Robert Knows Best

by emgeee

Copyright© 2014 by emgeee

Incest Sex Story: Robert fucks his mother or did she fuck him.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   .

Wow, naked, naked in front of her son Robert. She thought she would be embarrassed but it was thrilling and it made her feel alive and tingly. Seeing her son naked was exciting, watching him masturbate was erotic, but then she had just let Robert watch her masturbate. Totally naked, shaved pussy naked, fingers in her pussy naked, spread eagle masturbating naked, climaxing in front of her son naked.

What Susan feeling was hunger and being sticky.

Susan slowly rolled to her hip and sat up on the couch, she then stood up, naked, full frontal nude naked in front of her son.

"I am going to shower then I will get us something to eat" she declared.

Robert sat in his chair trying to focus; he had cum so hard he was seeing stars. He looked up to see his mother, his naked mother, his shaved pussy naked mother, small tits, small nipples, semi flat stomach, his mother standing in front of him. His naked mother, his cock twitched.

"Does that ever get soft" she asked.

"Not when your naked mom, shower sounds good, meet you in the kitchen", replied Robert.

Susan stood in the shower letting the warm water rinse away her stickiness. A quick rinse, she was hungry. She thought to herself, no guilt, none. It was not even noon and she had seen her son naked, had gotten naked herself and both masturbated for each other. Did it happen that fast or was it the result of Robert teasing her for the last month?

Susan popped out of the shower, dried herself put on a flimsy short robe and went to the kitchen. Robert had already seen her naked and it was fun to be naked but out of habit she had put on a robe. Not that she did not like to be naked in the house or naked in front of her son it was just habit. No guilt.

Robert walked in the kitchen, he was wearing his loose shorts, they hung low on his hips and Susan thought that his semi hard cock was the only thing keeping them from falling to the floor.

Susan pulled stuff out of the refrigerator, they ate out of containers and drank out of bottles, no glasses no dishes, not forks, just fingers. They ate like beasts, eating, swallowing, drinking and no conversation.

As they finished and put away the food Susan took Robert by the hand and led him into the family room. It was a little more private than the living room. As they walked into the room Susan dropped her hand and started to rub Roberts back. Up and down his strong straight back, she ran her hands down his back and when her hand touched her son's shorts and they fell to the floor. Robert's ass came into view and Susan's hands dropped to his ass. Hard firm tight ass cheeks, they were somewhat lighter in color then the rest of his body but still a little tan.

Susan asked if he tanned nude.

Robert told her that sometimes when he was home alone he would slip into the back yard and sun himself.

This was the first time Susan had touched her son and she loved the feel of his hard body under her hands. She touched and ran her hands over his back and ass, she moved to his front and touched his shoulders and stomach, nice abs, not defined but nice.

Susan noticed as her hands moved lower the harder his cock became. Soon it was fully erect and even lifted up off his legs and pointed upwards. She teased him by not touching his cock.

Robert looked at his mother pleading with his eyes to have her touch his cock.

Robert took her hands and tried to move them to his cock, she side stepped him and now her back was to her son. Robert reached out and took off his mother robe, not that it covered anything but the mere act of stripping his mother made his cock twitch.

Now it was Roberts turn to touch his mother, his first contact with her naked flesh. He ran his hands over her back and down to her ass. As he ran his hands over her ass she pushed back into his hands. Robert squeezed and pulled and grabbed her ass, the more he grabbed her ass the more Susan liked it.

Small noises came out of her, he got a little rougher and she liked it even more. His fingers dug into her ass cheeks and he ran his fingers to her pussy. Not quite that far enough to touch her pussy but she bent over to give him access to her body.

He moved behind her and put his hard cock in the crack of her ass and slid it back and forth the pre cum from his cock, lubricating the crack of her ass. Robert grabbed her shoulders and pulled her up right. He reached around her and grabbed her tits.

Full skin to skin contact, his cock in the crack of her ass, his stomach to her back and her tits in his hands they stood there enjoying the feeling of skin to skin.

Susan leaned forward to make better contact with is body and his hard cock. Robert leaned forward and saw her naked neck in front of his lips. He kissed her neck. A white hot bolt of electricity shot out of Robert's lips on to her neck. Susan came; she came and wiggled her ass with each climax.

Susan turned and took Robert's head in her hands and kissed him full on the lips. The kiss started slow but soon turned into a hot wet tongue battle arms wrapped around each other full frontal contact kiss.

Hands arms and legs trying to make contact with naked flesh.

They sank to the floor, never loosing contact, kissing and groping the whole time.

Susan rolled on to her back, her legs spreading and Robert lying on top of her. Her tits smashed to his chest, her stomach to his stomach.

Wet slobber flowing from each other's mouth, arms wrapping around each other, Susan moved her hips and found Robert's cock lined up with her pussy.

She lifted her hips; Robert pushed his cock slowly into his mother pussy. Slowly inch by inch his cock entered into his mother's pussy. He could feel her pussy, her wet pussy, expanding around his cock. Not an opening but a warm wet sheath encompassing his cock, each nerve of his cock, each nerve on the end of his cock feeling the warmth of his mother's pussy on his cock.

Susan was taken back on the speed of what was happening but could not hold back she wanted desperately to feel her son's cock in her pussy. She could feel him slowly push his cock past her open pussy lips, into the wetness of her pussy and suddenly she could feel her son's cock moving deep into her pussy, deep into her pussy that for so long had been empty, now she could feel Roberts cock splitting her pussy and felt it move around and hold her son's cock. Each nerve of her pussy could feel his hot flesh in her pussy.

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