

"That's me.", I smiled.

"We'd like to ask you a few questions.", the officer stated in that flat monotone they all seem to use.

"Am I under arrest or something?", I asked cheerfully, trying to keep the mood light.

"Not yet.", he stated flatly.

"Well where are we going to do this? I'd rather be better prepared if you're going to pull out your cuffs if it's ok with you.", I told them and headed back into the building. I punched the elevator call button and saw they had followed me. I was going to tell them to wait outside but thought better about it. I didn't have anything to hide and didn't want them hostile towards me over something so small. Not yet anyway.

We exited the elevator and went into the apartment.

"Wait here, please.", I asked them and went to my room to put on something better.

"Ok, you can sit here.", I said, indicating a couple chairs at the dining room table when I returned. "Would you like some coffee, tea or water?"

"No thank you.", they both answered as they took their seats.

I went and poured myself a cup of coffee and took a seat across from them.

"So what's up?", I finally asked.

"Do you know an Annastasia Johnson?", the first officer asked.

"Anne? Yes I do. We were good friends until a falling out not long ago. We haven't talked in a while.", I answered.

"What happened?", the first officer asked.

"She's Muslim and asked me not to go to her father's store. She freaked out when I did and now refuses to talk to me."

"Have you had any sexual contact with her?", the first officer asked.

"Yes. But it was consensual. I don't force anyone to do something they don't want to.", I answered.

"She claims you raped her.", the second officer stated flatly.

"That's absurd. She never once said no or stop. I even gave her a safe word because she was into role play and light bdsm. Stop and no were part of the role play so we needed one.", I told them.

"Can you tell us what happened on Aug 22nd, please?", the first officer asked.

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