Paperback Writer: Profile

Hey everyone!

So a little bit about me?

Well this is my first attempt to write stories like this. I've always had a passion for writing these type of stories.

Being an amateur writer is an overstatement. So try to be nice when you criticize haha I'm just kidding.

I was born in New Jersey. Became a military brat at 8. Traveled all over the world thanks to my father.

Finished college recently and am in the part of my life where I'm figuring out what to do next. But for now I like to spend some of my free time working out, volunteering, and writing stories.

Just a warning for those reading my stories: I don't believe in happy endings. I don't have a negative perspective on life. I find tragic endings more enticing.

If you're a Beatles' fan, you'll recognize my Pen name. It's from one of their songs. I enjoy listening to Classic Rock, and Beatles are my favorite to listen.

In closing, I decided to finally write my own stories because I'm always looking for different stories in this genre that don't exist. I've always wondered when is someone going to write these stories. That's when I realize, "Why don't I give it a shot?".

I hope you like my stories. If not, well thanks anyway for giving it a shot.