Emperor's Representative

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: As a younger brother to the Kaire emperor there is a lot I can do to bring clans to his side. Being human only tends to make things a little harder but our parents taught us well.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   sci-fi adult story,sci-fi sex story,interspecies sex story,aliens sex story.

I glanced at the pink collared teenage Kaire again, she looked so much like my older sister. I was only sixteen but everyone keeps saying I was so much like my father. Well, if I was like my father I would still be on the ship and not on Kair. Nova was Nova Alt Garzzz Saj Clariss and according to the clan council my mate.

Of course I think we were both still deciding that. Like my father I am human with Kaire sibs like my clan brother Serg who is also the emperor. Of course the clan council was finally told very bluntly by my father to leave our clan alone and stop trying to mate the children. I am also attracted to female Kaire.

I reached out to rub her butt through her skirt and Nova looked back as her tail caught my hand. She smiled, "we have people waiting."

I moved up beside her and looked into the clearing, "the primitives?"

She snorted before pushing through the bushes and walking towards the three solid black Kaire that were waiting. I followed her and caught her shoulder and held her before moving in front of her. The three hissed when they saw me but I ignored it. I stopped and nodded, "my brother thanks you for meeting me."

"Human you shame..."

I stepped and struck before he could continue, "I am Cassidy sar Istaban and brother to Serg Sar Nas Urr Liious. Do not speak of shame unless you are from our clan or I will gut you like a Kratcal in mating season."

They glared as the one I struck stood. He glared, "what would a human know of Kratcal?"

I smiled as I fingered the claws at my throat, "they are quick but very single minded."

The one I struck stared, "you killed a Kratcal?"

I nodded, "I helped collect them for the seasonal Hunt."

They shifted and he nodded, "then I was wrong."

I nodded again, "I am here only because Serg said he wished to speak to you."

They gestured and I sat crossed legged. I was only wearing a kilt with a weapon belt as well as a water bladder. I looked at the three, "your clans have been isolated and grown large. My brother wishes to remind you that clan Liious is still of your clans. He wishes you to send a speaker to him and the clan council. Liious has need of all its family."

They looked at each other before the one in the center leaned forward, "why?"

I snorted and looked at Nova before looking at him, "because others from the plains press him to make alliances he is not ready to do."

One grinned, showing his teeth, "kill a few and they..."

I sliced through the air to cut him off, "are you so far in your tree you do not listen? Assassins have almost killed Liious. We need our family now more then ever."

They had straightened and looked at each other before they stood, "who has done this?"

I stood, "the ones responsible have been killed. There are but a double handful of Liious remaining and the clan council are trying to mate and keep the clan apart."

They looked at each other before one gestured, "I am Teo."

The older one in the center touched his chest, "I am Sanch."

The last one sighed, "Kent. We will need to speak of this. Remain here and we will return."

I gestured and they walked away before I turned as Nova shifted. She looked at me strangely, "sooo..."

I smiled, "so you know now."

She straightened, "I am Kaire and loyal to the emperor..."

She hesitated, "your brother."

I nodded, "and were selected and given to me before they knew I was human and not Kaire."

She grinned, "they were a little ... frustrated."

She took a breath, "Cassidy sar Istaban I see you."

I looked at her, "if you do this you will be bound to me. The children you give me will be mine and clan Liious."

She smiled, "and I must submit to you."

I looked into her eyes before smiling, "Nova Alt Garzzz Saj Clariss I see you."

I caressed and rubbed her cheek like I had seen my father do many times to mother Sasha or Pebble or Caris, "I claim you."

She nodded and moved against me, "if we were alone."

I looked around, "many of clan Ous watch but here a claiming must be done in front of the clan and witnessed."

She looked around and smiled at the dozens of Kaire in the trees above us. She turned and rubbed her cheek against mine and licked under my jaw, "do it."

I smiled as I stepped back and removed her blouse and then her long skirt. I opened the pouch on my belt and pulled out a solid black stone chain that was so light it would float. It was glassy and one of several given to me by a Tresis, my clan sib and brother. I adjusted it and fastened it around her waist while she looked and grinned.

I stripped and looked around before moving Nova a few feet to the exact center of the clearing. I laid her down and felt her body before bending to suck on a nipple, "do you have an implant?"

She shuddered and shook her head and I reached down to rub her pussy and remove the scent pad, "you are in season."

She groaned and humped up, "yes."

I fingered her slit, "I will only have Kaire young from the Liious line."

She shuddered again before reaching for me and pulling. I grinned as I moved over her and settled before rubbing cheeks and then sliding down. I licked through her pussy and captured her clit as she jerked and thrust up, "ooohhhh!"

I licked and pushed my tongue into her before sucking on her clit and wiggling my tongue. She struggled and thrashed as she spread her legs wide and howled. She bucked and twisted and spasmed until a few minutes later. I moved up and pushed my cock into her slick pussy.

She wailed as I buried my cock all the way inside her and pressed to get it deeper. She lifted her legs and tilted her hips as I began to fuck her with long deep thrusts. Her pussy was grasping and squeezing as it tried to milk my cock. It was not long before she was completely incoherent and convulsing.

She clutched me and shuddered almost violently as I continued to fuck her with deep firm thrusts. She struggled and bucked and thrashed while her pussy became wetter. By the time I was ready her eyes had rolled up and she was only spasming. I pushed all the way into her and held her as I gushed a stream of cum through her open cervix and into her womb.

She jerked as her pussy contracted and then began milking my sperm into her. I shook as I pumped and spewed and spurted until I was done and slowly pulled out, "I claim you Nova Alt Garzzz Saj Clariss sar Istaban."

I heard the laughter and chuckles as Nova smiled and turned her head to look at me, "yes my lord."

I grinned as I stood and went to dress. She stood and went to fold her clothes but remained with only her belt on. I walked to the bushes and returned with our packs and sat beside Nova. It was several hours before the whole clan emerged and walked into the clearing. The females were naked like Nova.

They smiled as the three males walked to me and I stood to greet them. Sanch nodded, "I will go to your brother and stand as his brother before the plains clans."

He turned and gestured and a girl walked out from a group of females, "this is Kara Nas No Ous."

I looked from her to him and he smiled, "we are not lost in the trees to all things. You will have Kaire young so you have been altered."

I nodded, "from an egg given by Caris Sar Nas Urr Liious and seed from my brother Serg."

He smiled, "then she is yours to seal our agreement."

I hesitated before nodding, "would you witness her claiming?"

They laughed and he nodded, "we will witness another claiming before we celebrate."

I turned as I undressed to look at Nova who was grinning. I handed her my clothes after removing another black stone belt. I turned and walked to the girl, "I am Cassidy sar Istaban."

She nodded and I reached out to rub her cheek, "Kara Nas No Ous I see you."

She looked into my eyes before smiling, "Cassidy sar Istaban I see you."

I adjusted the belt and put it around her waist before moving to the center of the clearing. I laid her down and caressed her body. She looked about the same age as Nova and trembled while I felt her. I bent to suck on one nipple before moving to the other as she shivered and moaned. I reached down to rub her pussy and knew she did not have an implant.

She was not in season yet or she would have been wearing a scent pad like Nova. I rubbed her clit and slipped a finger into her. Her pussy squeezed my finger as I continued to finger her and bent to rub her cheek with mine. It was not long before she was panting and humping while opening her legs wider.

A couple of minutes and she wailed and thrashed around. I moved over her and slid down to kiss her small clit before licking through her pussy. She gasped and thrust up, "ooohhh!"

I kept licking her and pushing my tongue into her before finally covering her clit and sucking. Kara bucked and screamed as she wet my face and twisted away. I heard the women giggling and the men laughing as I moved up and over her. I rubbed her cheek with mine and licked under her jaw before pushing into her tight pussy suddenly.

I sank all the way into her as she howled and tilted her hips, "aaaahhhh!"

I held her as she thrashed and bucked while her pussy rippled and milked my cock. I waited a few moments before beginning to fuck her with long thrusts. She continued to struggle as she wet me and wailed, "ooohhhh!"

She jerked and spasmed as I kept fucking her. Her tight pussy constantly grasped and squeezed around my cock. I buried it in her and humped and pressed to push deeper. She continued to buck and cling to me as she writhed around, "yyyeeeesssss!"

It was awhile before I thrust into her and held her. She jerked and thrust her hips up while looking into my eyes. I grunted as I gushed a stream of warm sperm into her. She gasped before shuddering as her pussy contracted and squeezed, "mmmm!"

When I was done she sighed and relaxed and I rubbed her cheek with mine, "I claim you Kara Nas No Ous sar Istaban."

She hugged me, "yes my lord."

I pulled out and stood before pulling her up with me. The clan around us cheered and the next thing I knew food appeared. I turned Kara to Nova and gave her a gentle push, "talk to each other."

I turned to the clan elders and we talked and ate together. I think they were a little surprised by some of the things I told them. As night darkened the clearing I grabbed our packs and found Nova and Kara together with several Kaire women. I smiled and knelt, "we need to go."

Nova turned, "already?"

I nodded, "we have to leave tomorrow."

She sighed and stood with Kara beside her, "we will be back."

I grinned, "actually we will in a couple of weeks."

I grabbed the pack from Kara and headed for the bushes. Moving through the dark forest at night is not easy but I followed the narrow path. It was an hour before I walked out of the forest and onto the edge of a large landing area for flyers. Our tent was up and I walked to it as Nova pulled Kara after her and towards the fresher.

It was in a small hanger that was not to far away. I set the packs in the tent before turning and walking to the fresher. I went to the bathroom as the girls talked and waited for me. I led them back after I was done and Nova started changing the two beds and making them into one. Kara helped her as I made a private call to Serg and then stripped.

I stalked after Nova when they laid back and settled between her legs. She smiled as she reached between us to stroke my cock. I pushed into her warm pussy as she thrust up and shuddered. I fucked the two for over an hour before stopping with both draped over me as they slept. I woke to Nova shifting and moving away and glanced at the time.

I rubbed Kara's cheek before moving and followed Nova out, "we need to pack the tent separately."

She turned from stretching, "why?"

I looked at her body and she grinned and wiggled her hips, "why?"

Kara laughed as she came out and I grinned, "because our next stop is a full day's walk from where we leave the flyer."

She looked at Kara and I gestured, "go use the fresher and come back."

I went back into the tent as they left and started packing the bedding into our three packs. I set the packs outside before taking the tent down and putting it in the carry bag. Nova and Kara were back and I went to use the fresher. When I returned they had the tent and our packs in my large flyer.

I made system checks as they sat in seats behind me whispering together. It was still dark outside as I lifted and headed across to another landing field a thousand kilometers away. This one was beside a wide slow moving river and I knew to stay away because of the river predators. I shouldered my pack and waited for the girls before heading north along the river.

The path was narrow but marked and kept clear. I stopped every hour for the two girls and drank water we got from streams after purifying it. It was a couple of hours before sunset when I noticed Kaire shadowing us. The clearing we walked out into had a caged Kratcal and I stopped.

I glanced back at Nova and Kara, "find a tree and climb."

They hesitated and I growled, "now!"

I dropped my pack and pulled my knife as they turned and ran. I moved forward, "I am Cassidy sar Istaban and brother to Serg Alt Nariss Sar Nas Urr Liious sar Istaban."

The cage opened and the Kratcal charged out and straight towards me. My heart beat fast and hard as I stopped and shifted my stance. At the last moment it leaped and I slid aside and twisted and turned to leap after it. My left hand caught and grasped the heavily furred shoulder as I came around and onto its back.

I stabbed into the neck as the head twisted and snapped towards my wrist. My blade slammed into the spine as the animal landed and collapsed and I was thrown off. I rolled and came to my feet and spun to face the Kratcal. It was jerking and spasming but I could see my knife had severed the spine.

I walked towards it and bent to grab my knife. I jerked it back and forth before yanking it out. I knelt and stabbed into the throat and ripped the blade out before standing. Kaire roared as they flowed out of the trees and brush to surround me. A tall golden Kaire strode through the others, "very neatly done human."

I looked at him calmly as Nova and Kara rushed to me, "it was not my first time."

He snorted, "so cousin Liious is sending us humans."

I stepped closer to him with the bloody knife still in my hand, "MY brother sent me."

He looked at me and then at the knife before laughing and turning, "LEA!"

A young Kaire teenage girl strutted out of the crowd, "sir?"

He gestured to me, "the death in single combat of a Kratcal is rewarded by the gift of a female."

She gasped and looked at me as I looked at him, "and was the Kratcal meant for me?"

He shrugged, "it was caught in a net and we were deciding what to do with it."

I looked at the girl, "and you were the one to decide to test me."

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