After Hours

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 2000 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Lesbian Teacher/Student Sex Story: Susan Walsh was content to just imagine her fantasies until the strange girl behind the video store counter entered her life.

Caution: This Lesbian Teacher/Student Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Oral Sex   Teacher/Student   lesbian teacher eats student sex story, lesbian student seduces teacher sex story, lesbian teacher's fantasy comes true.

Susan Ann Walsh sat quietly in her six year old Ford Escort in the parking lot of Krazy Kate's Video Store. For the third time in the last half-hour, the forty-six year old high school history Teacher checked her watch. Then the short haired redhead looked out the window to the small sign on the store's door that listed the hours of operation. The store closed at eight o'clock, her watch had read seven fifty.

The short woman, only five three, got out of her dark blue coupe and quickly entered the small establishment. The store itself was rather unpretentious, a far cry from the mega franchises that dominated the video market these days. In fact, Krazy Kate's carried less than a third of the selection of most stores. What it did have, was a very loyal clientele and an owner who not only carried the latest popular hits, but many little known films that couldn't be found anywhere else.

Susan walked over to the row of the latest new releases and picked up the newest of romantic comedies. She pretended to be reading the back of the box. Actually, she was waiting for the girl behind the counter to finish with the thirty something man ahead of her.

The man paid for his rentals and bid the girl a good night. No sooner had he exited the door, Susan moved up to where he had been standing.

"Hi," the young girl who Susan guessed wasn't more than nineteen smiled. "What can I do for you this evening?"

"I'm looking for Katherine Harrison," she answered. "Is she in?"

"Oh, you mean Kate," the girl who said her name was Elisa replied. "I'm afraid she wasn't feeling well and went home a little early. Can I help you with anything?"

The history Teacher took a long good look at the young woman. She was about her height, with long shoulder length hair tied back in a ponytail. What was unusual about that was that her hair was a vivid purple. Additionally, Elisa had six small earrings along the edge of her left ear and five in her right. Susan supposed that the sixth earring was the one on the right side of her nose.

The teenager wore a cut off version of a Krazy Kate's T-shirt. One that looked to be at least a size too small from the way it pressed against her braless breasts, the nipples of which were clearly visible. In the middle of her stomach, an area exposed by the cut off, was a small golden ring attached to her belly button. A pair of faded jeans, cut way too short completed her ensemble.

Susan was all too aware of the current rages among young people. There were at least three girls in the senior class who wore jewelry much like Elisa's. For all the conservatively dressed woman knew, Elisa might have been one of her students a year or so ago.

"No, thank you," Susan said somewhat apologetically. "I ... er ... had some personal business with Katherine. I'll come back another time."

The blue dressed woman had turned to leave and had actually gone a few steps when Elisa called after her.

"Are you Susan Walsh?" she asked.

"Excuse me?" the redhead said as she turned back around.

"Kate left a package for a Susan Walsh, is that you?"

"Actually, yes." she said a bit hesitantly.

"It's in the back room, wait here a minute and I'll get it for you."

Elisa turned and disappeared into the store room for a few moments. When she reemerged, she was carrying a small paper bag with "Sue" written across it in red marker. From the size and shape of the bag, it was obvious that it contained a few video tapes. Previously, the bag had been used to carry Kate's lunch back and forth to work.

"Here we go." Elisa said as she handed the bag over the counter.

At that moment, it became obvious that the makeshift lunch container had been used one times too many as the bottom of the bag ripped open. From the large tear, three videos tumbled to the hard tile floor.

Susan watched in horror as they landed at her feet. A look of total embarrassment filled her face.

"I'm so sorry," Elisa said as she rushed around the counter. "Let me pick them up for you."

"No!" Susan called out in panic. "I mean, I can do it."

It was too late. Elisa was already by her side, looking down at the tapes.

Picking them up, the nineteen year old read off the titles.

"Teenage Lesbian Slumber Party, Lesbian High and Lesbian Loving Teacher." she read silently as she put them on the counter.

The school Teacher was mortified. That she was a lesbian was a secret she had guarded for years. As bad as it would've been for her career for that to come out, it was nothing compared to the firestorm that would've erupted if the school board discovered her constant fantasies about the young girls she taught history to.

Susan had never, ever acted on any of those fantasies. In fact, she had gone out of her way over the years, to never be put in a position where desire, opportunity and the weakness of the flesh might combine to allow a dangerous incident.

A little over a month ago, Susan had met Katherine at a lesbian bar outside of town. They were pretty close in age and had formed a quick friendship. A friendship that had quickly led to the bedroom. They knew they weren't in love and that their sex had been recreational. But for the moment it had been enough.

When Katherine had learned that Susan was a high school Teacher, she said that it must be like being a kid working in a candy store. Susan had replied that it was almost exactly the opposite. She had a weakness for young girls she admitted, and because of it had to always be on her guard. In fact, she wouldn't even take a turn at gym duty, worrying that she might get caught spending all too much time staring at all those lovely young bodies on display in the showers and locker room.

What they also discovered upon talking about their lives, was that Katherine had a nephew at Susan's school. He wasn't in any of her classes, but Katherine mentioned that he was interested in the summer intern program but that all his teachers had already nominated other students. Susan had said that since she hadn't yet promised anyone, she would be glad to sponsor Katherine's nephew. All he had to do was bring her his application.

Katherine was overjoyed. In appreciation, she had offered, since she owned a video store, to get her new friend any lesbian tapes she might like to help her enjoy her secret fantasies. An offer Susan had readily accepted. She was supposed to pick up the tapes tonight.

Elisa acted as if having a middle age woman picking up tapes of teen lesbians was the most natural thing in the world. She got a new bag from around the counter and dropped the first two tapes in the bag. Then she took another look at the copy of Lesbian High.

"This is a pretty awesome movie," she said as if she was discussing Gone With The Wind. "I've seen it twice."

"You've seen it?" Susan asked awkwardly.

"Sure, I've seen just about all the girl films Kate has in the back. That's one of the perks of working here."

She dropped the tape into the bag and handed it to Susan.

"No need to be embarrassed," Elisa said with a smile. "Women have needs too, just like guys."

"I guess I never looked at it like that." Susan said as she clutched the paper bag.

She started for the door, then stopped.

"Can I ask you something?" she said.

"Hey, I'm an open book," Elisa smiled. "Ask away."

"What was it about that film that you liked so much?"

"Well you might think it a little kinky, but watching the students get it on with the teachers," Elisa said. "I used to fantasize about that all the time. In fact there was this one Teacher I had, God she made me wet just sitting in her class watching her."

Susan had to take a big breath just to reassure herself that her heart was still beating.

"You didn't happen to go to RFK, did you?" Susan asked with trepidation.

"No, I went to Jefferson High across town," the girl answered. "Why?"

Susan couldn't believe the next words out of her mouth.

"I teach history at RFK."

"You're joking, right?" Elisa asked.

"No, I'm not," Susan said, finding it easier to say it the second time. "I can show you my ID to prove it."

"No, I believe you," Elisa said as she ran her hand through her purple hair. "Damn, I knew I went to the wrong school." she laughed.

Even Susan had to smile at her comment.

"Do you and your girlfriend like to watch those video's together?" Elisa asked, taking a few steps closer.

"I ... I don't have a girlfriend." Susan admitted, wondering why she was still here and not on her way home.

"You just watch them alone?" Elisa went on.

Susan's silence answered the question.

"That's sad," Elisa said. "So you watch those films alone and think about your students. And then you..."

Susan's silence was now joined by a bright red embarrassment.

"Hey, Teach, there's no need to turn red on me," Elisa said with a smile. "I'm sure most of the people I know would think me pretty strange, getting wet over forty year old women. But then again most of them think I'm pretty strange to begin with."

"I don't think you're strange," Susan said. "I think it's that you're more of a free spirit. I can remember what that was like. Back in the Stone Age."

"Cute and a sense of humor too," Elisa quipped. "This has to be my lucky night."

"Lucky night for what?" Susan asked, almost afraid to hear the answer.

"For what?" Elisa repeated. "Can't you feel it? The magic in the night. Call it fate, or kismet, or God having a sense of humor. But it can't be just a cosmic accident the two of us being here right now."

"I think I'd better get going." Susan said as she started to turn.

"Don't you think there are better ways to spend tonight than frigging to a lez flick?"

Susan was frozen in place as Elisa moved closer.

"Don't you think it might be a lot more fun, seeing what it might really be like to be with one of your students? Or at least a reasonable facsimile?"

Susan opened her mouth to say something, but what words she wanted to say were cut off as Elisa kissed her.

Susan's mind went blank as Elisa's lips pressed against her own. She dropped the bag with the tapes when she felt the young girl's tongue invade her mouth. As first she wanted to scream, to run way and hide. Then as seconds passed, she found herself returning the kiss.

Elisa had wrapped her arms around Susan's neck as she planted soft caresses against the Teacher's lips. She pressed her tongue as deep as it would go, sharing the excitement when she felt Susan return her touch.

"That wasn't bad," Elisa said as she finally broke the kiss and released her hold around the woman's neck. "Not bad at all."

Susan didn't say a word, but every part of her mind wanted to scream that yes, it had been exciting.

"So what's it going be Teach," the purple haired nineteen year old asked. "Home to watch some video, or would you rather hang out here and maybe play with these instead."

Susan's mouth fell open in disbelief as Elisa grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head. She hadn't wore a bra underneath and her medium sized breasts bounced free. The older woman's eyes were immediately drawn to the half dollar sized dark nipples that dominated each rounded orb.

Elisa stepped to just a half foot from Susan and lifted her hand up to one of her now exposed breasts.

"Do you really want to walk away and leave these?" the young woman asked as she pressed Susan's hand against her warm chest.

"No." Susan finally said softly.

Elisa released Susan's hand and moved to the door. A loud click filled the air as she turned the deadbolt and locked the door. She also pulled down the shades, blocking the view from outside.

"Now we don't have to worry about anyone making a late night return." Elisa smiled as she walked back to Susan.

The young girl placed a hand on each of the Teacher's breasts and rubbed them through her dress. They were larger then her own and felt good in her hands.

"I bet a lot of the boys in your class get hard looking at these day after day," Elisa said, feeling Susan's nipples through the material. "And even a few of the girls get wet too. I know I am."

Susan let out a soft moan as she felt the twin excitements of both Elisa's touch and her words. She seemed to know exactly what to say to get the older woman hot.

"Let's have a better look, shall we?" Elisa asked as she played with the zipper in the back of the dress.

Susan's dress quickly found its way to the floor, leaving her in plain white bra and panties. The purple haired girl planted a kiss on the top of each of her breasts.

"You like that?" she asked as she kissed the second mound.

"Oh yes," Susan said in a breathless whisper.

Elisa ran her hands down across Susan's stomach, slipping her fingers under the waistband of her panties. She pulled hard on the material, ripping them in the process. A second hard motion tore them to the point where they came off in her hand.

Without hesitation, Elisa cupped her hand against Susan's now exposed mound, feeling the wetness now there.

"Oh baby, you're so hot!" she said as she pressed her body hard against Susan's.

Elisa backed away from Susan for a moment, giving her time to catch her breath. The nineteen year old wiggled her way out of the cut off shorts, exposing a small brown bush between her legs, the original color of her hair.

"Like what you see?" Elisa asked as she stood naked in the center of the store, her hands resting on her hips.

"Yes," Susan said almost inaudibly, biting her lips as s he did.

"I can't hear you." Elisa said as she turned and waved her ass at the older woman.

"I said, yes!" Susan called out louder.

"Well come and get it then." Elisa laughed playfully as she jumped up on the edge of the low counter and swung her legs open.

A rush of desire filled Susan as all semblance of her normal self seemed to fade into the dust. She rushed forward and kissed the young girl with all the lust of a thousand empty nights. Her hands closed around her breasts, rubbing her thumbs against the small thick nipples. Her tongue sought out Elisa's, caressing it for long moments before beginning to work its way down the pale skinned body.

Excitement filled her breast as she worked her way down to the younger woman's nipples, guiding them into her mouth with an quick and eager tongue.

"Oh yeah, Teach," Elisa moaned as she ran her fingers through the older woman's hair. "Suck on my tits! Play with them with your tongue!"

And play with them she did. First one, then the other, then back to the first. All the while, the memories of a dozen students whose young bodies she had so secretly admired over the years filled her head.

She thought of Rosie Davis, the cute redhead she had lusted after for all of her four years at RFK. Even as a freshman, Rosie had a more developed body than many of the seniors. Susan thought of Kerri Moore, the dark skinned black girl she had once glimpsed topless in the days before she stopped pulling gym duty. The memory of those rounded dark orbs and the even darker nipples in the center remained fresh in her mind's eye to this day. Finally she remembered Maria Lopez, who had the most perfect ass Susan had ever seen.

Taking her fill of Elisa's mounds, the Teacher continued her downward journey, kissing the soft flesh of the girl before her as she went. Bending her knees, she reached the dark mound between the purple haired girl's legs. An access made much easier as the girl resting on the counter lifted her legs and brought them to rest on Susan's shoulders.

Susan inhaled deeply the aroma of Elisa's womanhood, a scent that sent her heart racing even more. She pressed her lips against the damp hair, her tongue seeking out the rich passage beneath it.

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