Paperback Writer: Favorites

1: A Real Life Nightmare by Vulgus
I am big fan of Vulgus stories. Besides his immaculate writing, his use of implementing humiliation in his stories is just genius. This is perhaps my favorite out of all of them. If you think his stories are a bit "too much," fear not. They always end in a happy note. And leave you wanting more.
2: The Resurrection of Crazy Jane by GonzoJournalist
This story is different from stories I usually enjoy reading on sites like this one. You can imagine what stories I like to read based on the only other Favorite story I have on the list. This story is different. It's written very well and does an excellent job placing the reader in the main character's shoes. It's also an easy read , which forces you to finish the entire thing in one sitting. While the ending may be unexpected, it definitely leaves you with an emotional feeling you can't shake off for awhile.