E Is for Exposed‏

by BIC

Copyright© 2014 by BIC

Sex Story: Sixteen year old Elsie is a super computer whiz and cyber-tease. On Dare sites and chat lines she flashes, flirts and foreplays anonymously on line never fearing detection. But she is not clever enough and she now risks being exposed unless she does one more dare.. not on-line, but for real.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion   Blackmail   MaleDom   Humiliation   Exhibitionism   School-girl Male-Domination.

Elsie Mitell thought she was pretty computer savvy and net-mindful, not likely to get into trouble surfing some daring and decidedly dirty web sites. After all, she managed to find loopholes in the NetNanny software her mom had installed, she was able to break codes and spy on her younger brother's porn chat entries.

She was one smart cookie. At age 16, Elsie was fully developed in all the ways that befuddle boys and give even old men erections. Elise loved to tease and arouse guys. Elsie was a faux-exhibitionist, a girl who loved to show off her gorgeous nude body in cyberspace, but who never risked being exposed in RT.

So a confident Elsie played a daring internet game with a number of boys and men through T or D private chats, direct e-mail and even Instant Messaging. She knew her firewalls and security systems and re-routing software would keep even the CIA in the dark as to her identity. She could expose herself without being really exposed.

Elsie became increasingly risqué in what she was willing to do for her male dare partners. All of it, of course, within the private sanctum of her bedroom and conveyed on safe media and telecommunication devices and methods. She started with boob flashing photos, then IM real time strip teasing down to her panties. Elsie upped the stakes and her male viewers' cocks, no doubt, when, in her next dare, instead of stripping to her granny panties, she peeled to a thong and flashed her beautiful butt cheeks to one and all.

Elsie felt confident these images would not come back to haunt her because she was very careful to wear a demi-mask all the time which only allowed those viewing to see hardly any of her face, just her chin and forehead ... Her naked body ( she had no tattoos or piercing ) would be near-totally exposed but her face would be near-totally hidden. She was safe and secure.

For a month she stuck to seductive stripping. But she got bored with that and decided to treat a select few among her many male dare ogle-fans to something spicier. Elsie started the next on-line IM session with one particular guy, a Mr. XXX by showing herself completely naked with her shaved, open and wet pussy facing the web cam. She picked up the dildo ( clandestinely borrowed from her mum ) by her side and began playing it along her vulva lips and then on to her clitoris and, finally, into her vagina. She fucked her nude self in full view of Mr. XXX who had dared her to do so, all the while knowing her cyber-lech was going to be recording the whole session.

Elsie knew these photos and video clips would find their way onto seamier sex web sites. Too taboo for YouTube perhaps, but it would garner thousands of hits on NIP sites. But she was in no way identified and her identity was a secret known only to herself while her exposed, voluptuous body would be known ( and jerked off to ) by thousands, maybe millions of horny guys, boys and old men. Elsie approached orgasm just thinking about that. She was exposed but not exposed, naughty and nice, dirty but clean, famous but unknown. Unlike a Bond vodka martini, she was stirring but not shaken.

Elsie, the smart cookie, thought she could have her cake and eat it too. But one Saturday, several months after she started her secret daring games, Elsie got a text message on her cell phone while she was window shopping though the largest shopping mall in her city. It was cryptic, short and confusing. It read:

"Elsie Mitell, age 16, student at Sussex High School who lives with her mother, Inez and her 15 year old brother Edward in Regent Park Lane, Orleans. Cell phone # is 613-555-4573 You don't know who I am but I know who you are. Are you at Bayshore yet?"

That was weird. The texts and calls always have a return number, but this was blocked somehow. But the 'Reply' function was available. Even tech-savvy Elsie wasn't sure how that could be done, hiding a response number but allowing a reply to an unknown and undisclosed agent.

"Okay," thought Elsie, "one of my friends is playing a joke on me. But how are they hiding behind a cell firewall?"

At least three girlfriends of hers knew she was going to Bayshore today. But why the creepy message. She checked her call log and call list and sent text replies to all the girls she remembered talking with the night before.

"I'm sure I mentioned my need to find a bikini while they're still on sale. ' Elsie thought as she sent texts to each saying, " Ha Ha, very funny NOT! So tell me how did you do it?" She sent the exact same message to her mystery text-master by clicking "Reply".

Elsie gave it no further thought as she continued her search for the perfectly naughty swimwear. It was a half hour after her first message that Elsie got two puzzled replies from girlfriends who wanted to know what the hell she was talking about. Elsie replied by phone rather than text and soon discovered that none of her friends had texted her with the mystery message.

Elsie only half-believed them; someone was pulling her leg but why they found it amusing to do so was beyond her. But within the hour Elsie got a half dozen short text replies from the mystery messenger; the penny dropped and the smart cookie crumbled. Those texts read:

"Elsie, I know you're at Bayshore shopping for a low budget bikini"

"because you told me so last night. Remember? On line ... last night."

"right after you took your thong off and slapped your pretty pussy"

"with your mom's dildo which you then stuck up your cunt and ass"

"I recorded it all but have, up to now, kept it to myself, Mr XXX."

"Keep your line open as I'll be calling you soon with dare instructions."

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