Remember Me as a Time of Day

by raplucknett

Copyright© 2014 by raplucknett

: What happens when you die? How will people remember you? Can you make your loved ones smile after you pass?

Tags: Tear Jerker   Slow  

"Remember me. That is all I ask from you."

The slip of paper with those two short sentences slides down onto the cold asphalt floor. The flat is dead silent. The nostalgic feeling sweeps through the air. The group of friends wander around their dead friend's home, touching each object gently. They feel that the things still keep a piece of Lee's soul. From corner to corner, each item reminds them of some aspect of Lee. She passed away exactly 3 hours 55 minutes and 27 seconds earlier.

A short while after each has had a chance to look around the apartment, the four gather on the gigantic, comfortable, black sofa that lies in front of the plasma television. With them, they bring four wine glasses and a bottle of dark, red wine from the year 1982. This, this exact location, is where all five of them had usually spent their time.

"I ... I wonder why she never told us."

"Well ... you know Lee, full of surprises. I mean, we all live far from here now. It's no wonder why she didn't tell us, why she didn't want us to worry. We're not in high school anymore."

Everyone stares at Klaus blankly but cannot reply or argue against him since they all know he is right. Klaus sighs and messes his hair and rests his head on his arms and looks down onto the floor. Noiselessly he shakes violently and cries. Trish, showing her sympathy, tenderly hugs Klaus and whispers, "Let's look at the album." Haile grabs a box of Kleenex, hands a tissue to Klaus, and she gives him a tiny smile. She was the first to cry amongst them and the one who suggested visiting the old flat for one last look. Adair gets up and sits on the table and grabs the album filled with pictures, mostly Polaroid.

"Wow, pretty old pictures, huh? I remember that day."

"Oh my gosh! Look at that! We haven't been there in ages!"

"Oh, remember when Old Man McGregor threw a pumpkin at us on Halloween because we were 'making too much noise'?"

Flipping through the pictures, each one comments, remembers, and retells the stories beyond the photograph. But most importantly they smile and laugh once again. There are only five pages left. They flip one. A full page picture of Haile and Lee at the school lunchroom is visible. In the picture Haile is smiling her best smile, resting her head gently on Lee's and pinches Lee's cheeks. Haile feels her heart stop suddenly. A mixed feeling of happiness and sadness overflows her. She giggles and a tear flows down her cheek.

"I remember that day. I had just broken up with my boyfriend and I was feeling a bit depressed but Lee came to me and told me, 'Cheer up Haile! There's plenty of fish out in the sea.' It was so corny that it made me laugh so much."

They turn the page. Adair starts to laugh. "Oh man, I can't believe she actually kept that picture," Adair exclaims as he looks at the picture, taking note of every detail. It is a white and black picture of Adair and Lee making exaggerated facial expressions and giving each other a high-five up in the air and a thumbs up to the camera.

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