Daddy Takes My Virginity

by Daddy's Stephie

Copyright© 2014 by Daddy's Stephie

Incest Sex Story: My first year in high school sucked. Boys didnt notice me and I was thin and awkward. My dad noticed me though and decided to take my virginity

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   First   .

He had been touching me a lot lately. Ever since mom left. It always appeared to be accidental. It started on my 14th birthday when his hug was too long and his hand touched my ass. His playful tickles and smacks changed. It seemed he was finding excuses to touch me. I was way too old to sit in his lap but he liked it, and his hand would slide up my skirt to brush my panties.

I think it was supposed to make me feel bad. That's what people at school would've thought. Half of them were fucking their boyfriends on a regular basis but somehow I was wrong for letting my Dad touch me?

As the year progressed not much changed right away. I was still too skinny and didn't have much to fill my bra. I had nice long dark hair and blue eyes, but I was hopelessly petite. My mom was slender like me too. Boys didn't notice me much. They all looked at the seniors and the girls with big tits and round asses. One day I told my dad, I wanted breast implants because boys only dates the girls in my high school with big boobs. I didn't have anyone else to talk to. My mom had been a hopeless drunk up until she left us. When I said that, he gave me the oddest look and said, "Well, lets have a look shall we."

I felt my heart pounding funny. I asked him what he meant by that. He told me that he wasn't going to get me implants if he didn't think I needed them. I slid my shirt over my head and stood there with him gazing at my tits. He walked around me thoughtfully. He stared for the longest time. My nipples hardened from the cool air. Daddy walked over to his favorite chair and took a long shaky breath. He called me over to him.

I started to grab my shirt and he said, "Leave it. " I walked over to him And sat in his lap. He pulled me back against him. His hands slid up my belly slowly till he came to my tits. His big hands covered them completely and he ran his thumbs over my nipples. It felt really good. He took my nipples between his thumbs and finger and pinched them firmly. I gasped in pleasure.

"Daddy, is this wrong?"

"Does it feel wrong to you Stephie?"

It actually felt really good. I let him continue and he slid his hand up my skirt and brushed his hand against my pink panties. He rubbed through my panties for a few minutes, then slowly slid his hand in my panties. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It felt amazing. He took a deep shuddering breath.

"Daddy? Are you Ok?"

"Why is your pussy bare? Have you let boys touch you there?"

I was mortified. I had started removing the hair, because girls at school made fun of girls with a "hairy bush".

I told him, I kept it smooth on purpose and he smiled.

"Good. Daddy likes that."

He slid his finger up and down the outside of my slit softly. He was stroking my slit with gentle touches and I shivered. He probed one finger gently between my soft smooth cunt lips. His big finger stroked softly between my pussy lips and without meaning to my legs opened a little. Abruptly he stood.

He set me into the chair and got to his knees. He lowered his mouth to my nipple and licked and sucked it.

My eyes closed.

"If you want me to stop I will Stephie."

It felt good so I said nothing. He worked my nipples agonizingly slowly. Sucking, teasing, nibbling sucking my whole small tit into his mouth. His hands slid to my panties and he started to slide them down.

"Daddy!! Stop!!"

He paused what he was doing and smiled softly.

"Stephie, please let Daddy look at your sweet cunt." I nodded to him and he slid my panties off and stared at my smooth pussy. He slowly like in a dream lowered his mouth to my pussy. He teased the outer lips softly with his tongue. My heart was hammering. His tongue probed deeper and then he pulled my legs apart and began devouring my tiny, bare pussy like a man starving. He licked my hard little clit and tongued me gently then faster and harder. My breath was coming harder as I felt the pressure building. He slid one finger in just up to the first knuckle and sucked my cunt hard. Pleasure shot through me and I shuddered hard, gasping with my first orgasm ever given to me by anyone other than myself.

He didn't stop licking. He kept going and now he stuck his tongue inside. I was thrashing around when he stopped. He unbuckled his pants. He slid his pants off and his underwear and I saw his cock was fully erect and looked big.

"Daddy made you feel very good Stephie, so I want you to make me feel good."

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