On My Seventeenth Wedding Anniversary
Chapter 8: Suzie

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 8: Suzie - It's been a dozen years since The Ex left me. Her decisions come around to bite her in the ass, and she turns to me to rescue her. Revenge is, indeed, a dish best served cold!

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Fiction   Revenge   BDSM   MaleDom   Rough   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Voyeurism  

For the next couple of weeks, things were uneventful. I edited the video recording down to a manageable length, and attempted to maintain some flow of events. That, work, and convincing Marie that she was the center of my romantic universe (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) occupied my time nicely. Around the time I was beginning to wonder if Annie had forgotten the entirety of my demands of her, I received another email. While it seemed the snarkiness typical of her communications with me had been tempered, it clearly had not resolved. I skimmed over this week's installment of the home study course in How I Was An Asshole, and found what I was seeking:

"Finally, my friend Susie has agreed to be your victim for the ball-one-of-my-girlfriends part of your demands. You cannot know what I owe her for this huge favor she's doing me!" (huge favor? Gee, thanks: I'd always thought my Johnson was rather average sized.)

That last part would explain the photos I now beheld on my monitor of the attractive Asiatic woman. Fully clothed, she was pretty and young and sultry looking. I was eager to move into phase three of the Annie Rehab Program, featuring Susie's film debut.

After several days, I received an e-mail from an unfamiliar correspondent, with a picture attached. I read the note, from Susie, who told me she had spoken with Annie, and had seen my photo. She seemed eager to help her friend, either because she was a great friend, or because Annie had sung my praises. Evidently, Susie's previous boyfriends had not done the job, because Susie told me she was interested in seeing what I could show her, that her last boyfriend didn't. My age, evidently was an asset to her, because she seemed to think I was mature enough to take my time, enjoy the encounter, and thereby take her along on a visit to her sexual happy ending. (good call!) She presented a couple of times we could meet, along with some venues she thought might be attractive.

I replied (placing her information into my contacts list) and suggested that we meet at my home, selecting a weekend when the boys would be visiting their sister. After all, I had the props already at hand for our little interlude, no need to improvise further. I did ask her if she fully understood what Annie was offering on her behalf. Her reply resolved that little dilemma!

"Of course, Annie told me all about her weekend at your house, I think the videotaping part is so hot! You know, I've never done anal, so I hope you will go slowly with me. She told me that you said that the tape would never be released. I hope that she got that part right! I'm looking forward to experiencing new things, from someone who is experienced and firm."

Yes, this ought to turn out very well, in deed!

The day arrived, and, in keeping with my arrangements with Marie, she would be the videographer for this interlude. I had tidied up the basement, and set out some refreshments, for I anticipated my guest becoming dehydrated in the course of our meeting. Right on time, the knock on the door announced Susie's arrival.

She entered in a timid manner, which, considering the agenda for the evening was entirely reasonable. In contrast to Annie, Susie seemed relieved by Marie's presence. I introduced them, and the two women chatted while I made last minute preparations. Finishing, I joined them in a soda, taking my place next to Marie on the couch.

"So, Susie, has Marie answered all your questions? Is there anything you want to clear up before we begin?"

"Well, do I call you Master, or what?"

"Well, my friends call me Bob, and I anticipate that you and I will become exceedingly friendly this evening. As for Master, well, it seems sort of theatrical to me. In addition, even if it isn't silly, I do not see you and I developing that sort of relationship. I guess my goal, aside from the obvious man-pig goal of enjoying your body, is give you the opportunity to try out some power exchange in a safe environment. I know it will be safe for you, and I suppose Annie made the case that it would be, or else you would be a fool to come here for this sort of evening."

"That makes sense," said Susie, "Annie has spoken about you, and while she is not too flattering, she did say that you are a man of your word."

"Not too flattering? You mean she did not make me out to be a thoroughgoing asshole? That is surprising. Certainly not what I would gather from the conversations she and I have shared lately."

"Well, yeah, Annie did tell me what she thought of you, and she did not sugar coat it. Marie, on the other hand, seems to think you are a gift and the best thing that has happened to her in a long time. I think the truth is somewhere in between."

More props for Marie, and I was going to have to work even harder to make sure she understood how much I appreciated her. Not satisfied simply being my paramour, Marie not only tolerated my excursions in this little adventure, she actively tried to make it work out for me! That was a woman I was going to try very, very hard to keep happy!

"Susie, you're probably correct. I suppose that some of where you place me on that scale, depends on how you treat my children, and how straight you deal with me. If you do not meet your duty to my children, you will find me to be a complete asshole. If you do right by my children, we can work most everything else out. You have no duty to my children, so you are pretty safe. Marie has exceeded her duty, by being actively interested in them, so she is safe. Other people, well, they haven't performed up to standard, let us say, without naming names. I'd be surprised, given that fact, if they saw me as anything but an asshole. And I'll do my best to prove them correct."

I stood, and extended my hand to Susie. "If you have no more questions, shall we begin? You may choose to undress in the bedroom upstairs here, or perhaps you'd rather undress downstairs. I have turned up the heat downstairs, to make you more comfortable."

Susie paused, appearing surprised. "Really? How thoughtful. I thought I was going to be disciplined, and treated harshly. What happened?"

I smiled. "Simply because I'm going to enjoy myself, and treat you as harshly as you want, does not mean I ought to make you uncomfortable in ways neither you nor I will enjoy. So, upstairs or downstairs, my little slave?"

With an indrawn breath, she shivered a moment at that. "Whatever you desire, Sir. I am here to learn, and to please you in return."

"Then let us move downstairs. I'm eager to see you naked and bound. Marie, please start the camera."

I followed her down the stairs, after we allowed Marie to position herself at the bottom. I admired Susie's tight butt as she stepped anxiously into my basement. Her jeans and tight tank top complimented her figure, and did nothing to hide the fact that she was a fully grown woman, and at her peak of loveliness. Reaching the bottom, she turned into the basement, stopped, and gasped. I was kind of proud of my efforts, and it seemed Susie appreciated them. I had the lights low, and had set candles about, so the whole room was lit with flickering shadows. The scent of oil tickled our noses, and the bondage-bench-and-weight-bench appeared as a sort of altar in the center of the room.

I grasped Susie's arm, and guided her to one side, where there was a chair for her wardrobe change. Attending to final business, I asked, "Susie, what is your safeword?"

She slowed, asking "Safeword? What is that?"

"A safeword is your signal to me that we need to stop, because whatever we are doing is too intense for you. It may hurt too badly, or be so overwhelming that you need to quit. You need to select a word you will not blurt out in pain, or climax, and one that will stand out from our other conversation. You need a word you will recall no matter how badly you hurt, or how strongly you are climaxing."

"How about 'popcorn'? I select 'popcorn'"

"Popcorn it is. Hear that, Marie? Popcorn. Now, Susie, if you use your safeword, this all ends. I stop, you get freed, you get dressed, and you go home. Oh, and Annie continues to move from sofa to sofa. If you end this prematurely, I will not help Annie, at all. You are doing a very nice thing for your friend. Without your participation, Annie gets to enjoy the consequences of her dumb decisions. And, I get to watch her do so, with a warm, happy feeling inside me. Any final questions?"

"No, sir. I get it. 'Popcorn' sends me home, and Annie stays on my sofa. Can we start now?"

"Lets go"

Yeah, it has been a number of years since my first Romantic Interlude, and a number of women have been so kind as to share their pleasure with me. Still, there is something about the first time that a woman undresses for me, knowing I am going to, let us say, "romance" her, that is indescribably arousing. This is particularly so when the woman in question is hot, sultry, and anticipating that I will take her to a sexual happy place she has never before known. That was particularly so this evening in my basement, as Susie pulled her tank top over her head, revealing her firm, "c" cup breasts to my view, and her erect nipples pointed the way to the chair she bent to, as she draped her shirt over it. Unembarrassed, she turned, releasing the snap on her jeans, slid the zipper down, and eased them over her round, firm, unblemished hips. Her panties came into view, small enough that they scarcely concealed her sex as the jeans continued their descent to pool around her ankles. She slid her fingers beneath the waistband, and pushed the panties off, as well, her clean shaved pubis now revealed. These joined her shirt on top on the chair. She then knelt before me, her face at the level of my throbbing cock. Switching her gaze from my prominent erection, to my eyes, and back, she licked her lips, and said, "Sir, I am ready."

As was I. I stepped to the table along the wall, removed a length of rope with small nooses at each end, and, stepping behind her, secured Susie's wrists. I returned to her front, where her breathing had noticeably quickened. Grasping her hair, I brought her lips to my jeans-covered cock, nuzzling it along her face and lips. Her moan only increased my arousal, as if such a thing were possible, and I released her in order to undress. Naked, I returned to my place in front of her, and, again grasping her hair, again brought her face to my johnson, now pulsating in the air to my every heartbeat. "Have you ever sucked a cock?", I asked her, as she gazed at my own specimen thereof.

"Yes, several of my boyfriends." she replied.

"Have you ever had your face fucked?" to which she replied, looking up at me briefly, "No."

"We will remedy that gap in your life experience. Beginning now."

She opened her mouth, leaned forward, and began to lick and suck on my throbber. I allowed her to gauge my size for a moment, and then began to guide my dick deeply into her gullet, over about a minute, until my pubes were firmly pressed against her lips. Susie seemed to attempt to suppress her choking and coughing, which I found very pleasant. I drew her off of my tool, and once she had settled herself, I thought to ask, "have you ever done deep throat?"

"Not before tonight, sir." was her reply. "Are going you to do it again?"

"Oh, yes. That is pretty central to the concept of 'face fuck', as I am going to demonstrate it for you. Prepare!"

Again she opened her mouth. Again I drew her over my erection by her hair, and again I bottomed out in her throat. Again she gagged and coughed, but this time I promptly withdrew, and re-entered her throat. I kept a steady, deliberate pace of throat fucking, in order both for Susie to accommodate to this invasion of her hitherto innocent gullet, and allow her to interpose breaths between my occupancies of her airway. In any event, I was certainly enjoying myself, and was in no hurry to conclude this phase of the festivities. Besides, if I prolonged this throat fucking sufficiently, Marie would obtain great cinematic footage for us to enjoy together, later, at our leisure. Marie zoomed in, to capture the image of my cock deeply implanted in Susie's throat, and her deep breaths, gagging now controlled, as I withdrew, handfuls of hair guiding Susie to and fro. As my lesson in deep throat progressed, Susie proved herself to be an eager and rapid student, and her gagging and coughing soon resolved, leaving only her throat's caress of my dick as I sawed into and out of her gullet.

As my arousal grew, the force of my face-fucking increased, until I was pounding her lips into my crotch, driving my full length into the depths of her pretty mouth. Susie, for her part, began to breathe in a staccato pattern, as she accommodated herself to the pace and depth with which I was enjoying her. I paused for a moment, withdrawing my length from her airway, in order to prolong this particular phase of her abuse, and as my tool pulsed in the relatively cool air, she gasped, attempting to catch up with the oxygen debt her arousal and my obstruction of her windpipe had created. Once she had caught her breath, she gazed steadily up at me from her kneeling, bound position, unhurriedly opened her mouth and extended her neck, and extended her tongue, as if it were a landing strip for the airliner of my lust. I contemplated this offering for a full ... half a second, before I accepted her offer, and steadily drove myself into her oral depths. She again gagged, briefly, before she began to slide her tongue out of her mouth, beneath my steely length, and started to caress as much of my balls as she could reach with the tip of her tongue. I savored this experience for a moment, and then began anew Susie's face fuck lessons, as I resumed an accelerating pace of entry and exit, feeling my dickhead pushing repeatedly through the tight ring at the rear of her mouth. Her moans resumed, and rose in intensity. We were both beginning to be caught up in the ferocity of the moment, until I felt her trembling in my hands, her pretty head shaking even as I grasped her silky black hair more tightly. Her trembling grew to encompass her entire body, and the quivering of what I took to be her orgasm, triggered my own flood, and I howled as I emptied myself deeply into her esophagus. I cannot know how long I shuddered there, pouring semen I did not know I had created into the pretty petite young woman kneeling before me, but I do know that the next thing I was aware of, was Susie gagging before me, as Marie tugged on my arm, in an effort to allow Susie to breathe. I stepped back a shaky step, sought to catch my own breath, as Susie knelt back, as she deeply breathed, herself.

Concerned, I took a swaying step towards her, steadying her shoulders as she breathed, asking, "Are you alright?"

Between breaths, she replied, "Sir, I (gasp) think I'm (breathe) OK. (Inhale) I never came, sucking cock, (gasp) before, in my (wheeze) life." I waited, She composed herself, and caught up some more on her respiratory deficit. "I never got so hot, before, sucking a cock. It never affected me like that. I came when you began to really fuck my face hard, and I came again as you shot your stuff into my stomach. I never imagined I'd enjoy being used so roughly. Thank you, sir. Thank you!" I steadied her for another moment, and then rose, my drooling dong swaying as I stepped.

"Do you require a few more moments before we proceed? Here, drink this before you answer." So saying, I brought the straw in a glass of juice to her lips, holding it as she drank deeply. Swallowing briskly, she looked up at me from her knees.

"More, please, sir?" I supplied it. Again she drank it down. "I'm ready. Let's continue."

I was ready to proceed, and, grasping Suzie by the upper arm, drew her to her feet and guided her to the bondage bench in the center of the room. I placed her face first upon the bench, and secured her waist and chest with straps. With her hands yet restrained behind her, she was quite helpless, simply the way I desired her. I admired the curve of her buttocks, and her narrow waist. I gazed upon her breasts, spread beneath her weight as she rested upon the bench. I ran my fingers down her back, tracing the curve of her intergluteal cleft, tickling her anus, and lingering in the swamp that was her pussy. I rose, placed myself in front of her, and wiped my fingers, wet with her dew, across her upper lip. I addressed her: "This is how an aroused woman smells. I have had some experience enjoying this aroma, and you reek of it. Ask yourself, what sort of woman derives this sort of arousal from having her face fucked, by a complete stranger at that? What sort of a woman oozes this amount of cunt cream from the sort of abuse you have had? Or, are you soaking the panties that you are not wearing, at the thought of what I have yet to do to you, to force you yet to do? What do you have to say for yourself?"

Suzie had evidently indeed given this very topic some thought, and her thoughts were self aware and coherent.

"Sir, it seems that I am a slut, and submissive as well. Only a submissive slut could be aroused by the treatment I've received. Only a submissive slut could be aroused at what I hope you will do to me tonight. Thank you for helping me to realize one of my long-held fantasies. Thank you for making me feel safe enough to let myself go. Use me, sir, please. Show me more of how it can be, when my master takes me where I want to be taken!"

It was time for that journey to begin.

I stepped to the table beside me, and, removing the towel there, uncovered the implements hidden beneath. I took up a cane, and displayed it before Suzie. "While I am certain you are warmed up, I wish to warm your ass. Prepare yourself!"

I stepped to her side and raised my arm. I struck her buttocks briskly once. The stripe showed up nicely, and her indrawn breath pleased me. I paused, and struck again, taking care to not break her skin. Another stripe, and another throb in my hitherto spent johnson. I struck her again, and Suzie gasped. I continued, planning on laying a dozen strokes upon her. By the tenth, Suzie was crying, tears running down her face, even as she raised her ass to meet my blows. My cock reanimated, I stepped to her face, and displayed the results of her suffering. "I like how your ass marks when I strike you. You think you are sufficiently warmed up, now?"

"Oh, sir!," Suzie sniffled, "I am so ready for you to fuck me! It hurt at first, but as you beat me, my pussy began to ooze more and more. I never knew I could enjoy a beating!"

"Oh, girl, you have not been beaten, yet! I am not your long term master, so I will not mark you. This was simply a spanking, a preliminary to the main event. Be careful, while you might have enjoyed this spanking, you might not enjoy a genuine beating! You need to be certain that you think things through, before you take the lessons of tonight home with you. Consider that, as I pound your pussy!"

I stepped to her rear, and savored the view. Her cuntlips gaped, as her secretions trickled down her legs. The coral of her puss contrasted nicely with the dull red of her spanked posterior. Stroking my length once or twice, I introduced my glans into her grotto. Suzie was so aroused that her oils eased my passage as I sank fully into her, only pausing once my cockhead tagged her cervix. I enjoyed her warm wet depths, and then began to screw her. While I focused upon her box massaging my joint, I heard her begin to gasp each time I bottomed out against her reddened buttocks. The warmth emanating from her derriere, along with the molten heat from her quim, combined to increase my enthusiasm for our coupling, and I began to thrust myself into her as far and hard as I could. Secured as she was, she could not move, only able to absorb the punishment her twot was taking.

Initially, Suzie's only response had been grunts as I bottomed out. That evolved into gasps, and then she began to moan. As both my arousal and hers climbed, she escalated her moaning, until it was a continuous counterpoint to my own forceful grunts. A puddle of her oils began to form on the bench, which I stirred each time my scrotum reciprocated with my strokes. Abruptly, she stopped moaning, as her cooter grasped my tool as if in a hot wet velvet glove. This was associated with her arching her back, as much as her bonds allowed, and the depths of her snatch massaging my length. I almost lost it, but I was able, barely, to withhold my own climax. I waited out her release, until she collapsed upon the bench, and then began to slowly saw into and out of her.

She lay as if boneless for a while, until it seemed that my stirring her gash stirred her own awakening. She began to moan again, until she was alert enough to form words.

"Oh, sir! What are you doing to me? I came so hard, I can't be getting hot all over again! How can you still be hard? Didn't you cum in me yet? Oooohhhh, you're so hard! You fill me so nice! Fuck me! Take me, sir! Take your slut wherever you want! Hold me down and fuck me, I'm helpless before you! Please, fill me up with your cream! Fuck your sperm into my pussy! Spew your babymakers so deep inside me! Make me cum again for you!"

Being the accommodating soul that I am, I intended to do just that. I accelerated my pussy stuffing as her arousal escalated, until I was thrusting into her oily depths as rapidly as I could. That could not have been comfortable, as striped as I had left her ass, but she continued to chant, moan, and egg me on to greater copulatory efforts. I stroked myself into her puddled depths, and grasped her by her bound arms. I drew myself into her, drawing upon her arms with each stroke. Over and over, I hammered my swollen tool into her, splashing her cream about.

For her part, Suzie moaned, squealed, and groaned her climb to completion. At this point, I was nearly flat out pounding her quim with my prod, and likely adding bruises to her ass with each stroke. Yanking upon her arms as if they were reins, I must have been painfully stretching the ligaments of her shoulders, yet she offered no complaint. Whether that was because she was unable to form the words, so great was her arousal, or because she found the pain exhilarating, I do not know. In any event, we were both galloping towards our climaxes. I reached mine before she could, and with a groan began to pour myself into her tight post teen twot. Volley after volley of semen I fired into her grotto, until I was nearly senseless, all my existence being focused upon my dick. Nearly finished, I found myself astounded to note that she was climaxing, herself, nearly as I finished. Her clasping cunt caressed my prick, as if to soothe out the last drops of my essence. I was frozen in place, holding on as she writhed her satisfaction. Testing her restraints, she cried out her climax with a wail that I feared would bring the neighbors running, to stop the homicide it sounded for all the world that I was committing.

I slumped upon her bound arms, pressing them with my weight into her back. That could not have been comfortable, yet she purred in seeming contentment. Myself, I had nowhere to go and no ability to get there, so I enjoyed the simple pleasures of breathing, and feeling my shrinking tool retreat from her depths.

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