WWW Got Caught

by BIC

Copyright© 2014 by BIC

Coming of Age Sex Story: Young Anita surfs hot sex sites on line but accidentally signs up for more than she can imagine in her wildest dreams

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Coercion   Prostitution   .

Anita Dewitt came upon the web site purely by accident. Okay, 'purely' is probably a poor choice of words. But the 17 year old brunette, who was so used to googling her homework, had been stumped on an English literature assignment covering some of the Elizabethan poets other than Shakespeare.

She had to do a report on Christopher Marlow and she was unsure of the definition of the word 'wonton' in this poem I Must Have Wanton Poets. It sounded kind of gay or even kinky. But instead of using a real or even on-line dictionary, she was just going to type 'wanton'. But she had been distracted for a moment and began writing www (dot ), to start a URL and she wrote 'wanton'. The first site the search engine offered was something called wicked women, an on-line escort service with a broad range of sexual services.

Anita was no prude, but she kept her hot desires as her personal and private fantasies committed only to her secret diary ( password protected ) and online photo albums under an assumed name. Those photos were nude and rude but anonymous in as much as her full face did not show. But that was just cybersexuality. Her body was pure and intact ( except for her finger probes and sex toy fun. )

She had even let a few boyfriends get to second base (copping a feel under her bra), but she was not prepared for the sights and delights of the photo albums and video clips on this web site. Shocked and enthralled! Anita's mouth was open, her heart was pounding and her pussy was getting moist and warm as she clicked from web page to web page, clip to clip and gallery to gallery.

She had imagined herself doing some of these wonderful things with boys and had actually been in the room at parties where tamer versions of these perversions took place. Anita considered anything she had not seen, done or heard about from a good friend as over the top perverse, like bondage and discipline as sexual enhancement. But now that she saw that in living colour, she found herself flush with embarrassment and desire.

Anita played some of her favourite scenes two and three times. She relished most the ones where a man and woman played dominant characters complete with costumes appropriate to their roles; naked on her knees would be a submissive girl or woman. Secretly, Anita wished she could be there too.

She clicked the button marked "JOIN " and figured there would be a free sample section so she could enjoy the videos which always seemed to stop just when they were getting interesting. And indeed, the page which appeared did have that option. But there were two other option buttons' one marked "SUBSCRIBE HERE" the other was very similar and said " SUBS, SCRIBE AND SUBMIT HERE"

Anita felt like Goldilocks as she clicked the trial button and found it a greater tease than before. But the scenes were more graphic and got her into the mood. It was past midnight and her mother was sound asleep, so Anita felt it safe continue. She clicked the second button.

"SUBSCRIBE HERE" called for a paypal account number or credit card data neither of which Anita had. But what was offered for the $19.99 annual fee was certainly interesting: Six half-hour videos per week with XXX-rated 'appointments' which showed what WWW escorts offered and delivered. Plus free peeks at six months worth of photo galleries which displayed hotter action than available on the sample pages.

The last button seemed like an invitation of some sort. Perhaps a request for erotic stories, as it indicated 'scribes' or writers were to submit works ... presumably for editing. She clicked on this final option and a web page popped up with an interactive form.

The first three lines demanded to know Name, Date of Birth and e-mail address. After filling these out, the reader was instructed to press Enter. Anita knew enough not to use her real name and, if she wanted to look any further into this, she knew she would have to lie about her age too. She wrote Anita Rubbingoff, and thought herself most witty and naughty because that's exactly what she was doing to her pussy at that very moment. She claimed to be 19 years old and was going to give her Hotmail address but, once again got distracted by a sound outside her bedroom door ( it turned out to just be their cat wanting to be let out ) Anyway, when she'd returned from that chore, she glanced at her unfinished form and, without thinking, wrote in her real e-mail, the one she and her mother used, and pressed ENTER.

She realized her mistake too late and tried to rectify the matter by hitting the BACK button on her browser. That, of course did no good. Nor did Esc and there seemed no escape; Anita would just have to wait to see came next. She had expected a follow-up form or continuation of questions to immediately appear in a new tab or web page. But it remained frozen and, try as she would, Anita could not activate any other tabs, functions or even non-internet activities. She tried but could not turn her computer off.

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