Drunken Sister Fuck

by Rafel010

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Incest Sex Story: A brother gets revenge on his older sister after she belittles him.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

I was around sixteen; my sister and I didn't get along. She was nineteen and thought the world revolved around her. She's very popular and very hot. People do seem to gravitate to her.

She stands around five nine, long reddish brown hair, thirty six c cup, sweet hips, long legs and a ass that draws all kinds of attention. Like I wrote, she's hot.

It was summer time and my sister convinced our parents to let her have a pool party. She could have alcohol as long as everyone was over eighteen. I thought wow ... until I heard her say. Can you take Ron with you or confine him to his room?

I was pissed ... this was my chance to mingle with some of her hot friends and there were going to be drinking too. Mom kind of took up for me. Telling her honey, I don't think Ron will get in the way of you and your friends. But, there was Dad, Vanessa was his favorite. Baby, Vanessa is right, there will be deinking.

Well, we can't take him with us and confining him in his own home isn't fair. He will be alright in his or our room. Besides it will be close to his bed time by the time the party gets rolling. Leave it to Dad to justify Vanessa's side. Any way it was settled, I was confine to the back end of the house.

Around eight our parents left for a bed and breakfast they planed for. Vanessa's closes friends arrived shortly after, Janine, Velta and Ronnie. They were all hot, but, it was something about Velta that turned me on. She gave my sister a run for her money. She would always tease me, telling me if I was a little older she would be my girl.

For some reason this bother Vanessa and every chance she got she would put me down in front of Velta. Call me a worm and a pervert. My mother would say, Vanessa was just jealous because she wanted me to lust after her like that.

They all got dressed as I found something to watch on T.V. I heard them talking about who was hot and who they want to get with. Janine asked where I was and Vanessa told them the little perv is band to his and my parent's room. They all laughed and this made me mad.

One day I'm going to get that Vanessa, I promised my self. The party kicked off around ten thirtyish or so. Velta and Janine came to my room just to say hi. The both looked so freakin hot. I had to hide my raging hard on with a pillow.

They both had on these micro mini-skirts and do me heels. Some guy was gonna get so lucky tonight. They both kissed me on the cheek and I got to see there tits as they bent down. No bras's and erect nipples, damm Vanessa. They both told me they wish I could be out there. As they were leaving Velta over to fix her shoe, so I thought.

I got a very clear shot of her very taut ass and I learned why they never had panty lines when they wore stuff like that. No panty's, when she looked back and winked. I knew there was nothing wrong with her shoe.

I wanted to see more, but, when I peaked out the door. There was Vanessa, don't even think about it, she yelled. Not wanting to hear my father's mouth. I closed my door and went back to watching my show.

But, my mind kept flashing to Velta out there with no panties. I had to stroke my hard cock until I shot my spunk across the room. Once I got use to the noise, I drifted off to sleep.

It had to be around four in the morning when I didn't hear any more noise. I guess the party was over, So, I went to go see what I missed. The yard was a mess, beer bottles every where. Food still out, trash in the house and yard. The pool had condoms swim suits tops and bottoms. I missed a heck of a party.

Vanessa had one hell of a mess to clean up. As I walked around the house I looked for my sister. I soon found her pasted out face down on a futon. Her skirt was hiked up just a little and I could see the cheeks of her nice ass.

My penis became hard as I got closer to where she was. I called her name, no response. I wonder if she went panty less like Velta. I shook her to make sure she was pasted out, she didn't even move.

I checked the rest of the house to see if anyone was still here. Cost clear as I returned to where my drunken sister was. It was pay back time and I wanted interest.

I hooked the hem of her skirt and eased it over her buttocks. Wow ... Vanessa was bare ass just like Velta was. My dick was throbbing as I ran my hand over my sister's very soft ass. My heart was running a million miles an hour. I have never even seen Vanessa naked.

She felt really good as I felt every inch of her firm soft ass. As I grew bolder, I let my finger tips slip down the crack of her ass. But, I couldn't quite get to her snatch. So, I parted her legs and I saw her phat pussy. I was frozen for a moment as I drank in its beauty.

I then ran my hand up the inside of her leg, her inner thigh until I felt the warmth of her tender pussy. I thought I was going to cumm right then as my cock jumped like crazy. The hair was trimmed low and her pussy lips soft.

I ran the tips of my fingers up and down the folds of her cunt. I never knew a pussy felt this good. When I ran my fingers back her pussy lips parted and I caressed her clit. Before long she was wet and I loved that sensation.

The more my fingers stroked her clit the wetter she got. Soon her pussy was making wet sounds. I couldn't take it any longer. I took my pants off and positioned my self between her thighs.

I lowered my self down on my drunken sister. I wet the tip of my cock in her wetness, which almost made me shoot my load. But, I wanted to cumm in Vanessa's sweet pussy. Pay back for all the mean things she said about me.

I took a deep breathe and sank my cock all the way in my sister's wet, hot pussy. It took all I was worth not to let go of my man juice. It was the most erotic and passionate sensations I every felt. I began to fuck her pussy like a jack hammer, the cool air than her hot pussy, the cool air than her hot pussy.

I couldn't control my self; I fucked my sister deep, fast and hard. My cock never felt anything as good as this. That's when I felt my nuts tighten up and I heard my self grunt, as I splashed the walls my sister's pussy. I thought I was never going to stop cummming. I pumped her pussy a while longer and then rolled off of her. Breathing like I couldn't catch my breathe.

That was awesome, I thought, who knew my sister's pussy is so good. My cock was still hard and throbbing, that's when I heard. You are a little pervert; you just fucked your sister! I looked up to see Velta, she watched the whole thing.

That was the hottest, freakiest, nastiest thing I ever saw, she said throatily. When I looked closer she was leaned against the wall with three fingers shoved in her pussy. She was finger fucking her self while she watched me fuck my sister.

I waited till Vanessa passed out so I could come give you some of this pussy. I went to the bathroom then I went to your room. When you weren't there I looked around for you. I've always had fantasies about fucking you. But, when I came back you were fucking your sister. It was such a turn on, now come fuck my pussy, Velta demanded.

19 July 2009 Part II

Ron couldn't believe his luck as he looked Velta over from head to toe. It was his first time seeing her totally nude, her hair a little stringy from swimming, her lips full. Her nipple were long, her breast ripe and firm, her tummy flat. Velta hips are a little bigger than my sisters with long legs and a phat pussy.

His dick was throbbing again and Velta wanted it, this was a dream he couldn't make up come true. He walked over to her, Vanessa stirred, but, was still out.

Ron couldn't help but grab her ass and his mouth fell upon her long nipples. His hands squeezed and his tongue swirled her long nipples. A moaned escaped Velta's lips and she placed a hand tenderly on the back of his head.

Ron maneuvered Velta towards an open area on the couch. Velta laid back and parted her sexy thighs, Ron dropped to his knees. He looked at her pussy, her pussy lips all puffy and moist. Her slit pink and shinny with the swollen clit peaking out its hood.

Velta was defiantly turned on. Ron's mouth began to water as his head approached her hungry pussy. The heat, the smell was intoxicating and when he got his first taste of her, he moaned.

The nectar danced across his pallet and he couldn't get enough. Velta's eyes rolled back in her head as the pleasure overwhelmed her. Her inner thighs quivered as his tongue stroked her clit. More and more nectar flowed to meet his greedy tongue.

Her moans of pleasure were delightful to his ears. Pure instinct made him reach up and tweak her nipples. Velta became louder and Ron stopped to make sure Vanessa was still asleep, he whispered to Velta that she must be quiet.

He resumed the tongue lashing of Velta's pussy and clit. It wasn't long before the quivers and the moans returned. As he lapped at her nectar he reached up to stroke her nipples again.

Just like last time Velta became very vocal as he sucked her pussy and clit. Ron didn't care any longer; he was caught up in the mood as the taste made him drunk with lust.

This triggered his tongue into over drive, up and down, side to side, circle to the left, circle to the right. He rolled her nipples between his thumb and fore finger.

Velta's body reacted in all kinds of ways. Her hips pushed forward, her body tremble, her clit throbbed, her lower lip quivered while her moans sang out. Velta was well on her way to a

powerful orgasm.

Ron was well into when he felt a soft touch on his ass. It worked its way under his cheek, between his legs and squeezed his balls. He wanted to look up, but, Velta had his head locked between her thighs.

The touch squeezed a few times and then stopped. A few moments later he felt something between his thighs and warm air on his nuts. He parted his thighs which lowered his nut sack down onto a soft set of lips. The tongue was active and hot as well.

His nut sack was receiving pleasure he never knew, once the hot mouth freed his balls it engulfed his ridged cock. He had to adjust so he could keep sucking Velta's pussy and get his cock sucked.

Who ever was sucking his cock did the same as he did on Velta's pussy. If he licked up and down, they licked his cock up and down. If he did circles on her clit, they did circles on his cock head.

The slurping sounds filled the room as greedy mouths feasted on cock and pussy. Ron could sense the eruption in Velta and he fought hard not to cumm him self.

The same move by the suckers caused both Velta and Ron to explode. He circled Velta's clit as fast as he could then he lightly raked his teeth over the clit. Velta threw her hips forward and splashed his mouth with nectar. He felt the same move on his cock, the head was swirled as fast as the tongue could go, the he felt teeth lightly rake the under side of his cock. His balls tightened and his man juice rushed out of him.

He never came like this before and he thought he would never stop ejecting his load. The warmness, the tongue, the swirling motion and the suction was awesome. When Velta unlocked his head and he saw who it was, he was in deep shock.

Wiping her mouth, Vanessa grind as she saw the look on there faces. You two are naughty, she told them. Why would you let my younger brother suck your pussy, she asked?

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