Summer Seductions - Maddy

by TheWatcher58

Copyright© 2017 by TheWatcher58

Erotica Sex Story: Maddy is a 15 year old redhead who works at the same Mini-Mart as Trudy (who Scott has also fucked). Maddy is jealous and demands that he fuck her too.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Size   .

Scott had just walked into the Mini-Mart and was in one of the aisles when Maddy followed him. She was the slim beautiful 15 year old redhead that worked on the cash registers. He had asked her out quite a few times only to be rebuffed on each occasion.

He had decided that she wasn’t going to accept his invitations so he was going to move onto someone else.

He sensed her standing beside him whilst he checked out the display of magazines. He didn’t have to wait long before she spoke to him.

“You had sex with her ... didn’t you?” she asked.

He turned to face her. She was wearing her store uniform - dark tights and a black shirt with the site logo embroidered over her left breast.

“Huh ... what do you mean?” he asked trying to play dumb. She obviously was referring to Trudy the pregnant cashier in that same store. Trudy and he had hooked up the previous week.

“Don’t play dumb ... I know that you’ve fucked her” she hissed at him.

He could see that she was a little agitated.

In a soft voice he replied “A thoughtful and caring man would never answer that question. He would respect the lady involved.”

He continued before she could respond, “If by chance I did have sex with this lady ... what business is it of yours?”

She jumped back at him with “She is married ... and she is pregnant for starters”.

This was a discussion that he didn’t want to be having with her, and certainly not in the aisle of the store where she worked.

But by her attitude, she had goaded him into continuing with “Pregnant women have sexual needs just like any other woman ... and sometimes a husband forgets his duties when the wife gets pregnant”.

“Oh you think you are so smart” she hissed back at him.

He had a light bulb moment - a way to finish this conversation or to get into her panties ... or possibly to get his face slapped.

“I’m going to have a wild guess as to why you are so interested in what may have happened between myself and Trudy”.

“Tell me ... did you want me to have sex with you?” he asked her.

She continued to look at him, not answering his question, but with a startled look now on her face.

“Well!!!!” he prompted her.

She looked towards the ground, and in a few moments he heard a whispered response of “Yes”.

That surprised him - he did not expect that reply, so he continued to be brash and confronting.

“When do you finish work?” he asked her.

“I’m finished ... I was just on the way out to the staff room to change and collect my purse and mobile phone” she explained.

“Good ... I’ll be waiting in the car out the front ... if you join me in the car then we will go back to my house and we will have sex”.

“Don’t get in the car if you’re not prepared to get naked and to have sex with me ... and no condoms” he added as a further challenge to her.

“Understand?” he asked.

“Yes” was her softly spoken reply.

“Don’t be long” he told her as he turned and walked towards the front door of the store.

Within five minutes she was exiting the store and walking across to car.

He watched her, and appraised her body as she approached him.

She had a slim body with nice curves - nice rounded ass and breasts the size of medium sized apples. Her hair was long and red - she had released it from the ponytail that she used when working.

She was wearing a light summer skirt that had its hem very high on her thighs, and a loose fitting white top with spaghetti straps on her shoulders. She was obviously braless under it judging by the wiggle of her breasts as she walked. On her sexy feet she had thongs.

Arriving at the side of the car, she stood beside the passenger door.

“Get in ... or walk away ... that’s your choice” Scott told her.

She hesitated for a moment before opening the door and slipping into the passenger seat.

He stopped her when she went to put on her seatbelt.

“Are you wearing panties?” he asked.

“Ummm ... yes” she replied.

“Take them off and hand them to me ... now” he told her.

She hesitated again ... prompting him to say “C’mon ... now”.

She responded by lifting her ass off the seat, and slipping her hands under her short skirt to remove them. She handed them to him, with him promptly sniffing them before draping them around the gearshift.

He turned to her again “Are you a virgin?”

She looked back at him, hoping that she could avoid responding, but he prompted her again asking the question and added a request for how many times that she had had sex.

In a soft almost whispered response she replied “No ... I’ve had sex twice with the same boy”.

“Good” he replied before starting the car and driving away. He placed a hand on her smooth thigh, with his hand inching higher towards her pussy.

Within minutes they arrived at the front gate of his parents home.

He parked momentarily and turned to her, reaching across and slipping the thin spaghetti straps off her shoulders. Using a crooked finger he dragged the top down exposing her nice rounded breasts and their pale pink areola and nipples.

“Beautiful ... simply stunning” he commented before resuming a slow snails pace entry down the long driveway and around the back of the main house.

Maddy was very self-conscious of being topless in his car ... and bottomless too. He was really challenging her ... much more than when she challenged him in the store.

He parked in front of the garage and jumped out of the car, heading around to her door. He opened it for her, and offered his hand to her.

“Come on out beautiful lady” he asked her.

She stepped out of the car, feeling very self conscious about being naked to the waist even in the privacy of his back yard.

“Toss your thongs back into the car”. She slipped them off her feet and did as she was asked.

Stepping back in front of her, and he lifted her top off above her head, leaving her just wearing her short skirt. He tossed the top back into his car to join her panties and thongs.

“Now the skirt too” he demanded.

She complied ... she was now totally naked, and feeling a little vulnerable.

Scott kicked off his thongs and pulled off his shirt, throwing them into the car too, leaving him in just his baggy shorts.

“Crouch down ... take them off for me” he asked her, indicating his shorts.

“Out here?” she asked with some fear and hesitation in her voice.

“No one can see us” he reassured her.

She crouched down, and with her fingers grabbing at the sides of his shorts she pulled them down, catching on his engorged cock for a moment before it popped free right in her face.

“Oh my god” she gasped “Its so big”.

“Touch it ... hold it” he demanded.

Soon she was holding it firmly in her slim hand, milking it with back and forth actions.

He wanted to challenge her even more.

“Lick it ... suck it”.

She responded without hesitation slipping the cockhead between her lips, and teasing its end with the tip of her tongue.

“You’ve done this before” he commented.

“Not out in the open like this” she gasped when she momentarily released his cock from her oral attentions.

“Suck me ... oh god” he moaned. He allowed her to continue for a couple of minutes before he stopped her, drawing her to her feet and leading her towards the stairs up to his over-garage unit.

“You go first” he told her, hanging back to watch her rounded ass and her delicious little pussy peeking out between her ass cheeks as she ascended the stairs in front of him.

Scott had all afternoon - Maddy wasn’t expected home until later that evening. They had hours to spend together, and he was intent on showing her what she had missed out on in her previous two sexual encounters with some other guy.

They laid together on his king sized bed, her hand around his cock whilst they kissed. His free hand was occupied caressing her small firm breasts and their hard little nipples.

“Oh ... uh ... oh god” she moaned into his lips. The nipple stimulations were certainly getting to her, sending her arousal levels through the roof.

Breaking the kiss, he wiggled down the bed a little, bringing his face level with her breasts. He licked and nibbled at her nipples before giving them both a firm sucking.

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