The Old Reality Bar and Grill Prop:'Little Timmy the Time Machine'

by Paige Turner

Copyright© 2014 by Paige Turner

Science Fiction Story: This is a pencil sketch of a character that showed up with the Hollywood Crew at the Old Reality Bar & Grill that isn't what it seems to be. RIP Robin.

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Character sketch / Design notes.

"Little Timmy" is a character in the various ads and sketches being put together for the Detroit 2015 campaign.

It is a hand brushed pain job old refrigerator with various hockey team stickers, a Molson's decal stuck to the door, a Canadian flag decal and a bumper sticker for Barnaby Canada on it: "Barnaby! Home To The Future!" is what it reads.

"Little Timmy" is the type of thing you'd find in any guy's garage that works on cars, or back stage at any concert where the crew is going to need a cold one sooner or later. You see someone moving an old red refrigerator around, well, someone moving something, and no matter where that someplace is, it's just assumed that it is there for some reason. It's being moved in or out of an office, or it's being moved from one part of the track to another, but where ever it is, it's 'just part of the scenery'

"Little Timmy" and his pet human Tim are part of Terri's crew of nefarious time pirates and a key part of their plans. Little Timmy is actually a time machine, which makes perfect sense if you are trying to throw a time travelers ball, right? He's actually an escaped Q machine from some time up in the future, hiding out in the past and working his own game at the same time he's helping out Terri and her crew set up this thing, which is pretty much an out and out reality rip off of the locals, where she and her crew hope to 'get rich quick' out of this deal and Little Timmy is more or less the crew's intelligence officer, in charge of tactics and strategic planning, and the travel agent for the various performers. Being as it has a door on it, you can reach in and grab out stuff. You can also put a blue screen inside of it and have stuff trying to reach out and grab you, too! A tentacle flashing out of the door and wrapping around the waist of the person that opened it, slam the door and there is a severed tentacle that the person playing Pet Human Tim trying to come up with any kind of reasonable excuse for it. "It's a prop in a movie sketch. Pretty cool eh?"

You can take the back off and fit a canoe inside of it. Pulling stuff out of a box when you have blue screen capabilities isn't that tough. Pulling out a cold beer with an oven mitt with dry ice inside the bottle? "You got a cold one in there?" 'Uh, yeah, just a second. Don't burn your lip on it, let it warm up a bit.' "Man, that's cold!" 'Yeah, coldest beer in the world, matter of fact. We put a super cooler inside the old Kelvinator and can get it down to damn near absolute zero!' "No shit?" 'Naw, it's all bullshit. It's dry ice.' "Pretty cool stunt. You say this thing is going to be in a movie?" 'Yeah. Think that's cool? Check this out; Hey, Little Timmy! Say hi to ... what did you say your name was?" 'Earl.' "Say hi to Earl here."

"Hi Earl."

"Whoa!" And this is all being filmed covertly. This sort of public pranking of people involves showing them the footage of themselves, explaining the how the show would be taking a bunch of experts in special effects to blend the story line in. And would you mind standing here while we 'disappear'? And if you are asking for a 'real reaction shot', having a sexy blonde walk by and slip an ice cube down the guys pants, and when he turns around, there is Terri with her tits hanging out and a smirk on her face. And then the two other characters simply wink out of existence via blue screen.

The idea of a time traveling Canadian refrigerator is basically an updated 'My Mother The Car' or any of a half a dozen other TV shows that have used machines as characters. As this thing can 'blend into' any 'real reality' and is basically a big heavy box with a door handle on it that a small person could get into, you can pull people out of it like it was a clown car. Having various people crawl out of it, well, there you have the opening scene on the show. A bunch of people climbing out of a red refrigerator, and those people are Terri and Terry and Terri, the semi identical twins, who can do parallel logics well enough to come up with this nefarious scheme to change history and make a fast buck off the deal with the help of this run away time machine that has cleverly disguised itself for this era as an old refrigerator so it can 'blend in' with the natives, too.

The nice thing about this prop is that you can take and install damn near anything you want in it. Just leave it and someone will come by and open the door to grab a beer and get something unexpected. A rack full of pizzas, piping hot. Or a fish aquarium filling up the whole inside with a small shark swimming around in it and a 'surface of the ocean' kind of light spilling out of the refrigerator onto the floor at the guy's feet. And a voice saying, 'Please shut the door while we readjust your reality. This will only take a moment." And he shuts the door and the voice says 'Thank you. Would you like a beer?' "Uh..."

And someone walks up and hands him a beer and says, "You have to watch out for peculiar machinery around here. The crew at Quantum Racing put the thing together and it was supposed to be a prop in a movie. It prank you pretty good?" And the guy is Tim, the machine's pet human. And he hands the guy a cold Molson's and they talk about the thing and how it's rigged up to an iPhone inside of it and can move around and the thing is just a prop in a movie and the thing talks to them and the guy just flat out knows how this thing works. No magic, just a movie prop, and a pretty cool movie prop and yeah, you got pranked. Wanna be in a TV show? Sign here. No money up front, as you could wind up on the cutting room floor, as they might not green light the series, so no budget, but there's the prop, just another typical January Product: Another cool idea that might not sell.

There is a considerable amount of electrical parts inside that box. Motors to run the wheels that allow it to move itself around, cameras to catch the startled reactions on peoples faces when they go 'What the hell!?' upon opening the door and getting whatever kind of reality that happens to be stashed inside that box. The idea is to startle, and with flat screens and state of the art animation, whatever you want to throw up on that screen can have special effects. Water sloshing out of the cabinet, or a squirt gun, or a bunch of those fabric covered spring snakes suddenly flying out into someone's face, or R2D2 inside the thing, or someone dressed in a tutu calmly getting out and asking what year this was and where was the props department? They close the door and then the machine makes a clunking sound (like an old Coke machine delivering a bottle of coke) and they reopen the door and get out their pack and musical instrument. A guy covered in glitter and some futuristic make up on his face ala 'Kiss' and a some kind of instrument that nobody had ever seen before and a Detroit 2015 Performer All Area Access stenciled on the guy's pack.

What? You think the idea of a Time Travelers Ball doesn't need time travelers?

The fact that we have both actors and ordinary people off the street involved in this and a prop that we can insert without anyone the wiser into backgrounds in which Police Pizza sketches are being filmed lends continuity to this series of shows. We can do a set of offices and have Ministry of Graft & Corruption hung on the doorway entry signs made up and a very surreal series of split screen images where the person who is talking through the prop is on one side and the person talking to the thing is on the other. This sets up other surrealistic phone calls. "I'm in a meeting right now, how about I have Robin take this call?"

And Robin Williams plays the part of the refrigerator for the next however long. He's got a complete link there from the cameras hidden in the outside of the prop and can see the person's reactions. Naw ... that ain't Robin freakin' Williams! It's a red box that is a prop in a movie, so now Robin has to make the guy believe it's really him.

And back at the offices of the Ministry of Graft and Corruption, the Minister is on the phone to George Lucas. "Listen George, green light this thing and I'll set it up so you can drive your Ferrari at two hundred miles an hour and not get nicked by the highway patrol, but you'll have to be in a commercial for Police Pizza ... no! I'm totally serious!"

(click) (Bemused voice over: "Well, that didn't go as well as I'd hoped. Maybe that old wreck of his won't hit 200 miles an hour? What's he want out of this? A new Ferrari?"

And cut to a commercial for the local Ferrari dealership, who promise to loan a stunt driver to slam their super car down the road at over two hundred miles an hour if George Lucas will do an ad for Police Pizza and take Tom's phone calls. He can ride in the car, if he wants to. Why not?

Real reality or someone just really messing with your reality?

"Little Timmy" is an unusual character to put into a television series, but a prop that is an intelligent time traveling machine being disguised as a movie prop doing candid camera skits for a living lends an air of surrealism to every day life. And if someone sees a self propelled fridge going somewhere, it's a jaw dropper. "Hey! What the hell?"

"I'm making a beer run. Pay the kid for the pizza when it gets here, okay?"

"Huh?" And a kid walks up with a hot box and says, 'Pizza for Little Timmy?' WTF? Guy is standing there with his mouth open and this kid wants a twenty for the pizza?

Is this guy going to shell out for the pizza or not? And people get to call a number or go to a web site and vote yes or no? Instant polling on how well the show is doing.

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