The Morning After

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 1999 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Interracial Erotic Sex Story: After a depressed drinking binge the night before, Estelle Jones awoke to find a strange young man in her bed and no idea how he got there. To make matters worse, neither of them spoke the same language.

Caution: This Interracial Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Interracial   White Female   Hispanic Male   Oral Sex   drunk woman fucks the busboy, busboy fucks drunk white woman, woman wakes up with stranger in bed sex story.

Awareness came somewhat painfully as Estelle Jones blinked her eyes in the early morning sun that filled the small hotel room. It took the 42-year-old woman a few moments to fully take in her surroundings and remember where she was. The last thing she clearly remembered was being in the hotel bar with a few of her associates. She had never really been that much of a drinker, so it didn't take much for her to get a little tipsy.

The company they worked for, Morgan, Roberts and Kelly, had been holding a weekend seminar at the hotel. A seminar during which Estelle had hoped to be named the new head of her department. The appointment had gone instead to Michael Ambrose, who was both ten years Estelle's junior as well as her one time assistant. After the senior officer attending the seminar had made the announcement, a few of Estelle's associates had retired with her to the hotel bar to commiserate with her.

That had been a mistake. As the night went on, and the drinks came more often, Estelle learned some things about how some of the people in the firm she's devoted almost twenty years to, viewed her. It was not a view she was happy with.

It was the consensus of most of the senior management, that while Estelle was quite capable in her present duties, she lacked the creativity and self-confidence to be a department head. She was a follower, not a leader. Not the type to take risks or go out on a limb.

What made it harder to accept that view was that deep down, Estelle knew they were right. All her life, the black haired woman had taken the safe path. Even marrying Timothy Jones, her first real boyfriend in high school, had been an example of that. Early in her teen years, Estelle had come to the realization that she would never be considered beautiful. In fact, it was only her DD bust that first attracted even Tim to her. Their life together had been satisfying but never spectacular.

"I wonder what time we finally called it quits?" Estelle thought as she closed her eyes and rolled onto her back. "The last thing I remember was Janet ordering another round about ten. I don't even remember coming back to the room."

That she was nude under the single sheet on the large double bed told Estelle that she really had to have been out of it whatever time she'd finally made it back to the room. Even when at home, she never went to bed without at least a nightgown on.

After a few more minutes, Estelle's head had cleared enough for her to face the day. She began to sit up in the large bed, turning to the right as she did. A sudden pallor flashed across her as she got the shock of her life. She wasn't alone!

"Oh my God!" Estelle exclaimed under her breath as she pulled the sheet around her naked form.

She was too scared to scream, which in the long run turned out to be a good thing. It took a moment, but the 42-year-old recognized the person sharing her bed. She had seen him last night at the bar. He was one of the busboys and had cleared their table when they sat down and then again later in the evening.

Regaining her composure, Estelle leaned over and took a long look at the sleeping form. From the way the sheets hugged and outlined his anatomy, it was apparent that he was also naked. He was also, the older woman realized, not more than 17 years old.

"Oh God, oh my God," Estelle repeated to herself. "What happened last night?"

The young man slept on; unaware of the consternation his presence had caused. He was cute; she had to say that. He had short jet-black hair and light brown skin. His exposed shoulders and upper torso were quite muscular, and she had no reason to doubt the rest of his body matched them as well.

Estelle was surprised at how quickly she was adjusting to the situation. Maybe it was the after effects of the drinks. Maybe it was just the down feeling she had been experiencing lately. Whatever the reason, she actually felt a little excited at the thought that she'd spent the night with this young man. If only she could remember it. As she thought about it, more of last night's events came back to her. Estelle remembered Janet joking about what a nice ass the young man had as he cleared their small table of way too many empty glasses. Now, having a much closer view, Estelle saw that Janet was quite right.

"Mmmm," the young man murmured as he shifted under the sheet, turning over slightly.

The edge of the yellow sheet rose as he rolled over, exposing more of his tanned body. In fact, if he would move only an inch or two more, she would be able to check out his young manhood.

"Well, it's not as if I didn't see it all last night." Estelle though to herself as she took hold of the sheet and helped move it those crucial few inches.

"Wow!" the 42-year-old exclaimed under her breath as the sheet fell totally off him.

Even in his semi-erect state, the busboy's cock was more impressive than her husband's erect. It had to be at least 7 inches and thick as a cucumber.

"How could I have forgotten that?" she asked herself.

The young man murmured something is his sleep that Estelle couldn't understand. Then she remembered Maria talking to the busboy last night in Spanish. He didn't seem to understand English too well. She dimly remembered Maria saying his name was Tomás.

"Now what?" she asked herself as she rolled back onto her side of the bed and propped herself up against the pillows.

Carefully Estelle considered her options, of which she figured she had three. First of all, she could crawl out of bed, get dressed and leave. Hopefully the young man would get the hint and leave when he woke up.

Option two involved waking him up, thanking him for whatever happened last night and sending him on his way. The problem with option two was the language barrier again. But she was sure in a pinch she could get the message pretty well across.

Then there was option three. Of her choices, option three had the dual distinction of being the most desirable and yet the most dangerous. Since she had already obviously strayed from the safe path she had followed all her life, even if she couldn't remember it, she could make the best of it.

Later on, when she was thinking a lot more clearly, Estelle would be unable to remember what exactly caused her to pick option three. It could have been the anger she still felt at having been passed over for that promotion. Or the frustration at having spent a lifetime playing it safe. Or perhaps it was just the simple thought that the one time in her life that she had done something crazy and spontaneous, she had done it so drunk that she couldn't remember it.

Whatever the reason, Estelle would always clearly remember leaning over and taking the young man's cock into her mouth.

"Oommm" the older woman gagged as she tried to take all of his young manhood inside of her mouth. He was much more endowed than her husband and her normal technique was just not going to cut it.

After a few tries, Estelle managed to take most of his cock without choking. As she slid her tongue across his crown, wiping away the shiny drop at the tip, the dark-haired woman wondered for a brief moment how she'd managed the night before. Did being totally wasted make her jaw muscles a lot looser?

Quickly developing a new rhythm, Estelle banished thoughts of last night and concentrated on the here and now. A sense of excitement filled her as she could feel the young man becoming even more aroused. Whatever small skill at cocksucking she had learned in over twenty years of marriage now came into play as Estelle made oral love to a teen younger than her son.

Estelle's heart raced as she slid his cock back and forth between her lips. Her nostrils filled with the rich scent of his maleness, making her feel even lighter headed than she already did.

"Mmmmm," the young man moaned in his sleep, thinking perhaps he was having a wonderful dream. "Oh Modeste. Eso se siente tan maravilloso. Quisiera que lo sigas haciendo largo rato."

Taking his wholeness inside of her mouth once more, Estelle gripped the base of his cock and began to pump her hand in time with the movement of her mouth. If Tomás was anything like Tim at his age, Estelle knew he would soon explode like a cannon.

As her tongue moved back and forth, she could taste the first fruits of his coming eruption. If anything, the excitement of sucking a man other than her husband made her go even faster.

If she thought about it, and of course she was doing anything but thinking, it was unrealistic for Tomás to remain asleep through all of this. As she first thought, the young man took the warm wet embrace of his cock to be that of a pleasant dream. The memory of a brief encounter with a girl from school. Then as he felt his orgasm overtaking him, he suddenly realized that this was too real to be just a dream.

"Madre de Dios," he called out as he opened his eyes and looked down at the naked woman sucking his cock. "qué me estás haciendo?"

Despite the language barrier, what she was doing became evident a moment later as Tomás exploded into her mouth. Estelle continued to pump his cock, drawing every last drop of his come into her mouth. She felt the rush of whiteness hit the back of her throat, exciting her to no end. As fast and as often as he erupted, she swallowed it all even faster. Finally there was no more for him to give and she reluctantly let his still semi-erect cock slide from her mouth.

Tomás looked almost in a state of shock as Estelle moved back up alongside him on the bed. Whatever objection he might have had upon waking vanished in the wake of his ejaculation. The question on the older woman's mind was - now what?

"You don't speak English, do you?" she asked. "Ud habla inglés?" she repeated in what little she remembered of her last high school Spanish class some thirty years before.

"No hablo inglés," he replied as he looked at the naked woman sitting next to him. "He sido solamente en su país algunas semanas."

"No hablo español muy bien" Estelle said, exhausting the only other full Spanish phase she remembered.

Watching his eyes move up and down her body, Estelle suddenly felt a little self-conscious about her age and her body's reflection of it.

"I guess I'm as old as your mother." Estelle said, knowing that he probably didn't understand a word she was saying. "Hopefully I'm not as old as your grandmother." she added as she remember that in some countries women got married much younger than here in the States.

Tomás might not have been able to understand all of her words, but it was almost as if he could read her mind. He smiled and said just want Estelle needed to hear, even if she could only understand one word in five, his intent was clear.

"Usted es una mujer hermosa." the young man said.

Estelle remembered enough Spanish to understand beautiful woman. She smiled back at him and said. "And you are a beautiful young man. I hope you understand that much." Estelle said as she reached out and placed her hand on his smooth naked chest. "I'm Estelle."

"Qué nombre más hermoso." he replied as she ran her fingers back and forth across his skin. "Mi nombre es Tomás."

"Well at least I remembered that much," Estelle thought as he told her his name. "God, I wish I knew how we communicated last night. Or did I just jump your bones."

Deciding that some things were universal, Estelle took one of Tomás's hands and brought it up to her large left breast. Rubbing his fingers against her nipple, she could feel it becoming erect.

"Sus pechos son magníficos." Tomás said as he moved his hand and cupped the underside of her breast, feeling the weight of its fullness.

Moving closer, Estelle took his other hand and guided it between her legs. Placing it against her hairy mound, she moved it back and forth. As with her nipple, his fingers caused her tiny clit to grow hard.

"Oh yes," Estelle said as she felt his touch. "Right there."

Like she had said, some things were beyond the needs of language as Tomás began to work his fingers of their own accord. Still working his fingers between her legs, he used his other hand to lift her breast and lowered his head to meet it half way. The stiff, thick nipple slipped easily into his mouth.

"Mmmm" Estelle purred as she felt his tongue whirl around her nipple. It was obvious that Tomás was a great lover of breasts.

He wasn't doing too badly with his other hand either, running his fingers up inside her pussy. His technique was a little on the crude side, Estelle thought, but she was more than willing to overlook it in exchange for some of the other benefits of youth.

Her own hands were busy as well. Holding his cock in one hand, she could feel it growing hard once more. She thought back to the days when Tim could go at it two or three times in a single night. She suspected that Tomás would be easily able to equal or surpass that record. Her other hand played with his curly dark hair, helping him maintain his hold on her breasts. By this time, she had guided his mouth to her other mound as well.

Through it all, Estelle was experiencing a level of sexual excitement she had not known since her late teens. If anything, the raging lust she felt racing through her body was far greater than those days when she had first given her body to Tim Jones.

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