Turning Into an Alien

by Ka Hmnd

Copyright© 2014 by Ka Hmnd

Science Fiction Sex Story: An albino human outcast has a dream of becoming Kaire. When he finds out one of the local clan leaders plans to purge his clan of two girls he acts. Saving the two girls is only the beginning of his life as a Kaire.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Science Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   .

I was human and hated it, I was an albino and could not even go out into the light of day. I was extremely smart and on Gavin that mattered. I watched many races and the one I wished I had been born into would have killed me at birth. That did not stop me from watching and dreaming. I studied many things, only one mattered to my plans.

My dad had been an engineer and my mother a bio gene engineer. I had spider spies in dozens of Kaire clan homes. One was a extremely large clan that was actually going or becoming static. They had twin girls that were only thirteen and solid white. They were not albino, they were blind and the clan leader had finally decide to purge his clan.

I stiffened when I heard and started moving. It was still light outside and I pulled the dark cloak around me with a dark face gauze and dark tinted glasses. I moved through the wrecks at a run and the few people that saw me turned away. I reached the rear of the huge dreadnaught and started climbing.

I stopped at an unused personal hatch and opened the manual override panel. I pulled out the old metal crank and pushed one end into the door slot. I started cranking as I preyed they would wait before killing the girls. Once the hatch was open far enough I slipped in and started on the inner hatch.

I got it open and looked each way before stepping into the ship. I knew the layout and turned away from the occupied parts of the ship. I found unused service stairs and went down two levels before turning and heading towards the old crew quarters. I moved slowly and listen to voices when I came to the bunks used by the lowest ranked in the clan.

I found the two girls huddled together on a bunk and hissed. They stopped crying to listen and I whispered, "grab what you can and stand up."

They shifted before one murmured, "who are you?"

I had thought about this all the way here, "I claim you, now get your things and stand."

My heart was pounding as the words seemed to echo. A moment later the two girls shifted and moved off the bunk. I hesitated and bent to roll all the blankets into a large bundle. I made sure they were holding hands before taking Gem's hand. Her sister Crystal almost whimpered as I whispered, "hand on the wall and follow."

We moved slowly and I gave them a warning as we went. I led them back and then up the stairs and around to the airlock hatch. I had them wait as I slowly closed the hatch. I helped Gem out and carried her down on my back. I had her wait and went back for Crystal and carried her down.

I had her take her sister's hand and looked around in the early evening light before I started moving through the wrecks. I went slow so the girls did not trip or fall. The huge abandoned cargo ship that was my home looked ancient. Like a total wreck, at least it looked like a cargo ship. What you could not see was the shape it was in on the inside.

I helped them in and led them into my exam area. I sat them down on a couch before going to get meal packs and drinks. I fed them and stripped as I looked into the lab area before coming back. Looking at the girls and I could not help but move to them and take DNA samples. I caressed Gem's cheek, "you are beautiful."

She looked away, "I am nothing."

I turned her face back to me, "I claim you and what I claim is not nothing."

She was looking towards me but could not see me. I touched her sister and stood them up before leading them into the lab. I moved two tables together and sat them before putting the samples in a gene evaluator. I used a comp and specified optical. I blinked at what I saw and turned to look at the girls.

I moved back to them and stood between Crystal's legs and rubbed her sides, "my ladies I checked the DNA and I could repair your eyes."

They shifted and Gem cleared her throat, "how?"

I smiled, "my home is actually an old medical ship. I have an AI sphere and first class medical robots which I have plenty of."

I looked at them before touching Crystal and caressed her with more yearning than I thought showed, "I am a human, an albino."

They shifted and Crystal reached out to feel my face as I waited, "but you..."

I looked away, "I wish I were Kaire."

Gem shook her head, "but..."

I caressed her thigh, "but I have ten thousand Kaire DNA samples. I have grown a Kaire body, a male that is around his sixteenth year."

Crystal caressed my face, "you are telling us because?"

I sighed, "because after you have your sight you may not want me."

Gem straightened, "we would not..."

Crystal rubbed my chest, "would you like to consummate your claim before..."

I opened her blouse and felt her firm breasts, "I am very tempted but..."

I shook myself and turned to a tray. A touch against her temple and I caught her and laid her down as Gem shifted, "what happened?"

I moved to her and opened her blouse to suck on a nipple. She shuddered and I smiled, "after you can see."

I touched the device to her temple and she sighed and laid back. I laid them both out and turned to the medical comp, "Doc?"

"Yes Alex?"

I looked at the girls, "I need you to examine the two girls present and correct the optic..."

"Take them into the operating room and we can begin the process."

I smiled, "thank you Albert."

I moved the two into the operating room and watched the medical robots begin to cut their clothing off. I backed out and moved through the ship into a room with a stasis tube. I looked at the tall golden Kaire with a single dark blaze on the chest and took a breath, "you can not keep putting it off."

I moved the tube onto a gurney and started moving it towards the main operating room. I started setting up and preparing everything before going to check on the girls. They were just cleaning up when I stepped in with a mask on, "done?"

"Yes and before you ask they will recover perfectly."

I smiled, "could you move them to recovery and make sure they are warm?"

"You have set up for the transfer?"

I sighed, "if something happens please tell the girls I ... tell them how to find their way out and back to their clan."

"I told you there is a ninety eight percent probability of success."

I looked down at myself before turning to walk into the other operating room. I stripped before climbing onto the other bed. I glanced at the medical robots as they moved towards me and felt a moment of panic before I took a breath, "do it."

The world went black and then it was like I was living my life over in blink. I opened my eyes to soft murmurs and turned to see Gem and Crystal but not like I had seen them before. I blinked as I adjusted, "Albert"


I slowly sat up and turned to sit on the edge of the bed, "the muscles are a little weak and my sight is different."

"That is how Kaire see things and we expected a slight degree of tone loss."

The girls were looking at me as I slowly stood. I shifted and glanced at my tail before taking a breath, "I think I will need to learn balance again."

I took a step and then another and another until I crossed to the other beds. I smiled at the girls, "so..."

Gem or I think it was Gem reached out to touch me, "you are beautiful."

I caught her hand and caressed her cheek, "not as lovely as you and Crystal."

Her sister giggled, "how did you know she was Gem?"

I shook my head, "I just did."

I turned, "Albert?"


I smiled, "my old body?"

"It expired as soon as the transfer was complete."

I nodded, "put it in the incinerator."

I turned back to the girls and looked at them. I wanted to tell them I claimed them but could not. Gem saved me and reached out to rub my cheek, "you claimed us and I wish to consummate it now."

I opened my mouth and she put a finger over my lips, "it was you and I want you now."

She was purring but there was almost a growl that seemed to strike into me. I moved around and helped her stand and then turned to help Crystal and her tail wrapped around my hip. Gem's joined her sister's as I hesitated before putting my arms around them. My cabin had been the ship captain's once upon a time.

I was tired when we reached the room and sat on the bed before laying back. The girls crawled onto the bed as I tried to catch my breath. Gem rubbed my chest and belly, "okay?"

I smiled, "weak but I feel more alive then ever in my life."

I turned and felt her breast and rubbed the nipple. She shuddered and Crystal rolled her onto her back and then rubbed cheeks as her hand slipped down between her legs. They were purring loudly as Gem humped and then spasmed as she gasped. Crystal laughed, "it is much better now that I can see you."

Gem looked at me quickly and I bent to suck on a nipple. She shuddered and I moved down and over between her legs. Crystal moved down, "what are you doing?"

I felt her sister's almost hot pussy before opening it and leaning in and licking, she gasped and humped. I pushed my tongue into her and then licked her again before nibbling on her clit and sucking as she wailed and spasmed, "aaaahhhh!"

Crystal laughed and reached under my chin to push a finger into her sister as I continued to suck on her clit. Gem bucked and humped and thrashed as I wiggled my tongue and a few minutes later I turned as she howled. I kissed Crystal before moving up and over her sister. I pressed against Gem and humped before gasping as my thick cock came out of its sheath.

I forced it into Gem's pussy and pushed deeper as I started to fuck her. I caught myself as I fucked her fast and slowed down. She was jerking and clinging to me as she wailed while her pussy grasped and squeezed my cock. I buried my cock and rubbed her cheek with mine as I humped and pressed.

She lifted her legs and howled as her pussy milked my cock. I pulled back before starting to fuck her with long deep thrusts. She was bucking and thrashing around and clutching me constantly, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I thrust into her and tried to push deeper before I was suddenly pumping cum in a thick stream. Gem spread her legs as warm sperm erupted in her and gushed deep into her womb. I shuddered and grunted as I poured cum into her and finally took a breath when I stopped. She shuddered as her now slimy pussy kept squeezing.

I rubbed cheeks with her, "thank you so much."

She wrapped her legs around me and smiled, "you do know we do not have implants?"

I blinked as that piece of information registered and smiled, "I hope you have a large litter."

She and her sister laughed and she shook me. I pulled out and Crystal pulled me onto my back before she moved back down between her sister's legs. She grinned up her body before starting to lick her leaking pussy. Gem shuddered and humped, "OH!"

I was watching Crystal's butt in the air and finally moved down and behind her. I rubbed her slit and she pushed back as her tail wrapped around me and pulled. I shifted and fitted my sheath to her slit before humping and shuddered as my cock came out and pushed against and then into her.

It stretched her tight pussy and sank deeper as I shuddered and kept humping and pushing. She pushed back and shook while she wailed, "YES!"

I held her hips as I began to fuck her and her tight pussy grasped and milked my cock. She shoved back and forth as I buried my cock and pushed her down before I started to fuck down into her. She was kicking the bed and yawling as I kept fucking her with long thrusts. I enjoyed the way her pussy squeezed and massaged my cock.

Soon she was thrashing around while her pussy clenched and I shoved into her hard before I came. Like before I gushed a stream of cum into her and she tilted her hips when she felt it, "aaaahhhh!"

I pumped and then spurted until I was done. I pulled out and moved up beside her sister. Gem grinned and turned to straddle me and fit my shrinking cock to her pussy before pushing down. My cock got hard as it pushed into her slimy hole and she wiggled before thrusting back and forth.

It was a long time before they went to sleep and cum continued to leak as they slept. I lay awake feeling them before closing my eyes with a prayer that this was not a dream. I woke to the girls moving off the bed and followed as they looked around and pulled them into the fresher. I had to learn things all over again but managed and then we went back to an exam room.

I had them checked and then myself and waited breathlessly. Albert had one of the medical robots use a muscle toner and I felt a lot better. Everything was moving before I was ready but I went with it. I ate with the girls and then they watched as I removed Albert's AI sphere and a couple of medical robots.

I installed the sphere in the almost tiny runner and the robots in a closet. I made a check and added meal packs before bringing two comp screens to the girls, "Albert?"

"Yes Alex?"

I turned to the pilot seat, "can you teach the girls to read?"

"I ... that is not in my program but I am capable."

I lifted the runner and turned it as his voice began speaking from the two comp screens the girls held. I turned and accelerated and went higher and a lot faster. I was heading around the planet to what should have been the edge of the ocean if it was not full of ships. It would have been a bay or port but now it was just another mound of dead ships.

What drew me was an anomaly, a ship that was one and a half kilometers long, five hundred meters wide and three hundred tall. It was a trihull with large widows and cobalt blue engines. I set the runner down on the level deck of a cargo ship next to it that was ten kilometer long. I had a bit of equipment I had made to check the other ship.

I moved to one of the airlock doors of the ship I had come here for. I blinked in surprise when I found out the ship still had power. I plugged in a comp to decipher the ship's language before waiting and waiting and finally exploring a few of the other ships. Three days later the comp was finished and I stared at it, everything in the ship was in stasis.

I grinned and went back to the runner and stopped to rub cheeks with the two girls before opening a storage box. Albert had really made progress with the two girls by using a neural head net to teach them. I adjusted the old evac suit before heading back to the other ship. The ship was amazing, the reactor was something I did not know or understand ... yet.

The engines were a mystery, the only thing that brought me down was the brain, the AI that ran the ship was missing. I had an idea and started gathering large comp crystals from every ship I found them in. I made sure they were blank and any information was stored. I put a lattice together for navigation, life support, engineering ... well every station except medical.

For the ship computer I put a hundred crystals into a lattice. Two weeks after I entered the ship I used the sat net to download system comps into the lattices I had made. I watched the ship come to life before I looked at the logs that I had deciphered. That was when I learned the ship was called the Speaker.

The AI had been removed when the captain or speaker was sent to a new ship. I pulled up the ship list for engineering technology. I blinked at the translations before sitting down in the captain's chair. Every room, every cabin was fully integrated into a holograph system. The ship had fully stocked hydroponic bays.

A plant called Segit grew all over the ship and was listed as part of the oxygen recycling system. What made me think was the matter receptor and transmitter. I headed back to the runner and walked in to the girls giggling about something on a current news vid. I smiled as I went to make dinner and Gem pulled me to a seat and stripped me.

She pushed me down and straddled me before stroking my cock sheath and slowly sitting on my growing cock as it emerged. I shivered as I held her hips while she settled and leaned against me, "we want you to enter the planet Hunt."

I looked at her and then at her sister pressed against me rubbing her breasts on me, "I would not have a chance."

Gem bounced and her pussy squeezed my cock tight, "mmmm!"

Crystal turned my head as I groaned and shuddered myself, "we have seen you practicing the Art every evening. You work hard all day and have endurance and Albert said your body is extremely fit now."

Her sister shifted and twisted while her pussy milked my cock. She spasmed and shook as she rubbed my cheek with hers, "pppllleeeeaaaassssseeeee!"

I shuddered as my tail wrapped around her and I held her and stood. I turned and moved towards the bed and sat before rolling until she was under me. I began to fuck her and licked her jaw, "I will find a way."

She bucked and writhed around as she began to wail. Crystal laughed as she laid against us and rubbed my back. I fucked Gem with deep thrusts as I tried to cum and she clutched me while her slippery pussy worked on my cock. It took a few minutes before I thrust into her and began pumping a stream of warm sperm.

She jerked and lifted her hips, "YES!"

Crystal laughed and stroked the base of my tail, "the best part."

I shuddered and jabbed into her sister to spew more cum as she spasmed, "ooohhhh!"

When I was done I pulled out and turned to lay beside Gem. She rubbed her pelvis and Crystal bent to suck on a nipple. She held up one of the screens I had given them and showed me a vid image of a Kaire girl, "she is to go to the winner and we want her."

I sighed, "I will try but..."

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