C Is for Close Call

by BIC

Copyright© 2014 by BIC

Erotic Sex Story: Three girls had made a solemn dare, a pact of loyalty and commitment. Nothing to these tenth graders was more sacred than a Triple-Pussy Pledge which was similar to the famous Triple-Dog Dare. Naked in school takes on a new meaning.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   Teacher/Student   School   Nudism   .

The three girls had made a solemn dare, a pact of loyalty and commitment. Nothing to these tenth graders was more sacred than a Triple-Pussy Pledge which was similar to the famous Triple-Dog Dare. They were all prepared for the greatest dare they'd ever attempted. Timing would be crucial ( in many ways.)

Melissa, Ursula and Gwenn had been doing dares for years but this one was different. Not a simple strip and run at 3 a.m. dare, not a quickie bare-ass-flash and speedy-dash-dare, not a call-a-stranger from a pay phone at midnight and talk-dirty dare, and not a pleasant masturbate privately-in-the-garage dare. No, this would have real risks and very real, very public consequences should any one of them get caught.

This Triple-Pussy-Pledge would take place in their high school between classes and had to be completed in the fifteen minutes between the time the class ended, at ten minutes to the hour, and the next class warning bell at five minutes past the hour.

They had prepared for this all week by not shaving their pussy mounds. They also pledged to refrain from any sex-touching ( clits and pussies were no-sigh zones as were boobs and nipples ) The object of this restraint was to guarantee the girls would be incredibly horny at the start of their dare and would be able to reach orgasm quickly during the dare and to have pussy-juice evidence of their dare-deed-done after completing the dare.

Each girl was armed with a Gillette Venus razor for the first part of the dare. For the second part, each girl was armed with a 'Deep-Down and Dirty sex toy ( a seven-inch, 2-way multi-purpose, multi-speed, rabbit vibrator. The rules called for no purses. They would be left in lockers. This meant each girl had to smuggle the sex-toy without it being seen. They could try hiding it inside their bra, but the more obvious method was to come to school with it already inside the vagina. The toy, which ran on AAA batteries, would be turned off, but that condition wouldn't apply to a girl storing it in its most natural hiding place...

The Triple-Pussy-Pledge would be carried out by each dare devil separately beginning with the first period of the day. That rule referred to 'class period' not menstrual although it was also required that each of the three girls be 'between periods'. This seemed sanitary and simpatico with the pledge itself which was also taking place between periods.

The dare could only be done in the morning when, by lucky coincidence. All three girls shared the first four classes before late lunch. Eight o'clock was English Literature. Nine o'clock was Geometry. Ten o'clock class was Canadian History. Eleven was Art.

As her turn arrived, each girl was to run to the washroom immediately after class and, once inside, strip naked and toss her clothes into the waste bin. Then go to the toilet stall farthest from her ditched clothes. Inside the stall she had to proceed to shave her pussy mound ( she could use water from the toilet, if needed. But like, eewyew! )

Once shaved smooth, she was to use the sex toy in whatever fashion she liked as long as it resulted in vaginal fluid flow which could verify her completing that part of the dare. At that point she must exit the stall and retrieve her clothing and get dressed except for her panties which she must leave behind in one of the washroom sinks.

Her pledge would be considered completed only if she made it to the next class in time and, before taking her seat, let her dare partners slip their hands up her skirt to verify her bare and wet pussy with their fingers.

The first up was Melissa. At the sound of the bell she lit out of English class and made her way to the washroom which was just down the hall. As luck would have it, she was the first one there and quickly removed her runners and socks before nearly ripping off her blouse, bra, skirt and panties. Once she dumped her duds in the waste bin, she ran to the far stall just in time. The three seniors who entered the washroom for a quick smoke didn't see her. But it was close. Time was of the essence and she still had shaving and self-sexing to do. The first part was easy enough and made no noise but her toy, which was already bedewed with bawdy body brew, made a hum as the rabbit burrowed into its warm hole. Melissa was not likely to be quiet either.

But she got a break as the smokers were laughing and chatting so loudly they didn't notice the moans and groans coming from the far end stall until Melissa, who had pent up her sex needs for seven days and night, reached her Big-O ... OMFG!!! In a most vociferous manner. The seniors looked at each other with knowing smiles and giggled and, before leaving, one of them tapped on Melissa's stall door and said, " Having a tough shit, sweetie? Or just a good time? " Mucho LOL and they left.

Leaving the seven-inch long sex toy in her vagina, Melissa staggered out and got her clothes sans panties and headed for Geometry class where her Pledge Sisters made a point of verifying her dare by patting her pussy in such a way that they managed to turn it ( and Melissa ) on by rotating the dial clockwise.

"Does anyone know where that humming is coming from? " inquired Mr. James as the class quieted down and took their seats. Three students in the know giggled and in a few seconds the humming sound went away but Melissa's smile didn't. She managed to shut the toy off without anyone noticing. But it was close.

At precisely 9:50 a.m. the third period bell rang and Ursula made the four minute mile down the hall and around the corner and into the girls' washroom where someone else was already in one of he stalls. Before Ursula could get her blouse off, the door opened and two girls entered. They saw the daring doer barefoot and in her bra and skirt but didn't say anything until they saw the panicked look on Ursula's face. Giggling they asked if this was a sorority initiation and could they help?

Ursula was in a corner. She told them to just ignore her and that would help her get into her sorority. They agreed but kept staring as Ursula continued to strip and head for the stall. By the time she'd finished her pussy shave, there were six girls in the washroom waiting for her to emerge. Everyone except one freshman girl knew what Ursula was up to by the sounds coming from her stall. Much giggling and high-five hand slapping as Ursula staggered out with the sex toy in her hand.

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