I Is for Interstate 95

by BIC

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Sex Story: College freshmen, 16 year-old Irene, pledges a sorority and realizes dreams she never knew she had.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Reluctant   Exhibitionism   School   School-girl Exhibitionist.

Irene was in her freshman year at Mount Alyson University in New Brunswick. A smart lass, she had graduated top of her class at the prestigious Havergal College Senior School for Girls one year ahead of schedule. So by the time she began her studies at Mount Alyson, she was only 16 years old, having already skipped a grade in elementary school. She was just a young nipper but sharp as a tack.

Irene was cute but not flashy in any way. In fact, she kept an attractive and well proportioned body well hidden under a wardrobe of dowdiness. Her most daring fashion ensemble was closer to nerd than nude. Still, beneath the frump of uncomplimentary attire a naked feminine beauty lay waiting to be discovered. It was just something Irene seemed to never care about.

Outwardly, Irene was happy with a life of academic achievement and conventional aspirations. But below the surface, where dreams and nightmares dwell, Irene thought herself a lesser being, a persona non grata measured by her private and secret scales of worthiness. Knowing a lot and being a popular girl seemed irreconcilable opposites to her.

Irene had envied the bubble-headed bleach blonds in high school who seemed to treasure their cliquey in-groups, with their sororities and pajama party sleepovers. Irene had been on only one of those and was humiliated and scorned as a party-poop for not taking a double dare. The girls, seven of them including Irene, had logged into a Truth or Dare site and were taking turns with random T or D. Irene was embarrassed enough as she stuck to Truth choices. She had to admit to everyone that she was a virgin and that she played with herself with a Ken Doll wrapped in a balloon.

Irene tried to make up for that admission by taking a Dare on her next turn. It involved a striptease. Brave Irene desperately wanted to prove she could fit in and be just as cool as the other girls. So she hammed it up, humming a stripped tune and peeled off all her clothes.

She was about to a pick up her PJ tops and bottoms, bra and panties when one of the girls noticed Irene had chosen the DD/ double dare option. That meant she had to click "2" on the screen and do whatever the double dare was. Irene had been so nervous in accepting the dire in the first place that she hadn't noticed the double whammy

She had no choice now; in for a penny, in for a pound. When she clicked "2" the tile read,

"Don't bother getting dressed. Just go outside as you are ( BUCK NAKED ) and take a walk around the block TWICE. because this, after all, is a Double Dare."

Irene freaked as she saw the faces of all the girls at the party. She read many emotions in their various expressions; smugness and glee being chief among them. She balked, she hesitated which only encouraged her party 'friends' to egg her on more. The usual way to get someone to take a dare is to challenge their nerve, then their commitment and finally their honour ... Irene had committed to DD, she chose daring in the first place, had she lost her nerve or ... was she a liar?

Irene cried her eyes out and one of the girls relented and told her it was alright. They continued with the game and thr girl, whose turn is was the next, may have had good intentions but she just made matters worse for Irene.

Linda said, " I won't take a random dare. I'll do Irene's DD for her." Whereupon she slipped out of the pajamas ( she wore no underwear ) and, without blinking an eye, headed out the back door. All the girls giggled as they watched her trough the window round the corner and head off down the street. Now it was 1 a.m. on a Friday night in a quiet residential neighbourhood, but the chances of Linda being seen were still fairly high.

Minutes later she strolled through the back yard gate and up to the back door ... cell camera in hand. She had taken 15 shots of herself at various points on her journey to prove she hadn't cheated ... like by hiding in the bushes rather than walking around the block.

Everyone was impressed ... but Irene was depressed as Linda smiled at her and said, " See, not hard at all if you've got the guts." Linda's sweetly snide tone crushed Irene and she swore to herself she would find her nerve someday.

That sleepover was over a year ago. Irene tried to put the ego deflating shame behind her and concentrate on her schooling. But her waking intentions could not control her subconscious desire to get the guts and the glory and take the dares that happier, more fun girls around her seemed to enjoy. Maybe, she sometimes thought, I just need to accept whatever comes my way and go with the flow.

They say 'No guts, no glory' and Yoda says ' There is no try; do or do not'. "Well," thought Irene, " when I get to college I will glory in doing, not in being gutless." She had her shot at glory soon after starting classes at Mount Alyson. Irene joined Hunton House at Mount Alyson after reading its page in the on-line school site.

Hunton is a small south side residence, with great proximity to the student centre. It's also the most spirited house on campus, in fact we've won spirit night 4 out of 6 years and we were awarded House of the Year for 2011-2012.

It seemed like a perfect residence for someone as young as she who would need as much sisterly encouragement and spirited enthusiasm to help her mature. Within a week of settling in to the co-ed dorm, Irene decided to pledge for several sororities in hopes that one would take her.

Irene was an innocent in many ways, in fact she was a virgin. But she had heard enough about college life and sororities in particular, to know she'd be made to strip in front of other sorority pledges and members and probably get whacks with a paddle of some kind too. She was willing to undergo that; after all, at Havergal swimming lessons were in the nude. So no big deal. In fact, some naughty part of her secretly looked forward to paddling pranks and stripping stunts. It was all just good clean fun and besides, those Girls Gone Wild clips proved you could have fun on college break, so why not at college?

Nu Delta sorority was represented in Hunton House by vice president of the sorority, Peggy Baxter who was a junior and much older than young Irene. Peggy was in her third year by credit accumulation, but had spent five years matriculating in her own sweet time. She had spent a lot of time at the campus local and at frat toga parties and so missed many classes over the years. She was just shy of 23 years but that was the only way she was shy. Peggy never missed a chance for mischievous fun and worked her way up in the sorority so that now she was in charge of vetting pledge candidates.

Peggy was instantly attracted to Irene, not for the younger girl's beauty or brains, but for the potential to humiliate her. Peggy was jealous of Irene's charm, good manners, looks, intelligence ... well, just about everything, really. And Irene's youth and naïveté made her a perfect target, a sitting duck about to be plucked naked ( to mercilessly and mindlessly mangle a metaphor.)

Irene presented herself as she'd been instructed in the e-mail she received from Pledge Mistress Peggy.

Come to my room 324 east wing at midnight Friday night for your first interview. Wear pajama tops and bottoms but nothing else. You must be barefoot and have your toenails painted bright red. Do not wear lipstick as that will be provided.

A simple enough request and it boded well that painting her toes was considered an initiation task. Her not being allowed to wear underwear probably meant a bare bottom spanking, strapping or paddling. But Irene gave it no greater significance.

At midnight she walked confidently to Peggy's room which was in the mixed gender section of the dorm ( Irene's wing was girls only ) and passed through the stairways and hall by squeezing her way through numerous pairs of amorous couples ( and even a triple! ) making out in all-too-public and all-too-pubic areas. Irene was shocked but glad she was wearing tops and bottoms unlike many of the girls she passed by.

Once in Peg's room, Irene relaxed as she was warmly greeted by the Pledge Mistress who explained that Irene would have to go though a few rituals before being given a pledge bond test which, if she passed, would lead to a recommendation for membership in Nu Delta.

"First of all, Pledge, have you followed our instructions tonight?"

"Absolutely, Mistress" Irene replied calling Peg ' Mistress' as she had been warned would be expected.

"No bra or panties under those pj's?"

"Of course not."

"Prove it."

Irene figured this was sort of like Truth or Dare that she'd heard about in high school when other, older girls played sleep over games. A little flashing. Not a huge dare and no big deal. She lifted up her pyjama top to show her bare breasts, turned and dropped her bottoms to just below her butt."

"You don't understand, Pledge. 'Prove it ' is an absolute command. The sorority sisters are not here in person, so they need visual proof you obeyed. Take off your pyjamas and hand them to me. And then put your hands on top of your head. We don't want you covering up, now do we?" Peggy was smiling warmly but chuckling to herself.

Irene shrugged her shoulder and took all her clothes off and stood at attention with her hands atop her head as Peggy told her initial proof meant taking many photos of her in various positions on her cell phone to send off to other sisters.

"But you're not quite ready yet. Stay there, sweetie," said Peg with a wink. " We need to clean you up a bit." And with that, the Pledge Mistress stepped into her bathroom for a second and came out with a bowl of hot water, some soap and a Lady Bic three edge razor.

"Bush trimming time, Pledge. You can't even apply to Nu Delta while hiding your assets like that. Only smooth pussies in the Nu crew!" Peggy got Irene to cooperate so that in five minutes the youngster was clean as a whistle and her pubes were as bald as a billiard ball. Irene's legs and armpits were already smooth shaven. She was ready ... Almost.

After the cell phone clicked a dozen times, Irene was made to pose in a few lewd positions including on her butt, legs spread with her newly shaven pussy wide open. But that was not good enough.

"We need ID for our records, Pledge." And with that, Peggy took out a red sharpie pen and proceeded to draw on Irene's pussy mound, right side 'Virgin' and on the left side ' Airlines'.

"Now your tits, Pledge," Peg took out bright red lipstick and drew two smiley faces around Irene's nipples and took some more pix. The photo-session was over for the moment as Peg showed her pledge victim eight more lipsticks of various hues lined up on the bureau.

"Time for the second part of your interview, Pledge." Peg's grin was downright evil. " You can't be in the Nu Delta Sorority unless you've passed the reverse rainbow regimen. Do you know what that is?"

Irene looked worried because she had heard of some sororities that initiate four or five pledges at a time as a guy, usually a frat rat, gets a rainbow look on his cock by having several rings of lipstick from pledges giving him blowjobs while each girl wears different shades of lipstick. Peg noticed Irene's worried look but assured her Nu Delta was not so crude as to allow such a many-pledge oral orgy ordeal.

"Instead we have only one pledge try out all the shades of lipstick on several guys' cocks ... one after the other. Now get on your knees, Pledge. This has to be finished in one hour so you better get started."

That's when Irene started to cry and Peg dialed one number on her cell and within two minutes, Peg's room was filled with at least five girls and seven guys. The girls lined the walls giggling as the guys lined up and dropped their pants and began jerking off to warm up in anticipation of their turn to get one colour around their erect cocks. Irene was stunned but also compliant and sexually aroused. She had no sexual experience oral or otherwise until now, but her fantasies were a different matter. Irene had often self-pleasured while imaging just such an oral, orgasmic occasion.

In the end, all eight shades of lipstick made their way behind closed zippers and Irene managed to swallow a half cup of fresh, hot cum. Her first interview was a success ( with an emphasis on the word 'suck' ) all she had to do now was return to her room on the other side of the building in the nude, of course, as Peggy kept the pledge's pajamas as a Nu Delta trophy.

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