G Is for Getting What She Deserves

by BIC

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Humiliation Sex Story: Getting What She Deserved. Gee, what might that be? Girls' Night Out, Gross Girl-on-Girl Sex, Gang-bang ( Oral only ) Grad Prom Night and Getting all of what she deserved.

Caution: This Humiliation Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Coercion   Blackmail   Drunk/Drugged   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Exhibitionism   School   Nudism   .

Greta Lott, at 17, was the sexiest and smartest girl in the graduating class of 2012. But although Greta was book-learned and got straight A's in school, her street savvy was sorely sub par. So when prom night was just days away, she made the mistake of joining a few of the girls in her class for a pub crawl with fake ID. She had done this twice before with her bff, Helen. But this was the first time she ventured out to hot spots and after-hours clubs with Andrea, Megan and Britney, girls who had rarely spoken to Greta all year.

Brilliant and beautiful would justly describe Greta; but ' boring bitch' is what most girls thought of her, especially Andrea, Megan and Britney. It riled them that this head cheerleader, Valedictorian, virgin queen of the hop who could snag any stud she wanted was President of the Chaste Maidenheads Now Foundation (CMNF) and had pledged herself to purity until her marriage bed.

But, of course, they did not let their true feelings be shown as they coaxed and connived to get Greta to agree to a 'Girls Night Out' without Helen or anyone else tagging along. They sounded so sincere when they said they wanted this night with Greta, their role model and inspiration, to be very special and unique unto them. They told her she deserved an exceptional night of frolic and merriment after all the hard work she had done, not just at school, but also in promoting high moral values and a pure Puritanical ethic in her devoted comrades in chastity. And they would make sure she got what she deserved.

The evening's fun began around ten o'clock when they arrived at O'Connor's Pub in Kanata where a live band just ten feet away made conversation almost impossible but the Guinness and Red wine flowed like water and when the band played a slow number Megan asked Greta if she'd care to dance. Now Greta was used to dancing with girls at Hi-hops and church dances ( close physical contact with boys was frowned upon in her elite and righteous crowd ), so she abandoned her half-finished glass of wine on the table and let Megan lead her on the parquet floor under dim lighting.

Not to seem out of place, Andrea and Britney joined them on the dance floor as a female dancing duet. Andrea was even recording their night's fun with many shots from her cell phone camera. At first, Greta was feeling excited and proud to have been such a good role model to her companions who, so Greta had heard, had a reputation for flirting with college boys and had even dated members of Sigma Nu Fraternity, an male bastion of debauchery and disrepute.

So Greta felt she was making a real difference in the lives of these girls who, although they were sinners, were turning away from temptation and towards the paths of purity and righteousness. Greta was downright giddy about her role in their redemption; so much so that when Megan rubbed up against her and breathed heavily in her ear, Greta responded with a little kiss of sisterly love on Megan's cheek. This was followed by Megan giving Greta a sisterly hug and a gentle pat on the bum (like boys on the football team do when showing solidarity and friendship for each other ... only Megan's hand seem to linger a while.)

Before that first song was over Greta started feeling unusually light-headed and, at the same time, energized. She asked Megan if they could sit the next one out, but before the pair returned to their table, Britney cut in and said she needed have a word with Greta on a personal matter of dire importance. Greta agreed and was convinced to carry out this tete-a-tete on the dance floor through the next number which, coincidentally, turned out to be Lighter Shade of Pale, a slow by very long piece. Andrea continue to take photos as she now danced with Megan who had called in a favour from the band lead guitarist. The Procol Harum classic was his signature piece.

The Xanax added to Greta's red wine was supplied by one the guys from Sigma Nu Fraternity whom Megan dated/fucked regularly. She paid for the drug in the usual fashion by letting six of the frat-rats hold a leisurely bukkake party over her face while she knelt naked on the floor with her hands tried behind her back. She had made similar payments a few times in the past and had come to enjoy the experience. She always got drugs or favours which only men could provide in return, but never money. She wasn't a cheap whore, after all, even though she usually dressed like a slut.

The date-rape drug Grata had so far consumed wasn't enough to knock her out or make her lose all memory; it just put her in a receptive mood and fogged up her reasoning powers. Therefore, when Britney was holding her tight and rubbing up against her, Greta was unaware of the implications or likely consequences. Her mind was not aware, but her body sure was. That just made her more confused as Britney was saying something about how she, Greta, was an idol of virginity, a guru of chastity and all-wise and all-understanding.

Greta just nodded and smiled as her body relaxed and the pair swayed and sashayed off the dance floor and into a dark corner of the pub where they could relax and have a private conversation. Greta's blouse was unbuttoned and her bra was shifted up revealing her firm and perky breasts which Britney was now praising in words and admiring with her fingers. Greta's hard nipples were especially praiseworthy and attended to by her dancing partner.

"What I wanted to tell you, Greta," Britney whispered, " is that you may have heard nasty things about me and Andrea, but they're just not true! Megan has a rep as a slut, and that's true, sure. But not us, we're virgins like you. We lie to Megan because she's our best friend, but you could help us before it's too late."

Britney went on to explain that Megan was leading Andrea and her down the path of perdition and perversion and had already succeeded in taking them half way to Sodom and Gomorrah by making them strip at a party and finger-fuck each other right in front of several fraternity brothers.

"Megan says that's how you 'break the ice' at hot parties." Confided Britney. " But, please, you must help us out, Grata, Andrea and I did that but we don't know if we're still virgins. Like did we break the sacred seal of sexuality? Did we tear away our hymens?"

Britney, who was in the high school drama club, put on a very convincing act, real tears flowed as she spoke of the horror and dread she experienced at not knowing whether they had lost their cherries. Greta was touched ... and in more ways than one, because Britney had reached beneath Greta's skirt, pulled her panties aside and had been vigorously finger fucking her dance partner for the past five minutes.

Greta sympathized with Britney's plight and agreed to settle the matter for the two girls once and for all to put their minds at ease. The pair made their way back to their table and Greta finished her re-filled and re-doped wine then she Britney and Andrea headed for the ladies washroom where they could settle this matter in privacy.

The restroom appeared unoccupied and would be for the next ten minutes or so as one of the band members tacked a 'Temporarily Out Of Order – Will be fixed in 10 minutes' sign on the door right after the girls made their way in. Greta saw this and Britney explained she had arranged this so they would be uninterrupted. Indeed she had and they would have the room all to themselves, but that's not to say they would be 'undisturbed'.

The first thing Britney explained was why she and Andrea could not ' check themselves or each other out: " It would be too traumatic," she and Andrea admitted. " Would we suddenly become lesbians at our mutual carnal embrace? Would we lapse into a masturbation addiction if we finger-checked ourselves?"

Greta accepted without much thought the logic her companions put forward that only the probing fingers of a chaste, virginal and totally innocent girl could unlock the secret of their virginity or debasement without affecting their potentially lustful libidos. It made sense to Greta, therefore, that they all had to be totally naked for the exam to establish the mood of innocence ("like Eve before her fall from grace" intoned Andrea.)

So that's how Andrea, Britney and Greta got to be stark naked in the washroom with first Britney, then Andrea, sitting atop the sink counter with legs spread wide while Greta, on her knees before them, was poking with her fingers into the girls' gaping pussies. Of course, their hymens were long lost and so Greta had to inform them their purest virginity was lost forever.

Greta wasn't really sure why, but both Andrea and Britney, although devastated by this news, were sure that some of the innocence and purity which Greta possessed would rub off on them if only Greta would honour their state of disgrace by kissing the offending flesh ( sort of like kissing the Pope's ring for absolution ). Greta understood the deep psychological affect of such rites and happily agreed. After a few minutes kissing the girls' pussies ( and not just externally on the mound, but also with deep thrusts of her tongue into Andrea's and Britney's fuck-holes, ) Andrea and Britney got dressed but Greta couldn't seem to find her clothing. Probably because Andrea had stuffed it in the waste bin while Greta had been busy kissing Britney's impure, but rather tasty, pussy.

Greta was assured that her Eve-like innocence was clothing enough and no shame would fall upon her. So the three girls made their way out of the washroom, removed the privacy sign on the door and walked back to their table where, two minutes later, Megan joined them. She was carrying her cell phone and continued to take photos of the group ( Greta being the only naked one there ) which added to the night's collection in her album. The other images on the cell showed various shots of Greta finger-fucking and eating out Andrea and Britney. All shots were taken at the same angle from seven feet above the action. This was because Megan had been hiding in one of the toilet stalls and stood on the toilet lid as she stretched her hand up over the stall door frame to take shot after shot of the action below. And 'below' there was plenty of action to record. By the time they rolled the Valedictorian out of the pub and into a cab, all three conspirators were pissing themselves silly on successfully pulling off stage one of their four part plan.

Greta awoke the next morning, naked and sore, in a strange bed and wandered about the empty house in a semi-daze as the drug-induced hangover wore off. For some reason, Greta's jaw was especially sore and she had a strange, but not unpleasant, taste in her mouth.

She found some over-sized boy sports jerseys and sweatpants that would only stay up with a belt she found in one of the closets. She borrowed these garments fully intending to return them as soon as she had the chance, but she needed to cover-up her nudity and... "OMG! How did that happen?" was her first response when she noticed for the first time that all her pubic hair have been shaven off.

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