Taking Them Down a Peg
Chapter 1

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young high school student has been bullied for years and when he suddenly fights back against one of them it has unexpectedly pleasurable consequences. He soon finds out some of the other bullies have some peculiar kinks and he has the disposition to help them.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Ma/mt   Mult   Teenagers   Reluctant   Coercion   Gay   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Cheating   Revenge   MaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Oral Sex  

I knew it was a bad idea to take a shower at this time, I was just asking for trouble I should of gone home and used my own but instead I had the brilliant idea to use the changing room showers. Now here I am with the guy who has made my life miserable for the past 5 years staring at me with pure disdain in his eyes, what I did to earn such emotions I will never know.

I was close to full blown panic as my avenue of escape was cut off by the blonde haired, blue eyed hulking 6'2 mass of pure muscle that is Jackson Summers, the star athlete of Black-ridge high school.

Looking at Jackson didn't even get me hard like it usually did, it just goes to show how bad my fear of him was at this moment and it only increased with each slow step he took towards me.

"What the fuck are you doing in here little Luke?" He glared at me while he talked through clenched teeth.

Jackson was not happy to see me. That became even more obvious when he rushed me, all 220 pounds of him shoved me into the concrete wall knocking the wind out of my body. Crumpling to the ground I lay there gasping for breath while Jackson smirked at me, his eyes looking at me as if to dare me to get up and fight back.

As I lay on the ground my thoughts flashed back to the first time I crossed paths with my tormentors, yes, tormentors with an 's'; there wasn't just one there were many of them. One of the worst ones and the one I met at the same time as I met Jackson was a small girl named Sarah Middleton.

I first met Jackson and Sarah 5 years ago at a birthday party for a girl named Lisa, the odd thing was at first we became friends we spent the entire birthday party together talking and playing, we even planned to get together the week after and hang out. The next time I saw the two of them Jackson had shoved me over while Sarah verbally abused me.

I never did discover what caused the terrible twosome, a moniker that I personally dubbed them with, to dislike me so much but that was in the past and the fear I am feeling was in the present.

Muttering under my breath I stammered out an apology, "I'm sorry ma man I uh ... needed to shower it was only supposed to be a quick one."

"I don't give a fuck what it was suppose to be, you're here using athlete's showers man a pussy like you doesn't deserve to be in here." The disdain he used while he spoke those words cut into me, pushing me into a dark place. He kept on berating me "look you piece of trash, no one and I mean no one wants to see you around, do the world a favour and go do drugs or something." It hurt, it really hurt. "Why couldn't you turn out like your brother and sister, they're cool but you're just trash. Your parents really fucked up raising their youngest child, turning him into a wimp and shit."

The blood drained from my face when I heard him call me a wimp, the things he was saying before were bad but that word was the worst, it was a word I was very familiar with, it's the word that caused me to snap. You see as I was growing up my mother was the dominant figure in the household, she constantly berated my father for everything he did, if he got home late she spent an hour yelling at him for wasting the meal she lovingly cooked for him even though all it took was a minute in the microwave to make it edible again it didn't matter to her, being late wasn't the only thing but it was the one that set her off the most.

One night after a particularly bad verbal thrashing from my mother my dad stood up from the dinner table and started to walk out she lashed out one final time at him, "hey, did I say you could leave, what you gona walk away from your wife you pathetic wimp?" It felt like the room had a massive drop in temperature dad's back was ramrod stiff, my mother knew that she had provoked a reaction and was ready for their confrontation to continue but she didn't get what she expected when he turned around.

In a deep emotionless voice my dad spoke to her evenly, "if you ever call me that word again I will pick up the chair you sit on and beat you with it." Mom was so shocked she had no reply, never had her husband threatened her like that and she knew he would do it too she could see it in his eyes.

Life changed after that confrontation mom became more loving and attentive to dad she looked at him as if he walked on water. The bad part was she directed the verbal abuse she use to use on my father to me, anything she could find fault in would result in abuse and she was particularly fond of the word wimp, that is why I picked up a distaste for the word. My siblings took notice of the interplay between her and myself, they took it upon themselves to continue on the family legacy of being cruel to me but only at school, they left the rest to my mother at home.

I always wondered why mom directed her attacks to me after dad and one day I asked him he said, "it's because we're similar, I let your mother believe she was in control of things because I loved her and wanted her to be happy, I didn't realise at the time that she needed a firmer hand to discipline her but I figured that out eventually, I hope you will too."

My dad's words confused me and I struggled for weeks to figure out what he meant, it wasn't until mom went to far with her abuse that I took a stand and I discovered what he meant by his words.

I had been having a particularly bad day the day my relationship with my mother changed, Jackson had shoved me into the lockers while Sarah and my siblings a few metres away stood there laughing at my predicament. When I got home I went to my room to chill out, taking off my shirt I stood in front of the mirror looking at the bruise forming on my shoulder from hitting the lockers with such force.

Mom came into my room eyeing me she walked up to my side and asked about my bruise, "What happened did you trip over yourself, seems like something you would do?" Now obviously I could not injure myself in such a way if I tripped over myself.

"No mom I was shoved into a locker, Jackson's been giving me a hard time lately." I said.

I prepared for the tirade that was coming and I was not disappointed. "Why couldn't you be more like your siblings go play some sports and hang out with friends instead of sitting at home, ha you're becoming like your father a pathetic person."

"Sorry I'm not like them mom."

"See what the hell are you doing becoming just like him they way you're going you'll end up a lonely old wimp!" She yelled.

My face drained of all colour as I slowly turned to her, I had been hearing that word from her far to much recently and with everything that had happened today it all mixed together into the perfect storm of calm rage as it all bubbled over.

"What did you say to me mom?"

"You heard me Luke I called you a wim-"

Before she could complete her sentence my hand wrapped around her throat, apply a steady pressure I whispered to her, "ever ... if you ever start to abuse me like you have been doing since your fight with dad or if you call me a wimp again I won't just stop with a tight grip like the one I have now, you will hurt and you will hurt badly do you understand me?"

Mom was struggling against my grip her eyes were closed and her face contorted in concentration, suddenly her eyes open and the light in her eyes showed defeat and even what I thought was a little pride but I must have been mistaken.

"Yes I understand Luke can you let me go now?" Pleading with me.

"Use please when you ask me to do something mom, show me respect." I responded with.

She uttered to me, "Luke can you please let me go I will stop?"

Mom treated me completely differently from then on she always deferred to me like my father, I would often catch her looking at me adoringly sadly this change of heart didn't transfer to my siblings as well and they continued to make me suffer.

The memories were weird and they came at an odd time if I had been thinking properly after Jackson uttered that forbidden word I might of connected the dots, the situation was eerily similar, maybe I would of seen the signs.

Quickly standing up to confront Jackson my silent rage boiled over, all this fucking abuse for no damn reason, constantly torturing me with other people making my life miserable WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO?! I screamed into my mind while I looked at him.

Barely thinking at this moment I charged at one of my worst tormentors and tackled him to the ground he smacked his head on the ground which disoriented him, swiftly I straddled his midsection, I pulled back my arm curling my fingers into a fist and swung at him squarely in the jaw. Pain blossomed in my hand it hurt bad, punching someone in the jaw was not the best way to do things but I was beyond caring. Pulling back my other arm I started laying into him repeatedly: stomach, chest, face, anything I could hit was an open target to release my rage onto.

After 30 seconds had passed my blows started slowing down and I felt something pressing on butt, my rage was dispelled and replaced with surprise. Here I was laying into this bully who had abused me for 5 years, me finally fighting back and the guy was getting horny, what the fuck?

Now what my family and friends didn't know about me was that I had some serious bisexual tendencies but so far I never got the chance to experiment, coupling my complete surprise at Jackson's reaction and the adrenaline from the fight I did something I would never normally do, I grabbed his 8" cock and started stroking it.

Jackson gasped he hadn't felt like this before he was usually the one in change, the one with power but with the subject of his eternal abuse sitting on top of him stroking his painfully hard and throbbing erection he discovered a new way to feel pleasure.

I looked into Jackson's eyes there was a defeat with a tinge of defiance in them but what was most obvious was the overwhelming arousal he was feeling as I stroked him. The thick piece of meat pulsed in my hand as I slowly stroked it, knowing how I liked to be touched I took my thumb and used my thumb to circle the head of his cock, Jackson shivered in obvious delight at the manipulations to tool.

My own member was now erect standing tall at 8 and a half inches with a very thick girth it looked kind of scary; veins were bulging as the angry flared head dripped precum. My cock needed to blow a load and it seems that I had a not so willing receptacle for my lust lying on the ground beneath me. I reached out and gripped his head pulling it close to my aching lance, he eyed it wearily while I continued to stroke his throbbing dick.

"Suck it." I ordered him.

Surprise appeared on his face following by a look of pure lust followed by a tiny bit of revulsion, "fuck no!" He yelled at me.

"I won't ask again Jackson, it's time you started making up for all the shit you put me through over the years, I can see it in your eyes you want to and I can feel it through your cock man." He listened to my words contemplating them, looking at me in the eyes I saw defeat in them.

Jackson moved his head forward opening his mouth he slowly engulfed my erection it felt mind blowing, my first blow job and it's from Jackson Summers. He was licking around the head with his lips holding suction around part of my shaft, feeling the tentative licks from his tongue as it explored each ridge and curve around the head of my penis was exquisite. I pushed his head in an attempt to make him take more of my shaft into his mouth but the position we're in wouldn't allow for it, seeing he ready to obey anything I said I stood up left the shower and sat on a bench outside the shower waiting for Jackson.

Jackson followed me with a glassy look in his eye kneeling down in front of me he opened his mouth wide and took my raging erection back into his mouth. The blowjob he was giving me was intense, lathing his tongue all over the head of my cock was causing my pleasure to skyrocket, my hand could never compare to this, the feeling of a hot wet hole engulfing my cock was divine I don't think I could go without this anymore.

I placed my hands on his hand gripping it tightly I started to slide in and out, picking up the face on the face fucking I was giving Jackson, my ball started to tingle with the familiar feeling of an inevitable ejaculation, I was going to paint his tonsils with my cum very soon.

Looking up at me with a worshipful expression he silently took more and more of my thrusting cock into his throat, this feeling couldn't get any better I thought. The feeling of intense heat was spreading throughout my body I was going to cum any second. Picking up my rapid thrusting into Jackson's mouth pushed me over the edge, quickly I buried my entire 8'5 shaft into his throat and fired my hot seed straight into his stomach, shot after shot of salty cum hit the back of his throat and slid down down his throat, my body was wracked with uncontrollable spasms as the biggest orgasm of my life pulsed through me.

As my orgasm settled I held my cock in him as his throat muscles pleasurably constricted around my shaft prolonging the lovely feeling I was having. Sadly, all things must come to an end so I pulled my cock from Jackson's mouth and leaned back to catch my breath. While I lay there he leaned forward hesitantly and started licking my cock clean of any excess seamen he had not swallowed, poor guy obviously wanted my complete load warming his belly I chuckled in astonishment.

Realising what had just happened between Jackson and I stunned me, without much thought for Jackson as he lay there licking his lips tasting whats left of my cum with his cock drooling seamen I hastily pulled on my clothes and ran away.

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