On My Seventeenth Wedding Anniversary
Chapter 7

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 7 - It's been a dozen years since The Ex left me. Her decisions come around to bite her in the ass, and she turns to me to rescue her. Revenge is, indeed, a dish best served cold!

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Fiction   Revenge   BDSM   MaleDom   Rough   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Voyeurism  

Lunch over, we cleaned up, and each showered, Annie in the guest shower upstairs, Marie and I in the master bath. Toweled dry, we met again in the kitchen, and Annie re-opened the conversation. "What's next? Your plan seems to have gone well, so far. What else do you have in mind?"

"Well, the morning's program did indeed seem to end well for all of us. I suggest more of the same. I have a few variations I'd like to try, and if they go as well as this morning, you ought to enjoy them, eventually, yourself."

Annie paused a moment, and, surprisingly, grinned at us. "You're right, the morning went well. Let's see what the afternoon promises!"

We paraded again into the basement, and dropped our towels. Again I hobbled Annie's wrists. Grasping her arm, I began to lead her up the stairs. She dragged her feet, asking me, "What the fuck do you think you are doing? I thought we were spending the afternoon here in your basement?"

"I thought that it is such a beautiful day, let's go for a walk about the neighborhood. Of course, if that is too much for you, you can opt out, and Marie and I can make sure you get to where ever you are currently staying. Your call."

"Outside? Naked? Are you insane?" Annie turned to Marie. "Did you know he would come up with this bullshit? Are you really OK with it?"

Directly addressed, Marie responded. "No, this is a new wrinkle to me, too. On the other hand, you did notice that we are way out in the country, right? I know personally that the nearest neighbor is around 500 meters away. The trees are leafed out, the sky is blue, the sun is shining, all in all it seems like a nice day for a stroll outside, to me. I agree with Bob. Let's go!"

Annie appeared to settle down a bit at this. "Yeah, you're right, we are a ways out in the boonies. What exactly do you have in mind for this stroll, anyhow?"

"Oh, pretty much what we enjoyed this morning. Bondage, oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, pussy licking, discipline, and frivolity. Only new part, is outside in the sunshine! Off we go!"

Annie haltingly allowed me to lead her out of the door, across the yard, and into the woods surrounding my home. I had a path, kept mowed, leading around the property, so I could walk about for exercise, and inspect the property line for trespass, or deer sign. It led to a clearing nearly 50 meters from my door, and well enclosed by trees and shrubs. If you were not following a path, you would not know it was there.

I knew it was there, and I had prepared it for this outing. I had a picnic table, generally used for the expected purpose, when Marie and I wanted to laze about outdoors. The little glen provided some privacy, and the breeze whispering through the trees was relaxing in the pure sunlight. I began by walking Annie up to it, securing one of my noose hobbles to each ankle, and anchoring each hobble to one of the table legs. She was now standing with her legs spread, thighs up against the table. I removed her wrist bonds, and drew her forward, bent over the table, securing her wrists again, to the other end of the table. She was now held, bent over, a fetching view indeed.

Her firm round ass was presented for my viewing (or other) pleasures, and her breasts rested fully upon the table. Her mouth and face were, conveniently enough, right at the height of my tool. The sunlight dappled through the leaves of the canopy above, and as the leaves moved in the breezes, the shafts of light danced prettily upon her skin. Marie moved about, filming the tableau from different angles, for our later enjoyment.

I stood back for a while, savoring the perspective afforded me by this pose. Annie looked about, taking in the view. She turned over her shoulder, to look at me, and remarked, "You know, this reminds me of that one time we had a picnic on our property up near Kalkaska. Remember we made love on that blanket, after the wine and sandwiches? The things we did to get away with each other, back then!"

"Yeah, I remember. That was your idea, and I remember how impressed I was with all the thought and planning you had to do to make it work! When the babysitter arrived, and you walked right past my truck and into the woods, I had no idea what you had in mind. I wound up very happy with your plan!"

We were silent for a few moments, at that. I remembered happier times. Evidently, so did my cock, as I thickened and grew to full erection. I told Annie, "Wait right here, don't go anywhere!", and walked back to the house, chuckling at my own wit. I slay me, sometimes!

I retrieved a duffel bag, tripod, and a folding chair stashed just inside the door, and returned to find my girlfriend and my ex engaged in conversation. Clearing my throat, I entered the clearing as they stopped the chat.

"Did I miss anything?", I asked.

Annie looked at Marie, guilt written large across her features. Marie started to speak, paused, and seemed to think better of it. She, instead, turned to Annie. "You know, he is going to find out. If you won't tell him, you know I will. Probably, it isn't anything he hasn't already figured out."

Annie looked at me with pleading in her eyes. "Don't make me tell you, please?"

"You know you don't really have to do anything you don't want to. Remember your safewords? They apply here, too. But, if Marie is right, not only will you win a few integrity points for full disclosure, but also you will not be telling me anything new. Your decision."

Annie dropped her face onto her stretched out arms, drawing in a few deep breaths. She looked up at Marie, and asked, "You wouldn't really tell him, would you?"

"Bet your ass I will! No secrets, no bullshit, those were the rules from our first date. He ain't perfect, but he's as good a man as I've ever had, and I will not fuck this up! You tell him, or I will!"

Annie again dropped her face onto her arms, and drew in a few shuddering breaths. She looked up at me, and licked her lips. "You know I have been seeing Lance, right?"


"Well, you know I started seeing him before the divorce, right?"


"Well, it was a while before the divorce."

"Is there something here I am going to care about? Because, if you are going to kill the entire afternoon beating around the bush, I can think of a few other things I'd enjoy more."

Annie took in a deep breath, glanced down, and then met my eyes. She began: "You know I was seeing Lance really soon after I moved out, right?" I nodded. "Well, really, I had been seeing him before I moved out." Again, I nodded, unsurprised.

"Well, really, we began to see each other while you and I were living in Sand Point. You know those weekend visits back home? Where I'd hang out and visit with my old girlfriends? On one of those trips, I met Lance at a bar. He was the brother of one of my girlfriends. We hung out together, and really hit it off. You weren't talking to me, Bob, you seemed to go out of your way to avoid me, and I was so lonely, I was going crazy, I didn't know anybody in Sand Point, the boys had scouts, you had your job, and I couldn't even seem to get my own job! I was desperate, you were slipping away from me, and I had nowhere to turn! Lance listened to me. He didn't hit on me, he acted like he cared what I thought, he told me I was pretty, and he ... he ... he wanted to spend time with me! Oh, Bob, I felt like I had no other choice! You had shut me out of your life, you didn't hardly say 5 words to me in a day!" Tears welled up in her eyes, and she looked so pitiful, I almost felt sorry for her.

Almost felt sorry for her, that is. I recalled my 24 hour shifts, and my challenges in the job I took to support my family. I did, indeed, recall the weekends "with the girls", and that I encouraged them simply because I had wanted her to be happy, to enjoy herself. Ironically, she did indeed enjoy herself, although in a manner I had never anticipated. Myself, I had remained faithful.

Back to today's topic. "I don't think we are going to fix our problems from yesteryear. I don't think I'll convince you it was all your fault, and I don't think you'll convince me it was mine. You want to hold an encounter group, or finish today's agenda?

She paused, sniffled a few times, and seemed to steel herself. "Let's get this moving. You don't think you had any responsibility for our breakup, do you?"

"Had no responsibility? Nope, don't think that. Not entirely my fault? Yep. Some of my fault? Yep. Some of your fault? You betcha! I don't think your infidelity was appropriate, and not in our kids' best interest. But, as you have said, you are over that. Time to move forward. Right?"

She looked me in the eye for a moment. "Right. You promised me some things. Let's get them started."

I reached into the bag, removing a yardstick. I displayed it before Annie, and announced my plan for the day.

"I'll start off by warming up your ass. Then, you can suck me for awhile, although I doubt that much effort will be required to bring me to hardness." She gave my throbbing unit a faint grin. "Then, I'll give your asshole a break, and buttfuck you first. Once I come off in your ass, a quick cleanup with these baby wipes, more oral, and I get to reintroduce myself to your pussy. While I'm occupied here, Marie will enjoy another cuntlapping. After all those, I think it will be time for supper, and a discussion of the rest of the weekend. Marie, any comment?"

Marie had already begun to answer, settling the camera on the tripod, and removing her own clothing. I turned to Annie.

"Any questions? Anything I'm overlooking?"

"How about my safe bell?"

"Right here!", and I retrieved it from the bag, and affixed it to her wrist. She shook it to test it's function, and turned to me. "I'm as ready as I'm gonna be."

I stripped off my clothes, and stepped to Annie's side, grasping the yardstick. Marie took up position at Annie's head, filming away. I swung once, causing a "slap" sound, an indrawn breath, and a pink streak to appear upon her lower back. Again, I drew back, swung a bit harder, and another gasp, another "slap!", and another stripe. I continued, at a steady pace, lining her buttocks and lower back, for a full dozen strokes. I paused to contemplate my actions, and decided that she needed to be striped on her front.

I released her feet, and helped her roll over onto her back. This put her hands crossed over her head, and I re-secured her feet. I struck her breasts a few times, and paused for effect. As the redness developed, I noticed her erect nipples. I moved to her taut abdomen, striping it a few times, and began next to slap her thighs. Once I had a dozen red stripes showing on her front, I began to tap her nipples with the yardstick, gradually increasing the force of my blows. For her part, Annie began to whimper at each strike. I stopped, ran my finger along her puss, and anointed her upper lip with her secretions. She was wet, and I taunted her with this fact.

"Did you ever consider you would become turned on from a spanking? Your pussy is drooling your excitement. Is it the bondage, the pain, or the fact that I am the one administering your discipline? Perhaps you are soaking because you are helpless and I can do whatever I desire to you?"

She did not speak, panting and red faced, gazing at me from beneath low lidded eyes.

I dropped the yardstick, and stepped to her head. I placed my unit at her lips, and she opened her mouth, extending her tongue as if to draw me into her. I obliged, dipping my cockhead into her mouth, and allowing her to suckle upon me. I enjoyed her lips and tongue for a while, and began to slowly introduce my length into her gullet. She evidently had adjusted to my thickness in her airway, for there was hardly a gag or cough as I seated my balls upon her nose. Withdrawing, I began to fuck her throat, and spent several delightful minutes as she swallowed around my length, and caressed my cream dispenser as it withdrew. My cock began to throb, and I knew. It was time for the next attraction.

Readjusting her bonds, I positioned her prone once more, and re-secured her. I rummaged in the bag, withdrawing a jar of lube. Anointing my prong, and anointing her anus, I steadily applied pressure to her orifice and gradually entered her. Annie began to pant more rapidly, more deeply, and the accompanying relaxation of her sphincter sped her impalement upon my steely rod. I paused, and began to slowly fuck her ass, savoring her clutching membrane's caress of my throbbing, tingling johnson.

Marie maneuvered to capture our coupling from different angles, and I accommodated her (and myself) by steadily plugging away at Annie's derriere. I occasionally withdrew from her socket, and stroked her puss with my fingers, collecting her secretions and spreading them upon her anus, then resuming her sodomy. Annie appeared to appreciate my cunt stroking, as she cooed and panted with my stroking, and each re-entry to her colon was easier than the last, her arousal relaxing her sphincter. I accelerated my ass pounding, and Annie complemented me by raising her breathing depth and rate. Her hands began to clutch, and her moans of pleasure began to fill the glade. I threw my head back, and closed my eyes to the sunlight beating upon my face. As I felt the sunbeams warm my face, I continued my advance and withdrawal into my ex wife's asshole. I savored the growing urgency in my unit, and rolled my hands about her trim ass, drawing us together and apart in an increasing tempo and with an increasing vigor.

All good things must conclude, and I began my ascent to the cliff we seek to dive from. I again gazed upon my writhing, sweating, moaning sodomized ex, noted Marie busily recording our coupling, and began my race to my personal finish line. Annie burst through first, and trembled through her climax. I slowed, delaying my own eruption, and prolonging my tenancy of her colon.

Once she had begun to settle down again, I sped up, and began to really put it to her. My cock seemed to become a iron bar, and my hips plowed her as if we were making fire. Moments passed, my breathing became short, and finally I spouted my semen into her rectum. Rope after rope plunged into her, and I fell, flaccid, onto her back, still tingling from the intensity of my emission.

After a minute or so of recording, Marie moved to relieve Annie of my weight, drawing me to the grass next to the table. She untied Annie, and retrieved some water, handing me and Annie a bottle each. I drained mine in a few gulps. Annie sipped hers, regarding me contemplatively.

"Ya know, if I didn't know better, this would remind my of our early liaisons, except, of course, that you and I weren't quite this out there, back then. It's like we still still had feelings for each other."

I felt Marie tense a little. "Well, I do have feelings for you, and they are complicated. You are my loathed ex wife, and at the same time mother to my beloved children. Got to give you credit, you can be decisive, you can be smart, you are capable and competent. All those things are sexy. You're looking good, lately: that certainly adds to the effect. But you divorced me, left me for Lance. That kinda crushes the good feelings."

"Yeah, well, that Lance thing did not seem to work out so well for me." Annie paused, reflected, and continued. "I felt like I had no choice, at that time. You weren't talking to me, and I felt so alone. Lance paid attention to me, and seemed to enjoy being with me. I guess I kinda screwed you over, and probably wasn't completely doing what was best for the kids, but I had to do something. I was so miserable!"

"Well, I suppose I get that. What I do not understand is how breaking up our childrens' home would resolve your misery."

"Well, for a while, the excitement of my affair with Lance helped me forget how lonely I was. But, you know, loneliness doesn't come from outside. It comes from inside yourself. After the novelty of Lance wore off, I was lonely all over again. And, by then, I had burned all my bridges, so I was stuck with him. And, you know how my pride works. Admitting this sort of thing to you would seem as if I were crawling to you. You know I would never do that."

Helpfully, I interposed, "Until now."

That earned a rueful grin. "Yep, until now. I guess that when things change really badly, I have to change along with them. Still, doesn't mean I like it."

We had recovered ourselves, and I had meticulously cleaned my prong of Annie's ass juices. Marie gave me a rinse for certainty, and I cleaned off again. (the water was mighty cold! Fine for drinking, no so fine for immersing my dick in!) Annie crawled over to me, and, grasping my tool, took me into her mouth, her tongue encouraging a return to erection. As I lengthened in her mouth, Marie recorded her efforts, and my hardening unit nodded his approval, seeking shelter in her gullet. She seemed entirely absorbed by my cock, and her focus was doing wonderful things to my johnson. It seemed that introspection was doing good things to her sexual prowess, as she took my entire length into her throat repeatedly, no gagging or coughing at all. While she deep throated me, her tongue massaged my length. Her hands, displaced by her mouth, occupied themselves by caressing my balls, and exploring my perineum, pressing on my prostate in the process. Me, I was loving the entire experience.

Of all the women who have taken my jewels into their mouths, Annie certainly was in the first rank. This time was no exception, and she had certainly not let her skills decay. She noted my ascent to climax, and her hands encircled the base of my johnston. As the throbbing nearly reached its peak, she clamped down, stifling my ejaculation before I could erupt. She stopped her stimulation, and let my length rest upon her tongue, as she waited for me to retreat from climax. Determining that my ardor had cooled, she resumed her ministrations, and began once again to lead me towards filling her with my man pudding.

Since it was my second climax of the afternoon we were chasing, I was certainly in no hurry. Annie was getting red faced, and she was becoming moist from saliva and sweat long about the time I began to rise the slope to ejaculation. I grasped her head, and began to fuck her face. She removed her hands from my nads, and crossed them at the small of her back, tilting her head back a bit so I could plunge my joint full length into her throat. I began to power fuck her throat, slamming into her as if it were her puss I was taking, rather than her airway. As I accelerated into my peak, I settled fully into her throat, and began to pump what felt like weeks' worth of sperm into her stomach. I was rigid with delight, and lost in my pleasure, until Marie began to tug at my arm, disentangling my hands from Annie's head.

I nearly fell, which would have placed me atop Annie, who slumped, panting and gasping upon the grass. Marie directed me to the picnic table, and I folded gratefully upon it, while she turned to Annie. Once convinced that Annie was alright, she fetched a couple of waters, and provided us each one. I poured half of mine over my head, and sucked down the rest. Annie, having not yet caught her breath, was more deliberate, sipping occasionally.

Reaching for a second bottle of water, Annie observed, "While I understand that the fun-in-the-sun aspect of things is among your favorites, I've got to say that your enthusiasm for affairs," accompanied by a wry grin at her pun, "is both refreshing as well as surprising. I know how old you are, and this sort of repeat performance is not what I expected."

"Well, you do realize that I have anticipated this, well, reunion, for a while, right?"

Annie nodded. I continued. "I included in my plans a healthy stock of performance enhancing drugs."

"It appears that your foresight paid off."

"You think?", I agreed. "Speaking of foresight, I have another chapter to add to the afternoon's activities. I'm not so certain you will be so enthusiastic for this phase. I want to nail your tits to a board."

I got the anticipated reaction. "Are you out of your fucking mind? No fucking way!"

"I certainly cannot blame you, but hear me out." I reached into my duffel bag, and withdrew a hammer, some pliers, and a couple of small packages recognizable as autoclaved suture kits. "My plan is to scrub your breasts with betadine, nail them to this board with the finishing nails I have here," pointing to the packages, "and then take advantage of your immobility. You ought to come out the other end of the experience tender for a brief time, but ultimately unscathed. You have enjoyed things, this weekend, that you never thought you would. This may become one more."

Unsurprisingly, she looked dubiously at me. We both knew that a woman's breasts are richly endowed with sensory nerves: that is part of why they are an erogenous zone, and part of why breastfeeding is so pleasant for the mother. Those same nerves also, quite effectively, convey pain messages to the brain. Nobody in that glen wondered if this would be painful for Annie.

"What do you like on your hamburger?" I asked, to remind her of her safe words.

"I know goddam well what I like on my hamburger, and for right now, it's mayonnaise! Now, give me a minute to steel myself for this."

She took a couple of minutes to slow her breathing, and finally she crossed her hands behind her, and observed, "You ought to tie me, I just know I'll jerk, or grab, or something, at the last minute, and that will likely cause damage you do not intend." I did so, and led her to the table. I laid the board on top, and positioned her on one of the benches, her breasts resting on the board. I tied her ankles to the posts supporting the bench, and strapped her bound hands behind her by means of a waist belt. Finally, I anchored more rope to the far side of the tabletop, and secured her upper arms with it, now pinning her torso to the edge of the table.

I allowed the betadine to dry, and steadied the first nail against the fold of skin I had pinched off at the side of the breast. She tensed as I drew back the hammer, and yelped as I drove the finishing nail through her skin, and into the board. I repeated the process three more times, eliciting three more protests, and had her left breast secured to the board by 4 nails. I repeated the process on her right, and finally her breasts were framed by stainless steel "V"s pointing to each nipple. By this point, she had not spoken her safe word, but she was panting and sweating in the sunshine, tugging at her restraints as if to cup her punctured mammaries. I took yet another nail from the autoclave pack, and centered it over her left nipple.

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