All a Misunderstanding

by harry lime

Copyright© 2014 by harry lime

Erotica Sex Story: Julie was a good girl. That is what she told the deputy. That is what she told the judge. That is what she told the other girls in Cell Block 8. Now she is a porn queen and has a house in Beverly Hills.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Coercion   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Violent   .

Julie was famous for her laid-back attitude that seldom found fault with anyone or anything no matter how fucked up they really were. She never used bad words or expressed displeasure when things were not going well and always looked for the one good factor in midst of utter chaos.

At twenty, you would think she was pretty sharp when it came to why most guys were only interested in burying the salami, but in actually, she usually just smiled that sweet smile of hers even if she didn't really quite understand what some nasty guys were asking her or telling her. For the most part, they just assumed she was wise to the kinky suggestions and was just letting them know they were welcome to start festivities the next time she was free.

It was her love of the "Green" lifestyle that got her into trouble with the police in a way that she still didn't grasp even now when everything was back to normal.

She was with her best friend Maxine trying to organize a re-cycling project at the local Community Center when several of the young people who were helping sort out the booty they collected on the door-to-door sweep of the entire south side of town came to her with trays of little plants set in fast-growing soil and told her,

"The last house at the end of Cherry Lane was moving out and they gave us all of these plants. They said they would make a nice ground cover for place where the grass didn't shine like around fences and in the back of sheds and houses."

She accepted the plants and both she and Maxine spent the next few hours planting them all around her back yard and even in the empty lot next door that was usually a dumping ground for trash and left over junk that nobody wanted. They didn't spend much time tending the plants which seemed to flourish with a mind of their own. The nice teenaged boy from across the street offered to help weed them because he was thinking of going into the landscaping business and Maxine was all over him like flies on shit. He was a handsome boy of eighteen with a sort of surfer boy mentality that made him more attractive to immature girls.

It was only after she was arrested for illegal cultivation of a prohibited substance that Julie realized both Maxine and "surfer boy" Jake were spending a lot of time smoking and selling her plants without her knowledge. She felt really stupid and clueless while they were giggling like it was all a big joke. Well, it was certainly no joke the way that deputy sheriff Clyde Wilson shoved his baton into her backside to "search for drugs" in a disgusting manner.

The two other females detained in the holding cell with her were watching her scene with much interest but remained silent so as not to draw attention to their own defenseless situation. Julie was trying to cope with the stress of being impaled on the deputy sheriff's weapon and retaining as much dignity as possible.

"I didn't know what kind of plants they were, officer. I never take drugs of any kind. I am innocent ... Ugh ... innocent. I am a good girl."

She wilted a bit at declaring her innocence because the deputy was twisting his tool inside her like a nasty bully. Julie didn't like it at all and thought it was unprofessional of the law enforcement officer to be treating her in such a degrading manner.

He just laughed and gave her back her panties to put back on and she limped over to the holding cell. She had no idea where Maxine or the surfer boy was taken but if they were here right now, she would have given them a piece of her mind about their sneaky conspiring to get her into trouble. The two females inside the holding cell were a bit the worse for wear after having been subjected to the deputy's brand of cell block humor. The older one was about thirty and had a large ring in her nose along with some weird tattoos on her chest and arms. Despite all that she was quite attractive and had a pretty backside that seemed to have an engine that never shut down. The younger one was about Julie's age and she was built sort of on the petite and slender side with a way of looking down and never quite meeting your eye.

Strangely, the young one was the one who pulled nose ring girl off of Julie when she tried to convince the naïve girl to taste her business and be her personal "bitch". She must have had hidden muscles under her soft exterior that tamed the nasty woman's need for control.

"Hi, my name is Alice and I think you and Rose got off to a bad start. She is all right, just a little bored with sitting here waiting for these dickheads to get their shit together."

Julie pulled her skirt back down and tried her best to look comfortable with the glowering Rose standing only a few feet away and glaring with undisguised lust in her deep blue eyes. She was not well acquainted with female to female feelings but she was certain that Rose's attitude on the subject was not her cup of tea.

"My name is Julie and I don't belong here at all. I am totally innocent even if my yard is crammed full of those big green plants. Everyone knows I am the neighborhood recycling organizer and that I even reported the shop owner on the corner for selling the 32 ounce sodas with the horrible sugar content. I am a card-carrying member of PETA and PINK and have never broken the law ever."

Alice was laughing at the expression on Julie's pretty face. She was obviously attracted to the PC minded girl and could understand why Rose had tried to make her eat her pussy as a way of introduction. It wasn't that she was simple-minded; it was more that she was a "goody two-shoes" mentality and was clueless about her vulnerable personality. The street-wise young girl put her arm around Julie and before long she was stroking her hair and feeling up her boobs with the envious Rose looking on like she was robbed of a delicious candy bar when she almost had it in her hand.

It was obvious that they would be spending the night there before the arraignment before the judge in the morning and Julie didn't object when Alice pulled her into a spooning position on the narrow bunk with Rose glaring at the both of them with visible venom in her eyes. Even when Alice pulled her skirt up in the back and started exploring her private parts, she didn't move away because the threat of Rose grabbing her again made her willing to submit to whatever the young girl had in mind.

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