R Is for Reunion

by BIC

Copyright© 2014 by BIC

Sex Story: High School Geometry teacher Robert Eccles was about to retire. For twenty years he had helped cute but not too bright girls in grade ten get ahead in their studies ( or at least get grades higher than they deserved ) by letting them give head. But, although he thought himself smart and deserving of A's, he was about to get F'ed.

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Robert Eccles thought himself a suave, sophisticated bachelor and all round success. At age 45 he was a tenured teacher who had been in the system for over 20 years, so he could look forward to a secure pension with few liabilities. Due to changing demographics and tightened school budgets, many of the older and more highly paid teachers were being offered early retirement and a generous one-time bonus buy-out. Robert was one of three teachers at Fairmount High School to take advantage of this. It was an easy choice for Robert because he had a lot of experience at taking advantage of opportunities in school.

Robert was handsome, fit and a dashing blade, or so his mirror informed him each morning. Too good to waste on a wife and certainly not on kids. It was bad enough he had to put up with teenagers at school. But being around young, nubile schoolgirls with their bouncy bottoms and perky tits made the tedium of teaching tolerable.

He had taught Grade Ten Plane Geometry for most of those years and could, as he told students each September, "do it with his eyes closed and hands behind his back." He also told them only a dullard could not get the point of geometry and simple math and that the stupidest of them should be made to repeat the class year after year after year until they'd learned their lesson.

He made a point of impressing them with those lines. However, the impression he left, expressed behind his back, was one of arrogance and pomposity. Not that the tenth graders he taught would have used those words, most just thought he was a stuck up prick.

But there were always a few girls each year who had bought the Bimbo Barbie Doll attitude of 'Math is too hard' and, being somewhat mindless and only 15 years old, looked up to him and sometimes went even further in their quest for higher grades, if not higher learning.

Robert had classroom notes, teaching plans and tried-and-true tests from years gone by. Unlike other fields of learning, math did not change over time, so a 1985 exam sheet was fresh as new. This meant Robert could breeze though the year with little care for what went on in his students' minds, leaving him free to mind lower if not lesser matters. Given his field of study, it's no wonder Robert Eccles thought he had all the angles covered.

No pretty girl willing to put in ( and put out ) extra work assignments got a failing grade from Robert Eccles. This was especially true if they passed their orals. Each year one or two girls started the year afraid they were over their heads in this world of mathematical abstraction. Robert zeroed in on the cutest damsels in distress and made note of those girls who, because of weak self-esteem ( especially sexual self-esteem ), tried to compensate by dressing and acting in a flirtatious manner.

He was very careful and discrete in cultivating a tutorial relationship with these girls and gradually take them to higher levels of learning and intimacy only when he was sure they understood and accepted the rules of engagement, as it were. Robert never crossed the line by demanding sex for marks; he left that up to each girl to figure out and put out.

It was not all about manipulative sex ( on both teacher and student's part ) but Robert saw it as furthering these girls' real-life education. What better lesson in the facts-of-life for young girls whose sexual capacity far exceeded their intellectual ability? He was doing them a favour, he told that morning mirror which, not surprisingly, reflected the very same, smug opinion.

On a day in late June, Robert taught his final lesson in the classroom and, as sexy Rita Fleming hinted, he would be giving her an extracurricular lesson later in the school gym after the farewell and awards ceremony. The three outgoing, soon to be retired, faculty members were being toasted and roasted in the late afternoon; Robert's tryst with naughty but nice Rita would involve his final payment for giving the 16 year old delicious but dense little girl a B+ on her final exam. But Robert's lesson plan, although it taught an important lesson, was not as he had planned.

The official ceremony was over by 4:30, by 5:15 the school was empty of students, faculty and support staff. Robert had given flirty Fleming the key and passwords to secretly get I the back entrance to the school gymnasium which is where he was headed as the hall clock ticked 5:30. He entered the gym all smiles and was astounded with what and who he saw.

"SURPRISE!!!!!" the crowd shouted. A banner draped above the bleachers read, " Mr. Eccles' Special Class Reunion " Streamers and balloons festooned the large hall where a variety of sports were played. Many sports, but none as exciting nor memorable as the one that was about to be played.

There were two dozen women and girls in the hall and they crowded around the flummoxed and bewildered Geometry teacher. He was hemmed in as they circled him, gave him little area to move, secured the perimeter and let the youngest one there go off on a tangent. Robert opened his mouth in amazement only to find it quickly stuffed with some foul smelling piece of cloth. His arms were pulled back behind him and his wrists with deftly tied. Three women in their thirties roughly shoved their former teacher to the floor. He was gagged and bound and therefore was quiet. The laughter and giggles in the room soon faded and in a few minutes the only sound was that of balloons and male ego popping.

Robert still wasn't sure if this might be some alumni gag or fellow faculty stunt when he finally recognized most of the people around him. He started to sweat. Rita Fleming had been his latest conquest, so she was given the honour of explaining what this 'Farewell Reunion' was all about. Perched on a classroom desk that had been dragged to centre court, Rita was lazily kicking her legs back and forth while she steadied herself with her palms on the desk top. She rose and walked toward her helpless, bound teacher, paused in front of him and, without warning, slapped his face so hard the man's head jerked 90 degrees to his left side. His right cheek turned red, prophetic considering what was to soon follow. Rita's action was spontaneous and unrehearsed, but her welcoming speech was not. She pulled out a sheet of paper from her back pocket and began her oration of revenge.

"Robert Vernon Eccles, teacher of Geometry at Fairmount High School for over 20 years, we, some of your brightest students over those many years, are here assembled to give you the farewell party you deserve. This is a reunion in many ways; a reunion with all those girls who made the grade in your class by being degraded in very inelegant and un-classy ways."

A committee of some of the older women had drafted Rita's speech, but they felt Robert's most recently abused girl should articulate what they all felt. The organizing of this event had taken several months and the committee was happy to have contacted most of the girls they reckoned had been 'beneficiaries' of their former teacher's unprofessional tutorials. Rita continued:

"You, Robert Vernon Eccles, took advantage of our weaknesses and stripped us of our dignity and self-esteem. We want to recognize those efforts on your part by repaying in kind."

Rita gave a nod to one of the older women and seven of those nearest Robert surrounded him and began grabbing at and tearing off his clothes. He was stripped to his boxer shorts in less than a minute. His clothing was then cut to ribbons by a few of the younger girls who were yielding large sewing sheers. The honour of removing Robert's shorts went to Agatha Yates, his oldest victim present who took the scissors in hand as four large ladies held a struggling Eccles down. Agatha pressed the lower blade against Robert's left thigh, the upper blade extended fully and over the cotton cloth of his boxers. The point was turned inward as she took the first slice leaving the joined point but an inch from his now shrinking penis.

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