And So Begins Another Day in Paradise

by Florida boy

Copyright© 2014 by Florida boy

Romantic Sex Story: A man remembers his first time with his wife Ever wonder what paradise looks like , well for me this is it.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Heterosexual   True Story   First   Oral Sex   .

My awakening begins as I climb out of the depths of sleep. Daylight is creeping softly through the blinds and falls upon my face like the kiss of a young maiden. I hear the songs of a dozen different birds as they announce the sun, and the new day's arrival.

My love is beside me, and I turn and gently stroke her cheek as her eyes flutter open and she smiles at me. I spoon behind her and gaze out our large glass doors, in our bedroom, at the beauty of Mother Nature.

This is the fulfillment of my lifelong dreams, a beautiful home, a beautiful place and a beautiful woman to share it with. And so begins another day in paradise, what more could a man ask for.

As I inhale the essence of my lover I am reminded of the previous nights lovemaking. I softly cup her breast and pull her close to me. Her fingertips softly trace random patterns up my thigh as she half dozes, unwilling to totally let go the night. I slowly slide my hand from her breast down to her center and she moans in anticipation of its arrival. Her heat guides my journey to its completion, and her soft sighs announce the reaching of my destination.

I nibble on her ear and spread soft kisses on the nape of her neck. She presses back against my hardening manhood and again lets out a soft moan letting me know my ministrations are pleasing her. I feel her start the movement that tells me she is close to reaching her climax and I increase my pressure and speed to meet her need. Suddenly she tenses, traps my hand and I feel her spasms of her release. I continue to slowly stroke her until I hear her breathing deepen, and know that she has returned to sleep. I return my hand to her soft breast and slip back into sleep myself.

My dreams are playing in my mind as I feel my lover near me, and her soft touch upon me brings pleasure and a smile comes to my lips. I slowly open my eyes and realize the pleasure is real, as I gaze down on her beautiful face, which is between my legs. I watch as her tongue sinuously caresses my cock, and her eyes sparkle as she realizes I am awake and enjoying her morning wakeup sex.

I lie there enjoying the feelings of love and pleasure she is giving me, and try to think about all the good things in my life that I am most thankful for.

It wasn't always like this; the early days had been a struggle. We started out with nothing but our love for each other, and both of us worked hard to achieve what we have today.

Along the way we raised a couple of pretty good kids, who are off now with families of their own. And even though we loved them dearly, our love for each other was always paramount in our lives. We just loved being with each other, and after all these years her look and her touch still excites me as if I were a teenager again.

I had been to Florida while I served with the navy back in the mid 60's. I loved the warm days and the beaches. I had always hated snow and the cold, and when I spent my first winter in Florida, I knew that some day I would return. There I would live out my life in the sun and never be cold again.

For many years my wife and I vacationed in Ft. Meyers, and we really enjoyed it. About 15 years ago I started introducing her to my plan to move here when I retired. At first she just kind of laughed it off and said "right."

But over the years I kept up my urging and at last she finally realized I was very serious about the move.

Both our parents had past and all but a couple of our siblings had spread to the hinterlands. Only our children remained close, and when our son and daughter-in-law announced they were moving to Florida, well there just wasn't enough to hold us there anymore once I retired. We knew it was only a matter of time before our daughter's family joined us as well.

Over the last few years, Ft. Meyers had become overgrown with urban sprawl and crime. The cost of living, and the Florida housing boom had made it no longer a place for us to live. Plus my wife said, away from the beach, it was ugly with nothing but palmetto swamps and scrubland.

I remembered back to my navy days, and a place in the north central part of the state, where a shipmate of mine lived, and told her we should look there. It was not like the Florida she was used to. It had lush rolling fields full of large thoroughbred horse farms, with big live oak trees. Ocala was the closest town and was a growing little city with enough social amenities, but still small enough to not have all the big city problems.

After looking at several developments, we chose a gated golf community and had our dream home built.

Now our days are filled with being a couple in love. Days we never got to spend or enjoy in our youth, because life, making a living and raising kids always seemed to take precedence over everything else.

I look down again at my lover and smiled at the quizzical look on her face, as I realize I had drifted off in my mind, while she was trying to pleasure me with her mouth. I silently mouthed, "I love you" as she renewed her efforts.

I reached down and pulled her up to me, kissing her deeply and not minding the taste of myself on her lips. I softly stroked her back and let my other hand cup her soft butt cheek. After all these years she still has a marvelous ass, and I never tire of seeing or touching it.

I pushed her slowly off me as my bladder now screamed for relief. I gently kiss the tip of her nose and tell her I'll be right back. She gives me a quick smile and then dashes to beat me to the bathroom. I smack her fleeing butt as she scampers into the bathroom in front of me.

I chuckle to myself as she so daintily sets down in front of me, as I lean back against the vanity to await my turn. Watching her like this just seems so natural after all these years. Her stream trickles to a stop and she pats herself dry.

She gets up, smiles at me and says, "your turn." I brush the back of my hand across her mons as she passes by, and she dodges the butt tap she knows is coming next, as she deliberately wiggles her butt back down the hall. I just shake my head and smile back at her as I step forward and finish my business.

Now you may be thinking, what's a couple of "old folks" doing acting like horny teenagers? Well, the truth is I don't feel old. I still enjoy making love as much as I did twenty or thirty years ago. Yeah I do it a little slower now days, and the acrobatics of days gone by just don't work some how these days. But the love, tenderness and desire are still just as strong as they were then. Making love these days is more often mental than physical.

I often make love to my wife from across the room with just a look or a knowing smile. She says I'm just a dirty old man.

I ask her whom she's calling old. I leave the bathroom and walk back down the hall to our bedroom and begin thinking of the first time we ever made love. God, that was so long ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday.

We had messed around before with each other, but never consummated our love completely until that day. I had been away for several months on a cruise to the Mediterranean with the Sixth Fleet. I had just gotten home on leave and both of us were so horny, we were like two circling wolves after one rabbit.

We went to my mother's house while she was at work. It was wintertime and it had snowed out side. We got inside the door, and both started tearing our coats off, as we quickly made our way to the bedroom. I had both my arms around her and was kissing her all over her face. We bumped into the bed and fell onto it, and into each other's arms. We both kicked off our shoes and it seemed at that point everything went into slow motion, an almost a dream like state. We continued kissing and caressing each other, but it was as if now that we were together, the urgency was replaced by a sense of wonder and realization that at last, our time was at hand. I looked into her beautiful brown eyes and looked for a sign that she wanted me as much as I wanted her. I felt her take my hand and place it on her sweater over her breast. She looked at me with a love so deep and obvious in her eyes, that it made me shudder and at the same time made my heart almost leap out of my chest.

I slowly moved my hand to the buttons on her sweater and started to undo them one by one. I was torn to look down at the body that was slowly being revealed to me, but the look of overwhelming love and trust in her eyes would not release me to see what I had so long waited to see. I reached the last button and I again looked into her eyes and asked, "Are you sure?" I felt her hand reach for me and groaned my answer to her response. I opened the button on her tight jeans and slowly worked them down off her hips. She raised her butt to help me, and started undoing my shirt buttons, as I pushed her jeans down past her knees. Again our eyes never left each other and I saw a tiny tear form at the corner of one of her eyes. For a second I became concerned and hesitant, and I wondered if maybe she was just doing this because she wanted to please me.

It was then she saw my hesitation and she quickly reached down and kicked her jeans and panties the rest of the way off, and she smiled up at me. I bent down and kissed the tear away, and for the first time I looked down and stared in awe at the beautiful woman lying beneath me.

I jumped a little when I felt her hands unfastening my belt and opening my pants. Her touch has always done that to me. Her small hands now worked with a new urgency to get the rest of my clothes off. I whispered, I love you, and she giggled as she started to say it at the same time. I said, "Do you know how beautiful you are?" She blushed and lowered her eyes and slowly shook her head no. "Well you are," I told her.

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