C Is for Caught

by BIC

Copyright© 2014 by BIC

Humiliation Sex Story: Fifteen year-old Young Cathy Howe is sassy, self-assured and often acts too big for her britches. Three senior girls in her high school plot to take her down a peg with some private stripping, strapping and general humiliation. Everyone gets more than they expected.

Caution: This Humiliation Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Teenagers   NonConsensual   Coercion   BiSexual   FemaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Exhibitionism   Teacher/Student   School   Nudism   .

Cathy Howe wasn't so much a show-off as a show-down. This 15 year old high school sophomore was more sophomoric than most girls her age. She mixed bravado, cock-sureness and a devil-may-care attitude into one bitch of an attitude. Cathy was the Duchess of Dares and the Baroness of Brass. A regular Annie Oakley, boasting ' I can do anything you can do better!" And usually she could.

But one fall day she bragged and blustered a bit too far. Cathy had gotten into a tiff with three senior girls in the cafeteria and would have come to blows if the teacher monitoring lunch hadn't stepped in. The girls were all on edge and Cathy didn't help matters with her parting shot to them, ' Aw, I could take all of you on with my hands tied behind my back."

That was on Tuesday. By the end of the week Cathy had totally forgotten her flippant boast and was taken aback when she was stopped by those same three girls in the school hallway. It was Friday before a long weekend and ten minutes past the late bell which signaled the last bus would be leaving in five minutes.

Cathy was running to catch the bus when the older girls cornered her and demanded to know if Cathy was just blowing hot air, pissing in the wind or did she really think she could take on all three of them. Now Cathy was no skinny little runt and, despite her tender age, was muscle-toned and spry and on the girls' wrestling team. She knew how to fight clean or dirty and was not about to be bullied.

'You're damn right I could, but I've got a bus to catch. So this is one Thanksgiving you can be grateful that I'm too busy, otherwise, like I said before, I could beat you all with my hands tied behind my back."

As they say in the country, ' Them's fightin' words! ' and her opponents were more than up for it as they had planned this for three days and had everything set. Jenny and Katie grabbed Cathy from behind pinning her arms while Rosy quickly stuffed some soft cloth in Cathy mouth to gag her. Rosy then wrapped Cathy's wrists together with duct tape wrapped around and around in ten seconds flat. Then they pulled her into the gym and dragged her kicking and screaming soundlessly into her gag, which turned out to be Rosy's panties which the 17 year-old had worn and had fingered herself through each night since Tuesday's confrontation in the cafeteria. They had everything planned.

"That ought to shut up Chatty Cathy," said Rosy as she and her friends escorted the blond, bound braggart to center court where a metal folding chair stood on a 4 foot by 4 foot platform just ten inches high above the polished gym floor. Jenny pull out a long pair of sheers she'd borrowed from her Home Ec. Class and proceeded to cut off Cathy's blouse after snipping the front buttons one by one. Cathy's bra straps were cut next so the girl was naked from the waist up.

Cathy was kicking out like mad now, but her captors propped her in the chair and continued the undressing with her shoes then socks off and tossed into a green garbage bag along with her sliced up top and bra. Her jeans came off with a bit of effort as they were rather snug. Her brown leather belt was the only piece of clothing that did not go in the bag because they had other plans for it.

Cathy sat defeated on the folding chair and her eyes pleaded what her mouth would if only it could, " Please, let me go!' her eyes cried as tears began to form and slowly roll down her cheeks. Her captors figured out what she must be thinking and answered her unvoiced question.

"You said you could beat us with your hands tied behind your back, bitch." Rosy snarled. " So go ahead ... No fight left in you? Or maybe you're just too hot in all your clothes ... Yeah, girls," Rosy said turning to her confederates, " Cathy here is constrained in her panties and can't fight properly with them on. So let's help her out, shall we?"

And with that Katie pulled Cathy's panties down and sliced them in six pieces with the sheers. What they found below was not unexpected. Cathy had a blond fuzzy bush to match the fine golden curls on her head. Her tormentors were prepared for that too and Jenny pulled a Lady Bic disposable razor out of her purse and they proceeded to shave Cathy's pussy mound bare and as newborn babe.

"Now your trim and in fighting shape!" Rosy snickered as she ripped off another length of duct tape and secured Cathy's ankles together. Now they turned her around so she was facing the back of the chair and kneeling with her tummy touching the seat's metal edge.

"You still look a bit tired," teased Jenny. "Maybe you should take a seat and rest up before your bout with us."

With that Jenny and Katie shoved Cathy's back so her bare breasts pressed hard against the cold metal seat. Rosy was adjusting the chair too so Cathy's head and top of her shoulders squeezed through the space between the chair seat and back rest. Behind her, four hands were securing Cathy's thighs to the front chair leg-bar. In front, Rosy pulled out more lengths of duct-tape and formed a binding loop of tape between Cathy's bound wrists and her throat. The result was an uplifted chin anchoring painfully stretched arms. Cathy was duct-tape hog tied and strapped into the chair, sitting ten inches above the floor so that her bare buttock cheeks made a great target for that belt which had been reserved for just such an occasion. Cathy's face, on the other hand, was just above crotch level, another convenient height.

"They say "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em " said Rosy. " Well, we've already joined you up pretty good with tape and now it's time to beat you, bitch!"

And with that Cathy felt the first of many blows to her ass in a strapping that seemed to go on forever. In fact, they only spent half an hour strapping her, but in the end Cathy's buttocks was bright red and she would not be able to sit on it without pain for some time. Cathy had a sore butt and her squished boobs were pressed tight on the seat so she was very uncomfortable and was beginning to get cramps from the contorted position imposed on her body. But her captors wanted to play some more.

"You might miss Thanksgiving dinner, bitch," smiled Jenny. ' We can't have that now ... Maybe we should give you a little pussy appetizer for that hungry mouth of yours." And with that, the teasing, tormenting trio pulled down their own jeans and panties and took turns rubbing their pussy mounds against Cathy's nose and gagged mouth. They all got off on the fun they were having. They had not noticed, but Cathy was getting off on it too, as indeed she had even as she was being strapped. Cathy was damned if she was going to let these bitches know it, but she was excited about being stripped, strung-up, strapped, and sexually abused.

And that's just how they left her, but not before taking dozens of cell phone shots of their captive from various angles. It was insurance against Cathy ratting them out. They told her not to worry, they'd be back to untie her before school Tuesday morning. On a Friday before a long weekend, naked and hog-tied to a chair, her clothes ripped or ripped off, Cathy Howe was crying as the girls, turned off the lights, closed the gym doors and left. Just then something occurred to the bruised and bound bragging bitch, " What happens when I have to pee?!?!?" and immediately her bladder felt painfully full and tingly. Was she going to have to spend three days and nights like this? Cathy was resigned to her fate which, she gave thanks, was at least a private humiliation.

Rosy, Katie and Jenny were not total shits and had every intention of sneaking back into the school Saturday morning ( Jenny had swiped a back entrance key and knew the security code) and really intended to let the little bitch go. They were even going to bring her some clothes, cut short cut-offs and a teeny-tiny tight tube top known as a boob bag. That was it; no shoes, socks or underwear ... Cathy would have to slowly walk home five miles in what was essentially a slut-suit.

That was the plan. But plans, like young girls, even when best laid, can get out of hand and go terribly wrong. Around 3 a.m. Saturday morning a thunderstorm hit the area knocking out power to the region for 45 minutes. That was 15 minutes more than the school's computer batteries could manage and all the computers went down and would have to be manually reset to maintain data-back-up as well as proper security surveillance.

But the school administration was prepared for such an adverse eventuality and an automatic call went out to the Vice Principal at his bachelor apartment just a five minute drive away. Brad Hitherbottom was a sad and grumpy old man who had fallen from great academic heights years ago when his teaching protocols were called into question by the Ministry of Education and the RCMP. No one laid charges ( although that is exactly what he was accused of ) because the alleged victims of his alleged sex-crimes had suddenly withdrawn their charges.

The Crown was not pleased but Brad considered himself lucky to avoid jail time, although it had cost him nearly every penny he'd made with his YouTube linked sex-ed. scheme; it also cost a bundle to bribe seven girls to keep their mouths shut. Which was ironic in that they usually got paid to have their mouths open as they gave their teacher blow-jobs in his car in the university parking lot.

Still, Brad had managed to get a position as Vice Principal at this rural high school and the teen and pre-teen female scenery was most attractive and tempting. Brad sighed; it had to be 'look but don't touch' for him as the cops were sure to be watching his every move.

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