Royal Exchange

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: When his older brother became the emperor Leo had his chance. His clan was a mix of many species and even though he was Kaire he wanted a human female. Being the representative for his people was not starting off as well as he thought but things were going to get better.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Science Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Sci-fi sex story, sci-fi adult story.

My name is Leopold Sar Urr Nas Liious sar Istaban and I am eighteen. I guess I am like my father in a lot of ways. Samuel sar Istaban is human though and I am Kaire. My mother is Caris Sar Nas Urr Liious and one of the few in the Liious clan still alive. When the assassins came for the emperor they took almost the whole clan.

All except those fathered by prince Roger Sar Urr Nas Liious and mother Sasha and some cousins. That was why my older sib Serg was chosen to become the new emperor by distant cousins. It was also and why some of his sibs were asked to be exchanged with other race nobles or their equal.

I asked Serg to send me to the humans on Central, I had always desired mother Jess. I even had the med bay grow human testicles from one of her younger sons. Unlike my older sibs I was silver with greyish black spots like an old earth snow leopard. I walked off the courier with the two Kaire guards that kept chuckling.

I glanced at them before gesturing, "I believe that will be the ambassador."

I had made a bet with the ship pilot that I could pilot and land his ship without asking for help. It seems most of my people did not realized where my sibs and I had grown up or who had taught us. I sighed as the ambassador straightened and started towards me, "lord..."

I cleared my throat, "excuse me but if dad or any of my mothers hear that I would spend a few days cleaning the life support system or doing grunt work for the cargo master."

He paused and blushed, "Um..."

I held out my hand, "call me Leopold."

He smiled and took my hand, "Albert Jenkins."

I nodded, "nice to meet you sir."

I glanced back, "I believe the pilot may need to depart soon."

One of my guards chuckled, "after he carries your bag out."

I grinned and gestured to Albert, "I am afraid he lost the wager."

He led the way down and one guard stayed and the other followed at my shoulder. I glanced at Albert as we rode in his vehicle, "so where are we going and what do you want me to do?"

He blinked and glanced at the guard, "we are heading out to the last royal Kaire ambassador's reserve and residence."

I nodded and relaxed, "and what do I do?"

He leaned back, "well normally we consult you on matters that concerns your people or where our people interact."

I sighed, "great, remind me to thank Jonathan for his problem solving classes."

The guard grinned, "I believe he is waiting for one or two of your children so he has brighter students."

I snorted, "Jonathan enjoys teaching no matter how smart."

Albert cleared his throat, "I am sorry we do not have any of your people to serve you on the estate. Your brother said you would not mind and would find someone."

I smiled, "that is his way of saying this is my ship and I better find a crew."

Hours later I stripped and stretched before replacing the belt around my waist. The guards were setting up their security while I explored. I looked at the forest to the north and started running. My feet seemed to find their way and I leaped and moved through brush and around trees. I stopped beside a stream and knelt to cup the water and feel how cold it was.

I heard the shifting to one side and the slight gasp. I stood and turned, "lost?"

The human female was staring at me over a bush. She was in her mid teens and wore a forest patterned dress with a bow. She took a breath, "I did not mean to trespass."

I looked around, "not much to hunt here is there?"

She nodded, "feral pigs and red deer that were brought in and turned loose."

I blinked, "really? Can I hunt with you?"

She grinned, "you kind of stand out."

I looked down at my body before grinning at her, "I can stay behind you..."

She smiled, "sure."

I lifted my head and sniffed, "there is something with a very musky smell up wind."

She looked, "pig."

She started moving and I waited before following. I watched the way she carried the bow with an arrow nocked and ready. I reached out to touch her as I looked to the right at the sound of something moving. She followed my look before bringing the bow up and pulling the string back. A few seconds later a large bristling animal moved between bushes.

She released and there was a solid sound as I watched the arrow strike the pig behind the shoulder and sink in. It screamed and ran and my heart was racing, "you got it!"

I leaped after the pig as she gasped, "do not!"

I stopped running and turned to look at her, "but ... it is getting away."

She shook her head, "are you sure you are Kaire?"

I frowned, "well I have not hunted before."

She walked towards me and pulled on my tail when it swept around, "patients tom."

I grinned, "dad used to do that."

She pointed, "see the tracks?"

I turned and nodded and she smiled, "the arrow hit solid. The pig will travel a hundred meters or so and then lay down. They will bleed out so when I track it down it will not get up and run away or attack."

I looked at her, "so you are going to track it now?"

She set her bow aside, "I will wait awhile and then track it."

She started stripping and I blinked at her naked body when she finally turned to rub my chest. I smiled, "what are you doing?"

She caressed my cheek, "have you ever fucked a human?"

My heart started beating faster, "I have not mated before at all."

She rubbed my cock sheath, "I heard your people fuck fast, hard and deep."

I grinned as I cupped one of her breasts, "my people may but my father taught us toms to take our time and our mothers made sure we listened."

She pressed against me and I felt her hips before laying her down. I laid beside her and started caressing and feeling her. I slipped a hand between her legs as her breathing changed. She spread her legs and humped as one of my fingers slipped into her, "mmmm!"

I turned and moved over her before sliding down. I was not going to miss the chance to look at and taste a human female. I opened her pussy and smelled and growled as the scent almost pulled me into rut. I licked through her pussy and pushed my tongue into her as she squirmed and bucked, "ooohhhh!"

I kept licking her and captured her clit before sucking and using my tongue to tease it. She jerked and twisted as she wailed and shuddered, "YES!"

I kept licking her and teasing her clit until she screamed and twisted away. I looked up before removing my belt as I crawled up her body and pushed her onto her back. I settled between her legs and felt the heat of her pussy against my cock sheath. I looked at her and realized I was purring harder than ever and humped.

She grunted as my thick cock stretched her pussy. The rest slipped out of the sheath as I kept humping and she put her arms around me and gasped, "damn!"

I rubbed cheeks, "my father said my cock must have come from him because it is large."

She shuddered and thrust up, "fuck me."

I started slow with deep thrusts and enjoyed the way her tight pussy kept grasping my cock. It was not long before she was wailing and thrashing around. Her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock repeatedly as she struggled, "yyyeeeeessssss!"

I loved the way her body felt against mine and the way her pussy felt each time I buried my cock. She was completely incoherent within minutes as she squirted and screamed. She squirmed and writhed and bucked as I kept fucking her and she was constantly clutching me. I finally had to cum and thrust into her and licked her jaw before I gushed cum.

She jerked and lifted her hips while her pussy kept squeezing, "mmmm!"

When I stopped cumming she was panting and I rubbed her cheek before humping. She groaned and turned her head to look at me before grinning and shaking me, "we need to find the pig."

I was reluctant but pulled out before moving off her and then pulling her up, "thank you."

She shuddered and bent to look at my sperm running down one leg. She grinned when she looked at me and turned to get dressed. I put my belt on and followed as she started following the pig. We found it about seventy meters away and I got a class in gutting and cleaning a pig. I went to find a couple of straight branches so we could carry or pull the heavy pig after us.

I caught her hand before I bent to grab the branches, "your name?"

She smiled, "Jayne."

I nodded, "I am Leopold."

She gasped, "the prince!"

I looked around, "where?"

She giggled when I looked at her and then smiled, "I am just Leopold."

She nodded and I picked up the branches and followed as she led the way, "we have been hoping one of your people would return."

I looked up from watching her hips, "why? Kaire are arrogant, stubborn and foolish."

She looked back with a shake of her head, "because most of the people in the village used to work on the estate and in the manor."

I grinned, "now I know you were sent to me by the gods."

She laughed, "why?"

I hopped over a tiny brook as I followed her, "because it is only my cousins and I and they do not know ... anything about cleaning or cooking."

We came to a tall fence and she gestured to a narrow trench that went under it. I let her crawl through before following and dragging the pig after me. I stood on the other side, "so what are you going to do with the pig?"

Jayne smiled, "feed the village."

I nodded and then cleared my throat, "Kaire do not normally have casual relations or sex."

She turned and put her hand on my chest to stop me, "what are you saying?"

I smiled, "normally we do not have sex until we recognize the one that will be our mate."

She tilted her head, "even a human?"

I nodded, "until we recognize the one that will be our mate."

I took a breath, "perhaps it would help if you saw my family. Return to the estate with me?"

Jayne grinned as she stroked my cock sheath, "I am tempted but do not wish to be held captive."

I growled and shuddered before looking into her eyes, "you will be free to leave whenever you wish."

She hesitated before nodding, "after we give the pig to the village."

She turned and started walking and I followed as I pulled the pig that seemed to get heavier. We walked out into a small park like center and she yelled and a couple of men came running. One was rubbing his hands to brush off flour, "a cat ... great."

I looked at him calmly and then set the pig down. Jayne had several men move it and hang it. She grinned as people began to gather, "this is Leopold and he said he needs people to work on the estate."

They looked at me and a man shook his head, "to wait on him no doubt."

I laughed as I pulled the comm from my belt, "if I were to let someone wait on me one of my mothers would beat me."

They looked at me as I looked at Jayne and used the comm, "Kaire estate?"

"Who is calling?"

I sighed and closed my eyes, "Leopold."

"Leo! Where the hell are you!"

I winched at my cousin's voice, "a village to the north and a little to the west."

"We will be there in..."

I cleared my throat, "I was exercising and left my clothes on the back patio."

"I am going to skin you Leo. You do not run around like some..."

I looked at the sky as if for help, "just bring my things."

I shut it off and looked at everyone and Jayne giggle, "escaping for a moments peace?"

I grinned, "I grew up on a merchant ship with seven different races in my clan. I have napped with Noss and Tresis and even Sizz but for some reason my cousins really get on my nerves."

They grinned and then laughed as I looked around and sat, "so who used to work for us and who would like to again?"

That brought people to me and it was awhile before I glanced up to see my cousins at the back of the crowd. I gestured and stood to accept the clothes before dressing as I started introducing them to the people. It was a moment before I saw Jayne walking towards us with a bag.

I let everyone know to come to the estate the next morning before heading towards the vehicle. The ride back was with Jayne beside me and my cousin looking at me. I got out as soon as the vehicle stopped and helped Jayne out. I glanced at my cousin, "I am not my brother and you will not coddle me or I will send you back to mom."

He blinked and opened his mouth before closing it, "yes sir."

I growled, "play games and I will deal with you."

He stepped back and held up his hands, "not me Leopold."

I nodded and looked at my other cousin and he shook his head, "I still remember your last demonstration and your mother Jess made sure we knew you might see a ... mate."

I looked at Jayne and she grinned, "mating sounds fun."

I grinned as my cousins laughed and took her bag, "first to show you my family."

I used my comp in a large but comfortable room with a fireplace that just seemed to whisper to me. I stripped and grinned when Jayne did too before sitting beside me on a fur hide. I held her and began showing her vids. She was surprised at my father and then grinned as she caressed my cock sheath, "a Human Kaire breeder."

I looked at her and she explained that there were people that had gene splices done so they could conceive a child from someone from another race. I grinned, "well dad breeds both so he is in his own category."

I showed her the rest of the vids and she was fascinated, especially with all the clan children I grew up with. After I was finished I caressed her as she laid back and moved over her and humped to push my cock into her warm pussy. She sighed and put her arms around me as I began to fuck her slowly, "you are a strange duck Leopold. I think I will keep you."

I grinned and licked her jaw, "and find me one of your Kaire breeders?"

She grinned and then laughed, "I will look."

I buried my cock to hump while rubbing her cheek and nuzzling. She shuddered and thrust up before looking at me and rolling. She sat up and grinned as I cupped her breasts and started kneading. She wiggled before starting to thrust and rub her pussy back and forth. A few minutes and she jerked and shook erratically as she wailed.

It was awhile before I spewed cum into her slimy pussy and Jayne howled when I did. It was a long night with her pulling me into several rooms just to fuck me. I woke to the morning chime of a timekeeper and glanced at the human girl sleeping on me. I smiled and reached out to feel and caress her cute butt.

She shifted and lifted her head, "not again."

I grinned and moved to rub my cheek against hers, "it is morning and a new day."

I moved away and off the bed before turning to pull her out, "come shower."

She strutted towards the fresher, "a tom who likes water."

I laughed and caught her and pulled her back against me, "there is something about you."

She looked back and grinned before wiggling her butt, "want to fuck in the shower?"

I caressed her hips, "I am tempted but your people should be coming and I have a lot of work to do to try and catch up on."

She turned and kissed me and I blinked at the feeling. I grinned and hugged her, "do that again and I will fuck you right here."

She laughed and turned to walk into the fresher. I followed and had to smile at the way Jayne exposed herself while peeing. We showered and I went to look for her clothes and bag. It was just outside the door and I glanced around before bringing everything in. I started dressing, "you could look for a Kaire breeder that is a secretary."

Jayne laughed and shook her head, "anything else?"

I straightened my belt, "could you teach me how to use that bow?"

She laughed and walked to me, "that would be harder and will cost you."

I caressed her hips, "your price?"

She looked at the door as it opened and my cousin Kris looked in, "we have people here."

I nodded, "we will be down in a minute."

I looked at Jayne and she grinned, "another hunt for a red deer buck."

I grinned, "only if I get to go too."

She nodded and we headed for the door. Before an hour was up I was frustrated and yelled, "Gadra!"

The woman cleaning the shelves stopped and looked at me as I sat back. My cousin looked in, "Leo?"

I gestured, "why is there no AI in the manor?"

He blinked and stepped in, "I do not know, there is a fiber net."

I shook my head, "I am am getting a headache. Did you know we are supposed to sit on a council once a week to represent our people?"

He shook his head and I sighed, "we also are required to respond to any complaints or questions concerning one of our ships in port or Kaire business interests."

He shrugged, "the big bucks."

I growled and turned to pick up my comm, "I need a star comm relay."


I looked at my cousin, "Istaban clan ship Fang."

I waited and then heard mother Jess, "ident?"

I smiled, "it is Leopold momma."


I grinned, "I need to purchase an AI sphere, preferable one of cousin Wlimina's."

She laughed, "I will ask the cargo master if one is available."

I groaned, "momma!"

She laughed, "anything else?"

I was thinking of Jayne, "I met a girl."

"Human or Kaire?"

I smiled, "does it matter?"

She laughed, "not if you like each other."

I sighed, "have the cargo master crate the sphere up and see if you can find a courier. I will send Serg a message to let him know he bought it."

She chuckled, "see you in a few months."

I disconnected and looked at Gadra, "one less problem to solve. See if we can get an appointment with ambassador Jenkins."

He nodded and left and I went back to work. The woman cleaning the shelves cleared her throat, "your mother was on the comm?"

I grinned at the chance for a break and used my comp to show vids of my family. It was not long before I had most of the others in the manor watching the vid. It was a long day broken by the people that had come to work for us. I stretched on the back patio after slipping out and turned as Jayne walked onto the stones.

I smiled as she undressed and another girl with long blonde hair followed her example. I looked at her firm body, "Kaire breeder?"

Jayne grinned as she started stretching, "Brit had four ovaries grown from DNA."

I looked at the girl, "which clan?"

She strutted to me and pressed against me, "yours."

I blinked and looked at Jayne who was grinning, "she asked for and got permission to use DNA to grow ovaries from your sister Tavia, she is beautiful by the way."

I held Brit's bare butt before pushing her back and smiling, "stretch if you are going to run with me."

I waited before heading out into the field with the two running beside me. We were almost to the eastern forest when I stopped and knelt, "wait."

Jayne was panting, "what?"

I pointed into the trees ahead, "if the vid image I saw is correct that is a red deer."

Brit giggled, "a doe."

I looked at her and Jayne laughed softly, "a female."

I grinned and then shifted, "that would make that one a male."

Jayne bumped my shoulder, "a buck or stag."

His antlers were huge and I was trying to think of ways to avoid them stabbing me. Brit giggled again and Jayne shook me, "you were growling."

I grinned, "sorry those horn things look sharp."

She pulled me up and turned to pull me after her as she started jogging, "Antlers, not horns."

I followed her and glanced back before shaking my head, "whatever they are they look sharp."

I slowed before we reached the manor and started walking, "when are you going to teach me to use the bow?"

Jayne grinned, "I brought a data stick to show you a few that are available for you to purchase."

I glanced at Kris when he stepped out, "yes?"

He grinned, "have a nice run?"

I nodded, "I saw a large buck with antlers that looked formidable."

Jayne laughed as Brit giggled, "it is not a predator Leopold."

I grinned, "still they looked dangerous."

Kris laughed, "I have seen the vids."

I sighed, "you have something?"

He nodded, "Albert as he reminded me to call him has time later tomorrow morning or in the afternoon."

I frowned, "the race council is in the morning."

He nodded, "he did not say anything about it but said he had something earlier."

I sighed, "I think Albert is trying to play us."

I shook my head, "I will see him at the council meeting."

He turned, "the new cook said you have to wear clothes to eat."

Jayne and Brit laughed as I grinned, "Kaire are born with our own clothes."

I picked up my things, "however grandmother Mona would pull my tail and spank me if I disrespected another's wishes."

I led the girls up to my suite for a shower and then to slip on a robe. The cook was actually very good and started off stiffly. At least until I asked politely if she would make sure the steak she was cooking was cooked with spices and at least until medium well. I talked to Brit and found out she was an business assistant and grinned at Jayne, "want a job?"

Brit grinned, "I am looking for a Kaire mate."

I looked at her for a minute before asking some questions. Jayne also answered them and by the time dinner was over I was more attracted to both of them. We actually helped clean up before I led the girls to the room with the fireplace. I started a fire, opened a window to a breeze and slipped the robe off as I sat back on the fur.

The girls snuggled against me and stared into the flames as I began telling them about myself. I did not hide anything and told them everything. I finally stood and pulled them up before leading them to my suite and my bed. Jayne stripped and waited for Brit as I turned the lights off. I slipped into bed and she rubbed my chest, "Leopold Sar Istaban I see you."

I smiled as I turned to feel and caress her bare hip, "Jayne Marie Carver I see you."

I touched her cheek, "I choose you."

She shivered before leaning close to kiss me. She grinned before moving away and then over Brit who came closer to press against me. I caressed her bare hip and then her butt, "Britney Clarice Daneils I see you."

She leaned close to lick my jaw, "Leopold Sar Istaban I see you."

I grinned at her change in my name, "I claim you."

She pushed me onto my back as she straddled me, "I accept your claim."

She rubbed her pussy on my cock sheath and my cock began to emerge. She slid up and then tilted her hips as she pushed back and down. My cock pushed into her tight pussy and I held her hips as I humped and thrust up into her deeper. She groaned and wiggled as she kept pushing back and then sighed before starting to rock and rub her pussy on me.

She wiggled and twisted while rolling her hips, "mmmm!"

Jayne moved closer to lay half on me, "she may be fertile right now and does not have an implant."

I looked at Brit, "are you ready to have a litter?"

She bounced and wiggled as her tight pussy squeezed my cock, "yeah."

I grinned and reached up to feel her breasts and rub her nipples as she continued to rub her pussy and rock. It was a few minutes before she became erratic and Jayne grinned, "now roll over and breed her."

Brit dropped onto my chest and I held her before rolling over. I shifted and started to fuck her with long firm thrusts that buried my cock each time I pushed into her. She lifted her legs and jerked while her tight pussy spasmed and grasped my cock, "ooohhhh!"

A few minutes and she was wailing and bucking as I continued to fuck her. Her pussy was slipperier as it tried to grasp my cock each time I pushed into her. It was awhile before my balls were churning and I needed to cum. I fucked her hard and deep for a minute and then thrust into her and held her writhing body.

I gushed sperm against and through her open cervix. She howled when she felt the almost hot cum pumping into her and flooding her, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I grunted as I jabbed with short thrusts and kept spurting until I was finished. Brit was panting while her pussy squeezed and gripped my cock. I pulled out and glanced at Jayne as she grinned and rolled onto her stomach and lifted her butt, "slow and deep Leopold."

I grinned as I rubbed my cheek against Brit's and then moved around and behind Jayne as she spread her knees. I positioned my shrinking cock in her slit and humped and jabbed. My cock grew harder and pushed into her and I began to fuck her slowly and pushed deeper. By the time I was all the way in and pushing against the back of her pussy she was shuddering.

I fucked her with long strokes and in just a couple of minutes she was shaking and wailing while her wonderful pussy grasped and squeezed. I felt and caress her smooth butt and held her hips and fucked her harder with long deep thrusts. Jayne was thrusting and shoving back while her pussy tightened and she howled, "Leopold!"

I pushed her onto her stomach and followed her down as I kept fucking her. She wiggled and kicked the bed while her pussy constantly clenched around my cock. It was awhile before I buried my cock and held her as I spewed warm sperm into her. Jayne kicked the bed and wailed as she shuddered and her pussy milked my cum into her.

When I finished cumming I pulled out and moved aside to feel her butt as she shivered and continued to pant. Brit giggled and moved over against Jayne, "Leopold fucks good and has a lot of cum."

Jayne turned her head to grin at her new friend, "it is a good thing I have someone to share it with."

They laughed and Brit stalked over her and onto me. I fucked them for a couple of hours before they let me sleep. I woke to Kris banging on the door and looked over Brit, "what?"

"You have a request from a cargo ship captain."

I sighed, "give me a few minutes and I will be down."

I shifted and kissed Brit's cute butt before moving over her and out of bed. I went to wash and carefully dressed, including my weapons belt with a pistol and a long bladed mono knife. I walked into the huge office and nodded to the yellow striped ship captain, "how can I help you captain?"

He looked me over and snorted, "youngling."

I tilted my head, "I am Leopold sar Istaban captain. I am a certified pilot and engineer. I am also fully qualified to work with the cargo master and the ship hydroponics systems. Now we can stand here displaying or you can tell me how to help you."

He smiled, "you have your father's bluntness."

He bowed slightly, "I came to once more complain about the human tax on my ship."

I blinked and glanced at Brit as she walked in, "Once more? And what tax captain? I have only been here a couple of days."

He snorted, "the two percent tax on all Kaire commercial ships."

I walked around behind the huge and uncomfortable desk and pulled up the comp screen. Brit came around the desk and hit my shoulder, "move."

I shifted as the captain chuckled and watched as Brit seemed to preform magic. I was suddenly looking at not just the tax on Kaire ships but all ships. I frowned and turned to open the comm, "starport, the portmaster's office."

A young human male appeared, "the portmaster's office."

I nodded, "I am the Kaire representative and wish to speak to your portmaster about this tax on Kaire ships."

The man smirked, "the portmaster does not speak with your kind."

I growled as I leaned forward, "My kind?"

He made a rude gesture, "cats."

I sat back as my mind spun and then I leaned forward, "listen well assistant. I am Leopold Sar Urr Liious sar Istaban. If this tax is still in place in twenty hours my people will be restricted from all Human systems. The Kaire empire will also issue a five percent tax on All human ships entering any Kaire system."

I cut the comm and growled as I made a star comm, "Kair, Serg."


"Leopold do you know what time it is?"

I looked at Brit and then the captain, "since I was dragged out of bed brother it is probably evening there."

"What is it?"

I told him about the tax and my attempt at speaking with the portmaster and then what I had done. He sighed, "rash but done."

I sighed, "yeah."

I looked at Brit and then at Jayne peeking in the door, "on another note I am mated."

He laughed, "human?"

I grinned, "two of them and soft like momma Jess."

"Congratulations and I hope it works. I should warn you the clan council has chosen a girl for you."

I shifted and glanced at Brit, "Serg..."

He sighed, "suck it up brother. If I had to accept the six they choose you can live with one."

I shook my head and took Brit's hand, "well Brit has four Kaire ovaries grown from Tavia and we sure tried to get her pregnant last night."

He laughed, "I will tell Tavia when she and her mate come for a visit in a few days."

I smiled, "let the clan know and ... I charged an AI sphere from home."

"I got the notice. I will let them know and for the record I will approve your action concerning this tax. The humans are beginning to irate me."

The star comm shut off and I looked at the captain, "so captain. Can you wait a day?"

He nodded soberly, "I will wait but the human merchant might want words."

I smiled, "I am sure he will."

After he was gone I pulled Brit and Jayne back to my rooms and closed the door. I moved to my closet and pulled out two small cases. I opened them to show two silver wrist bands in each, "this does not come off until we die."

I looked at the two girls, "I know Kaire matings are not the way of humans."

Jayne smiled, "shut up Leopold."

She took one and reached for my left hand and slipped it over and onto the wrist, it widened as it shrank. I smiled as I took the other and put it on her wrist. Brit grinned as she picked up one from the other set and put in on my arm and over the other band.

I put the other on her and then caressed both, "very well. I have things to do. You might want to bring your things..."

Brit bumped my shoulder, "one of us stays with you at all times."

I looked at her and Jayne grinned, "our decision mate."

I stuck my tongue out as they laughed. While we were eating Jayne showed me bows and I picked one before she measured me for the arrow length. She grinned and kissed me and it was like electricity tingling through my body. I watched her leave as Gadra laughed from the door, "that one knows how to tame you."

I grinned as I stood and handed my comp to Brit, "we need to leave if we are going to get to the race council on time."

We had barely gotten started when Brit shook her head and took the comp screen I was using to review the topics for the council. She handed it back a minute later, "now they are in order."

I grinned and ignored Gadra's snicker as I started scanning the information. When we walked into the large open chamber Gadra and Kris went to stand behind the Kaire seats as I walked to the Sizz representative. I waved the interpreter back as I spoke in his language. After that I spoke with the Tresis and then made my way around to each of the others.

After I was seated Brit hissed, "the newies are saying you are holding me against my will and have threatened war."

I sighed and glanced back at Kris before removing my weapon belt. I made adjustments and handed it to Brit, "put this on."

She grinned and did as I asked and I tried to relax and ignore the other representatives as aids whispered to them. When Mr Jenkins walked in he looked pissed. Brit leaned forward, "Leopold, he told the newies that you were to young for your post and the Kratcal claws prove it."

I touched the claws at my throat before letting my hand dropped, "that was a mistake."

When the council was called to order Mr Jenkins stood to accuse me of misconduct and I stood, "new business must wait until all subjects this council has scheduled is over."

The others agreed and I sat while Albert fumed. It was several hours before the last topic was covered and he stood again. I let him lecture and preach until he was done and then stood. I went over the facts and my actions and that my brother knew of my ultimatum and approved. The council was silent as they looked at a red faced Mr Jenkins.

I smiled as Brit whispered that the planetary police was sending someone to save her, "and for the record the human female you see at my side is legally my mate. She wears not only my bracelet but carries my weapon and has asked to have her first litter."

Albert jerked and snarled, "you jumped up cat, if you think..."

I leaned on the desk and looked at him, "enough!"

He froze as I continued to look into his eyes, "I am Leopold Sar Urr Liious sar Istaban and not some cat. My people have tolerated much from you humans but I think you had better pay attention. My empire is weary of lies and broken treaties that you refuse to honor. The tax singles out the Kaire and I tried to speak with your portmaster. His assistant insultingly told me he does not speak to any cat."

I looked around the huge chamber before looking at the human across from me, "your deadline is set. If your people do not remove this tax, my people will be restricted from your systems and we will tax all human ships entering ours."

I looked at the Albaer representative who was the council leader, "we will also add the humans treaty violations to the next race council and ask for sanctions."

I sat as the council whispered and murmured while Mr Jenkins sat white faced. When I walked out of the meeting a dozen police were waiting. I stopped and glanced at the commander in front, "you need assistance commander?"

Brit was hiding half behind me as he cleared his throat, "it has come to our attention that you might be keeping a human girl by force."

I smiled and glanced back at Brit, "do you wish to leave my mate?"

She shook her head and I looked at the commander who nervously cleared his throat again, "still she needs to come with us..."

I looked at him calmly, "you know who I am commander. I am sure you watched the council meeting and I know you see the band on my wrist and on my mates."

I shook my head when he did not say anything and pulled my comm, "starr comm. Kair. Serg."

I looked at the commander as I waited and my brother answered sleepily, "Leopold."

I kept looking at the commander, "they wish to take my mates by force."


I smiled, "would you send the Hunter fleet and tell the clan council the humans are once more violating a treaty."

"They will be there as soon as possible. Tell the humans that if they touch one hair on your mates I will have their planets turned to ash!"

The commander's face had gone white as his men looked anywhere but at me, "I think it is time we asked their emperor for a bond mate."

My brother was quiet for a couple of moments, "perhaps you are right. I will need to speak with the clan council and the emperor's voice here."

He disconnected and I looked at the commander, "Brit pull the pistol and if even one of these people try to touch you kill them."

I started walking and they quickly moved aside. The ride back to the estate was quiet as was most of the day with the exception of a newsie Brit brought in. The small Noss trembled at first until I asked how his home garden was and then started asking about specific plants. We ended up walking outside and talking.

I reluctantly showed him the security vid of the Kratcal that I had fought when I was thirteen. It was late afternoon when Kris stepped into the room as Jayne tried to show me how to use the bow, "the human Jenkins."

I glanced at him and then at Brit at the desk, "send him in."

I kept working with Jayne as he walked in, "what else does your people want to insult me with?"

He cleared his throat, "I am being relieved. My emperor has told me to inform you that the tax has been removed. He also wishes to express his most sincere apology to you and your mates for any misunderstandings. He and the imperial council have spoken with your emperor and the clan council. The treaty violations will be honored and reparations paid to the injured parties."

He cleared his throat, "all have agreed to a bond mate. The emperor's youngest son will accept your sister Tia as his mate."

He hesitated, "the emperor's niece Sidney is actually on Central and was offered as a bond mate and your brother's clan council has directed she mate with you."

I straightened and gave the bow to Jayne, "what?"

I looked at Jayne and then at Brit, "I do not..."

He held up a hand, "your brother said to tell you it was your idea, your mates were insulted and that you were to do as you are told."

I growled, "sometimes older brothers are a..."

Jayne grinned, "pain?"

Brit laughed, "in the rear?"

Mr Jenkins smiled slightly, "in any case I wish to offer my own apologizes."

I nodded and he turned to leave. I looked at Kris, "has the estate staff left?"

He shook his head and I gestured, "they have been walking around lightly. Let them know what has happened."

He nodded and I turned to Brit, "would you contact the Kaire ship and..."

She smiled as the comm on the desk came alive, "captain?"

I shook my head and turned back to Jayne, "where were we?"

She grinned, "trying to keep your claws from cutting the bow string."

I grinned and took the bow as Gadra cleared his throat from the door, "Storm Alt Kinder Nas Celden is here."

I looked at him and he grinned, "with our mates."

I waited and stared at his tail as it swished. He laughed, "she said she was your mate to be?"

I closed my eyes as I remembered my brother telling me about the clan council, "send her in."

"I am here."

I turned to look at the outer window door. Storm was grey with bluish black spots and she was looking at the bow I held, "that is a weapon?"

I looked at the bow, "for hunting."

She walked closer, "from one of your human mates that I have been hearing about?"

I sighed thinking she would be arrogant or angry, "from Jayne, she is the hunter."

Storm looked at Jayne, "you can teach me?"

Jayne grinned, "yes."

She turned to Brit, "this one was with you on the news and in the council."

Brit stood and nodded and Storm sighed, "I am afraid I do not have a talent or patients for your work."

Brit grinned and looked at me, "we each should have our own talents."

I grinned, "and mine?"

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