Episode 1 - Planning the Evening

by FamilyMan

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Humor Sex Story: This is about a family with an open marriage and incest bonds. Too many codes apply here, so I'll go for the minimum.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   .

The phone my desk rang just ten minutes before the end of the work day.

"Regina is on the line," Announced my lovely secretary Jasmine. Regina is my wife, so I couldn't possible avoid the call.

"Hello Regi dear," I said into the receiver. "Is there anything I have to buy on the way home?" This happens almost every day.

"Not this time Honey. I just wanted to ask you not to fuck your secretary today. We have a sort of a little problem at home and your big cock is the tool to solve it."

"And what sort of a problem could that be," I asked. "Is your current lover busy tonight?"

"No dear. It's Mel. You know that her boyfriend dumped her three days ago, and now she is so horny she is ready to climb the walls, or go out and pick up a stranger!"

My wife sounded really concerned. This really was a big problem – we didn't mind that our fifteen years old daughter fucks boyfriends, relatives and my business friends' but picking up strangers was taboo. We were worried for her health.

"Oh well," I said. "Jasmine will surely be disappointed, but what won't I do for our daughter."

Now, Jasmine was an eighteen years old replacement to my regular secretary who was on leave after giving birth to a lovely son. Bev, my regular secretary was thirty two years old and was used to getting fucked by me and by our company's CEO and of course her husband. No one was sure who the biological father of the baby was, but it didn't matter much because her husband also had a job in a department with ten young females surrounding him, and was really having the ball of his life. When she went on maternity leave Bev brought her niece, Jasmine, to replace her.

Almost the first thing Jasmine asked on her interview was:

"My aunt told me that this job includes lots of fucking. Is this true?"

She had me by the balls.

"We do not force anyone to do anything they do not want, but fucking the bosses may really be an advantage." I replied.

"Oh, don't get me wrong, sir." She said. "It really made me happy to hear about the fucking that goes on here. I simply love fucking! I only hope that you people have big cocks, but it will be just as good even if not. Quantity can compensate quality in this case." She giggled. "Would you like to have a test run?"

"Of course, dear. I always want to see a candidate's qualifications."

She stood up and in a swift motion removed her dress. She wore nothing underneath – and she was a real beauty. Eighteen year olds always are. She had light brown hair falling down to her wonderful tight ass, a pair of B cup tits that easily passes the pencil test with small pink nipples pointing up. Her flat tummy ended with a landing strip of soft hair pointing down to her shaved slit. I was looking at this young beauty and drooled.

Then she moved a few papers from the center of my desk aside and sat down on the edge of the desk right in front of my face with her thighs spread wide.

What is a man to do in such circumstances? My head dove between those thighs and I started licking her pussy in earnest. Oh, wow, she was delicious! She really must have loved it because only two minutes after I started eating her – her thighs slammed on my ears and she was cumming like a freight train out of control.

When I succeeded getting my head out of between her thighs I stood up, removed my pants and with one shove I was in her to the hilt. Oh, boy! She was tight, she was wet, and she'd fit around my cock like a soft glove. AND she was multi orgasmic! She started cumming when I entered her and didn't stop until after I squirted my juice into her.

After getting home in the evening I told my family about her and they all responded like: "Oh good. I was afraid that you'll be without any pussy until Bev returns."

Anyway, back to the conversation with my wife, Regi

"If Jasmine will be so disappointed give her a quickie and then come home," Said my dear wife.

"I assume you'll be fucking Jimmy or whatever his name is." I retorted.

"No dear. You know how Josh (our seventeen years old son) gets when he sees you fucking his sister. I'll stay home and take care of Josh."

"Oh good!" I exclaimed. "The whole family fucking together without waiting for the weekend. This is really going to be a fun night. OK, dear. I'll see you in an hour."

Putting down the receiver I buzzed Jasmine on the intercom and she stepped into my office.

"I'm sorry, Jasmine. There is an emergency at home, so I only have time for a quickie and then I'll have to leave."

"It's ok, boss. Your family should always come first, and certainly your beautiful daughter."

"Jasmine, have you been listening in on my call? I don't like that, you know."

She just giggled, raised her skirt to her waist and leaned over my desk. I took out my cock and without any preliminaries slammed it into her always wet cunt. I was fucking her for ten minutes when I felt my juiced run up my cock and flooding her inside, and of course she was screaming her orgasm to the world.

"Sorry, baby, but I have to go now," I said while pulling my pants up. "Why don't you check whether Oliver (our CEO) is in and whether he doesn't have another chippie with him. He'll be glad to give you a run till late at night."

Forty-five minutes later I entered my home. I was hardly through the door when my lovely Melinda jumped naked into my arms giving me a wet kiss with lots of tongue.

"Thanks for coming to put out my fire, Daddy."

Within seconds she released my belt, pushed down my pants and had my cock in her sweet mouth. One second later she released me only to say:

"I taste cunt, Daddy. Who was it, Jasmine?"

"Of course, sweetie. Who else can it be? I don't fuck around a lot, as you know."

She just snorted and went back to sucking my cock. I often marveled at how a fifteen year old girl can become such an expert. But then I'd remember that I and her brother were fucking her even before she became twelve.

Suddenly she turned around, put her hands on the floor (she was a good gymnast) and raised her ass.

"Give it to me good, dad. Hard and fast."

Again, what won't I do for my lovely daughter? I slammed into her and started pumping really hard and fast until I drenched her insides with my cum.

"Thanks, Daddy. I needed this so bad!"

My wife called our son for dinner, shouting: "Come down naked!"

We sat down to eat, all of us naked. Josh looked us with suspicion in his eyes:

"You've started without me, huh?"

I was about to start apologizing when my sweet wife said:

"Don't worry, Josh. You'll get yours too. I stayed home with the purpose that you won't be neglected."

Well, we weren't far into dinner when my daughter just said: "I need more."

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