Wedding Dance

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 1999 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Bridesmaid Erotic Sex Story: It was bad enough that Jack Buckman's date for his sister's wedding cancelled at the last minute, but having to escort an older guest in her place was more than he could stand.

Caution: This Bridesmaid Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Virgin fucks the bridesmaid, bridesmaid takes an usher's virginity, older woman teaches virgin all about sex story.

"Oh baby, your cock feels so nice." the blond haired eighteen-year-old girl called out as she rode up and down on the young man's cock." "I can't believe how hard it is."

The dark haired teen beneath her smiled as he held onto her creamy breasts, playing with her small, pert nipples. The seventeen-year-old was stripped to his shorts, pulled down to expose his cock and balls. The girl was still wearing a blue bridesmaid's dress, hiked up to allow access to her pussy. The top of the dress was down around her waist, her bra hanging open and loose.

"Oh Connie," Jack Buckman called out as he pumped his cock in and out of her as hard as he could. "Oh God, Connie!"

"Fuck me, oh Jack, please fuck me!" Connie Austin cried out as she offered up her virginity to her love.

"I'm going to come!" Jack yelled as he felt the familiar sensation building up inside him. "I'm going to come!"

Moments later he did, sending bursts of whiteness exploding from his cock, deep into Connie's pussy. In that single moment, she became a woman, and he a man.

"Oh, yes!" Connie moaned as she felt him fill her with his juices. "Oh yes, baby, fill me up. Give it all to me!"

"Oh Connie!" Jack gasped as he felt his cock drain, his body riding the cascading waves that accompanied his ejaculation.

"Oh Jack!" Connie echoed as she collapsed back into his arms, his cock still buried deep inside her.

Jack held the half-naked girl in his arms, holding her tightly. He gently stroked her long hair, kissing her cheek softly.

"I love you Connie," he whispered. "I wanted to do this for so..."

The words ringing in his head were cut off abruptly by the loud banging on Jack's bedroom door. Startled, the young man jerked his head in that direction.

"Rise and shine Jack," Bill Buckman called out as he pounded once again on the door. "Time to kick off the sheets and hit the showers. It's not every day your sister gets married."

"I'm awake, Dad." Jack called out somewhat reluctantly. "I'm awake."

"Breakfast in fifteen minutes." the elder Buckman yelled as he stepped away from the door.

Lying in bed, Jack looked down at the now soft cock in his hand. A hand filled with a thick white stickiness. He reached over to the night table and grabbed a handful of tissues. Carefully, he wiped his fingers and the area around his cock.

"Oh Dad," he said with regret. "Couldn't you have waited just a few more minutes."

Finally admitting that his wet dream was indeed over, Jack crawled out of bed and headed to the bathroom.

Dropping his now soiled underwear into the hamper, Jack turned on the water in the small homemade shower. Originally this room had been a walk in closet. When Jack had turned 10 and his sister 14, it became quickly apparent to his father that one bathroom was not going to be enough for his two children. Not with June spending longer and longer in there every morning.

So, faced with the prospect of either sharing the master bathroom with his kids, or enduring a daily shouting match between them, he decided instead to build another bath. It lacked the smooth finish of the others, but it was all Jack's and that was all he cared about.

The hot water felt good against his skin as he soaped up his body. He paid special attention to his cock and balls, making sure he washed away the last traces of his climax. As he moved his wet and soapy hands back and forth the length of his cock, it once again grew erect. His shower was always one of his favorite parts of the day. More so when he stroked himself and imagined that he wasn't alone. He knew that he wasn't going to come again so soon, even a seventeen-year-old needed a little recharge time, but it still felt good just to play a little more.

He was going to miss his sister, he thought, a lot more than he would ever want to admit. Unlike a lot of his friends, he had a pretty good relationship with his older sibling. June was cool, at least in his eyes. She didn't go nuts over a lot of things like some of his friends' sisters.

Even that time he had walked into her room without knocking and saw her stark naked. June had just yelled and thrown a pillow at him. Of course he didn't think she would've been so forgiving if she'd know about the time he'd seen a lot more of her.

One day last winter, Jack had gotten home from school two hours early when a water pipe broke. He was on his way to his room when he saw that June's door was partly open. Since both his parents were still at work, he decided to take a peek. Instead of the quick flash of bare tit or ass he had hoped for, Jack hit the jackpot. June was stretched out totally nude on her bed, her eyes were closed and she had her hand between her legs. He knew that girls masturbated too, but had never seen exactly how. Jack watched June for almost five minutes, right up to and including her orgasm. Then he practically ran to his own room, afraid she'd find out he was there.

His friends would say that you weren't supposed to get a hard on from your sister, but Jack had a first class one after that. It wasn't the first one she had ever given him, but it was the first one he had jacked off with. It didn't seem to want to go down any other way.

All his buddies said that June had a hot body, and really great tits. Although he would never agree with them out loud, after all this was his sister they were talking about, he knew it was true. Jack even though June had better tits than Connie. Of course that was just a guess since he had never really gotten as good a look at Connie's boobs. The few times he had seen them, the few times he had actually gotten to put his hands on them, had been in the dim light of the back seat of his old Ford.

Of course all of that would change tonight after June's wedding, or so he hoped. His best friend, Tommy Young had sworn to him that he had gotten into Judy Marx's panties after taking her to his older brother's wedding last month. There was something about weddings, Tommy had said, that got women all worked up. Something about how they all wanted to be the bride or something like that. And since the bride was giving it up to the groom, they could be just like her with their dates.

The best decision June made about her wedding, at least from Jack's perspective, was to include Connie as one of her bridesmaids. Connie's sister Debbie was one of June's best friends. In fact June had been in her bridal party last year.

Unfortunately this time around, Debbie was over eight months pregnant and as she put it, not in any shape to walk down the aisle. Waddle maybe, she'd laughed, but not walk. To make Debbie happy, June had asked Connie to be a bridesmaid instead. And since Mike Morgan, June's husband to be, had already asked Jack to be one of his ushers, Jack made sure he was matched up with Connie. If anyone was going to score with Connie after the wedding, it was going to be Jack Buckman.

The other really great thing about this wedding, Jack thought as he washed his smooth, almost hairless chest, was that Mike Morgan was going to be his brother-in-law. In the two years since June had started going with Mike, the twenty-five-year-old had become the big brother Jack never had. They'd gone to a few ball games together, hung out Saturday afternoons when June was working and just had long, interesting talks. Mike had even made sure that Jack had been invited to his bachelor party last Friday night. Of course they couldn't let him drink, after all he was way underage, but Jack didn't care. Nothing in the world was going to beat seeing the show those two dancers the best man had hired for the party had put on.

The teen had read about some of the things two women could do together, but seeing it was something totally different. Then, after the show, the two women gave the groom and best man blowjobs. Jack almost passed out when Mike made sure his little brother to be got one too. It had been his first.

Jack stepped out of the shower and stood in front of the full length mirror his father had hung on the back of the door. At 17, he was already a high school graduate. He wouldn't turn 18 until just before the start of college in the fall. He stood five nine and weighted in at one fifty four. While not a jock, he had a well-toned body, smooth but for some light patches of hair. His cock had finally returned to its normal state, but Jack knew that when aroused, it stood a good seven inches. A lot taller than some of his classmates.

Drying himself off, Jack wondered if he could ever convince Connie to give him a blowjob. So far the most they had done was some heavy petting, although lately Connie had been willing to put her hand on his cock. Just a few weeks ago, on the night of the Prom, she had jerked him off in the back of his car. But when he had come all over her hand, she had thought it was gross and hadn't repeated it since.

That was why he was so worked up over the wedding. If anything was going to make Connie change her mind, it was going to be a wedding. Or so went the hormone-fueled logic of a seventeen-year-old. If she weren't going to let him pop their mutual cherries, then maybe she would at least be horny enough to try and suck him off.

Done with the shower, Jack dressed quickly in a sweatshirt and jeans. After breakfast he had a few errands to run for his Mom before getting dressed for the late afternoon ceremony.

"Good morning, Sis." he said as he dropped down at the kitchen table. "Today's the big day."

"Morning, Jack." the twenty-one-year-old replied. "Only a few more hours and I'll be Mrs. June Morgan."

"And only a few hours after that," Jack thought as his Mother placed a plate full of sausage, eggs and toast in front of him. "You and Mike are going to be fucking your brains out back at his, no make that, your new apartment."

To most girls his age, a wedding was all about the ceremony. Picking out dresses for both the bride and the bridesmaids. Arranging for the hall, selecting a band and picking the right music. A hundred tiny little details that they would spend countless hours talking about.

To guys Jack's age, it was all about one thing. That moment when you got back to your room and got down to doing it. That magic moment when the bride opened her legs and let you put it inside her. He and his friends had spent just as many hours talking about that.

Of course Jack was pretty sure that June and Mike had already done it. He couldn't say for sure, but after the bachelor party, Jack had overheard Mike tell his best man that the girl at the party that had blown him had been good, but that June was even better.

Breakfast was just about over when they were interrupted by the phone. June was closest to it so she got up to answer. She spent less than a minute listening, nodding her head a few times and saying that of course she understood.

"Bad news honey?" Mary Buckman asked as her daughter hung up the receiver.

"Well both bad and good news." June answered. "That was Mrs. Austin. Debbie went into labor this morning. She and Stephen are at the hospital and of course won't be able to come."

Stephen was Debbie's husband, and as luck would have it both a friend of Mike's and another of his ushers. None of this, of course, answered the question uppermost in Jack's mind.

"What about Connie?" Jack said, his voice apprehensive.

"Oh she's at the hospital too." June added. "She's not going to miss the chance to see her niece or nephew born."

"Fuck." Jack said under his breath, too low for either woman to hear.

"What does this do to your wedding party, Dear?" his Mother asked June.

"Well, thankfully we still have an even number." June said after thinking about it for a few seconds. "Stephen was going to escort Tina Royce, so we're just going to have to match her up instead with Jack." she paused for a moment and added. "Sorry little brother."

If Jack was disappointed that Connie wasn't coming, the news that he was going to be paired up with Tina Royce was devastating. Tina was one of Mike's cousins and had been asked to be part of the wedding party as a favor to Mike's mother. Since Mike had asked Jack to be an usher, there was no way for June to really refuse. Not that she really saw any reason to want to, since it would make her future Mother In Law happy.

Jack's consternation was over the fact that Tina Royce wasn't exactly what you thought of as bridesmaid material. First of all, she was not a maid, having been married and now divorced. More importantly, she was a lot older than her cousin, having just passed her 38th birthday.

"This wedding is really going to suck." Jack finally concluded as he saw all his much-anticipated plans fall apart.

Later in the day, as he dressed in his tuxedo, Jack tried to put his disappointment behind him and be happy for his sister. If wasn't fair to spoil her day, he decided, just because things hadn't gone as he wished.

The wedding ceremony, he had to say, went off like clockwork. It was perfect in every way that mattered for June. The icing on the cake, so to speak, had come in the form of a phone call from Mrs. Austin during the reception. She'd wished the happy couple all the best and let them know that Debbie had given birth to a big healthy baby boy.

There was one small blur it might be called, on this picture perfect wedding. There was a period, between the official photos and the start of the reception, when no one seemed to be able to locate the bride and groom for almost half an hour. The rumor was that the two newlyweds couldn't wait until that night to consummate their vows. Jack didn't know if it was true or not, but knowing both his sister and Mike, he wouldn't put it past them.

Even being partnered up with Cousin Tina during the wedding march hadn't been the big nightmare he'd first envisioned. The short haired brunette was only a few inches shorter than Jack, although a little on the stocky side. The teen didn't really think he would categorize her as fat, the way he would some girls at school. She carried her weight well, distributed pretty evenly over her body. Of course the first thing Jack noticed about her when they were introduced, was a pretty good size set of breasts.

Chatting for a few minutes before the start of the service, Jack learned that Tina had been married for ten years and only moved back into town eight months ago following her divorce. She had started up her own business and was already doing rather well. Mike's mother had asked that she be included in the wedding party out of the mistaken belief that she was depressed over the divorce. Nothing was further from the truth, she had said. She viewed the end of her marriage, which ended for reasons no one was really sure of, as just the end of one chapter in her life and the beginning of another.

She also had, Jack learned, a rather interesting sense of humor. She'd popped off a few one-liners and observations about some of the other guests to loosen him up. Comments that almost had him in stitches.

The reception was going as near prefect as the ceremony at the church. Jack was still a little disappointed at Connie's absence. Still there were some good-looking girls that he could dance with if nothing else.

First of course, he had danced with his sister, the new Mrs. Morgan. He could never remember her being so happy before. Next came a dance with his Mom, something slow and proper. It was while he was dancing with Mary Buckman that he noticed Crystal Clarke dancing with Jill Fisher. It wasn't that unusual to see two girls dancing with each other at parties, there were always more of them that wanted to dance then there were guys.

This time, watching the two blondes whirl each other around, Jack thought about the two women at the bachelor party. He pictured for a moment, Jill and Crystal doing to each other what those dancers had done. The image, however brief, of Crystal half-naked on her knees with her face buried between Jill's legs was enough to give him an instant hard on.

Thankfully, the reality that he was dancing with his Mother was enough to quickly shrink his manhood back to size. After dropping his Mother back off at table one, Jack took off to see who else he could find. What he didn't realize was, someone else was also looking for him.

He had just zeroed in on Pamela Welles, decked out in a low cut green gown that matched her emerald eyes. She was talking to some older woman and her boyfriend was nowhere in sight. Jack got within five feet of her when another girl stepped in between them.

"Jack," Cindy Lewis said in that annoying tone that drove guys up the wall. "Where have you been hiding yourself? I've been looking all over for you."

"Hi Cindy." Jack said in a neutral tone, looking over her shoulder at Pamela.

"It's too bad Connie couldn't make it," Cindy said, her voice just a little too eager. "But I'd be glad to keep you company."

"That's great, Cindy," Jack said without really paying attention to her, his eyes still on Pamela. "But I..."

He stopped in mid-sentence as he watched Pam's boyfriend step back into the picture. So much for that idea.

"Why don't we dance?" Cindy said as she took Jack's hand in hers.


Before he could object, the redhead had dragged him out on the dance floor.

Cindy was actually a pretty good dancer. She was also cute, had a nice body and had been known to play around a little. In fact, if it weren't for one really annoying aspect of her personality, guys would be happy to spend time with her.

Cindy Lewis wanted to be married. All in all that wasn't that unusual a desire for a girl her age. The big difference was that while most of her girlfriends looked at marriage as being in their future, Cindy looked at it as her future. She had no other goal in life than being Mrs. Someone or other. Basically that was all she ever wanted to talk about, and it made guys nervous.

True to form, Cindy immediately started talking about how lovely June's wedding had been. And of course how beautiful her own wedding would be as well.

"Gee that's great, Cindy." Jack said as the dance ended.

"It really is a shame you know that Connie stood you up." Cindy said as she held tightly onto Jack's arm. "I'd never do that to you."

"I'd hardly call skipping a wedding to see your sister have a baby standing me up." Jack said a little annoyed.

"I know there are other things I could do for you that Connie doesn't." Cindy suggested, ignoring his comment. "I know how to take care of my man."

Jack looked at the pretty redhead. There was little doubt what she was talking about. June had told him that girls were a lot more open about things with their girlfriends than guys were. They talked about what they did with their boyfriends, sort of comparing notes. And unlike when the guys got together, they usually told the truth, not what would just impress their friends.

"I'm not interested, Cindy." Jack said, although he knew he was lying.

The thought of Cindy down on her knees with his cock in her mouth was enough to get him more than a little hard. But as tempting as it were, he knew that if he let her do something like that, two things were certain. First, by Monday, she'd have told every girl in town she knew, and one of them would undoubtedly tell Connie. Secondly, after being that intimate with him, Cindy would latch on to him like a boa constrictor.

Actually, she was doing a pretty good job of holding onto him right now. Either she was too stupid to take a hint or too desperate. Up to now, he didn't want to hurt her feelings. After all, she hadn't really done anything to him. But if he couldn't get rid of her soon, he'd do what he had to do.

"You know what they say about girls and weddings don't you?" Cindy said, the inflection in her voice leaving no doubt as to what she was talking about.

"That does it." Jack thought. "I don't care if I have to tell her to get lost in front of everyone. Enough is enough."

"Jack, darling," a voice from behind the two of them said, preventing the young man from voicing what he wanted to say to Cindy. "I've been looking all over for you. We never had the chance to have our dance. That's bad luck for the bride you know."

Jack and Cindy turned to face Tina Royce, his partner in the wedding march. If looks could kill, the older woman would be lying dead from the look on Cindy's face. Jack's face, however, carried a look of deliverance.

"That's right," he said with a smile, recognizing an out when he saw one. "I'm sorry, Cindy, but it is part of my duties as a member of the wedding party. Can't be giving my sister bad luck can I?"

Reluctantly, Cindy let go of Jack's arm and he reached out for Tina's hand. Only taking a moment back to glance at Cindy, he led the brunette out onto the dance floor.

"I'll catch you later." Cindy had said as they moved away.

"Not if I see you first this time." Jack thought in reply as he dismissed Cindy from his mind.

As they moved to the music, Jack became very aware of Tina's nearness. She was a very good dancer, especially in the type of slow dance the band was now playing. She buried her head against his shoulder and held him close. Jack glanced downward and realized he could see right down her low cut dress. In fact, he could even see the pink edge of her nipples sticking out from her bra.

"God those are nice breasts." Jack though as he looked at the soft flesh for a long moment, then looked up before Tina could notice.

"Something wrong?" Tina asked as she lifted her head from his shoulder.

"No, not at all." Jack quickly replied as he continued dancing. "I just was thinking what a good dancer you are."

"Why thank you." Tina said as she put her head back on his shoulder.

As they continued their waltz, Jack couldn't get his real thought out of his head. His peek down Tina's dress had finished the hard on that Cindy's innuendo had started. With their bodies pressed together as they were, there was no way Tina couldn't have noticed it. Thankfully she hadn't commented on it.

Jack had enjoyed their first dance so much, he was glad when Tina suggested they have another. The band's next selection was a more modern dance, but Tina had no trouble keeping up with Jack on that either.

"They had Rock n' Roll when I was your age too." Tina laughed when Jack again commented on her dance ability. "My favorite band back then was the Bay City Rollers."

The seventeen-year-old had no idea who they were, but was so impressed with Tina once more that they had a third try around the floor. This time to a slower, more traditional wedding tune.

"I should really thank you for rescuing me from Cindy." Jack said. "She can be somewhat overwhelming at times."

"I got that impression when I saw the two of you together." Tina laughed softly. "I couldn't help but overhear some of the conversation. But I have to say, you've saved me as well."

Jack gave her an "I don't understand" look.

"If I wasn't dancing with you," she went on in that same humorous tone. "I'd bee dancing with a bunch of old men trying to cop a feel."

Jack was surprised by her comment, but not so much as not to reply.

"And young men don't try?" he asked.

"Oh they try too," Tina quipped. "But I don't mind it as much when they do."

Jack just silently smiled instead of replying to her response. He couldn't help but wonder if the attractive divorcee was trying to suggest something.

"Well it looks like the happy couple is getting ready to say goodnight." Tina said as the dance ended and the master of ceremonies called for everyone attention.

Quickly they moved over to where June was getting ready to toss her bouquet. She had already decided, much to more than a few guys disappointment, that she would do without the garter toss. So this was the end of his sister's involvement in the reception. The new Mr. and Mrs. Morgan had to catch a eight o'clock flight anyway and would be heading for the airport right after this.

"Everybody ready?" June called out over her shoulder from the balcony to the group of single women below.

Almost as one, the twenty girls of various ages reached for the bouquet that the bride tossed back over her head. As Jack watched it fall through the air, it looked to be falling right into the waiting hands of Pamela Welles. Until another set of hands reached up and snatched it almost out of her grasp.

Jack groaned loudly as he realized that the second set of hands belonged to Cindy Lewis. Worse yet, bouquet in hand, she was heading right for him.

"Look what I caught, Jack." she said as she caught up to him.

"Lucky you." he replied just a little sarcastically.

"I was wondering if maybe you and I might..."

Cindy didn't get to finish that thought as for the second time in less than an hour Tina Royce interrupted her. This time you could forget about looks that could kill, Cindy looked like she was wishing she had a knife or a gun.

"Jack," Tina said. "If you've said goodbye to the happy couple, we can get our coats and leave. It was so nice of you to offer me a lift home."

"Um, I still have to say goodbye to June and Mike." he said, "Get our coats and I'll meet you by the door." he added as he handed her the check tab for his coat.

"I'll meet you there." Tina smiled as she took the tab and watched him leave.

"Well it was nice meeting you." Tina said to Cindy when they were alone.

Cindy didn't return the goodbye. She'd heard all about Tina Royce from her mother and couldn't understand why any woman would get divorced after all the trouble a girl had to go through to get married in the first place.

Ignoring her stare, Tina just smiled and went off to pick up the coats. She didn't have to look back to know that Cindy's eyes were burning holes in her back.

"Here you go, Jack." Tina said as she handed the black haired teen his coat.

"Thanks," he replied as he put it on. "Both for the coat and rescuing me from Cindy again."

"Yes, that does seem to make me one favor ahead." Tina grinned. "But what I really wanted to say was that you really don't have to give me a lift home. I can just as easily take a cab."

"Hey, it's okay. I really don't mind. Besides, if I stay my parents will find something for me to do. And like you said, I'm still one favor behind."

Tina gave in and told him her address. It was in a new apartment complex on the far side of town. Jack had driven by there a few times and remembered there wasn't much there other than the apartments. And even they hadn't all been rented. Tina explained that she knew it was out of the way but it was inexpensive and when starting up a new business, every dollar counted. Since it was so far, she gave Jack another chance to back out.

"My car's in the lot." he answered.

As they drove along, Jack and Tina chatted to pass the time. Jack told her how he was going away to school come the fall, and Tina told him about her new business.

"You must know Mr. Austin then," Jack said. "He runs the Office Bin. I go out with his daughter a lot."

"Blonde girl, about five six, slim with nice breasts?" Tina asked.

"That's her, Connie is her name." Jack answered, somewhat surprised at how Tina described her.

"I wouldn't have figured that she was your type." Tina said.

"Why is that?" Jack asked as he drove on.

"Maybe I'm speaking a little out of turn." Tina apologized.

"No, go on, I'm curious."

"Well, to be frank, I would think that a young man like you wanted to sow a few wild oats before he settled down. Especially after I saw the way you avoided Cindy."

"Sure I do," Jack laughed at the quaint way Tina put it. "But what does that have to do with Connie."

"Well..." Tina hesitated. "I can't say I know the girl well, having only met her briefly a few times. But I know her type well enough. Trust me, Jack, that girl isn't going to put anything out until that ring is on her finger. You'd have a better chance with Cindy."

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