by Ka Hmnd

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Science Fiction Sex Story: A young man raised in the swamps of Crocodylia brings a teenager and a scientist home. One has a crush and the other has to complete a study of the animals.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   Science Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   sci-fi sex story, Science Fiction sex story.

I watched the morning shuttle streak across the sky and shook my head before turning to watch the bait I had hung a meter above the water. Crocodylia was considered a hazardous world which always brought adventurers. The predators were like old earth dinosaurs, we even had some that swam in the oceans.

Of course those were huge and there was also the equivalent of mega sharks. Here in the swamps we had what the scientist types called legless lizards, we called them snakes. They ranged from a meter all the way to twenty meters. Then there were the crocs, they grew to fifteen meters or more and weighed tons.

There were thousands of birds and insects and there were even types of mammals or marsupialis. I lifted my large bore plasma rifle when I saw the ripple. By the size I knew the croc would be big and waited until it slowly rose to the surface. I was right, it had to be at least twelve or thirteen meters.

I checked around me before aiming at the rear of the croc's head where the spine connected to the skull. I squeezed the trigger and the rifle roared and kicked. The plasma exploded through the armored hide of the croc and sliced deeper before shattering the spine and expanding. The plasma erupted out the throat in a huge crater of blood and tissue.

I slung the rifle and turned to climb down from the perch. I hopped into the wide carved swamp wood skiff before moving to the motor. The silent motor pushed the skiff towards the croc that had rolled belly up. I shut it down to lean over and pull the croc against the boat. I struggled to put the anti grav collar around the neck.

I looked up at the grav tractor and used the small remote and the huge beast lifted up slowly. I used a sonic cutter to slice it open and cleaned it as it continued to rise up. I slipped the waist belt on and started the second grav tractor while stopping the first.

I lowered the head once the tail was out of the water until I could begin skinning and butchering. It took awhile for me to finish and by then the two long stasis boxes were full. I started the skiff moving after retrieving the two grav tractors. The swamp was full of huge trees that were like cyprus or even mangroves but the wood was a lot harder.

The trip through this part of the swamp took almost three hours and the sun was heading for the horizon when I pulled up to the dock. I grinned at the girl that waved from the window above me, "what did you get Rain?"

I pointed to the huge rolled hide, "a thirteen meter croc."

She vanished and I heard her yelling for her mom and turned to check around the area before a tall pretty woman walked down the stairs, "got a big croc Rain?"

I nodded and let her slip a dock mooring collar through the skiff mooring ring. She looked up and I saw her fourteen year old daughter Storm drop the lower half of a grav hoist. Trish caught it and then tossed it to me, I moved to the first stasis box and slipped a hook in each corner eye.

I nodded to Trish, "it is full."

She smiled and looked up, "raise it Storm."

The box lifted and the skiff tilted the other way which made Trish grin as I leaned over and watched the box lift and then slide in the window. It was a couple of minutes before Storm peeked out and dropped the grav hoist again. After the second one she dropped it with a sling and I worked the rolled up hide into it before attaching the hoist.

I jumped onto the dock beside Trish and slipped my arm around her waist, "any chance you will cook up a nice croc steak?"

She grinned as she walked up the stairs with me, "on you?"

I grinned, "sure."

She turned at the top of the stairs to turn on the sonic barrier before walking in the door with me. I looked at Storm and grinned, "your filling out Storm."

Trish laughed as she started across the room, "do not get her started Rain."

Storm grinned and glanced at her mother's back before unsealing her blouse and holding it open. Her breasts were perky with pretty pink nipples. Trish did not even turn as she started moving the hide to a wide machine to clean and tan it, "close your blouse Storm."

I grinned as a large man started down the wide stairs that led to the general store. He was grinning as he looked at Storm closing her blouse, "careful or she will climb into your bed tonight."

I started across the room to help Trish, "she does and she will wake up in the morning with a belly full of cum."

Trish shifted to one side so I could help her unroll the heavy hide, "that was how she was conceived."

Parker chuckled, "and she does not have an implant."

I grinned back at Storm as she crossed to help, "that just makes it more fun."

She grinned and stuck her tongue out at her father. He and Storm went to the other side and when the tanned hide started to emerge they started to roll the hide back up. Once the last of the hide started through I went to my first stasis box and pulled out the feet and head. I set them on a side table for Parker and glanced at the young woman walking down the stairs.

Trish cleared her throat, "I forgot. Rain, this is Misty. She is here trying to find someone to take her into the swamp to complete a study."

I smiled, "good luck."

She looked at Trish and Parker walked around the machine after finishing the hide, "what Trish was trying to ask was if Misty could go out with you."

I looked at the woman, "the swamp is not for tourists."

She smiled, "I can pull my own weight."

Storm wormed her way under my arm, "he means if you are out in the swamp you can not just observe. You need to know how to shot or use a knife."

Misty nodded, "I am prepared to do that but ... you do not kill every croc or..."

I grinned and headed towards the stairs, "I am not a weasel. I kill when I have to."

I did some shopping while Parker and Trish moved the croc meat out of my stasis boxes and weighted everything. Dinner was very good, Trish had out done herself. The small guest sleeping rooms were only big enough for the bed. I set my rifle in the rack and stripped before hanging my weapon belt on the peg by the door.

I wrapped a towel around my waist that Trish had left for me and headed to the bathing room. I smiled at Trish, Misty and Storm in the large hot tub and dumped my dirty clothes into the recycler before I walked into the shower after hanging the towel. After I washed I headed for the tub and slipped in and leaned back as I closed my eyes.

Trish cleared her throat but I did not open my eyes, "yeah."

I heard the giggles and Trish touched my shoulder, "Storm is old enough to decide when or who to have sex with."

I turned my head and opened my eyes to look past her at her daughter, "if she gets in bed with me it will be awhile before we sleep."

Storm grinned as Trish laughed and Misty blushed. I sighed and sat up, "you going to let her go out?"

Trish looked at Storm before touching her cheek, "I would not for just anyone but Parker and I agreed she could do worse than you."

I nodded and laid back, "make sure you are packed before sneaking into my bed Storm."

She splashed me and a moment later slid onto my lap and kissed me, "you will not be sorry."

I put my arms around her and cupped a breast before rubbing the nipple, "make sure you bring your school comp."

She groaned and wiggled while Trish and Misty laughed. It was awhile before I hugged Storm and got out. I dried off and wrapped the towel before heading back to the small sleeping room. I hung up the towel and slipped into the bed and looked at the doorway when Storm walked in.

She tossed her towel towards the peg mine was on and climbed onto the bed with a grin. I waited before pushing her onto her back and kissing her. I slid down and pushed her legs open and leaned close to lick through her pussy. I nibbled on her inner lips and teased her clit and pushed my tongue into her.

I kept going back to her clit to use my tongue and suck and it was not long before she jerked and shuddered hard while wailing. I moved up and lifted before positioning my cock in her slit and pushing. Storm lifted her hips and pulled on me as I slowly forced my thick cock into her tight pussy.

I kissed her as she groaned and kept pushing until I was all the way inside her. I continued to kiss her as her tight pussy grabbed and squeezed and a minute later I began to move. I used slow grinding humps and it was a minute before her hips lifted to meet mine. I grinned as I pulled almost out and fucked back into her.

She shuddered and grinned back so I started to fuck her with long thrusts. It was not long before I was planting my cock as I fucked her hard and deep. Several minutes after I started she lifted her legs and howled as she wet me and her pussy squeezed, "yyyyeeeessss!"

I buried my cock to press and grind as I kissed her again. She shuddered and relaxed and then I went back to fucking her hard. It was five minutes before I shoved all the way into her as she screamed and thrashed. I held her as my cock throbbed and began spewing a huge stream of cum. Storm clung to me and her pussy began grasping and milking the warm sperm into her.

When I was done I sighed and kissed her before pulling out as she dropped her legs. I grinned and moved back before reached out to roll her onto her stomach and lifting her hips. She laughed as she wiggled her butt and I moved up and pushed into her slimy hole. I fucked her six times before letting her sleep and held her with my cock under her pussy.

I woke to the room alarm and reached out to shut it off. I humped against Storm and she groaned before turning her head. I rubbed her hip, "go wash and make sure you douche. Get your pack and meet me by my skiff."

I slipped out of bed and went to the bathing room and then got dressed after collecting my clean clothes. I put my weapons belt on and grabbed my rifle before stopping to look into the sleeping room Misty was in. She was naked and looking at clothes on the bed beside a pack, "long pants and the light shirt with long sleeves."

She looked at me and grinned, "you are up early."

I grinned back, "get dressed and bring your pack down to the skiff."

I went down through the store, stopping to grab the two large packs with my supplies. In the lower room Parker was already hooking up the hoist and grinned, "Storm was howling a long time last night."

I headed for the other door, "I had a lot saved up and she wanted everything I had."

He laughed as I opened the door and checked outside and then the stairs. I carried everything down to the dock and onto my skiff. I set the packs down in the back and the rifle in the standing rack before looking up. Parker lowered the first stasis box and I moved it into the far brackets before locking it in.

I releases the grav hoist and it was pulled up. A minute later the second box was lowered and I put it in place. I released the hoist and glanced at the stairs as Trish led Storm and Misty down. She grinned when she saw me looking, "you gave her a good first time Rain."

I blushed as Storm jumped into the skiff, "and a belly full of cum."

Trish grinned as Misty laughed and followed her. I took their packs and set them between the two boxes, "get the mooring collar Storm."

I smiled at Trish, "I will watch her Trish."

She nodded as Storm pushed us away from the dock. I turned the skiff and headed back into the swamp. It was going to take me two days to get home with a overnight stop at a sleeping hut I had made. Storm stood between the boxes as I drove and Misty was standing in the prow and I shook my head, "move back Misty."

She looked at me and I gestured, "crocs and snakes see in the thermal range and you make a tempting target up there."

She moved back as she blushed, "I knew that but..."

She shrugged, "learning versus experience."

I nodded and let Storm start pointing things out as I continuously scanned the area around us. Several times Storm pointed out large snakes moving through the trees or water. She also pointed out crocs when we saw them. I had to skirt a lake and kept back in the trees as huge crocs swam by. Storm grabbed Misty's shoulder and pointed, "that is why we do not use the lake."

The huge hump and head rising out of the water a couple of hundred meters away was one people would have called a proto dinosaur. It turned to follow the skiff as I wove through the trees before finally sinking under the water. That made me nervous and I turned further into the trees to stay out of the deep water.

Ten minutes later water exploded behind us as the monster and a croc started fighting. At noon I gestured for Storm to open the small stasis box behind the larger boxes and she pulled out a couple of meals that had been hot when they were put in. She grinned and handed one to Misty who was leaning on a stasis box.

While they shared Storm talked about how different types of meat were cooked. It was an hour before sunset when I reached the sleeping hut. I slowed as I looked at the ten meter snake laying on the dock carved into the tree. I shut the skiff off and pulled my rifle and aimed at the head before squeezing.

I fired and watched as the area at the base of the snake's head exploded. I put the rifle away, "that snake has been trying to eat me for over a year."

Storm giggled, "now you are going to eat him."

I used a piece of rope to tie off the skiff in the front and back before moving to the snake that was half in the water now. I had to pull the tail out of the water before I cut it open and began cleaning it and sent Storm and Misty up into the hut. I tossed the guts into the water and starting at the head and skinned it and cut chunks off.

I put the meat in one of the stasis boxes as I moved down and around until I was done. I knew better than leave a bloody hide out and put it in the other box. I carried a large tail piece up with the pack I had left in the boat box. I closed and locked the small door before smiling at Misty.

I moved to the narrow kitchen counter, "that snake will keep us in meat for a week and I can use some as bait for another snake."

She grinned, "bait?"

I nodded as I pulled out a small heating unit and a frying pan. Storm came to push me away, "you burn everything."

I grinned as I put my arms around her, "that was only once and your dad was the one that distracted me."

She grinned as she found the spices and I looked at Misty, "Snake is not a good lure for croc. Sure they may come but they like meat from the animals that live in the trees like the large grey marsups. They are attracted to decaying meat but mostly I use fresh as bait for crocs."

She nodded, "and there are a lot of grey marsupialis?"

I grinned, "you saw them all the way here."

She nodded as I turned back to watching Storm cutting up the large piece of meat. I turned and hung my weapon belt beside the sleeping platform and pulled off my mocs before checking the air mattress Storm had inflated and laid back, "we should be at my place a few hours before sunset tomorrow."

Misty looked at me and then at Storm, "you ever been with another girl Storm?"

Storm glanced back, "you mean have sex with one?"

She nodded as she blushed and looked at me, "yes."

Storm shook her head, "I will try it one day."

I grinned, "I think she was asking if you would consider doing it with her."

Storm looked at her as she blushed and then grinned, "want to do it before Rain gets me all spermy?"

Misty nodded and looked at me, "if you do not mind."

I shook my head, "I do not mind."

Storm grinned as she turned to add freeze dried vegetables and a little water. The pan steamed and she started stirring before looking at Misty, "can I lick you too?"

I smiled but did not say anything as Misty grinned, "I would like that."

Storm giggled as she turned back to the stove. After I finished eating I stripped and went to wash everything in the small narrow sink. I pushed Storm towards the bed, "strip and help Misty."

She grinned and rubbed my shoulder before turning to stalk onto the bed and laid beside Misty. I heard the moans a minute later and looked back to see Misty between Storm's legs. After I was done I packed everything away before setting the sonic emitter against the door and turning it on.

I laid down on the edge of the bed and watched as Storm shuddered and bucked and twisted and pulled on Misty. She had a wet face as she moved up and kissed Storm who kissed her back passionately. She rolled and slid down as Misty spread her legs. It was her turn to sigh and shiver as she lifted her hips.

Her sighs turned to moans and her shivers turned to shudders. Storm seemed to enjoy what she was doing and Misty began to spasm. She finally pulled Storm up and kissed her before looking at me. Storm whispered in her ear and Misty bit her lip before nodding. Storm turned and straddled her before rolling so Misty was above her and Misty looked at me, "fuck me."

I looked between her legs at Storm and she grinned. I moved behind Misty and slowly pushed into her tight pussy and she grunted. I buried my cock and waited as it throbbed and felt Storm licking around my cock. It was a couple of minutes before I needed to move and pulled back and thrust into Misty slowly again.

She shuddered as her pussy grasped and squeezed, "oooohhhh!"

I waited a few moments before doing it again and she shuddered and pushed back, "mmmm!"

I started to fuck her slowly with long thrusts and it was not long before she was shoving back and shaking. She began to moan louder and a couple of minutes later spasmed as her pussy clenched around my cock. She jerked and twitched as I fucked her with deep thrusts and started to do it harder and a little faster.

It was a minute before she wailed and started convulsing as she squirted, "aaaahhhh!"

A couple of minutes later I pushed into her and held her as my cock erupted and I gushed thick spurts of cum. She jerked and pushed back as her pussy tightened again, "yyyeeeesssss!"

When I stopped cumming it was already leaking around my cock. I pulled out and moved back to watch Storm pull her hips down so she could lick the cum leaking out of her. I grinned, "I am going to fuck you so hard and deep."

She giggled and Misty rolled off her and Storm twisted around to lay half on her, "how was that?"

Misty looked at me and grinned, "not like I expected."

She looked at Storm, "can he fuck me after you?"

I shook my head as I reached out and rolled Storm onto her back, "swamp witch."

She grinned as she spread her legs, "her pussy tasted really good with your sperm added in."

I moved up and pushed into her as I kissed her. I started with long, slow thrusts and humped and pressed into her each time. Storm began to lift her hips as her tight pussy clenched and squeezed. Gradually I fucked her a little harder as she howled and wailed while lifting her feet into the air.

She came constantly as I continued to fuck her and finally a little while later I pushed all the way into her. She was convulsing as her slick pussy milked my cock. I shuddered and kissed her as I started pumping thick spurts of cum. She jerked and spread her legs, "fffiiilll ... mmmeee!"

Misty laughed as I jabbed and humped while cumming and Storm shuddered hard before dropping her legs to the bed as she panted. I waited a minute and then pulled out and laid beside her. She grinned at Misty, "want to taste me now?"

Misty grinned as she rolled over between her legs and moved down. I fucked the two of them three times each with a break between for them to lick each other. I was up with the soft beep from my timekeeper. I washed using the sink before dressing and going to the bed and reaching in to rub both girls butts, "time to get up."

I went to check outside and my skiff and then carried the packs down. Misty and Storm were both smiling as we left and held hands. I had to go around another lake just before noon and then started up a one kilometer wide river staying to one side in the trees. My house was high in the branches of four huge trees and spread out around their trunks and onto the outer branches.

I looked at everything as I approached before moving to jump to the dock. I turned to put the mooring collar through the skiff mooring ring. I started for the stairs and climbed up to open the porch door before looking around. I moved into the house and checked each room and then returned to find Misty and Storm on the porch, "the house is clear."

Storm grabbed her pack and headed for the door, "I will check and turn on the solar water heater."

I smiled and headed for the outer porch door, "wash your pussy so I can lick it."

She laughed as Misty chuckled and followed her into the house. I started moving the supplies and then the meat and skin onto the porch or into the house. I put the meat away and then unrolled the skin. I made sure the roof solar panels were on before pushing one end of the skin into a slim machine like the one at the trading post.

I moved around to thread the skin into the second machine before going all the way around to the end. As the cleaned and tanned skin emerged I rolled it up. When it was done I shut the power off and cleaned the two machines and then carried the skin into the house. I sniffed as I smelled food cooking and put the skin in my sewing corner, "Misty?"

She walked out of the kitchen naked and I smiled, "that saves time."

I made her stand in front of me as I used a laser measuring ring. I turned to the small sewing comp to adjust the measurement and unrolled part of the skin on the table. I used a wand and let the laser etch the edge of the pattern I needed to cut. I used a sonic cutter to cut the skin and then moved it and marked the back pattern and cutting it.

I lifted both and grinned at Misty, "you will stay dry wearing snake skin pants."

She grinned, "and a shirt?"

I nodded, "I line the shirts and pants with Treble skin in the winter."

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