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BDSM Sex Story: Husband chains his wife to the bed then..

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Sister   MaleDom   Exhibitionism   Big Breasts   Male Domination.

My trip to the shops had been successful, now with my cordless drill I fitted the five ring bolts into the head and tail boards of my big kingsize bed. Out of the cupboard came last week's purchases, four leather cuffs, and four lengths of chain.

"What's all this?" she murmured as I lead her upstairs to the bedroom.

"Get you top off," was my reply.

"What, no," she gasped.

"Off now or I'll rip it off," I said trying to sound masterful.

She didn't reply but just giggled while she pulled her thin knitted top over her head to reveal her non-too sexy bra. Jan is not that big in the tit department, just a 34 B+, and she doesn't need to wear a bra but despite my constant urging she still almost always does.

"What are you going to do to me?" she asked as she unclipped her bra.

"Just wait and see slut," I almost whispered.

She may not be big and busty like her younger sister Pam but to me her tits are just perfect.

"On the bed," I said in my most commanding voice.

The leather cuffs wrap around her slender wrists and the chains connected to the ring bolts.

"Oh my," she said her eyes open wide in trepidation.

With her arms tied now I can start. I sit on the bed and my hands move slowly over her tits, squeezing and fondling.

"Now I can do anything I like to you," I said quite unnecessarily. "I might give Paul a ring and tell him to come over.

"Yeah and I know who he'll be coming over," she said with a giggle, not sounding at all worried by the prospect.

"You're nothing but a slut," I said, squeezing her right tits harder.

"Yeah, but I'm your slut," she said with a gasp.

Five minutes on her perfect tits and I move down to attack her tight jeans. Her legs are long and slender but her jeans are skin tight and take some getting off. At last I succeed but in doing so her bikini knickers have come off too. Never mind I thought with a chuckle for they were coming off anyway. Now with her totally naked I attached the second pair of leather cuffs to her ankles and the two remaining chains to the bottom ring bolts.

"There we are," I said with a big sigh. "What a wonderful sight."

As indeed it was, totally naked, spread eagled on the bed.

"What you going to do now?" she asked in a whisper.

"What do you think my little slut?" I said with a big smile. "I'm going to fuck your brains out."

"No, no," she whispered in mock terror." Please Sir, I'm still a virgin."

"You've not been a virgin since you were twelve," I said. "When you let your brother Billy between your legs."

"Thirteen," she corrected me. "And it wasn't just my brother.

This was an old sexual fantasy of hers and now mine. She always wanted to seduce her older brother but as far as I know she never did. Not that it mattered too much for many a good orgasm had been reached by telling this particular fantasy during our lovemaking. My fingers found her slit and she was already very wet.

"Perhaps I will ring Paul," I said as my fingers entered her.

"Yes, yes," she muttered.

I don't know what she was saying yes too; my friend Paul coming over, who always featured large in many of her sexual fantasies, or more likely it was the action of my fingers inside her soaking wet pussy. She was very near now so I squeezed her nearest tit very hard as I knew the pain would put her over the top.

"Oh my god," she muttered as her body stiffened as she came hard.

"Was that nice?" I asked stoking her perfect body.

"Mmm," she mumbled.

"Like some cock now?" I asked.

I didn't wait for her reply but moved between her legs, freed the beast from my pants and pushed deep inside her.

"Fuck me," she whispered.

I didn't know if she was asking for it or just venting her feelings.

"Fucking right my little slut," I shouted as I pummeled her sweet body.

I wasn't going to last too long and to my surprise she immediately started her second orgasm.

"Shit," I exclaimed. "That was nice."

"Yeah," she sighed. "Trouble is now I need to go."

"Go, go where?" I asked.

"The loo you ape," she said humping her body up to move me off her.

"Yeah, right," I said reaching around to undo the chains.

She came down from her shower just wearing one of my old shirts. With her head on my lap and her body stretched out on the sofa.

"Thank you my love," she said with a large sigh. "That was very nice."

"My pleasure," I said and of course it was.

I noticed that she was still wearing her leather cuffs, I'm sure it wasn't an oversight on her part but perhaps an invitation, by her, for me to carry on. Each cuff has a spring hook so that they can be joined together and this I did. Turning her on her front I grabbed both wrist and hooked them together. Turning her back my old shirt was now completely open exposing her fine tits to my hands and eyes.

"Now my lovely," I chucked.

"Please brother," she said sounding completely serious. "Don't do anything."

We were back to her favorite fantasy again. Her take on their encounters differed wildly from mild tit fondling to full blown sex.

"So my pretty sister," I said getting into character. "You're completely at my mercy."

Her tits were firm to the touch and her nipples up; she squirmed under my hand.

"No please don't touch me," she wailed. "Pammie got bigger breasts than me, why don't you touch hers?"

"Who says I haven't," I said with a laugh.

"Oh no," she cried. "She's only twelve."

"She may be young but she got nice big tits," I said.

If I leaned over I could just reach her pussy, this I did and almost immediately she started to jerk as her orgasm hit her. That's three times in a couple of hours I thought. After that she lay still while my hands gently fondled her fine tits.

"Mmm I just love your hands," she muttered mostly to herself.

"Now next Friday," I said sternly, "It's our turn to host the monthly poker night. So I want you to get in some beer and wine and some nibble."

"Yes dear," she replied straight faced.

"And I want you to wear that special dress I bought for you," I said carrying on.

"What dress is that?" she said still straight faced.

"You know the one," I said.

"Yes dear," she said.

I had bought it the same day I bought the leather cuffs. In essence it was a simple black dress but it was high at the hem and low at the front.

The table was set up and the beer in the cooler and just before our first guest arrived she came down the stairs. Shit did she look good. I was in half a mind to take her back upstairs and fuck her brains out when the front door chimed.

"I'll get it," she said with a sexy smile on her face.

"Hi," she said to each guy and gave them a sisterly kiss, until Paul arrived and he got the benefit of a full on lip to lip encounter.

"Hi Paul," she whispered giving me a sideways look as she put her arm around his waist and led him to the table.

Money was exchanged for chips and the game began. One of the reasons I had Jen dress so seductively was to distract the players with her barely concealed assets and let me win loads of their money; and of course it was a huge success. The players spent more time looking at Jen exposed body than their cards. As the evening wore on, one by one the guys lost and with just a farewell sisterly kiss from Jan, they left, leaving just Paul and me holding all the money.

"Time to call it a night," I said as I exchanged Paul's chips for banknotes. "Get upstairs, I said to Jan," and get ready for your master."

"Yes sir," she bowed low to give us both a good look at her tits.

"Shit but she's beautiful," gasped Paul as we watched her climb the stairs.

"Sure is," I agreed.

We chatted for a few minutes then I shouted up to Jan.

"Hey, Get your arse down here and say goodnight to our last guest."

I didn't see her coming but the change in Paul's expression made me turn around. She had already removed her dress leaving just her just in her bikini knickers.

"Good night Paul," she said wrapping her arms around him and giving him a big sloppy kiss.

"Hey, how much have you drunk tonight?" I asked.

"Looks like I've had just enough," she giggled.

I wasn't angry with her behavior as I was extremely proud of my beautiful wife and I didn't mind in the slightest that she was showing her all off in front of my best friend.

"I must be off," said Paul somewhat reluctant to disengage from her embrace.

"Upstairs you little slut," I said trying to me masterful. "Sorry about that mate.

"N-no, no it's fine," he stammered.

"Good night Paul," she called from halfway up the stairs, pulling her shoulders back again posing for his enjoyment.

"You little slut," I said when we at last alone.

"Don't tell me you didn't enjoy me flaunting myself in front of Paul," she said with a giggle.

I just noticed that she had put on her wrist cuffs so now I could try out that fifth ring bolt the one I had set in the centre of the head board.

"Come here my little slut," I said trying to be masterful again.

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