B Is for Bikini Beach Bitch

by BIC

Copyright© 2014 by BIC

Sex Story: Bianca, the bubble-headed babe, earns her high school diploma not as head of the class, but by giving the best head for her male teachers. The female school staff are not amused and vow an oath of vengeance.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Humor   Revenge   FemaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   Exhibitionism   School   Gang-Bang Spanking.

Bianca Bodsworthy had no idea what she was letting herself in for or the trouble she was getting herself into. But then again, Bianca rarely had a clue about the obvious about her. And by that I mean the obvious around her as well as concerning herself. Bianca was what a song writer once called 'a bubble-headed bleach blonde'; except in Bianca's case, she was the genuine fake article in that her hair was natural, not dyed. And her big, beautiful boobs weren't bought either. Actually, neither of them were.

I mean Bianca wasn't just a fake-flake female, she was a bona fide bimbo, bodacious but blissfully ignorant of her beauty and bewitching charm. Guys went gaga for the girl and she gave them no notice; not because she was cruel, but because she was clueless. She combined grace with gullibility, innocence with ignorance, and cute with clueless.

In June she had graduated Sussex High School with just enough credits because her greatest supporters, the male staff members, rose to the occasion to boost her average up to a C-minus by secretly substituting correct answers on her final exam papers. Her male teachers admired Bianca's extracurricular activity and not only because she was the captain of the school's cheerleaders. Bianca had earned her upgrades year after year since she was a freshman the old fashioned way, on her knees.

Yes, Bianca Bodsworthy sucked her way to a high school diploma; four years of oral sex favours for many mentors who taught her how to get ahead by giving head. Bianca took it all in stride as she took it all in after they dropped their strides. After all, she was just following the 'Don't ask, don't tell' rule, and if that was good enough for our brave boys in uniform, then it was good enough for her.

In ninth grade Bianca was about to fail biology ( how ironic! ) when her teacher, Peter File, recognizing the 14-year old girls obvious talents, suggested a way to pass the course. He told her 'Don't ask, don't tell' was a discrete federal law that legally allowed things which were not to be spoken of publicly but which were acceptable in practice. He then explained how men in the armed services could continue to suck cock as long as they never told anyone about it.

Mr. File adjusted Bianca's grades after adjusting his pants to allow the young student better access to a higher education. She learned her lesson well. You could say she took it all in, passed her orals. Her grades in math and French improved too that year and, in fact, only failed in courses taught by women teachers.

Over the next three years the Vice Principal, Mr. Hitherbottom, made sure Bianca was taught by several male staff members ( enough to guarantee she would pass the year ), each of whom became aware of the school's new 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy. Bianca was only given high enough grades to keep her in school. Any 'B' or 'A' grades would have drawn unwanted attention and besides, teetering on the edge of failure meant the buxom but brainless beauty was beholden to the rule that so benefited and pleased her teachers. For Bianca school sucked, but she enjoyed it anyway.

So at age 17, Bianca earned her diploma and her most ardent supporters on staff bid her a tearful farewell. The male teachers, that is. The female teachers had finally figured out the secret to Bimbo Bianca's academic success and were less than best-pleased. In fact, they felt furious, jealous and vengeful as they cooked up a scheme to serve sweet sucker Bianca her just desserts.

Bianca had never gotten along with her female teachers who never once offered to adjust her failing marks. Bianca had asked the VP why that was so, and Mr. Hitherbottom informed her that the 'Don't ask, don't tell' clause in the Constitution was put in before adult women got the right to vote. So female teachers over the age of 21 were not covered, but female students under 18 could benefit from the law because what wasn't specifically excluded was included as a state right. And because Bianca lived in a state, not a territory, she would be included and have the right to suck cocks to improve her grades. Bianca had a female teacher for American History so, as in most things, she was none the wiser.

Because of her cool relationship with these women, Bianca found it strange that a few weeks after graduation, she got a call from Betty Gederbach, the mean Geography teacher Bianca had in eleventh grade. Ms Gederbach had seemed to delight in teasing and belittling Bianca by reading the girl's test answers out in front of the class. The quiz on continents was typical:

Question: Where would one find Turkey?

Bianca's answer: On the dinner table at Thanksgiving and on your ass and thighs later.

Question: Where would one find China?

Bianca's answer: Fine China would be under the Turkey.

Question: Where would one find Greece?

Bianca's answer: Grease shouldn't be found on fine China which should be washed before being set out on the table at Thanksgiving.

Question: Where would one find Greenland?

Bianca's answer: In the meadow but only in summer or spring. By Thanksgiving it usually turns beige-brown.

That Bianca had been promoted to grade 12 astounded Ms. Gederbach until one day she needed to see the Vice Principal and quietly entered his office only to find a special seminal seminar in progress with four teachers and the V.P. forming a study circle around and for a kneeling, naked Bianca. Unlike her male, miscreant colleagues, Ms Gederbach withdrew without being either seen or obscene. But she vowed to get back at the bimbo-bitch some day.

Ms Gederbach was only slightly annoyed with the breach of professional conduct and trust between student and teacher; the Geography teacher was mostly pissed off because what she had witnessed was her own fantasy, but with herself, not young Bianca, in the middle of that circle of sin and sex sensation. She felt she'd been ignored and passed over by her male colleagues, but she felt betrayed and bested by the bimbo-bitch, Bianca. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned but not screwed.

So Ms Gederbach's call came as a surprise. Bianca suspected her old teacher regretted not giving her a passing mark and therefore was making this grand gesture as a sort of consolation prize, a three week, all expense-paid trip to Hawaii with accommodation at a secret, secluded hotel on the beach PLUS a designer bikini just her size, too small.

Bianca arrived at Honolulu airport on the fourth of July and found hired limo and driver waiting for her. She was quickly whisked away by her female chauffeur who looked an awful lot like Lizzy Sapho, her old PE instructor who, according to some of the cheerleaders, was 'playing for the other team'. Bianca didn't believe those locker room rumours, though. Ms Sapho would never betray Sussex High.

Bianca was less than impressed with the hotel accommodations. They pulled up to small bungalow on an isolated beach an hour's drive from the airport. It was large but hardly what she was expecting. It had five bedrooms and two full baths, an open concept kitchen-dining area and was just thirty yards from the shore, a beautiful but secluded stretch of beach.

The limo had pulled away as Bianca settled in, putting away all her gear in one of the many bedrooms. On the dining room table she had found a package and a note from Ms. Gederbach. Inside the prettily wrapped box was the designer bikini she'd been promised. In the note were welcoming words and instructions:

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